Karl Marx movie coming out in march this year

Karl Marx movie coming out in march this year.
trailer (german):

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Get ready for unbelievable amounts of asshurt and disinfo coming out of the aut-right

Inb4 we get Asscreed Marx

That was fucking lame tbh and its a shame cause I actually liked that game cause I dig 19th century history and London looked absolutely gorgeous.

UbiMarx be like

Will it spread class consciousness?

hahahahaha nope


Let me guess, Marx is a liberal in this?

Well, technically, he was a liberal in his youth.

I'm just hoping there's Max Stirner in it and he steals the movie.

Fuck that would be so good. Someone should make a movie about him. Especially an animated one.

W E W, on the offset of "le brave Ukranian peasant" film coming out soon too.

The entire movie would be just him going around doing assorted asshole things (taking candy from babies, pissing in punch bowls, pushing over old ladies, throwing rocks at orphans, setting homeless people on fire, etc) and whenever somebody tries to criticize or stop him he just yells "SPOOKS" and throws salt in their eyes before running away.


You forgot stealing shit and claiming it as his property.

So…… lazytown then?

watch them paint the ukrainian nationalist collaborators as being nice fellows


[DEEP VOICE:] The tragic story of a young humanist

loved for his journalistic talents

he had everything

he wanted to save the world

but then

due to an unfortunate turn of events

a millionaire accidentally kills his hitherto unknown sister

he vows vendetta

turning him from a pure-heart idealist

to an evil materialist commie who single handedly killed 6 trillion workers

and counting

The story of love


of cruelty

of occult magic


top fucking kek m8

Looks like they're doing an honest biopic. I'm excited.


dat "young" part, tho

This is why Lenin was the strongest socialist to ever live, he ranked level 48 in dialectical occultism.

I believe there is a line in the trailer saying the main character was born in an era where anything was possible and the soviets basically ruined that meaning he was born into tsarist russia or something like that

Marx's early life is interesting though. Regardless, they show him getting expelled from France so they aren't painting him as a liberal.
Feels gud.

Sounds like an average Tuesday for me.

God forbid the Holla Forums buthurt if this ever gets an english translation

I really hope it does, and it probably will.

You can get an auto English translation for the trailer though.

Yea i tried that but the cutting in the middle of sentences made the already bad auto-translation even worse.

The fact that the first movie about the 'holodomor' that i can think of is a 'historical romance' is the funniest fucking thing

Yeah, that's legitimately one of the funniest lines I've ever heard. When you're legitimately painting the Russian Empire as a place where anything was possible for a peasant, your propaganda has just transcended irony.

Yeah I couldn't handle it.

Man, I want to see an English translation. This looks great. I really like the Brian Wilson biopic.

at the comunsim/socialism rising in russia in 1917-1927. - so called 'bolshevik's (majorists, the adepts of most numberous political force) set people mental freedoms to the unlimited norms , particullary, it was freedom for sex - every communist woman has to make sex with any communist who will ask … simple,eh? there's more - among promises of bright new world,those peasants were promised that authomatons(robots) will be build to perform all dirty work 🍀🍀🍀 doesnt it seduce?🍀🍀🍀

wew lad

I'd totally watch the burger version.

Wait…. UbiMarx is Rebel?


Marx got more "liberal" as he got older. That is why there is a distinction of "Young Marx" and "Old Marx". Young Marx is the revolutionary hothead, Old Marx is the "Fuck off Terrorists, muh parliamentary politics"

Lol what? Marx turned his back on revolutionary socialism? I dunno…
It was my understanding that the "Young Marx" was more abstruse and philosophically focused, while the "Old Marx" was focused on economics, history and scientific socialism.

your pic is not what i'm talking about



Jesus fuck that caught me off guard



Hey anyone down to watch Tsar to Lenin together, like via stream, sometime?
Here it is on yt

This looks like absolute shit. Like, what would happen if Christopher Nolan tried to make a film about Marx.

du musst Amboss oder Hammer sein

can't tell if it's a true to heart biopic or an aut-right jerk fest showing how cruel and terrible marx really was, can someone translate trailer for me?

He was actually a pretty nice guy irl

Lmao even Kautsky admitted in his reformist years that Marx was an "incorrigle revolutionary"

The man who was considered the most knowledgeable person on Marxism in Europe and who personally knew Marx thought that he wasn't able to just "chillax" and embrace parliamentarianism as the future

Yeah I'm sure most of you guys will eat it up while it will actually be liberal propaganda like always, turning what Marx said into something tame and not too opposed to the system.

German here, seems to be more or less authentic and he does indeed seem to be portrayed as a hero. Mostly because this seems to be produced by a medium-sized studio.

However, they are going to focus a lot on his personal stuff.

