Not having to worry about money and not needing to work is fine and all...

Not having to worry about money and not needing to work is fine and all, but what is it all worth if I can't be beautiful?


CWC is living proof that "just be confident, bro" is terrible dating advice.

Just dont post his infected taint piercing that he thinks is a vagina

There's a difference between confidence and autistic foolhardiness

I miss old Chris-chan.

Tranny Chris-chan is just kind of sad.

What's the difference besides the autism?

Confidence is based on experience while foolhardiness is based on delusion

just be terribly unconfident then m8. girls love whiny, shaky manchildren


We must put an end to the matriarchy and equally distribute girls to end their lookist oppression

I've said before that confidence comes from having something to be confident in. When you're super confident even though you have nothing to be confident about, you get a Chris-chan.

It's like a person saying they can't afford to eat and someone advising them to invest in stocks and properties and start a hedge fund.

the guy has autism. using him as example is like using a deaf guy as an example of why normal people should listen one or another kind of music

Except people actually tell this to autistic people.

Many of Chris-chan's antics are due to him taking people's terrible, hackneyed advice to heart.

For instance, the tranny episode is due to someone that he would get better luck with women if he got in touch with his "feminine side"

*due to someone telling him that
Whoops, left out words

There's nothing about being autistic that means you can't be confident

I'm aware. That was sort of my point.


I aint clicking on dat nigga

the fuck did i just watch

This guy is living the dream. He's the only one though.

Where did you get this video of me?

What the fuck is this?