How does Holla Forums feel about art? What are your opinions on contemporary art?

How does Holla Forums feel about art? What are your opinions on contemporary art?

IMO it's pretentious pseudophilosophical tripe that the proletariat can't identify with.

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What you call "contemporary art" is mostly cherripicked by Holla Forumstards so they can shout "dejenewasee!" freely
Go walk into your localmuseum or gallery and you will see very different stuff.

I see the garbage that is contemporary art in just about any contemporary art gallery I visit. It's the mainstream - why do you think most art schools have abandoned any standards of technique?

hint: it's just for speculation and money laundering

Friendly reminder that Art is a discourse

Read Kandisnky

the traditional leftist position views art favourably

Never understood art tbqh

Guess it's partly because I'm shit at it

I like communist propaganda and some paintings, that's about it

Dada and surrealism are pretty cool. Quite relevant to Bookchin's ideas as well.

m8 Marxist art historians are some of the best art historians I have ever read. Check out Arnold Hauser. Absolutely based

Yet more Marxist deconstructionism, without art , culture and religion the world turns into a spiritual desert men are thrown into the abyss and everything becomes subjective. Don't try and pull others into your pit.

Since you mentioned Duchamp:

Who ever are you to say that. The 'proletariat' if a fucking diverse group of people, just because you're working class doesn't mean you have to be a slack jawed philistine.


Sometimes it makes things easier to understand.

I like most styles an periods of art.

sounds like left communism to me

Early Soviet art is cool

only art that's ever interested me

Comrades, please keep in mind that the most influential art currents which were referred to as "Modern Art" in the last century were leftist anti-art movements with the intention of scandalizing and destroying bourgeois culture. That (and that no "communist" countries supported their militants of the avant-garde) is why they're not "pretty" or accessible to common folks raised on bourgeois mass culture or socialist realism.

Check out "Assault on Culture" by Stewart Home

Any man who seeks to destroy the foundation of beauty deserves a fate worse than death, and I'd happily fight to defend it from any wretched communist swine.

So I guess you're more of a Hitler Man and not a fan of Pound or Evola or Marinetti?

There is a very good documentary about this called the Mona Lisa Curse. It suggests that consumerism has robbed art of it's meaning and true value, reducing it to a mere commodity.

It's an adaptation from Walter Benjamin's texts?

Modern Art is a scam and a sham.

art has always been a commodity
Scarcity of object became a status symbol for the elite.
Since the innovation of quality reproduction, Scarcity of Taste has become the defining feature of the medium.
Whence weird art becoming a new status symbol


This is absolutely brilliant. Did you think of this?

This perfectly encapsulates modern art.

Nah, I read it somewhere.
Wish I could give credit, but can't member cuz massive stoner.
It's accurate, tho.

Stop complaining about art like its a political issue

It does not effect you and you cannot nor should you control what it produces to any degree

Incorrect, all art is propoganda. Whether it promotes capitalist distraction, hedonism, and personal profit or glorious revolution and workers' paradise.
Art does real.

Nah fek off

I said it matters, and that its messages can be used and subverted by any interest.

To control what is drawn or sculpted in totality to any degree is to bring disaster to yourself. To bring up its "hazards" is paranoia, even if one were to try there is no real way to drag people into certain political opinions through art they wouldn't already have.

You have to be steady with what you mean by art, what movement, or what type etc when it comes to this. The only exception I'd bring to the rule is mass produced art like cinema or video games, and currently I'd never consider the latter art, and video games I've never considered art.

That is exactly what propoganda is. See the people who became investment bankers because of "Wall Street", and countless other examples.
absolutely abhorrent post, time for a train ride to a voluntary work camp

Ok, I missed your exception. I was mostly talking about mass media, because fine art is a hobby for the elite, and thus is not effective propoganda.
Given that, the stuff we choose to hang on our walls and put in museums do send messages about what is valuable, and are completely subject to ideology and subversion

t. normie whose knowledge and understanding of contemporary art is informed entirely by tabloid memes.

