What are some good studies and sources I can use to debunk race realism?

What are some good studies and sources I can use to debunk race realism?

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the source of non retardation

You can't. Race realism is irrefutable.


Alright this is going to be one hell of a fucking thread.
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absolutely anything on I.Q. being related to nourishment and upbringing rather than genes.

Any study on child development

All the studies about people in prison being likely to have been in care, have mental health issues, have been abused, etc.

I guess just google the phrase "inter-generational spiral of crime" and go from there.

The point to drive home is that capitalist imperialism has invaded countries, driven people off the land and this has broken down COMMUNITIES and FAMILIES who are now forced to work for their invaders for a wage, the causes of crime we see in ex colonies and slave communities can be directly traced to this deracination,

All of the things they will tell you will probably be true, the point is WHY they are true.

They will tell you about crime rates and Autism Level's etc. These are not to do with genes but material factors.


But this is because those are rural communities with strong ties that go back generations, not inner city ghettoes.

etc etc

"""biologists""" who got their degrees from """academia"""


There is less than .5% of genetic difference between a chiuaua and german shepherd, yet they are different dog races, with different intelligence, different physical traits and different aggression.
Today, media narrative is that Autism Level depends on culture and upbringing, not the race. Experts however, carried out studies for over 40 years on rich, poor, twins, siblings, this ethnicity, that ethnicity, and they always got consistent results with small margins of error.
Studies show that west Africans always run faster than other ethnicities, with the same training. Studies show that Nordics and Slavs can always lift more weight than others, with the same training. During entire European early and medieval history, only Ashkenazi Jews were allowed to be bankers and essentially do all white colar work. Trough out entire Europe, only Jews were allowed such jobs. For 2000 years. Today, Ashkenazi Jews score highest on the Autism Level tests. In Israel, Ashkenazi Jews are 3 times more likely to finish universities or be celebrities than non-Ashkenazi Jews. And they all have the same culture and upbringing in Israel. And yet only Ashkenazi ones are prime ministers.
Whether leftist media narrative likes it or not, race matters. Ethnicity matters. James Watson, Nobel laurate and discoverer of DNA said so himself. Intellect is genetic.

If we want to preserve our civilization and our culture, we must also preserve our race.


What happens once we get the possibility to genetically modify traits like Autism Level?

*we must also preserve our Jewish race

Race is not a resonable metric of worth. All you have to do is have a racist state why another race is inferior and then you can immediately cite a group of people who they are inferior to (preferably a group of their race so they can't deflect it with idpol). They will then want to argue that that is not a good way of measuring someone's worth and deconstruct their own argument. But of cource just because you have debunked it doesn't mean they will listen. In stead they will become irrationally angry because you have forced them out of the security of their false narrative and will subsequently turn to calling you a cuck, communist, facist, race traitor, coal burner, and a nigger lover.

It's almost like Israel is a racist country or something…

Race becomes irrelevant I guess.
Honestly if anyone is going around carrying out any kind of revolution with flee bitten muslims or on average clinically retarded niggers, yeah, I am rooting for them from the distance…

How the fuck is step one of the revolution not wiping shitskins out, I do not know. Oh well.

So neanderthals heads were fucking huge?

thanks lads

You don't have to. You just say that it's not possible to justify discrimination even if potential differences in 'races' existed and you are done.

you don't understand who you are talking to. You have to beat them at autism

Step one of the revolution is wiping people we disagree with out, after all why would we want to kill Kurds if only the Iraqi ones are capitalist cocksuckers?

It can't be, this has to be a fucking kike conspiracy.

Congratulations you are retarded. Yes there are differences when considering statistics, however this is because of a correlation not causation. If only your parents passes on more intelligence to you, you could understand the difference. The genetics that generally define one as belonging to a racial group(physical appearance and sometime particular genetic markers) are not the same gene's that dictate intellect. Further more the examples you cite in the ashkanazi jews is chery picking as politicians, etc are generally outlier and actually disprove your very premise. Being an ashkanazi jew cannot be the source of their intelligence or else all ashkanazi jew would be that smart. Racism is stupid not because everyone is equal, but because it is one of the least relevant ways of measuring worth and apeals to simpletons because is a more readily apparent difference and because it allows them to "share" in the accomplishments of people who were/are superior to them in every way simply because they have something in common.

Only Europeans and Asians have neanderthal admixture, and they were actually built really broad but not very tall. Neaderthal tools were also far superior to Homo Sapiens tools as well, they were far more intelligent, but they were not very social and lived in very small families which is why when Homo Sapiens came to Europe they disappeared.

They were more fit for colder climate. Colder climate demands higher intelligence. You need to make better tools, better shelters, better clothing, snares… but it also requires living in smaller groups because food is scarce.

tl;dr Different environment = different climate & diet = different traits.

You really can't refute it. The differences between population groups aren't only superficial, they serve real functions.

But once again, how does this have anything to do with seizing the means of production? Fuck off.

So how did Eskimos fail to conquer the entire planet?

Well I assume we can all agree that intelligence is a value, or a positive thing, or something you might want to have, or something that might help the revolution.
Ok so now if we agree about that, naturally we want as intelligent people in the movement as possible, no?

So basically to seize memes of production on tactical, operational and strategic level, it should be achieved by recruitment of intelligent people, which tend to be overwhelmingly whites and east asians.

Diet. Human liver, together with liver of one type of hamster, is the only one that does not produce vitamin c. Luckily you need extremely small amounts of it to function properly, a single fruit has more than enough. Eskomos live in a place that does not have any fruit, but they get their vitamin c from the oily fish skin.
Next thing is their geography, but really I am not the best person to explain this luckily you can find literature freely available on the internet.

Even my university professors in social science courses who are really into 'all equal' narrative do not deny genetic component of intelligence. Tho I only had three such courses, there might be more of them who oppose it, I dont know.

Look up how geography shapes people. I think it is literally called human geography, tho I forgot, I found myself convincing enough answers to the race question long time ago..
But basically different geography = different humans.

Just like sharks tend not to have wings, and eagles tend not to have gills, not all human tend to have same intellect.

how about giving us actual sources other than simplified data that doesn't take basically any theory into account and "le bellend curve"
o wait you can't - just kill yourself

Highly debatable. If you live in x region, you will develop immune system for x diseases.
Mixed children get a copy of both x AND y immune systems…. but unless you actually planned to live in some African shithole, there's no benefit.

Europeans and Asians tended to live with cattle for thousands of years, and have developed the best immune systems because of this. Cattle tend to be diseased as fuck so Euros and Asians are already pretty much pimped out when it comes to immune system.


why can white people only imagine those who don't have a narrative self as simpletons who want to steal the achievements of others?

it's like their thought process consists of nothing more than memes that give an ideological *ding ding ding*

Sorry for a memetic response, but this is something I snatched from image boards.
If you want to go deeper into this, look up some academic literature.

