Who do you think is the real US prez?

Who do you think is the real US prez?

Still believe it is Putin

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Fox News is the right answer since they are his daily intelligence briefing

Vincent Kennedy McMahon

Reported as useless football crap.

The people have become the real US president, now that the people's candidate is in office


Reagan's head in a vat.



Trump is president, but he is not in charge of his administration.

Notice how cheeky the European behave to him. They would not have dared so under Obama, even if he spied them so blatantly, see NSA affair.

This means that the Obama-Clinton administration is still in charge and the European government still swear allegiance to them. Trump, as far as his presidency is concerned, is a paper tiger. Part of the reason is that congress Republicans are not fully supporting him.

It's only a matter of time until both House and Senate will coup him, just like parliamentary Labour did with Corbyn.

Why would the Saudi's give Trump intelligence briefings? Why would Trump accept intelligence briefings from the Saudi's?

Whoever knows how to play on his emotions the best apparently.
Also Steve Bannon.**

If only that was true

Whoever strokes his limp dicked ego enough

Hey Holla Forums

what would you do?

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Nothing to lose anymore.

This is how nebelushun begins


Trump. He has publicly reprimanded Russia and Iran.

I'm sure they're terrified


this is retarded, fuck off and die clinton campaign

Hello Holla Forums.

t. hillary campaign spokeswomyn



Trump is about to appoint Elliott Abrams to his cabinet, radical Zionist and federal criminal who served time in prison for Iran/Contra.

I think we know who is real prez…

He's right.
Pic related is DNC strategy. Note the lack of talk about foreign policy, economy, healthcare etc.

It's DNC stating facts.

Fuck off Rosa killer