"The proletariat" doesn't care about philosophy or sociology, that doesn't mean it's worthless.

Proles are not some sort of prototypical New Man who should be considered the be-all and end-all of Communism. The proletarian condition is that of toil, ignorance and despair — our aim is not to enshrine but to abolish it.

Agree, mostly.
Can't into Basquiat, tho…I think he was a meme.

The ones most critical of what art is are always the ones who think video games are art.

Too bad most artists praised the world over were communists then.

The only movement of art that could fit into your argument is Modernism.

Did they predict 9/11 ???

Why are you wearing my flag now

I'm critical of what art is? How so? Because I recognize that all art espouses some ideology?

No, because of the subtext that comes from what you're saying into what you want done, and how hypocritical it is you have a holy cow in it.

Being video games.

Despite next to film, possibly more than it, being a mode for propaganda, you still eat that shit up, near mindlessly.

Everyone who holds these opinions has an exception in video games when it comes to artistic criticism.

In honor of my proud father and uncles who hunted down Vietnamese with brave American soldiers.

Ok, we're done here.

Statistically one of their friends died so I'm not too unhappy.

I didn't say you can't criticize art, you just can't criticize it in broad strokes in fear of it being political.

I think you meant Conceptualism, not Modernism. Modernism basically encompass the avant-gardes of the late 19th and early 20th century, like Impressionism in painting or the Bauhaus in architecture. Conceptualism is the strain of post-war art (with roots in Duchamp's ready-mades) that does away with aesthetic concerns and alienate people who don't understand the point of something that dismiss "beauty" on the get-go.

life is suffering

i've tried to appreciate contemporary art, but it's all just so fucking shit

I never advocated censorship, or said that anything wasn't art.
But it all supports an ideological framework, whether it is religious art, fine art, mass media, or even video games, and we must recognize that if we are to transcend and interpret the ideology that supports its messages.

While not all of Modernism is "capitalistic", there are strains of it. Futurism comes to mind, ultimately I think Modernism was both capitalistic and not. It depends, obviously. I'm not really ready to critique entire genres except when it steps in some shit.

Like "video games", if one could ever call them art, let alone have any movements within it.

So all your saying basically is that artistic criticism must exist.

Right, I agree. Video games should be first to be openly criticized and looked into.

I'm saying a proper criticism should take into account the ideology that gives it an elevated position.
Not all video games are art, as not all sculptures are.
But all are ideologically based, and can influence our perceptions and ideas, which can influence action.
Thus, if we are to be leftists, we should support and promote art that is consistent with our ideology, rather than counter to it.

What is "proper criticism" then? See, I'm taking into consideration what you're saying and I'm smelling some shit. I don't think you know what art criticism actually consists of.

Then just what kind of art is "consistent with our ideology" and what if I disagree with your idea of what collectivism exactly should be?

big question…it's a lens for seeing art in a specific way, for forming a new or exposing an existing narrative, or for negating the negation of the work's supposed interpretation (I like Derrida, come at me)
mere socialism, of course..worker control of the means of production and the power of collective action - If you don't support this, how are you leftist?

I feel like this is artistic criticism that forces politics onto art and not vice versa.

In my mind art should be as politically neutral as possible unless it delivers on its criticism of what it sees well enough. Not all art is made to be political, some art is just what on the surface of it.

Photography comes to mind as a wholly apolitical art form.

There are quite a numerous way to go about this, not all of them the left agrees with itself on. But that would be obvious to you.

it's not about the intention of the author, the viewer has as much input as to the "meaning" of a given piece
Take photography - the mere choice of what photo you choose to hang on your wall is making a statement of what you think is important, and what image you are using to express your own tastes.

Art is gr8, some modern art is stupid but there's plenty that has merit.

still salty about the gamergoobers bogeyman or sumtin?

Saying video games aren't art shouldn't be a controversial opinion about art.

saying any medium can't be art is an inherently controversial statement

you only ever sperg

I would say video games are more of a well made form of puzzle than an art form. Inherently, you have to create it to be as mass appealing as possible in order to be sold in Capitalism, making it far less of an art than most things. Especially considering how little of it can be credited to one artist.

