He claims to be a devil-may-care egoist

Can anyone explain this? In fact it seems to be the only point of contention against people who are actually fighting the Jewish, capitalist system. Homogeneous groups have more unity, and even if you were to assume shitskins are failures due solely to cultural or geographic issues then it still isn't in your interest for them to dispossess you. You guys sound a lot more like moralfags than edgy egoists, so please let Stirner rest in peace as he's turning in his grave every time you invoke his image, thanks.

lot of talk from a fag who hasn't even read stirner.

Clearly evidence that you haven't read Stirner.

Doesn't matter if it's jewish or black, it's still fucking captialism.

Rojavans BTFO your stupid claim.

I actually don't. They're capable of exploiting, creating, stealing and providing as any other bloke.

Proof that you haven't read Stirner. Morality is a spook

It is in my self interest to watch nazis and nationalists get buttblasted by being forced to live in multicultural societies


You can't even name one

As others have said, you obviously haven't read Stirner and you don't understand egoism. Evola might be more your speed.

So why are you moralfags though? The point is you should at most have a neutral view on people who don't like non-Whites unless you see non-Whites as a necessary, untapped utility, or you yourself aren't White. Even if you could claim non-Whites are benign, that doesn't mean they're needed.

Finally someone who makes sense.


They are needed because their existance make you butthurt

Japan? All of Scandinavia before the great enriching? The Whiter parts of the United States even, where you aren't afraid to let your kids run around. Homogeneity leading to high trust isn't even debatable. Wetther a high-trust multi-racial society is possible or not is irrelevant, when we alrady have a winning formula, and when a multi-racial society isn't necessary.

I understand enough. Sounds like you guys just want to sound edgy while fighting for the Jewish establishment as per usual TBH.

It's not just "anti-morality", it's about self-interest. One can find adhering to a traditionally moral concept to be in one's own self-interest.

Just because you belive those places are utopias dosnt make them actually utopias

That's not much of a defense. No multiracial place is a utopia either, and all of them score worse on any conceivable material metric, save maybe for childbirths, that Japan.

Japan is in its own neoliberal decline

So Scandinavia is a total hellhole now because they have more non-whites?

Can you be more specific? I grew up in the predominately white, rural U.S. and it wasn't a utopia by any means

How it lends to your self-interest, or rather mine or anyone you may wish to convince is what I fail to understand. If someone takes issue with their neighborhood being filled with sand niggers, you do nothing to quell their grievance and you say nothing convincing to assure them it's beneficial. It's just, "FUCK OFF AND TOUGH LUCK FASCIST!" You people don't seem to actually care about practicality.

Of course, a real utopia is like Venezuela under Chavez, right?

I intentionally choose to create maximum exposure to anarchist thought. Fite me.

A multiracial place has a lot of triggered and butthurt nationalists, pretty utopic

What makes you belive I support Chavez, or are you just mad, stupid, and trying to find an argument?

So much unity that they don't even want to produce children and spend every grueling day to make enough money not to stay above proverty rather then spend time with each other. The bubble popped a long time ago and the Japanese won't just live that shit life forever.

Because those are in the areas where people are farther apart so they don't have to deal with each other.

Yep, and solely due to that. RIP Sweden.

There's no such thing as a utopia, but there is such a thing as living in a shithole. Maybe you're too muh privileged to understand. Even the trash city I grew up in was a lot better before there was Pureto Ricans stabbing people on every street corner.

You faggots are the ones getting off track. How is forced-multi-racialism inherently beneficial? If it is not, then why would you care if someone doesn't like non-Whites in a predominately White society if you are an edgy, self-interested egoist, and not a moralfag?

Because i enjoy watching cucks like you sperg about a commercial featuring a white woman and a black dude

Laughing at retards like you is inherently beneficial for the only one that matters, my ego

Do you have any statistics on Scandinavia's (you said it first, don't just focus on muh Sweden) decline? Specifically, anything that points to this decline being attributed SOLELY to non-white immigration?

About "living in a shithole"–please tell poor whites living in those places, subsisting off multi-generational government benefits, that they're better off because hey, at least their kids can play outside in your fictional Mayberry.

Only Sweden had an outrageous rate of nonwhite migration though. And the effects are pretty startling wrt crime.

It's orcs vs. humans all over again. Stop masturbating to anime girls and imagining Nippon as an utopian society, if you would have ever spend significant time there you'd know the whole nation is wagecucked and stuck up. Playing Skyrim and suddenly thinking of yourself as an expert on Scandinavian history also doesn't count, I can guarantee you there was a lot more raping among the White vikings than any Muslim can bring

Nice reductionism you have there. Would be a shame if something happened to it.

Have to agree with the sperglord, on the whole black people thing. Not that I give a fuck, or consider myself an egoist.
But the jew thing is easily refuted, it is obviously in our interest to remove all capitalists, just removing those that happen to be jews will leave european capitalists to, as marx put it "out jew the jew". Rather make the nice jews my comrades in arms against my actual oppressor.

sweden always sucked, things will be better when they are gone. Trust me, I'm Norwegian.

sounds scientific as fuck.

Liberal detected

No, it is in fact you who is the liberal.

This thread does not please my ego.

I know what you are but what am I?

Reading or even appreciating Stirner does not mean anything. The only "fan" of Stirner I know irl is a guy who runs his own business, bourgeois as fuck, uses an oxymoron like marxist-Blairite to describe his politics and is, in his own words, a follower of Max Stirner.

Quite possibly the spookiest spook of a spook I have ever had the spook to spook.

The ego is the final spook.

You only think it's in your self interest because you believe ruling class myths

please tell me it involves milk

I like other races, so why wouldn't i? Nationalism is a spook.

why you like other races?

Because a number of them are my friends, they make cool music, and they have great food.

Ethnotribalism is for the weak-minded

That makes sense. Thanks.

How so? Mind, I'm not the guy who made this thread. Nor, am I a ethnotribalist. More racially indifferent, with a minor skepticism of black men.

Stop OTHERING your fellow humans you racist piece of shit.

Fucking niggers.

Hey, if it were up to me "races" would just be just be called clines, but we're working with the common terminology so we don't talk past each other.

I just think it's short-sighted, as it will only lead to continuing tit-for-tat conflict among humanity, and it minimizes the individual.

This ain't liberal twitter, kiddo

look, I hate ugly and stupid people. and non-whites are 99% one of them or both. go figure.

Why do Holla Forumsyps always use "homogeneous" as a codeword for "white"?