Daily reminder a fascist white supremacist is the president

Daily reminder a fascist white supremacist is the president

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Any negative polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election. Sorry, people want border security and extreme vetting.

tfw you know there are people dumb enough to believe that

This is really good guys, that means we can trick him into signing up an executive order where he sends all racists, homophobes, sexists, transphobes etc and alt rightist in a big oven.

Who is going to draft up an order like that and send it to him?

Facebook tier thread.

hey Holla Forums, might try to be less obvious

I love this photo so much.

it's been that way since i was born. no idea why people don't vote for third parties.

Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest -and you all know it! Please don't feel so stupid or insecure,it's not your fault

Who let drumpf in here?

ok lad

what the fuck is this liberalism. quit eating out of the trashcan.

Best president ever!

Gulag yourself.



I didn't say it isn't real, I said shit like this:

Reads like a 12 year old's first cautious steps into political commentary. Stop shitting up the board with your garbage.

Obama was a "facist" the same way that Trump is. They're both stateist/authoritarian.

>>>Holla Forums

The jester has usurped the king, these are the times to just watch and learn as the events unfold, mah dudes.

Accelerationism ftw

Daily reminder that you are a faggot

real fascists

Read a fucking book, liberlel.



A better question would be when has America not flirted with nationalism, even fascism?

How about you open your eyes instead of being a brain dead book moron that thinks fascism is only after hitler started killing ppl


saged and reported

You should ask yourself that question.

fascism was first used to descrive mussolini's italy. trump has done absolutely nothing that obama didn't make available to him.

Or how about you go somewhere else and shitpost, Holla Forums.

That doesn't mean the president is bad, it means fascist white supremacy is good.


not really. if you read through the thread you'll see that OP and you are legit retards.
unless "merely pretending", of course.
the first pic in op is alright though.

No he's not.

He`s not a fascist, read "doctrine of fascism".

Another absolutely abhorrent post from the namefag

my idols are dead and my enemies are in power

Become your own idol and bring death to your enemies then


Dreughmpf must be impeached because he is aligned with Putin an evil dictator who invaded Korea or someshiet.

Seriously Holla Forums you can't really argue that niggers can be civilised when even the ones that become US congresswomen are clinically retarded

But being clinically retarded is required to become US congressman.

Bannon's dominionist immanent eschatology should concern you more than his supposed racism.

Stay blue pilled faggot.

if you believe bannon is planning to trigger a holy war by nuking mecca and tehran then i think you can relax, friend


People who say Trump is a white supremacist would most likely call Ted Cruz or John Kaisich one.

I would happily since I am not a moralfag ;^)

i thought people who hated trump were claiming the moral high ground by attacking nazis.

Looks like they are just as bad. :)

this is fake quote en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Talk:Winston_Churchill#The_fascists_of_the_future_will_be_called_anti-fascists

even if the quote were true it would be nothing but an appeal to authority fallacy.

Using the progressive stack I shouldn't believe anything said unless its from a disabled midget in a wheelchair.