The art that goes into video games does not equal the video game itself.

For a number of reasons it isn't art.

Nobody asked why I said the statement except for yourself.

Okami, Psychonauts, Portal, Shadow of the Colossus
Games that are art. Emotional response, makes you think, inspires you

I completely agree almost all games are not art, no matter how pretty the graphics.
I'd also say most paintings ever made are not art as well.

Art is fucking trash.

It's just an elitist circlejerk by holier-than-thou bourgies and nepotist money launderers who want to feel superior to everyone.

Jackson Pollock was a fucking hack. Picasso was a fucking hack. All art past the 19th century with the exception of Surrealism should be put to the torch and the names of the so-called artists stripped from the books.

This is something I will never compromise on with other leftists who always tell me that my point of view is too limited. The cultural climate of art should uplift realism as much as possible instead of the abstract pseudointellectual garbage we get nowadays. Otherwise, you're just hurting artists by damaging how society views them and their career choice by having all this childish, idiotic and UGLY fucking works of art polluting the world. And by Giove, are they ugly.

In a world of bleak concrete and mass production of plastic and other materials, we should really ask ourselves if we want our art to be fucking disgusting as well.


the greatest irony about your unsubstantiated autistic screeching is that Dali was one the greatest attractors of petit bourgeoisie cretins, because what is more lovable to bourg than mannerism masquerading as WOW SO ZANY AND WACKY FANTASIES, nevermind Dali's own posturing as le rebellious artiste who pets leopards

surrealism is literally reddit humour put on canvas

It looks good. That's all I care about. It's exactly your over-thinking of art that I despise. I dont care what kind of person Dali was or why he made his art. I care about what he made.

Lol "looks good"
"It's only art of I like it."

not really. here is an self potrait he made when he was 15

I genuinely enjoy EAI, modern classical, ECM style jazz, lowercase and field recordings

I can identify with it pretty well and I don't pay wages

art is anything you want it to be
there is something to be said for some of the tripe that Holla Forums gripes about calling it modern art

the idiots in this thread that support anything pol hates are just being contrarian

the paintings of a chimpanzee were declared masterpieces by art critics.

does this mean that chimpanzees are artistic geniuses, or does it mean that the taste of art critics is just leftist signalling?

Isn't that pretty much what the Frankfurt School warned us about?

What makes it not a masterpiece

Critics of anything are hacks, specifically art critics and most art teachers.
I don't trust the opinions of someone who can't draw, plain and simple.

Stop having opinions immediately.


Money laundering scheme, bourg bullshit.


But it is

Everything in art is literally money laundering

You're right, art is a conspiracy.

Photography, money laundering

Concept art, money laundering

Craft? It's money laundering.

The impetus that makes people create, money laundering

The impetus that made people create, money laundering

It's all money laundering

For fuck's sake read Kandisnky

Into the Gulag it goes.

Why do you have opinions on something you've clearly not even explored

Getting tired of these tbh.
IMF estimated roughly 2% of global GDP is laundered through art/real estate/other assets annually.

Of shit everyone already hears about

Do you think art is even made to be sold in the minds of the people who first made it

God you're fucking stupid

You're just showcasing how dumb you are
Kandisnky doesn't even talk about spirituality on the esoteric sense but you won't care because you're dense.

We are talking commercial art honey, not post modern scribbles.

That is the type of art that's sold you fuckin dumb shit

It's just much older.

How much do you think a Frida goes for despite the fact she was a communist and fucked with communists, and even Trotsky, for most of her life

What about Picasso, also a communist

They created their art for purposes beyond the commercial

The fact that it is doesn't negate the work itself, its just a capitalist bastardization of it

was there an argument in this post

True, still money laundering though.
Also, to go back to video games, do you think those developers made those games just for the money?

You speak of art, o wise one, yet dost thou not know a shitpost when thou sees one?

and now we have reached the point where I am agreeing with the AnFem. Proof that left does not equal smart.