You can't debunk an ideology that is only adopted by people who are done with rational debate.
The idea that racial difference is the singular defining quality of all humans is the natural response to having the idea that racial difference is completely irrelevant shoved in your face.
If you say to them "Asians and Africans are of the same species" and they start freaking out, you should just walk away.
If they agree with you, then you're probably on the same page.

Speciecism is retarded. It assumes that the singular defining quality of an organism is it's species, while there being no rational evidence for this.

Thus, ants should have rights too.

fucking WEW

It's just like my Civilisation games.

It's just like playing monopoly! so therefor it's a metric that can be thrown out!

y u mad tho

Like dividing people against each other to prevent revolution?

Do you realize the diversity hidden behind yellow faces of "East Asians"? I still fail to understand how you categorize distinct "races" to convenient blobs of "White Europeans" and "East Asians".

I worked in Korea, Japan, French, Algeria and met people like you in all four of those countries. I firmly believe it won't be hard to find more of your kind in different cultures/countries/races/your fav categories.

The pure fact that your kind exists in every single group tells something about our human nature.

I actually read most of Jared Diamond's and related works (in a vain attempt to create theory why my Korean and Japanese ancestors failed to colonize "Europeans") but most of the scientists tend to agree on several points :

1. We do not know if intelligence is quantitative trait or qualitative trait yet.

2. immune system tend to have the most far reaching and devastating implications than any other genetic traits.

it's annoying to see someone wrap himself in such contortions out of some desire to have pygmies as equals to the masters of civilization, it's so demeaning

Speak English you dumb nigger.

I dont know how much mental gymnastics do you need to think that there exists absolutely no correlation between race and intelligence.

I am not saying race is the sole determining variable, just saying that race absolutely plays a part. Humans literally inherit potential for their intelligence and height and blood group and hair and eye color and various other things from their parents, and after that nurture takes its course.

For example all primary retardation is genetic, as is schizophrenia and various other illnesses. You inherit potential. Then if you have a proper care, especially in the first few years, you either achieve that potential or you dont.

yes, the reason why there are different peoples is part of the ancient plot to stop communism, as it was written in the cave painting of the elders of capital

lrn2read you product of liberal education

Because just how autistic would it be to call them Alpine, Nordid, Strandid, Carpathid, Mediterranid, Baltig, Volgid etc etc.

For real this is getting silly. I know 'race is just a skincolor' meme is what you are supposed to say not to hurt anyone's feelings but you will not find a single remotely scientific study confirming this, its like nature doesnt give a shit if feelings of any subspecies get hurt or something..



Right-wingers implying that anyone else is a conspiracy theorist is just too rich for words. Even if you turn around and claim to be a moderate or a liberal its still really rich considering all the official conspiracy theories that they believe in that are presented by the establishment and their leadership without evidence.


The "evolution" of the human "races" are far to recent to have so significant change that our genetic differences would be so great that intelligence between races would be so polarized.

You believe that anything that doesn't correspond with communism, is in fact part of a conspiracy to stop communism. This is something that goes beyond the wildest of nazi conspiracy theories. It splits the world in two, that would should be, which is communism, and everything that doesn't fit into communism, which is then in fact a plot to prevent communism. It is the marianna trench of ideology.

Dog races are more recent and there are differences in intelligence between them.

I agree, that's why I analyze classes.

Don't think so bud. I was playing Monopoly with my black neighbours just yesterday after they invited my family. By the end of the night, they were all out of the game. Explain that.

There is no evidence for class being a defining quality either, so that's that.

Isn't monopoly based more on knowledge than Autism Level?

[source needed]
Also Euros bred with neanderthals who were in Eurasia for a crazy amount of time so now what?

You severely underestimate just how big of a distance you live from the equator impacts all life.

Marx was a known conspiracist, after all.

Nope. I just wrote filthy blogpost in that race is a complex phenotype realized by both genotype and social hierarchy that we do not fully understand.

All I'm saying is I find your kind as entertaining display of insecure people who need pseudo science to tame sense of inferiority.

fake news. SAD!

yeah well I am not building any communes with niggers or muslims, let me just tell you that much
the only way to achieve a legit social cohesion and ethnic solidarity and all that is by having single ethnicity and single culture

after this the revolutionary work can begin

It's a shame that all previous attempts at building ethnocultural societies led to degraded art forms.

Amazing revelation. Source?

no shitskins = no racism
also no ebola

10/10 would do again

Or, you know, you could stop being a racist shithead. But I know, I'm asking alot

Every multicultural nation ever to exist ever. Can I get a source on how you think thoughts my man?

Get called niggers long enough you start to act like one.

Just like how liberals called you a redneck nazi.

Some studies I'd recommend.

- Li et al 2008 found an 84.7 - 95% variance among groups, which pretty much BTFO Witherspoons conclusion that this disappears when measured over many thousands of loci since Li measured 100's of thousands of loci (650,000) and almost 400 microsattelites.
- Tishkoff et al. Science 324: 1035–1044, 2009 found 10 clusters in Africa and 6 in the rest of the world (as far as refuting the Rosenberg 2002, Tang 2005 and Witherspoon 2007 studies goes)
- Lawson-Handley et al. (2007) is an alternative method of looking at HBD in terms of clines (as isolated by distance). It gives "non-structured" results as opposed to the essentialist conception of HBD present in the aforementioned studies (including the Li et al one).
- C0nc0rdance's video series is good: youtube.com/watch?v=teyvcs2S4mI

I don't think. I'm an evil nazi.

Lmao apparently you didnt notice that everything that opposes Nazi ideology is Jewish. Communism is Jewish. Liberalism is Jewish. Non-Nazi conservatism is Jewish. Opposition to negative eugenics and programs of racial exterminationism and cleansing is Jewish.

America was discovered by Jews and its their fault for the Indian genocide. This was simultaneously a great accomplishment for the European white man. Also the slave-trade was a Jewish conspiracy and so was abolition. Jews were behind both the Union and the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Everything bad said about the Germans during WWII was a Jewish invention, they were good boys. The Jews wanted to destroy Germany in WWI–that's why they cooked up the Russian Revolution with the help of German authorities which had the effect of taking the Germans out of a two front and prolonging their defeat.

World Ice theory and the existence of Atlantis is denied by Jews who are jealous of the Aryan race. Nuclear """physics""" is a Jewish invention etc.

However, saying that powerful people who benefit from the world's primary and most powerful economic system would oppose communism is a "conspiracy" that goes far beyond any of these reasonable and well-grounded assumptions!

