IDPOL Hate Thread

What should have been the proper action dealing with European refugees?

I'm a bit frustrated with Zizek for being too cowardly to talk about muslim gangs, instead trotting out another boring anecdote about how the Catholic Church is covering pedophiles. It's true, it's still a shitty way of apologizing for muslims.
He's still not very critical towards muslims for not doing enough to prevent potential radical terrorists in their own communities.

What are great arguments whenever a fascist/alt-right brings up the "Race+IQ" argument?

I just had a gay fascist bring up James Watson's quote on how human evolution doesn't result in an equitable society, and those with black employees with find that to be so. And the fascist supports deporting them out of Europe and USA.

Is there anything redeeming from liberal feminist 'queer theory'?,-Madonna

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Create a strong, worldwide union that fights for international citizenship, so migrants can demand equal pay and benefits, eliminating the incentive of economic migrants

how many need to die for that?

less than the current system necessitates

90 gorillon, just like the last time stalin tried that

Write out a blank cheque, son.

Top kek!

Making sure they could get employment first. Even though they are refugees, like everyone else, they need money to survive. Many of them are unemployed and live in squalor because of it.

Say that yes there are differences but they don't matter in the grand scheme of things. It's the same with gender differences. Yes, they exist but their differences don't warrent them being "peacefully genocided" as Reichard Spencer would say.

Yes, there is something redeeming from all theories.

So you need to find them a job where knowing the native language is not important, that isn't already automated, and isn't already being done by labor from eastern europe or turkey that has flooded the market for decades
honestly I hope the EU keeps up these retarded migrant policies. The worse it gets the more you can do politically

The right wing cannot control the contradictions of capitalism

Do you mean the Irish that went to America or something? Please be more specific.

Holla Forums needs to leave.

I don't believe in punishing people if they haven't done anything wrong.

I guess dats bretty spooky tho.

how about not bomb them and fund and train jihadis and mercenaries to destroy their country? the proletariat suffers for porky's decisions and greed yet again, fuck off back to r/hillaryclinton you dumbshit liberals

Too late to think about that now though. Now we need to deal with the consequences.

What is this shit?

We have a duty to help people in need.

Most of the migrants aren't refugees tbf. Most refugees are in refugee camps in the ME.
Fucking Saudi Arabia have taken more refugees than the EU and US combined.
One of the most urgent things to do would be increasing funding to the refugee camps in the ME.
The amount of people who have reached the noisiest countries (the UK and US) have been pitiful, they're just frightened of terrorism.
Which again is a tiny risk compared to getting shot by a cop or killed in a car crash.
But westerners are conditioned to enjoy a comfy life at everyone else's expense and don't want anything to disrupt it.
Or even look like it's disrupting it.

I doubt that.

You wanna try rephrasing that?

Not really tbh.


That's not a very goos answer.

I'm not the one shitting his pants, fam.


Just kill me.

A question for "idpol haters" on here: Do you also hate class-conscious (not liberal) and anticapitalist feminism and anti-racism? If so, why?
For example, what's the problem with an articlelike this one?

fuck me
not say

The longterm strategy can only be to change the conditions that make people want to flee their country to begin with.
Most people don't want to move away from their country, unless they are forced to by survival threatening conditions.
Unmitigated climate change will lead to hundreds of millions of more refugees for that matter that will completely dwarf the european migrant crisis 2015. Some countries in the middle east are predicted to become dried out wastelands due to climate change by 2100.
Having a climate change denying, science hating, Trumptard administration in the white house isn't particularily conducive to preventing that catastrophe.