How retarded is fullchan Holla Forums

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They actually have a sticky on Pizzagate. How stupid do you have to be to believe this shit?

Also general thread on how fucking stupid you have to be to believe in this absolute batshit idiocy, much less sticky it.

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I don't understand why Holla Forumsyps care about Pizzagate so much. There's nothing they can do about if it's real. My only guess is it gives them some self-righteous satisfaction for being a slacktivist. Sort of like the liberals who act like retweeting a video counts as doing something to further a cause.

Rightist here, not all rightwing nationalist bigots think pizzagate is real. Please keep in mind that 8pol had been taken over by psychotic neo nazi cult members. it's like if the most retarded SJW dumbfucks took over some leftwing group, got it?

They are the kind of people who were tinfoilfaggots 5 yrs ago, but were exposed to Holla Forums. To believe in race and gender realism, the importance of the JQ and the need for White identity politics does not place someone immediately into the tinfoil Hitler worshipping camp, despite what you may like to believe.

Hope this helps.

Cheers lad

This. Does anyone have that Holla Forums ball about them "living in a nightmare fueled entirely by memes"? That pretty much sums them up now.

because πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€theyπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ are disgusting pedophiles that will go first come the day of the rope, now excuse me while I fap to glorious loli.

Weird how they were all so easily pacified by Trump


unless you still believe in the holocaust this is fucking ridic. Hitler and the NSDAP were the closest thing we've had to our ideal. It took every other power in the world to get rid of it too

The USSR basically defeated your guy singehandidly. The West only got involved to stop them from taking Germany.

Hey did you know that Western powers actively aided and funded the Nazis and invested in their factories, because they wanted the Nazis to take out the Soviets
And then Germany attacked Poland so France and England we're forced to declare war on them to uphold a treaty
And it was called the "boring war" because they didn't ever attack Germany, they hired they could reach a peaceful resolution
And then Germany invaded France and Frances military immediately rolled over
Watch this of you watch one thing that disagrees with you in your entire life:
Even if it's just so you can perfect your argument

I believe Pizzagate is real. Yes I know there is no evidence or proof of it, but it's not that far-fetched of a conspiracy.

Ithink pizzagate is the dumbest shit on earth but I'm pretty sure there are pedo porkies out there

He's like a snake charmer. Call him the Fash Whisperer.

There definitely are. Look at Jeffrey Epstein, billionaire convicted pedophile and good friend to both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.

But "someone was a pedophile" isn't evidence for "my absolutely batshit conspiracy involving pedophilia therefore happened."

Or that it happened at this place that only has a tangential connection to those people

The western ones were okay with it at first if it meant getting rid of the Soviets though.

I'm gonna be honest. They obviously don't have a solid case, but the sheer amount of circumstantial evidence is disturbing. I have been farting around on the internet long enough to know when there's something shady going on.


Conspiracy theories are like internet religions that evolve in its echo chambers and filter bubbles.

4444 children were sexually abused by catholic priests in Australia
7 % of all australian catholic priests accused of child sex abuse

Are you really trying to say that child sexual abuse by people with power can't happen?

t. Laura Silsby
Looks like the Mont Pedophile Society's stock is going down, nigazu, and liberals think they're owed the benefit of the doubt.

Child sexual abuse by Holla Forums-posters can happen. Thus i conclude that Holla Forums is a pedophilia network.

pol=pedophiles online

but pizza gate is totally fake and pedos absolutely do not use creepy codewords or buy creepy pedo art to act as dog whistles to their pedo friends

pizzagate is a fuck. i don't believe politicians or beltway hacks are dragging kids to fuck them specifically pizzeria basements or whatever, they probably do it on their estates in dungeons.

if you want to really look into the abyss and see a confirmed pedophile ring, look no further than the westminster pedophile dossier. a scandal linking dozens if not hundreds of members of the british establishment + celebrities to the sexual assault of thousands of children and the murder of dozens of them. several MPS, a prime minister, and a UK home secretary were linked - there are even stories that they made snuff films involving children they took from orphanages.

Stop the hate!

There's literally nothing wrong that can come out of this debacle. Either they're right and find something substantial and some porky gets burnt (good), or they fail and get embarrased and ridiculed (also good).

In any case it is spreading class consciousness among Holla Forumstards.


Hell, I think they should be encouraged.

Then it would still be rational to say "I'm open to the possibility that it's real".

There's nothing that's been found within pizzagate which substantiates their claims.

Holla Forums should be encouraged if only to out their schizobabble.

holy shit yes we need to shut them down at all costs.

my fellow comrades, if you ever find someone investigating pizzagate please get as much of their personal information and pass it along in a handwritten letter to mr podesta and we will take care of them. as much info as possible, like if they live alone, where they work, if they own a gun (very important!)

this is about world peace and equality my comrades.

Their claims are that there are people involved who run child sex rings. There are people associated with those who are involved or already got caught being child rapists. As someone who was molested as a kid by someone rich and powerful who thought they could get away with it, I don't doubt these kinds of claims at all. The pedophile fucks are everywhere, and their rich and powerful friends protect them because they are sick fucks too.

All these quotes are dandy but useless without a source. I'm too intimate with conspiracy theories to take any of this at face value.

lol yeah citation needed but what do you expect he's probably a DRUMPF supporter lol Edward Epstein

It's almost as if a worldview purely based on idealism will lead to some weird occultist shit

Fed enabler.

Trump is also involved in pizzagate, because there is a t in pizzagate. That should be evidence enough.


I meant the plane being called the "Lolita Express". Regardless, I don't really see how this is relevant to Obama and the Clinton campaign running a sex trafficking ring out of a pizza shop.

So? This has to be the most woke thing Holla Forums has ever done.