I can think of reasons why the bourgeoisie would want to divide the working class on the basis of "race" without thinking the real reason is fear of a communist revolution. If workers do peacefully organize and demand more then the profits of the bourgeoisie goes down, why in the hell would they want that? If a third world country wants more control of its natural resources and trade policy but doesn't go communist why would that be welcomed by the big banks and industrialists in the rich countries? It makes making a profit in those countries much difficult. And heaven couldn't contain the fury of the rich in these countries if a left-leaning nationalist regime simply nationalized their own resources, like some Western countries actually do themselves.

None of those scenarios involved opposition to communism or anarchism but are reason enough to promote racism to prevent any kind of redistribution. Likewise, consumerism feeds on creating identities that can be exploited for advertising purposes in order to sell more goods increase profits.

Businesses will use the labor of someone of any race sure, but what they don't want is their employers uniting for a purpose that goes beyond whats necessary to run the business. No big conspiracy here friend just self-interest.

I'd like for you to explain to me, how it is that every society in the world is based on class but apparently none of the bourgeoisie's in this country have an interest to actually pro-actively combat communism since that not only harms their interest, but threatens the destruction of their pr1vleged position in society.

It actually does, this picture is a meme take it off. Holla Forums made a refutation to it.


surely u can b8 harder than that m8. Since you are so highly educated and well informed, all you have to do is throw us with endless list of profound papers and research programs not memetic images…maybe buried somewhere in arXiv ye?

Also care to explain ?


When you break it down, virtually every country in existence is multicultural. Even amongst white Europeans different cultures exist and interact within the same nation.

But your solution is fuck people that don't look and act like me? Instead of trying to correct problems your solution is simply throw it all in the trash? Why exactly?

me in the bottom left 2bh famalams

you were literally provided with a plethora of studies dispelling your spooks. do you refuse to accept facts because they don't align with your feelings? you know who else does that?

you mean the crook that stole franklin's discovery? he made a baseless statement that people with darker colour had higher "libido" which he backed up with 0 arguments. in the scientific world, the fact that someone has a nobel doesn't make his word truth or give any credit to his statements when they're based on nothing

*their employees


This. Watson is a racist product of his time, just like Sewall Wright.

Meanwhile, John Maynard Smith was a Marxist but you don't see leftist parading him around as vindication of our political theories.

Nice deflection. My point is, is that you need a source to know why a mono-ethnic society is more unified than a multi-ethnic one? Here's a thought experiment, say the same about mixing different species of ants and think about it for a minute. Problems will still exist between ethnic groups living in the same walls, and anyone with a thinking mind can see it. Societies will always have divisions, they can either be based on something biological, or some kind of social ideal like class or religion.

And yet slavs and germans fought. Celts and Anglos fought. Romans killed and enslaved Germans.

Throughout history there has been conflict over culture. Even amongst whites.

Thus my point is you create an imaginary boogeyman in the form of race conflict, when in reality we should be fighting to end the conflict, not make it worse though disruption of unity.

Move to Zimbabwe and test your beliefs out: pro tip, you wont.

In a paragraph, explain the difference between ethnicity and race. If both are transhistorical phenomenon, you won't need to make a reference to culture.

Before he post it, I'd like to say there have been numerous studies that contradict the Putnam study. It's telling that one of the "muh ethnic state" studies Holla Forums usually trots out is completely lost on this retard.


You can break down anything. Every human being in existence is multi organism, so you're not really one organism. Every object in the world is really just a collection of atoms, so there's no such thing as one object. It all comes down to what someone defines and who has the power to enforce that definition. Why is fucking people who don't look like you a problem? It's not to me, only to you it is.

Care to elaborate your color of hair and iris?

Sorry for the thumbnail.

And yet I bet you are one of those rednecks that latches onto the achievements of scientists you have literally no connection to.

White. Like my skin.

How do you conquer the world with fish and snow

No, not at all. If they would take it as far as you do, they would classify things such as confucianism and tupi tribal structures as jewish as well.

Motte and bailey. You don't merely state that rich people oppose communism, you state that everything that doesn't conform to communism, such as the existence of different peoples and races, are in fact conspiracies to prevent communism.

Your conspiratorial thinking is in fact so big that it doesn't even involve plots consisting of tangible people anymore, it has instead become a premise that is assumed a priori with the logic working from there. The bourgeois are stripped of tangible existence, they only exist as form that fundamentally functions based on marxist mechanics, with everything else being a holographic expression of that, and if it doesn't seem so, then it's only to cover up the truth.

The nazi's never went that far, the jews remained a people with a tribal hatred, they didn't become ethereal, as the bourg is in the marxist pathology.

Lol wut? How baseless, I've been in multiracial relationships.

My point was separating people based on "race" is fucking retarded because people, even of the same race, fight for cultural reason. Getting rid of the blacks won't end cultural infighting.

lol, niggers gonna nig, right?

Want to know why niggers aren't self reliant, or hell, even remotely dependable? Desegregation. Desegregation destroyed what little cohesion and aptitude for success that blacks had. Here's a nigger website with an article about it:
http:// atlantablackstar.com/2013/12/09/5-ways-integration-underdeveloped-black-america/

Blacks would be 100 times better off now if desegregation never happened.


With superior melanin distribution ofc.

Are you fucking retarded?

nah, im pursuing a degree in chemistry and I wanna land a high paying private sector job just to show that I can, to make a name for myself

Ancap/nazi please don't tell me you actually believe this shit.

Like I said, people will always fight. Families fight, Mono-ethnic small communities fight, as well as multi-ethnic communities. The point is a society can be divided any way you want to, mine just happens to be ground is biology, not some stupid ideal of fomenting warfare between social castes. That divide can be bridged much easier than the divide between races.

ofc he does dude why else would he post it

THINK ABOUT IT FOR A MINUTE. problems will still exist between the arbitrary groupings of people i have in my head based on my personal spooks, and anyone with a thinking mind can see it. societies will always have divisions, they can either be based on my spooks or some kind of materialist reality like the relationship of different groups to the means of production that sustain us a species. or you know, that other spook i'm not really fond of

It's true, though. Sure, there may be some small percentage of blacks who are better off now. But for most blacks in America, there lives are complete shit. They became shit after desegregation.

Makes sense to me, whitelash made living a lot more dangerous. As long as they could have their own police, banks, etc. They'd probably do a lot better than they did in Jim Crow with white rulers ruling black segregated areas with no investment.

funny cause I'm a biologist and I think your "biology" reason is full of shit.

Ironic that you call something that is actually tangible, like class, a "stupid ideal". I can count money.


Read that article I linked then post your thoughts again. Do you not think that blacks could have shaped a brighter future for themselves with a strong community of their own?

