Can any fellow amerifats who know whats going on redpill me on betsy devos?

can any fellow amerifats who know whats going on redpill me on betsy devos?

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She's a billionaire whose family has given money to just about every politician in D.C. Her family got rich through a literal pyramid scheme. She advocates for privatizing education, and she herself is dumb as a doorknob.

She's a literal retard who has never been in public school, nor have any of her kids, yet she's being put in charge of public schools– oh yeah, she said schools need guns in them to "defend from grizzlies"

no shit look it up

Wants to take money from the public school sector to help fund her private schools lmao. She also brainwashes kids with freemarket ideology

oh and her brother is the founder/CEO of Blackwater (whatever name it's going by now)

There is nothing to redpill about.

She's literally just an oligarch that bought a policital office.

pretty much this. She's totally incompetent. See video:

He's no longer a part of Blackwater (Academi now). Erik's company is called Frontier Services Group and he's partial owner of Airborne Technologies. He's been busy trying to set up a private air force.

america truly is getting the leaders it deserves

Commies mad they can't indoctrinate children any more.

She makes me glad I'm not having kids.

Ever heard of an MLM outfit by the name of Amway?

She's an actual religious nutjob who bought her way, and is getting ready to destroy the education system.

Some americans are so fucking dumb lel

She's a billionaire hag who wants to make life hell for white families, by moving niggers out of cities and into schools for neighborhoods that have been closed off to nonwhites.
We're completely fucked.

for being the master race ya'll got it real bad huh

getting a bit old

Can't wait for private atom bombs!

Don't start shaking in your boots pol that race stuff is just the corporate way of selling private schools to liberals that literally "buy" into idpol.

Betsy is a charter school advocate, who believes in creationism, wants to enact a school voucher system and has never set foot in a public school in her life. She thinks guns need to be in schools to protect kids from Grizzly's in states that don't have Grizzly's.

She bought herself a political career through her rich family. So basically she is Hillary on the other side.

good worker!


hey nice hitler dubs man

She is there to brainwash kids into accepting trump, nazism and white supremacy

she's not wrong

It is going to be great watching the US become a shthole because of short term Porky profit

you're wrong
it's like you don't even realize how contradicting your opinion is of itself

I'm not the guy that you're responding to, but you may want to reread that post.

Can she even spell Education?

you may want to reread my post

Cuz Americans have always been the paragons of spelling and grammar

t. butthurt british

sure, let's make Ace combat canon in real life

Here's a quick rundown on her

The question is, is she benevolent?

If she was any friend of the working class, Trotsky would have won and we'd be living in socialism now.