Rebolutionary Strategy Thread

Any successful revolution must have support of the military. The military in America is definitely right-wing. How do we begin the process of pushing troop support left? How do we educate the military proletariat?

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How about we join the military? that'll make it slighty more homosexual for one, and perhaps we can convert them through the good old rooty in the tooty tactic. navy seems best

Bookchin's libertarian municipalism is still the best strategy for revolution in bugerland imo

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Don't call it leftism. Voila.

Localized action and taking over the municipal institutions by putting them in the hands of popular assemblies. Through this establish a dual power to chip away at the power of the state and bourgeois.

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When we try to take over the institutions, what force will they use to protect them? The military. If they are not on our side, how can we hope to overcome?


You don't take them over by force, you take them over through political organizing. If you want an example of this in action look at the neighborhood planning assemblies that bookchin is largely responsible for in Burlington, Vermont.
People meme this, but as one of the main people promoting his ideas on here I don't ever see it.

I agree they are a good system. But how can we convert this power into an inherently hierarchical establishment like the military? I don't think a democratically controlled military would work very well, and would instead lead to balkanization. While I realize this is in part Boochie's aim, I think the interim period would leave the Generals, CO's, and base commanders with a large amount of power, and very little excuse not to exercise its use.

Not completely, see pic

I'm not in the US so I'm not sure if this will apply there, but where I live military people are people usually drawn to ideas like austerity, personal asceticism and self-sacrifice. One of the main reasons people seem to join is because they want to develop those attributes, and once they do they fetishize them.

That means, on a personal level, they might be turned off by certain attitudes that are common among the Left. I mean, I'm a fucking fruit myself, and even I usually think people on the Left can be a bit too hedonistic, too soft, too sensitive. And I'm also decadent af, but I can't roll my eyes hard enough at some of the types I see in every meeting or protest.

If they don't sense you're ready to be somewhat ascetic and discipline on your goals, as they were on theirs, they won't even listen to you. So developing a set of ideas and praxis that will cut off the most clownish elements would be a good start.

We need a workers' militia

One of the consequences of libertarian municipalism is that it will inevitability spread, ideologically at least, to people within the armed forces. By making their towns operate in this manner, by turning their family into supporters of this movement, we ensure that the only people against it will be those in a position of muh privilege like the officer corp, the generals, the politicians and the bourgeois. Part of the movement should also be an emphasis on self defense and the proliferation of militias. In short, let them try to suppress it militarily. They will have full blown revolution and mutiny if they try it.

I like this.
1. Make it about the group struggle, about selflessness.
2.develop the idea of military troops as vanguard.
3. What you got?

I know in Britain most troops vote Labour

I suspect the officers might be more reactionary

For the bennies no doubt.

Developing a more ascetic outlook shouldn't be too hard. A good start would be an anti-consumerist movement. Against (conspicuous) consumption, brands, planned obsolescence, and so on. I don't think you could mount a leftist objection to things like this.

Of course, it will turn of the champagne/caviar/apple/latte/… socialists, but they were always a trojan horse anyway.

What's with naval troops being leftwing?

I remember reading that Hitler had problems with the Kriegsmarine because so many of them were communists

He's a fucking meme philosopher that believed in fucking class cooperation and hippies being the real revolutionary sector in society. Kill yourself, faggot.

Leftist groups should be working to fill the economic vacuum created by our crumbling economy. Feeding people, providing community spaces, housing, water, and whatever else. You not only build our image and propagandize, but any state crack downs on the party or group will be seen by people as an attack on their well being. By far the best way to show people we're the only one's that care about their well being.

Synthesis: officers vote Red Tory



New Labour isn't centrist af and therefore fit for the wall? Okay. I though I knew something about UK politics but I guess I'll just lurk more.

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We need a strong working class movement first of all

so, you want to participate in municipal elections?

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In so far as to fundamentally eliminate the institutions of domination within them, and to create institutions to empower the citizenry within them.

Kronstadt too

Sailors, being together on one ship, in a controlled environment and relatively separated from central control, are more likely to develop leftist tendencies from their experiences.
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Well you could join the military. By joining the military you receive training basically get to live a social democratic life but the price is of course risking your life for Uncle Sam. The majority of the military is right-wing but you wouldn't be the only leftist troop they exist but generally keep quiet for obvious reasons.

The GI movement in Vietnam should be the model on how to radicalize troops and have them resist.

Here's a documentary

In other words being hard and being loving of life is ideal to lead a movement.

Most of the vietnam war resistance was created by the conditions that led to US involvement to begin with, not any ideology or tactics employe by the GI movement.

Why are Bookchin memers so perfect?

Sorry, but this shit has been accounted for. Members of the military are almost all classcucked volunteers, or so uninformed due to their poverty that they'll believe anything and say anything for a ticket out of it. They're either too stupid or to scared to do anything, and shit will have to get worse before it gets better for them.

can you embed youtube here?

The military used to be made up in large parts of drafted folks. Today the military is an all volunteer force and so you only join if you're into its ideals already (or at least will tolerate them for the sake of a job/benefits), and then in training you get the ideals of the military drilled into you harder. Breaking into this from the outside is incredibly difficult.

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