C's get degrees, doesn't mean any of your beliefs are correct.

If you're not memeing, how do you function in society? All those words are jumbled spooks like this stuff I am writing, matter is a spook it's just stuff and non-stuff. Also I am a spook because I is really just an egoic invention to describe the multitude of infenetismal particles that make up spooks body which are also spooks. Dumb spook.

Not really. Are the shareholder of Starbucks ethereal to you? Certainly not to me, but judging by your post I'm not sure if you forgot your medication today, this bizarre accusation would make sense if that were the case. Does anything that involves dealing with material relations and thus, at a level of abstraction scare you? I can only imagine judging by the quality of fascist literature I've read.

AND KEK. The Nazis went way further. Marx deals with a general logic of the system the bourgeoisie are unaware of, only noticing its blatant benefits and consequences. The Nazis dealt with an abstract Jew who was everything at once, the Capitalist and the Communist, the doctor and the lawyer, the media and the underground. The fact you spew this betrays your fantastic obsession with projecting your preconceived notions of leftism onto whatever arguments you come across.

I read it and solved it instantly. Feel free to shut up now.

I'm reading the article right now and all I see is a bunch of numbers thrown out with no sources for any them.

Think what this thread need is psychiatrist not more "academics"

I can see color. And bone structure. And notice patterns of behaviour.

spooky. you could just get therapy you know

I can't speak for the accuracy of the article. But why would they lie about it on a black culture focused website like that? If anyone is interested in the truth of their own past, it would be them.

What does "race realism" have to do with socialism?

How do you know eye color isn't a modern invention? Have you seen eyes from one hundred years ago? A thousand? Did pieces of paper tell you they were real? We know the Romans had coins. But what about their eyes?

Class obviously exists, but to try and aggravate these differences and believe that there won't be have and have nots, and then to not attempt to socially bridge the gap, but to destroy it altogether is what is stupid. It will just reform again, someone will have and some will not, some are better than others and they will figure out a way to get ahead.

are you a societal construct made to oppress the ego's desire?


lol then why post it.
All websites that are based on idpol lie.

kek, you people are so politically correct, you are basically parroting those dumbfuck celebrities:


the question is, what does Holla Forums have to do with socialism? when was the last time you saw serious discussion between 2 people that understand leftist theory or even some mild discourse?

I posted it to introduce the idea that desegregation actually harmed more than helped blacks, in the long run.

Is this what passes for discourse on the right?

And yet you haven't proven that idea at all. Keep trying Nazi.

Interesting, so then how does an Italian, who has a higher propensity to tan than a northern European, fit into your "race" schematic?

How does an Aryan in Northern India fit in with your idea of a white person?

How does a Pakistani who has Greek heritage (see Greco-Bactria) fit into the scheme of things?

How does a light skinned African-American fit into things, of which an Italian or Greek, given enough sunlight, can be darker than this African American, fit into things?

Who gives a fuck about the specifics of ossification.

How does epigenetics play into this? How does the old argument nature vs nuture fit into this? Do you even know?

How do I know reality is real? How do I know I'm not asleep in a cryo-chamber dreaming whilst on the back of a cosmic turtle? I just have to go with what I experience and choose to either believe it, or not and not function.

So witch is more real: money or eyes?

This site is about dick waving dude.


The reality of modern life proves it. Modern day niggers are fucking useless and constantly shit all over each other rather than trying to work together to improve their cultural reality. It's all about blaming everyone else for their problems and just crying. And their complaints may be completely valid. But that bitching isn't helping them one fucking bit.

Obviously money, because how can our eyes be real if mirrors aren't real?

kek, you people are so politically correct, you are basically parroting those dumbfuck celebrities:

kek, you people are such race traitors, you are basically parroting those dumbfuck cuckservatives:

In marxism, there is only the abstraction, with reality being a holographic reflection of the abstaction. "All history has hitherto been the history of class the struggle" said the man himself, all other philosophers were merely bourgs rationalizing the commands of their class.

This is the logic of deep conspiracy, they are always true, and if anything makes it seem like it isn't, then this is part of the cover up.

The bourgs are the nazi's and the SJW's, they are the liberals and the conservatives, the social democrats and the greens, they're music, they're art, they're almost every movie ever made and every book ever written, they're every philosopher that isn't a marxist and the marxists you disagree with as well, they could just as well be a force of nature.

It is exactly this "logic of the system", the ghost in the machine that render the human nothing but a vessel of his position in the marxian system, that is further than the nazi's ever went, for them. the jews had a tribal hatred of them that expressed itself in multiple ways, they didn't have the image of a jew as something like a computer program that only follows "the logic of the system" always, whether he knows or not.

"Set honour in one eye and death i' the other,
And I will look on both indifferently" - A white man

What does it even matter, seriously. Even if that's true, do you think socialists don't need labor that so-called subhumans can do? Do you think we're just going to float around solving equations and programming shitposting bots all day?

What is it you want us to acknowledge? Ban them from higher education? from fucking white women?

>>>Holla Forums

what a nice relativist analysis of marxism. I can tell you don't understand marx's materialist dialectic by your blatant shitposting

why don't you come back when you've done some more flag related

It's completely unviable to reverse desegregation. The solution to black's problems are for them to come together and combat them. And not by fucking protesting but by taking real action. They need to start their own businesses and take care of themselves. They need to stop fleeing and start helping. Blacks who slip through the cracks and become successful need to go back to their ghettos and work to improve things.

Pull up their socks and get on their bike, in other words?

Communist manifesto was a propaganda pamphlet. If you're actually open minded to learning about Marx and Engels, I can give you quite a few sources where Marx and Engels more or less repudiate this view.

NO idea what you are trying to say here.

What a lie. You're twisting this "tribal hatred" to be something other than the LOGIC of tribal hatred so you can push your "Marx was worse than the Nazis!" drivel. Yawn. You don't understand Marx and posting more meme-tier critiques will do nothing to convince anyone else but ideologues such as yourself. I guess though, economics is impossible. You must in this case, repudiate all economics for trying to lay out general laws that operate as we reproduce and expand ourselves. Marx was working at no higher a level of abstraction than any other economist in his time, Ricardo refers to the Capitalist over and over in his treatise.

Try and read the philosopher you're critiquing before leveling nonsense you don't even understand yourself.

I can tell you're so deep in your ideology that you can't fathom that marxism and it's "dialectic" rests on epic case of begging the question

Italians are Europeans and from European stock.

Indians, no.
Pakis, no
Depends on the Greeks genetics.

To build nation you have to draw the line somewhere. ALL taxonomies are divisions created by the mind and agreed upon with some basis in reality from our experiential data. Class differences are drawn just the same and if laid out can be classified exhaustively for a long time, if not forever if one had the willpower to do it. It all comes down to who defines what is what, and who has the ability to enforce it. but biology has a way of stepping on the toes of ideology.