Well, I like art, but its important to recognize that art I don't like isn't really art, and art I dont think is highbrow or interesting enough isn't art either, its "entertainment." Like video games, since thats being brought up. Or that nasty scatological video from youtube, not art, just filth.

I'm sorry that you don't find my point of view agreeable, but I promise you most people don't have a very high regard for contemporary art. Most people don't think of abstract garbage like Mondrian when the concept of painting comes into their head - but Caravaggio or Rembrandt.

The modern conception of art is inherently flawed as it is based upon no technical background (abandoned by many art schools as it were and in its place nothing was put) and is largely an elitist circlejerk. Art schools don't teach students to be painters anymore, but artists. And that's the fundamental issue with art.

Apology not accepted.

So what? The proletariat is the result of capitalist alienation, not some sacred ideal we should strive for.

yeah same

What a fuccboi.

There is no other way to make art. Either the bourgs pay you, or you (and your parents) are yourself bourg enough not to have to earn a living though your labour.

There is no producing art as a passion after 8 hours of labour and 2 hours commuting. If you ever worked a day in your life and came home tired, you would know this, gauche caviar.

Fuck, I can rarely manage to study anything when I've come home from work tired.

On thi thread shitposting and dumb opinions are hard to tell apart

Welcome to life, that doesn't change the motive of which to make art, literature, photography, written or painted, sculpted or shaped, and what it expresses.

Until you come up with a viable alternative I fail to see its relevance because today any and all work requires a commission to begin with.

I really don't see why people are making such a fuss about throwing lines and colors together and interpreting whatever the fuck the result is.

If shit looks neat, that's cool. Anything else is just pretentious elitism.
You may now go ahead and cry about how wrong i am and that i just "don't get it" but it just shows further how far up your own ass you are and that it's really just about being a smug condescending faggot by obsessing over something that isn't relevant whatsoever.

Can I ask you a question?

What are you doing right now? I think its called "being up your own ass" and "pretentious elitism" your appreciation of art itself must be across the board for everyone's tastes.


Oh wow, how original.

I said the amount of bitching over irrelevant shit you display is elitism.
Now you're saying this is what i'm doing? Really?
Fucking dense nigger.


And what's wrong with that? Of course not everyone should talk on a subject they have feelings for, but know nothing of.

That's fucking life 101 faggot if you don't like it try learning something new today

I piss on your motive. Material results in the material world are the only standard to measure actions.

TINA, amirite? I'm glad you're coming out as a liberal, very brave.

Also, flawless pivot from denying art is made to be sold, to proclaiming any and all contemporary art as commissions.

I wish we could just put you in a gulag and be rid of you. Unfortunately for all of us, we can't, and will just have to wait until you kill yourself.

Heck, on some days I don't even have it in me to masturbate anymore.

Seeing as how you use French, I'm not suprised, but neither am I interested in your piss.

Look France, even the Soviets knew how to appreciate art in some form. Quit bitching and having emotions for something you know nothing of, take a class, learn some shit.

Until then go bitch about how you work harder than the artists when the opposite is more than likely true.

You sound aggrieved, I must have hit a nerve.

When does your trust fund run out?

I hate the French, nothing personal.

Nice dodge. Be a dear and don't forget to tip your barista next time you get a pumpkin spice late, it really helps.

Why don't you be a dear and stop projecting you pale fuck

The only thing I'm running off are scholarships and grant money and more than likely you don't even have the job you claim you work harder than professionals on

Ive seen you post a picture of yourself you're about as pale as anyone here.

Are you confusing me with someone else

is my visual memory wrong, or are you insinuating this is a sami reindeer herding chatroom?


I saw a picture of a fat Asian lady in hipster fatigue once, but that could be anybody. It would be too much of a self-parody if that was really her.

Suckling on the bourgie teat par excellence, like a piglet should. No need to be insecure, just admit that you don't have much in the way of life experience. We already knew you didn't have any theory.

What's your job? Or is it impolite to ask you to further on little white lies

Everyone in college, is of course, not a worker nor in the working class, according to you.