Even if it started out to shit on Hillary, the fact that Holla Forums is punching UP is a step in the right direction.

Of course not. Are you stupid? I'm saying this particular fucked up conspiracy theory is practically schizophrenic in how fucking dumb it is.

Well, Jeffrey Epstein, convicted billionaire pedophile, features pretty prominently in the Pizzagate shit, and Donald Trump is a personal friend of his, just like Bill Clinton.



It was more like they had economies not ready for full war mobilization and decided to let Hitler do w/e till they were ready. France relying solely on their outdated defenses didnt help

It's aut-right bullshit, they just want to get that sessions guy in.

believing that politicians are corrupt and would involve each other in illegal shit to then be able to blackmail anyone that doesnt follow the status quo

how stupid lol amirite

I don't understand why any activists oppose international banking and capitalism lol!
It is not like they can do anything about it lol.
I mean billions of dollars are exchanged a day you can't stop that why try? !

I don't disagree with that, but when Holla Forums starts talking about "spirit cooking" then I can't take it seriously anymore. Keep it secular.

Someone should go into that pizza restaurant with a gun and demand that the children be freed from the basement.

gtfo with your fucking clickbait nonsense, yes Holla Forums is retarded, more news at 11.


The evidence is in the pictures, the code and events. Podesta's emails have coded messages explaining how children will be ready for entertainment. He is coincidentally is in the vicinity of a child's kidnapping. Pictures of adult in close proximity to children using broken double hearts, yellow beaded necklaces, pizza symbols. Creepy videos of hooded people speaking with their voice altered through speakers. Human trafficking is not a good thing, it's is barely political, except for the fact that the Clintons are involved. Satan and pagan rituals are performed and people who are 90 look like they are 20 again.

It's not a pedophile ring, it's a CIA child trafficking front.

You were doing so well and then you fucked up at the end

Why should shitty music like this turn a pedo on?
They are more likely to jerk off to Jackie Evancho on inauguration day.

There's a pretty big difference between being a narc and laughing at your impotent faggotry



A future for our children guys




ease up on the autism please

is it autism
when any other race does this it is seen as empowerment and it doesnt matter if it is broad race based or narrow ethnicity based it is always cheered
but when whites do it in any sense, either republican irish or european in general it is seen as some backwards supremacism
why is that?

White nationalist victimhood is extreme autism

Yes. Always happy to answer the easy question

Go to tumblr if you want to fight tumblr strawmen. In the real world the only minority groups who partake in this level of faggotry are also labelled hate groups

Calm down, you should keep handling different political opinions, or you become a radicalised meatbag like everyone else.

Also, it is probably true that there truly are pedo rings among the ruling class.
If halting the current ruling class (or part of it) is halting debauchery, I can group up with anyone.

think you're slick huh mick?
who could be behind this post?

The existence of the bargain isn't secret, its contents are.

This thread is cointelpro. The truth does not fear investigation.

Something went wrong along the way
Everybody's waiting for judgment day
So they can go "Told you so"
They can go "Told you so"

Oh good, now the shitposting can really get started



The evidence around the pedophillia thing is actually alarming. It's a huge amount of circumstantial evidence followed with a bunch of painfully of obvious stuff that happened over and over again. I kept reading emails and eventually I had to stop but it was all so fucked up. There's too much of it.
Look at it this way. If cops got wind of proles like us with this colossal amount of circumstantial evidence, our houses would be SWATed in minutes. But it's porky, so everything is fine.

Using urbandictionary as evidence is like trying to hold water in a sieve.

It's not evidence, but the definition makes sense if you look at the context.


Yes, in 2011

I have little doubt John Podesta and pals were somehow involved in human trafficking (you don't get to those levels of power without either taking part in or being complicit in it) but the actual comet pizza place being involved is absurd.

I know right? These innocent elites and politicians.


Really got your priorities straight, you hacks.

Pretty sure pizzagate isn't that. Come back when you uncover something that actually exists.

There is way more than that pizza parlor being a cover up for a pedo sex place. Way before this a lot of pedophile code words classified by the FBI were found in podesta emails plus the other digging about it in hollywood made in 4chan that got shut down.


This isn't a pizza parlor being a cover up for a pedo sex place. It isn't anything.

If by "way more" you mean "way less" and also "I'm a schizo idiot" then I'd agree with that.

Have you considered suicide?

Keep defending the literal kid raping elites, moron.

Yes, and won't do it.

I'm not. My concern is that this bullshit will discredit the idea elite pedo rings.

Why does Holla Forums give Trump a pass for his relation to Jeffrey Epstein?

Okay for all you stupid as fuck pizzaphrenics defending your idiotic may may campaign, I'll present something.

From Holla Forums

You have this sticky:

This is how you do it. With actual information literally hacked from the pedos.

You also have this sticky:

This is how you look like a schizophrenic street lunatic babbling about imaginary connections between people you disagree with politically, just randomly calling every single one of them pedos.

Can you see the difference?

Because they're mindless cultist fucks.

Sam Hyde did nothing wrong.

holy shit my heart skipped a beat when I mistook the pizza for a massive leg wound

Lol, banned from the schizo board's pizzaphrenia thread.

What a board full of cowards and cocksucking faggots.

Since why not.

Note, I was rudely pointing out that something the tumblrinas were claiming Trump did was actually planned during Obama's term.

This was apparently too much for their delicate little minds.

this is why no one likes leftists


He's not pretending, though.

People who unironically believe in Pizzagate are not pretending.


Ironically it was the leftists who banned paedophilia in the first place.

Before that it was okay to marry 14 year olds to men thrice their age.

Holy fuck, I wish I never opened that.

How is this linked to comet pizza?

I have no idea

Average Holla Forumstard