I mentioned bone structure and behaviour patterns as a response to you implying race can't be seen. Anyone can tell an albino negroid is a negro.

Sorry, not repudiate. First should say regret and the end should say condemn.

Read Marx you mong.

They need to do whatever they have to do. They already have the support systems in place. They just refuse to go back and try to make a difference.

Can u enlighten me with your source and help me killing this straw dragon senpai?

Sounds like en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capitalist_Nigger

I think you can't fathom the concept of reading and understanding something before you spew your 2nd year undergrad philosophy student with a boner for derrida "analysis"

They just need better culture don't they?

love how people are indulging your shitposting, even after scientific data was provided to disprove your spooks

at this point you should be banned tbh, since you're like a schizo that cannot process reality in front of him

He had the right idea.


"Engels to J. Bloch
In Königsberg" marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1890/letters/90_09_21.htm

I'll quote a bit from it:

"According to the materialist conception of history, the ultimately determining element in history is the production and reproduction of real life. Other than this neither Marx nor I have ever asserted. Hence if somebody twists this into saying that the economic element is the only determining one, he transforms that proposition into a meaningless, abstract, senseless phrase. The economic situation is the basis, but the various elements of the superstructure — political forms of the class struggle and its results, to wit: constitutions established by the victorious class after a successful battle, etc., juridical forms, and even the reflexes of all these actual struggles in the brains of the participants, political, juristic, philosophical theories, religious views and their further development into systems of dogmas — also exercise their influence upon the course of the historical struggles and in many cases preponderate in determining their form.

We make our history ourselves, but, in the first place, under very definite assumptions and conditions. Among these the economic ones are ultimately decisive. But the political ones, etc., and indeed even the traditions which haunt human minds also play a part, although not the decisive one. "

"Letter from Marx to Editor of the Otecestvenniye Zapisky" marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1877/11/russia.htm

"Now what application to Russia can my critic make of this historical sketch? Only this: If Russia is tending to become a capitalist nation after the example of the Western European countries, and during the last years she has been taking a lot of trouble in this direction – she will not succeed without having first transformed a good part of her peasants into proletarians; and after that, once taken to the bosom of the capitalist regime, she will experience its pitiless laws like other profane peoples. That is all. But that is not enough for my critic. He feels himself obliged to metamorphose my historical sketch of the genesis of capitalism in Western Europe into an historico-philosophic theory of the marche generale [general path] imposed by fate upon every people, whatever the historic circumstances in which it finds itself, in order that it may ultimately arrive at the form of economy which will ensure, together with the greatest expansion of the productive powers of social labour, the most complete development of man. But I beg his pardon. (He is both honouring and shaming me too much.) Let us take an example."

While it's possible Marx held such views in his earlier humanist years (I've seen some indication of it in the Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844), he definitely abandoned it by the time he came around to writing his more definitive works like Capital and CoTGP.

Says the spook man.

Not even shitposting, I haven't had any of my posts linked to with data.

he's trying to make a post-structural relativist "analysis" of the concept of class, without actually providing any arguments against the obvious materialistic roots of class

typical post-modernist filth

like i said, typical post-modernist filth

The damage control is real.

race doesn't exist, genetic variation is spread evenly among the population.

Cow species don't exist.

dunno if you're retarded or b8ing, but I won't responding to you any further. This thread is cancer, and so are you. Do flag related before shitposting

cows arent humans.

Oh now I'm understanding it. He's trying to say you can:
1. Divorce politics from economics (top kek)
2. Any criticisms of bourgeoisie attitudes in their politics are automatically equated with being part of a hivemind.

What filth.

You don't even know you're own race theories. Aryans from India are part of the Indo-European family. They are in ways more related to Northern Europeans than Italians, who are thought to have interbred with Northern African peoples (a part of the Afro-Semetic peoples).

There is really no distinction into what you are defining as races, other than arbitrary metrics such as skin color.

Also research the Indo-European people and Greco-Bactria and come back when you distinctions make fucking sense from the biological persepctives you claim to have

For fuck sake, you can be Holla Forums and still hate niggers, fuck all this D&C bullshit


They are just as subject to evolution though.

you must go back

I have lots of overdue readings.

What are my own race theories?

Find me some Aryans from India today and let me get a look at 'em and Ill tell you if their European enough for me, fella.

Race comprises collective intelligence, immune systems, bone structures, muscular structures, hormone profiles, psychological health and more. If those are arbitrary to you then so be it. I understand that someone who doesn't care about them and their effect on a society, could see it that way.


This thread really got to you, didn't it?

neither humans nor cows are subject to evolution anymore

there are no cows living in the wild, where evolutionary drive can occur. humans haven't evolved significantly in the last 10 thousand years, so I don't see what point you're think you're making

just read what I fucking linked you man, stop being so fucking spooked. It takes guts to recognize and admit you were wrong, even if that implies your whole worldview was wrong. If you really wanna follow "facts" and be "redpilled", start by reading the fucking facts the anons linked you and getting despooked about this racial idiocy

Get on that. There's lots of value in Marx's writings, especially his economics (despite what a lot of people on the internet will tell you).

I'd rather move to Botswana and Rwanda tbh


There's also a Engels quote where he says something along the lines of "I feel me and Marx are to blame for young people putting too much emphasis on the economic conditions and not on the social ones."

Marx's theories were incomplete when he died, which leads to a lot of distortion from all sides. He also has a peculiar use of rhetoric and jargon.

id be surprised if it was otherwise

A bit

Evolution =/= living in the wild. Adaptation to environment exists whether that environment is natural or man made my dude. Artificial selection exists.

In relation to what time period of human evolution?

Worldviews can't be wrong, only disagreed with.

You lot are thick, catering to 'poor minority youths' niggers instead of focusing on our cause could be our undoing

Sure. let me google that for you
google.com/search?q=northern indian aryan&espv=2&biw=1366&bih=662&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwir-_ipiP3RAhVJ2IMKHbj1D_sQ_AUIBigB

Arbitrary and inconsequential, yes. My bad for seeing people beyond the principals of natural selection.

Found the problem

Is there honestly any reason to care about debunking this stuff? It's not like the laws of capitalism suddenly stop applying to brown people.

Hmmm, not too many European looking ones. If they have pink nipples I suppose they pass in addition to blue eyes.

Nice snarky virtue signalling, and implying I ONLY see race when i deal with human beings. If I see a snake I'll be sure to react to it without any preconceived notions.

nice try.

Lasted 350 years

Not a civilization

Evident as fuck you have no idea what you are talking about

Generally there's a reason for that.