Everyone is bougie no exceptions I don't care you have a career

I am an art whore. I love all forms.

one of my favorites

Yeah but I'm saying more specifically the outrageous things we hear about like a canvas splashed with black paint (and that's it) going for 100 mil or something are purely ways to launder money

I like yoshitaka amano
Turns out he does the concept art for final fantasy, which is pretty cool too.

note that line down the middle isnt part of it, its just an artifact of bad scanning. (´;ω;`)
(not my scanning, whoever scanned it)

Source on the right-hand pic?

It was actually some amateur painting I found on reddit a while back. Dunno how I'd go about finding the source, sorry. Maybe it was on r/art.

I interrogate people.

And students, if they don't work, are obviously not workers. It's in the word itself, innit? Working class, maybe, depends on the student.

I can tell you're not, though, it oozes from the language you use and the opinions you hold. You have outed yourself in this very thread as a class enemy on multiple occasions, with very little prompting I might add. You're not working class, you don't even feign to sympathize.

As is your right, being a member of the establishment. For now.

You're a mall cop?

I think I can say for sure I work harder than a mall cop.

I think most people do.

art is precious.
i've given up on my dreams of being what society considers an artist. i can't make money and survive by making art. i still will never not love art, though. i'm sad now. art is beautiful.


I like this stuff
first & third from the first post.
first, third & last from second post

Contemporary art is far more critical of society and past artistic assumptions than any renaissance or modernist art. The idea that art needs to prove expertise is autistic and reactionary. Also, all those "hurr how is this art" paintings Holla Forums and snide dadrockers reference are not at all easy to make anyway. Drawing a straight edge freehand is one of the most difficult things a painter can do, but that's not thd point and they don't feel the need to show it off.

I'm not saying the system in which art is funded, distributed, and displayed isn't terrible capitalist bullshit, only that a distinction needs to be made between the artist and the system theyre constrained to.

Contemporary art is not made by rich cunts trying to make themselves seem smarter than they are, those are just the people who own it and decide who gets to see it. Yes, this means that art that agrees with the tastes and values of rich assholes is prioritized, and that's terrible, but within those constraints artists still find ways to be innovative.

All of the art reactionaries praise as "truly beautiful" or "masterful" or whatever was considered experimental in their times. In the renaissance the idea of including a landscape behind a portrait of somebody was considered revolutionary and some moralists took issue with it. Same with impressionism and basically any art style following the renaissance.

here's some more you may like. i think you'd like junji ito.

You're right, those are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

informative post.

watch midori

i love midori! suehiro maruo is a genius. if you like midori you should watch angel's egg.. done by yoshitaka amano, who (as mentioned by an user earlier) worked on final fantasy concept art. you'd probably like perfect blue, and nekojiru, too…. if you haven't seen them already.

how sick can one mind be

that's fucking tame is the world new to you

Holy shit, that's incredible. Saved & will do.

What is unsmart about not trusting art critics who can't even make good art themselves?

Cute, it doesn't even know what a worker is.

Fuck you. Kill yourself.

Personally I call it "Fart"




Triggered, laddy?

i allways thought that guy was one of the sargonesque "rationals"

He doesn't get political too often. I watch him for his cheeky & actually well done album critiques. I always discover some good new music from him. He does lean liberal whenever his opinion slips through; but definitely lefter than Sargon. One of his "worst of 2016" songs was this abortion from "Le Tigre" for Hillary's campaign & he gave some commentary too.

The reason he tackled this Paul Joseph Watson video was because he'd done a video on pop culture, art & music. So it fell within Anthony's subject matter I guess. He broke him down pretty fucking great, lmao.

Blaming the alleged regression of popular culture on the Frankfurt School really needs to stop. Adorno coined the term "cultural industry" and was a champion of high culture over consumerism, and these morons would know if they even bothered to check the fucking Wikipedia entry.

You apparently don't even know what a Capitalist is.

i think most that use the term cultural marxism think off it more like a buzzword or phenomenon then an actual conspiracy that some people orchestrated.
it's stil dumb because it's the capitalism they promote that is behind it



Art is shit.