You burgers got to realize that European cinema doesn't force itself to bring home the moral liberal message like Hollywood, they just show how shit used to be according to the sources and then let the viewer decide what to make of it. The only moral guidance you get is maybe a change of music.

That's of course true compared to burgers, but it usually still has pro-EU overtones and tries to paint the protagonist's ideas as deeply flawed, just as dangerous as every other "extremism", TINA, just suck neoliberals' hemorrhoids, it's the lesser evil, and so on, and so on.
See that German film about RAF which has straight out lies biased towards the government.

link pls.

I must understand the suffering of peasantry under red fascists


Maybe, but I don't even know how you could even do that, considering what a messy conglomerate the EU is.

That was 100% propaganda but also wasn't a biopic. Biopics are usually pretty neutral since they tend to describe the person more than the events that surrounded them.

I admit we have our fair share of propaganda but that usually depends on who funds the movie. Once something gets funded by the Deutsche Filmförderung or by similar organisations associated with lobbying you can expect full loads of propaganda that usually even gets awarded afterwards.

Only recently a movie called "Willkommen bei den Hartmanns" came out which portrayed the refugee crisis from a full on liberal angle which was targeted at the alt-right and succeeded in triggering them. It was still bourgeois bullcrap.


This frame tells me everything I need to know about this movie.
It'll be just pure liberal propaganda trash.

I'm pretty sure the director is a commie, that's what reddit said.

Some of the biopics (like the aforementioned Brian Wilson one) do that.

If this is supposed to be in Germany, then you are right. The only black workers in Germany showed up after after Karl Marx was dead when they annexed the colonies in Africa.

It's in France.

I cri evertim

Then it makes sense.

Most muh enrichment people always seem to forget that blacks were in Europe way before globalisation. My former neighbour in my hometown actually was a Namibian that immigrated here in the 90s of the 19th century. Surprisingly, blacks weren't faced with racism in Germany, they could study and work like anybody else. Even during the Nazi times they were left alone and were never deported to a camp.

This is good because it decreases the odds that they're going to King-fy his shit.

Well that's neato. I wish I spoke German (I'm trying to learn), I'd like to take a look at a lot of German authors like Kafka without being lost in translation.

What is the feeling of the movies? I know the first lines are the Manifesto, but what about after that?

Oh my, is that whitewashing that I see?



god damn flags

Not a lie exactly, they were subject to the Nuremburg laws and werent allowed to r@ce mix with whites but they were never genocided and could serve in the army.

So they had it in for gypsies, jews and Slavs, but were okay with blacks? What the hell was their selection criteria?

If I had to guess it might be because blacks like asians were clearly a separate race and not 'a corruption of the white race', or something.


Hitler was an odd man.

Is the nigga with the top hat der junge Hegel?


I am actually learning german right now, maybe I'll get good enough to understand the majority of the words when it's released.

toppest of the kekkest

Seriously, for a German Jew to be that dark, I'm guessing he came from a Sephardic family? Google is giving me conflicting information. His mother's family is from the Netherlands, which offered refuge to a huge part of the Jews expelled by the Catholic Monarchs of Spain.

cock size, shape and form.

pic related. It's a newspaper headline from norways largest newspaper aftenposten, printed in 1962, it reads >"first passenger train from Bodø today - Negro was on board.

Just because there where some non Europeans in europe doesn't mean we aren't in a unique cultural and ethnic situation today.


Trailer looks good man.

I met a Congolese man in Norway who had once backpacked around Eastern Europe's train routes. He would occasionally be asked to pose for photographs with a local, who would throw gangsta signs.

Hitler thought that africans were genetic savages (he said as much when Jesse Owens beat the germans at the olympics), but that they weren't malicious and irrelevant shiting was a jewish ploy to denigrate the racial quality of Europeans below their own. I believe he planned on sterilizing africans, not exterminating them.


I'm having some trouble parsing this.

There were so few blacks that they probably didn't consider it worth the effort.


Lets hope they show his autistic tantrums atnstirner, bakunin and proudhon, and point out he was too ashamed of publishing them

Woah this is white gen0cide!!!!

norway didn´t have an empire

iirc Hitler had more of a problem with the mixed race offspring of French colonial soldiers and German women than blacks


Karl Marx hates memes


sorry, I thought I did it.

Marx would be a grumpy tankie on twitter if he were alive today

Engels would be the modern Zizek


You mean Norway lets polar bears become emperors? How progressive.

I liked Knut the polarbear. I always thought he's eventually gonna eat that guy that took care of him

Their ethnicity probably didn't happen to, by and large, fall into a more hidden demographic of people who would be strongly opposed to him.



I saw that awhile ago. I'm hyped; it looks really good.

In that case you should just watch a movie about Marquis de Sade. It would be close enough. Max Stirner was too nice of a guy.