I don't know shit about Greco-Bactria, not interested.

The point was, one can expect a nigger stink and be violent for no reason, more likely than a white. But we should view them all as individuals, because that makes sense.

Anyway dude, I need some sleep. Koreans fuck dogs and are OBJECTIVELY inferior to glorious Japs. Fascism is an system of power and unity, and manliness. Communism and all its delineations are ideological ooze seeping out in puddles from the pages of impotent out of touch men. Trump won, and we too, will win.

FALSE, race doesn't determine your behaviour.

Third, and importantly, all of the existing research examining the effects of the 2-repeatallele on antisocial behaviors has analyzed data from the Add Health. While the current study extends previous research by showing that the 2-repeat allele has relatively strong effects on some of the most violent types of criminal behaviors, the findings should beviewed cautiously because they do not represent a completely independent analyses from those conducted by Guo et al. [9] and Beaver et al. [2]. Future research is needed that examines the effects of the 2-repeat allele in a sample that is distinct from the Add Health. Moreover, the study focused on a rare event, in a small sample, with a low base rate of the2R allele. While the findings are statistically significant, they could have been influenced by small changes in the cell sizes of the 292 table (between the 2R allele and shooting/stabbing). Thus, the reader should exercise appropriate caution when interpreting the exact values presented here.

Rightio lad

mein Gott.

pic related


Just call them racist and punch them.

You are scum.

Hope you like getting shot or stabbed.

so long, cold winters for half the year and poor soil means better nutrition than a temperate rainforest with fruits and vegetables year round?
Niggers abandon their kids because they're backwards monkeys, not the other way around. It also has much to do with r/K selection theory.

I thought you were trying to apply that leftists and conservatives these days?

Have we met?

The r/K liberal/conservative thing has been floating around for a very long time. It seems to have become popular fairly recently.

Biologists aren't trained in anthropology, psychometrics, and human cognitive genomics. It's like asking a physicist about his views on God - sorta related but vague metaphysics is a pretty far off tangent from physics physics. Scientists overwhelmingly buy into the centre-left / liberal centrist meme and I doubt you'd find them so authoritative in that respect. le dawkins and le lawrence krauss really do indiciate the personality type of many stem academics.

Someone like Richard Lynn, an open racist nationalist type, is definitely not in the mainstream among academics, but people like Stephen Pinker, Hans Eysenck, and Arthur Jensen are well within the mainstream academic community and have at one time or another professed that always topical badthink-to-liberals and I guess gommies too. Maybe you ought to realize that academia really is political and being le apollonian truthseeker man isn't really how scientists conduct themselves (unless they wield some serious clout in their field, like those above mentioned).

An anonymous poll on the issue yielded results far from unanimous, with the the partial hereditarian opinion winning by plurality


yeah. It can be applied to races as well as ideologies. Again, it's not a cut/paste black and white thing, but nothing is.

It can't be applied to ideologies.

Heredity being partially responsible seems like an obvious conclusion. It just doesn't make sense for the environment to be 100% responsible for Autism Level. I was under the impression that heredity gave a rough upper and lower bound, but the environment ultimately determines where someone fits within that boundary.

Wrong. Plenty of other races can abandon their kids.

People with a r-selected mindset crave easy access to resources (welfare, min wage, etc), sexual promiscuity, low in-group preference/loyalty(xenophilia/ethno-masochism), as well as the characteristic of large birthrates coupled with lack of parental involvement. They have children without thinking about future consequences or limitations.
On the other hand, K selected people have only as many children as they can support financially/socially, have a strong sense of identity/tribe(nationalism), and are competition-oriented. K selected people make the best technologies because of that ingrained nature to innovate and overcome obstacles.
While exceptions exist, we see that people who come from areas that have long winters and food scarcity will have strong bonds among a group which is necessary for survival and thus K-types are selected for. Peoples from near the equator where lack of resources were never much of a threat to one's existence, r selected people had the advantage of high birthrates and proliferated.
These traits pretty much divide right between the left and the right.

Once again, Holla Forums demonstrates its inability to interpret data.

I know the theory, I just think it's nonsense.

Why are 'xenophilic' groups like Jews and european whites so k-selected in every other way

Daily reminder that r/k was disproven by several empirical studies after it came out and that Rushton applied ti backwards.

Except it isn't. Nice try though.

Everyone does, aside from edgelord social Darwinists, and even they want resources for themselves, they just want their "inferiors" to suffer.

Are advantages for your in-group. Why do you want your fellow white man to suffer?
Surviving in the cold is going to require careful control of competition. You said negros are more violent, no?
How do you explain Scandinavian social democracy?

PUAs on the right.

Africans are in love with whitey now?

Is a leftist trait how?

Poor whites in Christland would never, ever, do this. Not at all. It's those white liberals having all the kids. Fucking liberals causing our birthtates to boom, it's black genocide, I tell you.

All people do this by definition. The children would die otherwise. Other than American blacks who vote democrat, can you give examples of left wing people having more children than is sensible?

Pretty sure Africans are tribally aware, fam. How is nation the same as tribe? Should Kfags be Dunbar compliant in your world? Having in group loyalty to a huge in group suggests strong rfaggotry, doesn't it?

There's good and bad competition. Some competition is destructive, some is man sharpening man. How does leftist thought go against the latter?

Considering that it's technically the poor who are more sexually promiscuous and we've debunked racial expalnations for behaviour, you've got nothing lad.



It is.



"Ostensibly scientific": cf. Theodore M. Porter, Dorothy Ross (eds.) 2003.The Cambridge History of Science: Volume 7, The Modern Social Sciences Cambridge University Press, p. 293 "Race has long played a powerful popular role in explaining social and cultural traits, often in ostensibly scientific terms"; Adam Kuper, Jessica Kuper (eds.), The Social Science Encyclopedia (1996), "Racism", p. 716: "This [sc. scientific] racism entailed the use of 'scientific techniques', to sanction the belief in European and American racial Superiority"; Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Questions to Sociobiology (1998), "Race, theories of", p. 18: "Its exponents [sc. of scientific racism] tended to equate race with species and claimed that it constituted a scientific explanation of human history"; Terry Jay Ellingson, The myth of the noble savage (2001), 147ff. "In scientific racism, the racism was never very scientific; nor, it could at least be argued, was whatever met the qualifications of actual science ever very racist" (p. 151); Paul A. Erickson,Liam D. Murphy, A History of Anthropological Theory (2008), p. 152: "Scientific racism: Improper or incorrect science that actively or passively supports racism".

Gould, Stephen Jay (1981). The Mismeasure of Man. New York, NY: W W Norton and Co. pp. 28–29. ISBN 0-393-01489-4. "Few tragedies can be more extensive than the stunting of life, few injustices deeper than the denial of an opportunity to strive or even to hope, by a limit imposed from without, but falsely identified as lying within."

