Love life and anarchy

Yet another Ancap turned literally Nazi. They make lots of videos containing 0 arguments lots of anti-semitism. What can we do to throw the anarcho-capitalist movement in the dustbin of history? Can we please raid /r/anarcho_capitalism

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Anti-semitism and racism are no stranger to the "libertarian" movement. To quote Mr. Rothbard, the founder of "anarcho"-capitalism:

How peculiar - The Jew Rothbard advocating support for the infamous anti-semite and racist David Duke. Of course these views were always ingrained in Rotbard's work:

As we can see, Mr. "Anarchy" is far from transgressing on libertarian theology, he is faithfully carrying the torch.

They unironically think marxism is a biological disorder and Marxists need to be put down.


Read r/k selection theory by anonymous conservative

do ancaps deserve the gulag?

No. That would make us as bad as them.

r/k is no longer used in biology, several empirical studies (mostly conducted on small animals like fruit flies) showed a lack of support and it has not been superseded with some its aspects being incorporated into a new thesis.

Regardless, who is this "anonymous conservative"? Does he have a degree in evolutionary biology, population genetics of anthropology? Why should I be bothered to read his work?


It as now been superseded*


I can't think of a more fitting punishment than having them committing "voluntarily" to road construction, fully knowing that their work will benefit others.

I wonder if the Nazi punk checked if his propaganda is peer-reviewed.

I got an Idea. Instead of sending them to a gulag lets make a small "anarcho"-capitalist society and let them have there "voluntary" system all to themselves.

You think for someone who calls themselves an anarchist or libertarian they wouldn't care about what gays or ethnic minotiese do and so on because of individual liberty or whatever.

Oh boy the phrase, 'scratch a libertarian or an ancap and you find a fascist' seems to come true more and more often



Both 'left' and right 'anarchism' are petit bourgeoisie idealism that stem from the same liberal cancer. You can't destroy one without destroying the other.

Now they aren't get out tankie.

being handed down via artifacted jpegs is peer review enough

This is there most outrageous video.

This is true

Anarchism needs to overcome retarded economic idpol

Somewhat true.

that would be pretty funny

Just wait when they get there revoultion is some 3rd world state and see how awful it is most of them will adopt a new not REAl anarcho-capitalism or just abandon the philosophy.

Mostly true

It is not even a movement actually. Just stupid fantasies of stupid kids on the net

When will they go away then?

Leave them be, they're unwittingly accelerationists.

When they will become adult. Or when they will travel to Somalia maybe

They want a private state. It would work it would just be awful.

I love how they think property rights could be enforced without a state

Would be funny rocking up with a militia on some ancap's precious private property and occupying it

That would be great.

The logic of property rights can be disregarded when it's internalized as an inalienable right. "Vulgar" is too kind a descriptor.

Originally, gulag was designed to re-educatŠµ antisocial elements through labor. But some of them could be re-educated only by headshot, lol

Capitalism builds and maintains the state, and not vice versa.
If you nominally abolish "the state" without taking care of the conditions that caused it in the first place, you'll get another state.
The free market is always an enemy of the successful capitalist. He will always have incentives to corrupt it through force, and band together with others to this end.

As a Chilean, I really enjoy triggering Pinochet cock suckers with pic related.



Lol saved
as "pinochet goes kosher"

Kek, That'll come in useful. Thanks for the pic.

r/k is also not different within a species but between them.

like rabbits are R and and elephants are K

not rabbits are sometimes K under "civilized" conditions and R if their dad goes to prison

like jesus fucking psuedoscience it makes me want to strangle molymeme every time someone says r/k

It's funny because logistic growth is as enormous an assumption as fucking Malthusian growth. And it doesn't matter whether or not these idiots realize that in the first place, because they believe the latter is an accurate representation of reality.

r/K selection theory is outdated and invalid, I don't know why rightist keep promoting it

You should know by now how piss-poor their understanding of evolutionary theory and population genetics is. And how integrally their worldview depends on these misconceptions.

You're dealing with the same thing as when you talk to anti-vaxxers, anti-nuclear activists, anti-GMO types, etc.

So nap is just based around what you can redefine as "aggression"? Basically what I expected of them, but it's good to know I'm right.

National Socialists are merely ancaps who've had their NAP violated one too many times.

That's a joke right?

I think the fact that they are all becoming fascists shows that AnCapism is already on the way out.

"As bad as" is a pretty meaningless distinction. But locking people up purely for their ideology is a poor idea. You can't really choose what you believe to be true or what you are convinced by, only what arguments you are willing to entertain and evaluate, what media you are willing to consume, and what actions you take in furtherance of your worldview. So I mean segregation of dangerous people from society may be necessary, but enforcing "thoughtcrime" laws is silly, reactionary, and highly prone to both personal or counter-revolutionary abuse.