Dave Rubin - Why I Left the Left


except Dave Rubin was always a liberal

The real reason is he saw a business opportunity catering to MRAs, Rationals and young conservashits and he thought he could fill that gap.

"Because I sold out"

Oh look another muh privileged white gay man whitesplaining

You're really bad at fitting in, Holla Forums.

If all I knew of "the left" was Hollywood liberals telling me to check my muh privilege from the passenger seat of the Mercedes driven by their rich husband, I'd probably leave too.

That said, if you actually listen to this guy talk about his political and economic views, he's just a garden variety lolbert who thought not hating niggers made him "left".

I like his show though.

This guy is a right-wing libertarian and always was. He was never truly a leftist, only a basic bitch liberal.

I would like to see Richard Spencer and this lolbert Jew go at it in a Hunger Games-style death match.


He was always a neocon. The only problem he had with conservatives is that he's atheist.

He is now like "now it's fashionable to be atheist and right-winger in America? I like right wing now".

His face in that video, dead inside.
I bet pragerU have a video of him fucking a 13 year old boy or something.

pragerU yet again proves it's full of dribbling morons


Somehow I doubt he ever looked deeply into any leftist theory, he's always been a lolbert who thoguht he's left wing like sargon

he doesn't even support Trump. what a useless faggot

Holla Forums would have pointed out that he is a homosexual Jew, just like Milo, which makes him a fascist, just like Milo.

When was he ever Left? He has always pandered to lolberts and some conversative.

Man fuck even the comments no one is pointing that he was never a leftist

vid related

the cry of every petty booj cunt ever

Does anyone want to steal PragerU's videostyle and mix it with leftism?

Literally nothing he says in this is wrong. We need to do a better job teaching people the difference between us and pro-capitalism idpolers (or "progressives" as he calls them)

I agree, but we should give ourselves a distinct label, like 'class realists'.

If only my thirst for cash could keep me in the left, alas…I didn't know what political ideology I actually subscribed to….

this is the same guy who regularly promotes infowars conspiracy theorists and keeps insisting that Trump will govern like a centrist.
He's a house nigger for the anti-sjw community. Someone who can come along and reaffirm that they're so much smarter and cooler than the regressive leftist boogeyman.