Kurtz, Paul (Sep 2004). "Can the Sciences Help Us to Make Wise Ethical Judgments?". Skeptical Inquirer Magazine. Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. Archived from the original on 23 November 2007. Retrieved 1 December 2007. "There have been abundant illustrations of pseudoscientific theories-monocausal theories of human behavior that were hailed as "scientific"-that have been applied with disastrous results. Examples: … Many racists today point to Autism Level to justify a menial role for blacks in society and their opposition to affirmative action."





It's not pseudoscience but it doesn't necessarily apply to humans and has been superseded by new theories.

It's absolutely blown out bullshit.
Study fucking wolves for like, 20 minutes.
They are the epitomy of socialism.

nazis also ignore that africa, america and arctis don't have any kind of useful tamable animals.
i think CGP grey made a vid about this.

about wolves?

nice meme

Yeah let's not forget about Japanese imperialists.

no youtube.com/watch?v=wOmjnioNulo

but QI recently mentioned wolves. did you know there is no such thing as an alpha wolf?

Oh fuck off you morally superior cunt. Thats all i see in this fucking thread, people denying reality for no other purpose than to give themselves a pat on the back for being "not racist". I dont give a shit what social agenda you have warped your mind into believing, at the end of the fucking day all that matters is natural and artifical selection. Progression is not dragging along the pathetic pieces of meat from your moral high horse, it is promoting a healthier, intelligent, adaptable organism that can survive whatever the future holds. Blacks have shown over and over again through the statistics given to you in this thread that they are behind the status quo. If you would look passed your inflated ego you would see that there is two options for the black race, extermination or selective breeding.

Exactly what do you plan on accomplishing being an obstacle on the path for a brighter future in which we may be able to form a successful species? Have you become so wrapped up in a false and irrational sense of equality that you are willing to continously post bullshit in order to safeguard the thin and weak ideology you desperately cling to for what ever reason? At this point I am really curious as to why somebody would go so far for nothing more than reassurance of a lie.

Blacks and black allies ITT get butthurt, because they know blacks have little intrinsic value. Their contributions are limited to art and music, which isn't entirely without value. So I guess they are totally worthless. But it pales in comparison to what has been offered by pretty much every other race, all of which also offering art and music.

Okay, now actually debunk the studies shown here today. Dont give me a fucking wikipedia page that denounces yet doesnt debunk studies that show racial characteristics being a factor in any aspect. Nor give me a fucking study that shows that people that live in poverty have x when most of the fucking people living in poverty within the united states are ethnic minorities, with blacks being 25% of that going rate.

Are you putting in any effort? After you are done, compare the rates of low intelligence of people below the poverty line in the united states to those living below the poverty line in other first world countries, which surprise surprise, is a bunch of western european countries.

If you want to actually debunk something, but in some fucking effort to do so, dont just sling bullshit at me to see what sticks.

How does r/K theory explains the global trend of declining birthrates and the shrinking gap between that of different races? In fact, the total fertility rate of Africa is projected to fall under that of '50s Europe by 2040. The current fertility rate of African-Americans (2.1) isn't even that much higher than that of White Americans (1.8) in the first place anyway — especially if you compare that with, say, the 4+ Irish fertility rate of the mid-'60s.

This r/K nonsense is just yet another ploy to avoid facing socioeconomic issues as what they are i.e. the consequences of capitalism.

kek, I meant they aren't totally worthless…

No. I am better than you, and deep down, you know it.

And yet, Rwanda and Botswana are rising, as is the African economy and HDI



If they were subhuman as you say, they wouldn't be rising.

And in regards to Africans also taking intiative via forms of socialism, see Thomas Sankara.

You're an idiot denying evidence and literally choosing FEELS > REALS

They've contributed to science as well, dickhead.




Once you start chopping and changing, where does it end? Pro-tip: it doesn't. Once you go down the road of techno-autism there's no holding back on all the little improvements and enhancements you'll be implementing on your self. Like you won't be satisfied as just some slob except with a new hairline, liposuction, perhaps a fresh bionic limb, or some other disturbing shit no doubt. Sure a fresh hippocampus might ease those painful memories, but still, something inside you will be missing. Deep inside. Gnawing away at you always. So it'll never be enough, until there's nothing left of you to replace. Or your gaming rig stops mining ethereum.

Why not just go all out, stop the tepid piecemeal parts upgrades like a pussy, just dive straight in replace your whole body with luxury biomech from Aryan Engineering. It's just the natural course of evolution and economics. The mechanical masterrace are just as much your children in a way, I mean if you're capable of feeling sentiment, as any classical human you create in the artificial womb from your DNA sample… But it's not like heredity will mean anything by this point anyway. Anyway I'm sure you'll be appointed head of the technocratic committee so you'll have plenty of time to experiment with us mere flesh humans.

proving once again that for nat cucks feels>reals

So you say there is a correlation between race genes and "intelligence genes"? How does that prove your point?

where the fuck did the adorn nazbol meme come from, how can anyone be that stupid

That's not evolution

your worldview, that "races" exist, is empirically wrong

Bone Marrow Transplants: When Race Is an Issue

I cannot get a blood transfusion from people outside my blood group

Obviously thiz means we should engage in blood type segregation

Forcing me to live with O types is literally genocide!!

Negative blood type, which is the biggest difference in blood types, bcs there can be serious complications for the embryo if + and - types breed, is a white phenomenon. In other races there is only 1% with negative blood type.

Hmm we should then genocide all whites for having such a shitblood

Apart from this, the blood type doesnt seem to be a racial issue. A comparsion with other animals would be interesting, I will look that up

No user my arbitrary measudement is blood not race

We should genocide anyone who doesnt have A+

This is clearly for the sake of humanity and not because I am a psycho, like nazis and racists

I read the negative blood types are averaging more intelligent than the positive. The ideology of Not Socialism is against genocide btw


Yeah I read the positives are more intelligent on average, sorry but negative blood types are subhumans

No it was correct the first time, it is not socialism

Yet every implemntation ended up in genocide, one of which killed 6 million jews

Whatever, bone marrow is relevant, its stem cells,genes.
Communism did bigger genocides, also Islam, Religion in general, and capitalism


You can even transfuse blood between different species, its called xenotransfusion

t. nigger jew

…and Aboriginals. Abos have neanderthal ancestors too. But I bet you dont consider them "master race" :^)

No they werent. They barely changed during their time in Europe unlike our tools which were constantly improved.

respect the safe space of creationists god damn commies

Implying it wasn't, you limp wristed Korean faggot.


No, not by a long shot. But it is a step in the right direction.

