Red terror in Spain

Was the red terror in Catalonia justified? You know all the killing of priests and stuff…

You're telling me the proponents of theological hierarchies are somehow exempt from anarchist praxis?

They weren't hurting the revoultion.

It was understandable given the role and structure of the church at that time. The catholic church in Spain was filled with people from the nobility and bourgeois of society, and the church made much of it's profit by selling church land that many peasants relied on.

Actually, the church took a very active role in supporting reactionaries.

bullshit propaganda framing. No one was killed for being a priest, they were killed for being Fascist spies.
Killing enemy spies during a war is always justified.

Yes they were

They're also still believe in human servitude

Doubt a bunch of dirt eating anarchists bothered to prove any actual accusations. They mostly just ran around and executed anyone accused of crimes by stupid spic peasants, usually just other peasants that were hated.

Also workers that didn't join the union were harassed into doing it.

And I suppose Stalin would never do that.

Stalin sent in his own forces to help Franco kill the dumb spic peasants who thought they could run a stateless society, so I guess he did!


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It was worth it for a stateless classless society.

thanks m8, history is pretty ebin

all 3 years of it under war conditions giving your hard earned food to soldiers, what a great time

"Terror is the quickest way to new society"

The church, former monarchists and rich landowners were the backbone of Franco's movement.

No terror is justified.

However, there was a fucking civil war. Nobody could know who is neutral and who is enemy. That whole war was a tragedy.


the priests deserved it

maybe stop fucking little kids?

I've been told that violates the NAP.

It's a "voluntary association."



As an Irishman, can absolutely see why they killed priests. Much like Spain we were absolutely in a stranglehold by the Catholic Church at the time and many Irish went to fight for Franco because the church told them to. Can only imagine the shit the Spanish priests got up to, so yeah. Nothing wrong with decucking yourself from Catholicism

The priests were reactionaries actively fighting against the anarchists, so they deserved it. If someone is trying to kill you, you are justified in killing them. Be it a man, and animal, a priest, or a child soldier.