92% of left-wing activists live with their parents and one in three is unemployed

92% of left-wing activists live with their parents and one in three is unemployed, study of Berlin protesters finds


Leftists BTFO

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So theynare too poor to buy their own house? No wonder they were protesting

daily mail is such cancer it thinks everything causes it

And yet conservatives are dumb and libertarians are nearly autistic.



But hey those dumb leftists live in their parents houses and are unemployed.


Yea I'm gonna need an alternative source to that.

sad, since it does mean that workers are classcucked to the bone.

Good, fuck work.

100% of alt-righters live with their parents and 100% of them are NEETs

Being a NEET is good, refusing to work hurts porky.

What is 'BTFO' even supposed to mean?

The so called "workers" don't work, huh.

"Hurr durr if you don't sympathize with some lazy drug addict you are autistic"

Is memes all you have?


That you are desperate to prove that you are not a bunch of manchildren neets?

Hmm maybe Marx was weong and it will benthe exploited masses as a whole who will revolt, not just the workers

Its as if someone predeicted Marx was wrong hundreds of years ago

Not that you would know, as you have never opened a book, faggot

Acronym which stands for "blown the fuck out." Generally used to refer to a sports team that loses to another by a large margin. Especially if the losing team was expected to win.

Damn, this classcuck is really mad some peoplemare free enough not to work

I don't have time to read shit, I am not a neet

The reason that you can't work is that nobody wants you or anything that you can provide


it's almost like they have a point

I dont have to work because I own the Means of Production, which grants me the muh privilege of exploiting retarded classcucks like you

I usually filter my workers between right wingers and left wingers, and I assign the harshest and most tiresome work to cucks like you

Its beautiful to tell them " Its for the sake of your nation and race" after seeing them suffer


On the one hand, I bet that in the GDR this didn't happen. Rents were dirt cheap by law and there were massive public housing projects. Homelessness was illegal.

On the other, I see absolutely no problem with living with your parents. People are too isolated today. Living together allows you to pool resources and help one another out, as well as emotionally supporting each other.

I don't know about you but under socialism I would be quite pleased if the extended family household became common again. It was the norm before capitalism.

The nuclear family is a very new phenomenon in the grand scheme of human history. It's inefficient and puts too much of a burden on each family.

No, they don't.

Most capitalists work 12-16 hours a day

Yes, I work so hard!! Thats why I deserve almost all of the profits!!

When I am in my office I am not watching tranny porn, that meeting I told you about was real ;)


cmon wagie, don't you have some frozen dinner to reheat soon so you can go to bed and get up nice and early tomorrow for your boss?

Actual german here, that story is old and fake af.

shit forgot to sage this fake news shitpost

I'd live with my family if they were still alive.

I think we're in agreement; I meant the kids without a future out in the streets protesting have a point and don't really deserve to be mocked for being angry about their situation

This basically translates to "people in this particular protest were young"

How big of a role does unethical migration and outsourcing of jobs play in this?


it means go back to reddit

If migration quotas are increased to rock the parliamentary system and keep up shoddy economic practices, all while introducing new bodies to the consumerist machine, while at the same time outsourcing potential new jobs for said migrants back to their original country of origin, is it not unethical to be allowing these people in?

This, déclassé intellectuals are the heart of the revolution.

Rich people live in a bubble so they think society is fine, the poorest also live in a bubble although they see problems with the system they cant articulate them because of a lack of time, resources and energy. The middle class is a myth for the most part but to the extent that it exists among artisans, celebrities and trained professionals they are too enamored with the system to really care and the majority of the propaganda and super structural awareness is made with keeping them in line. In between class scholars and class traitors from the top are needed to kindle the feelings of the people being most screwed. They bring the information and the awareness necessary to show people just how bad things really are.

>"study" was about all activists in Berlin
Literally all it shows is that most of the activists that the police specifically have record of are college age. That's not exactly novel information, especially if the likelihood of arrests being made increases with the degree of perceived violent threat of the demonstration, which younger people tend to be a part of more commonly and are more likely to get caught in the midst of due to inexperience.

lumpen a best


Ethics are a spook

At least in America it is not easy finding a job that you can afford rent, a car, health/car insurance and possibly student loan payments. At best maybe you'll live with two other roommates in the ghetto.

I'd rather stay with my parents.

wtf I love capitalism now

Spanish here. I never really understood the stigma against living with your family Northern Europeans and Anglos have to be honest.

Yeah, that's why golf courses are always empty.

it's pretty fucking dumb tbh

just a capitalist scheme to sell more houses and rack up rents

Probably I guess.
Over here people live with their parents until they officialize a marriage most of the time. It's always been like that. Portugal does mostly the same, Italy too. Most of the world is like that as far as I know really.
What's so bad about families sticking together?

I want to live alone in the woods; PARENTS JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND

I hate you, go away.

It's in the post you responded to.

It was more of a rhetorical question tbh

Actually, they just get passive income.