Should we try colonizing other more politically centrist/liberal sites and try to turn the tide towards the left...

Should we try colonizing other more politically centrist/liberal sites and try to turn the tide towards the left? Holla Forums's colonized forums before, so why not colonize some ourselves?

I think a good place to start is the political section of Facepunch "Sensationalist Headlines", seems to be filled to the brim with liberals and a handful of alt right members are starting to pop up. If we can establish a large left wing group on there, we can probably turn the political tide and convert some normies


it would be best to do as an organised thing, for best effect

Well in regards to facepunch, the mods are a bit banhappy if you use memes in forum posrs and shit, but outside of that it seems relatively unbiased for the most part. I've noticed a few /leftyproles/ on there already, and helping them change the tide in the political sections of the site would eventually help our cause

We need tight organization for that to happen, like having infographs ready and an IRC chat were we can point targets and call for reinforcements

Yes, this is a good point. we should definitely make an irc and have some user dump infographs and theory posts. I'm currently in a thread about anarchists and everyone is arguing about communism, and its the same old shit about "muh socialism is the ussr and sucks"

The real fight is IRL. Internet fights are nothing compared to this.

people linked up IRC/discord/other platforms and called it the octopus a couple of months ago

it's probably a bad idea to post a link because Holla Forums is definitely fishing

Except everyone is drawn into the spectacle that is the Internet. Nobody listens to the chants in the streets and feel inconvenienced by riots/demonstrations in the real world. The only way to influence those that are zoned into the spectacle is to take it over, not disregard it.

I'll join in if you point me in the direction, also a few of us are on a discord trying to organise IRL and online action

Well, one of the things that pushed me to the Left was a dude in a music forum I used to lurk. He was in this one-man mission to articulate left-wing ideas there despite some resistance, and I think he definitely succeeded in getting a bunch of people, including me, to think.

But he knew his shit. He seemed well-read, and had at least a convincing comeback for every anti-left platitude you threw at him. One thread he made dedicated to Leftism was what got me to read socialist theory for the first time.

If, instead of that, a dozen or so dickheads had popped up with Gulag memes, regurgitating a bunch of radical soundbites and yelling "you killed Rosa Luxemburg" whenever someone brought up welfare states, I'd probably hate the Left a lot more today.

What I'm saying is: don't focus on quantity, focus on quality. The reason right-wing colonization works is because they appeal to certain crowd-think instincts that can be incited by sheer numbers. Everyone has a little bit of prejudice in them, and they're glad when a bunch of dudes encourage them to let it out. The same is not fucking true about historical materialism. Not to mention that we don't have the focus, let alone the numbers, to takeover anything.

So instead of trying to win them over by assimilation, you should make sure you know what you're talking about and go on your own. To extend the analogy, go as a missionary instead of a colonizer. Link up with Holla Forums on IRC or Twitter if you think you might struggle in coming up with material and talking points.

already have an IRC, come to #bunkerchan on irc.rizon or #anarcho if you like the taste of n1x dick.

See I disagree with you, I think we need to take the crowd think and shift the blame from brown people to bankers.


I wasn't talking about chants and protests, which are the IRL equivalent of being a memeing faggot. I meant actually going out and doing shit for communities and do so openly as socialists so as to spread class consciousness and win hearts and minds.

This board is entirely fucking liberal now because of reddit retards

We need to fix Holla Forums before we can go anywhere else


If during arguments you need a back up from retarded memelords then you're almost certainly a retarded memelord too. Go read more theory instead of trying to inflate your sense of self-importance by shitposting on the internet and thinking this will bring world revolution.

PS shoot all redditors

Even with that, still is hard with people so influenced by the spectacle 24/7. Having to explain why I ain't antifa or why I don't agree with liberal rhetoric is a freaking pain. Maybe that's just my situation, but something has to be done about the misinformation about the left.

So which do you think will get that done? More shitposting online, or helping out organize the actual working class?

A little shitposting with helping irl?

No, he's actually closer to being right than most of the oldfags here would like to admit. A sizable fraction of the /r/socialism refugees who came here because their board wouldn't allow them free speech are now openly opposing free speech here.

I mean, I'm not saying they're mutually exclusive, but the focus must be on real action. No more protesting and chanting. Nobody gives a shit. Doing things like organizing the poor, or finding ways to help them in real material ways is what will win hearts and minds.

nein son

we've been blasted with "anarchists" aka liberals and/or FBI bait screeching about muh free speech (if I cant hear it it doesnt exist!) and punching "nazis" (aka ecelebrity nobodys) and the mods arent fucking anchoring every stupid fucking thread they post

Because mods fags are too preoccupied with banning Holla Forumslacks rather than also purging the redditor shitters making horoscope threads which are 10 times more cancerous in the long run

This, just this.

It's getting really fucking bad. (And, very analogous to current situation in Europe.)