Wake up around 0415 to the sound of Leader B. Hussein Obama (PBUH) on my radio

feels bad man




Not terrible/10
Good job OP, have a bump.

holy shit there are more of these things, right?
pls be more

off to the gulag

just use your imagination to write new ones

we need an ancap one.

pretty sure that's the point m80

Communism is when black people fuck your wife, and the blacker the people and the more they fuck your wife the more communisty it is. - Inscribed upon the Dildo of Karl Marx, president for life of the Soviet Union


not playing devil's advocate
i don't think this would have happened

I scanned it and it seemed like OP just needed an outlet to write interracial cuck literotica

How correct am I?

problem with violent "violating NAP" memes is
NAP is by design about non-violence.
Reacting to the violence violently doesn`t make any sense in its framework.

Of course xhey are gonna be offended by this


Property is violence user. It's the forceful appropriation of something from the common stock of humanity.

That's retarded.

Y'know, maybe Holla Forums'd be better if you guys had some introspection and humility and actually tried understanding your opponents and listening to them rather than your own group’s interpretation of the other, you wouldn’t look like retards.

violating my property rights is violence user

Property is theft

Breathing my air is theft


Its jot, as there is more than enough air to breath and it is comstantly being filtered

It is not yours tho, again property is theft

Yeah but then when you pair it with "all rights are actually property rights, human rights only exist because humans own their own bodies" then violence against property is no different than violence against people.
Also where the libertarian slavery thing comes up because if you own yourself then you must have the right to sell yourself. Well, that and "well it's his property and thus his rules so if he wants to shoot anyone on it except for hot chicks who he turns into sex slaves that's his perogative."

>Awaken at 「What is dawn?」
>Inexplicable headings regarding companion display ceremonies- these "「dog shows」" being some ceremonial proving ground for therapists of some manner.
>Previous inhabitants seem have been part of a 「Technocratic Operative Party」
Dreams yield more answers.