Nice meme nigger. Non-ghouls need sleep.

You just proved my point, nice study. ;)

I assume you are not referring to northern Europe, famous for its temperate climate that allows year round farming and sick ass fucking soil nurtured by constant light rain, with the right mix of clay, loam and sand to retain all the goodness. Northern Europe where the summers aren't too hot to work.

Northern Europe where it is possible to clear large amounts of forest because it isn't dense jungle on steep mountains.

Jews are not xenophilic. You think the ethnostate of Israel wants open borders and multiculturalism? You need DNA testing to prove you're a kike. Jews push the mind-poison that is liberalism onto whites and have overridden European altruism to be self destructive. This has been the plan.

You and the guy above you didn't read my prior disclaimer that not all x are y. It's never been a part of the argument. For instance, saying men are taller than women is true. You say, "No, I know this chick and she's 6 foot 2!" What, does that mean men and women are the same height? Don't be facetious.

r- selected behavior in regard to reproduction has to do with procreating regardless of resources. The Irish family from the 60's can have many kids because that was a time when the father could make enough money to raise four kids and have the mother be a housewife. Pablo and Daquan don't care about the quality of life for Rodriguez and Darnell and their siblings and will be content with welfare scraps that keep them barely afloat.
r/K theory isn't' the end-all be-all explanation for birthrates- It's a factor.

Year round? What grows when it's below freezing? Northern Europe has limited direct sunlight for much of the year- One of the crucial elements for growing plants. Also, some of the richest soil like in Brazil, Zimbabwe, etc is perfect for agriculture(access to water, sunlight, and warm temperature year-round). It took Europeans to properly develop these lands and once they did the yields were astounding. No excuse!

I actually disproved it because the gene was also found in American whites.

Nice try though


Again, race being the correlation for behaviour is bullshit

The correlation between poverty and criminal activity has been shown to be independent of race, with the disproportionate number of minorities in poverty accounting for their disproportionately high levels of criminal activity.

Ulmer, Jeffery T.; Harris, Casey T.; Steffensmeier, Darrell (2012-09-01). "Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Structural Disadvantage and Crime: White, Black, and Hispanic Comparisons*". Social Science Quarterly. 93 (3): 799–819. doi:10.1111/j.1540-6237.2012.00868.x. ISSN 1540-6237. PMC 4097310Freely accessible. PMID 25035523.

Except the Kingdoms of Kush, the Mali Empire and the Songhai City states also participated in agriculture and had an agricultural system.

You're not fooling anyone, lad

Misinterpreting data eh?

No one said whites can't be violent, blacks just have a propensity toward more in-group violence. The study's conclusion affirms this. Why are you trying so hard to smooth this over?

How clearly do I have to point out the conclusions they came to, in the study you yourself linked and misinterpreted?

Except they don't.

From the same article

Future studies should expand on thesefindings and examine the effects of MAOA for African Americans, Caucasians, and otherracial/ethnic groups. Since approximately 5.5 % of African-Americans and less than 1 % ofCaucasians carry this rare allele [25,30], the sample sizes will need to be sufficiently large to increase the STATISTICAL power needed to detect small-to-moderate effects of the 2-repeat allele.Until studies are conducted that are able to simultaneously examine both African Americansand Caucasians, it would be premature to speculate as to the potential ramifications of the 2-repeat allele in explaining any of the well-known crime trends.

You still haven't articulated any points.

The Kush "We Wuz" Empire was made up of Egyptians (The ancient, Mediterranead kind, not the arab kind). The Mali "We Wuz" Empire was nothing more than a loose confederation of tribes, and the Songhai "We Wuz" city states were another loose confederation of tribes. The latter two had no artistic or technological achievements. Their architecture limited to stone walls and elaborate mud huts.
To imply that these examples are comparable to what Europeans and East Asians accomplished in terms of innovation is laughable.

You're a mongoloid dude. I guess that's why you're a lefty. Seems I have to break this down and go through it with you, because you lack reading comprehension.

Since approximately 5.5 % of African-Americans and less than 1 % ofCaucasians carry this rare allele

5.5% carry this rare allele in African-Americans (also note this is not the only determining factor in violent behaviours.) Autism Level, hormone profiles, and a host of other factors come into play. But based on these alleles alone whites carry not 1%, but less than 1%. Who knows if that means .01% or .9%, I would assume the former because they couldn't find enough whites who carried the 2-repeat allele.

Translation: they couldn't find enough whites to compare with blacks so they have to hold off on coming to a conclusion, since apparently enough whites don't carry it to get a statistical comparison between the two.

Well, I guess this study you tout as evidence of blacks not be violent can't be taken seriously then. Not enough data to use this to explain crime trends eh?

The Kingdom of Kush originated from Ethiopia, lad. Who, BTW were black. Nice try.



(this article goes into detail of subsaharan african accomplishments)


Again, racial behaviour doesn't explain crime trends.

The correlation between poverty and criminal activity has been shown to be independent of race, with the disproportionate number of minorities in poverty accounting for their disproportionately high levels of criminal activity.

Ulmer, Jeffery T.; Harris, Casey T.; Steffensmeier, Darrell (2012-09-01). "Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Structural Disadvantage and Crime: White, Black, and Hispanic Comparisons*". Social Science Quarterly. 93 (3): 799–819. doi:10.1111/j.1540-6237.2012.00868.x. ISSN 1540-6237. PMC 4097310Freely accessible. PMID 25035523.


Here's more evidence linked to poverty being a factor of crime, and guess what?

A majority of black people as a demographic are in poverty.


Fuck having technology and shit lol
The point wasn't that I don't like it. The point is that if a researcher came to a conclusion that was anything but "don't be racist, goy" then he would have his career suicided.
Nice history revisionism links, btw. WE WUZ ASTRONOMERS N SHEEEIT

No, that pretty much shows that you're unable to process opposing arguments without calling it Jewish.

Stay mad, lad.

Yeah rightio lad

No shit poverty is a factor in crime, I already admitted this. So is stupidity, and aggression, as well as anger. Now the question is, why are blacks (on average) less intelligent, more aggressive, and angrier than whites?

The two factors of aggression and intelligence come down to genetics just as much as ones phrenology. Obviously environment has an impact, but genetic potential can only be destroyed, not created. A developing child can be locked in a dark room and be underfed, leading to a reduced intelligence in adulthood. But you can't take a mentally retarded person and create a genius by sending them to Yale. Some people are born with great minds that can recreate cities from one flyover, that is not a skill many, if none at all can just cultivate. Their are biological parameters to our bodies and minds, and we must work within them.

Blacks get angry and frustrated because they are forced to compete in a society with people who are biologically better than them in a social system of organization that is not their own. You could artificially create this phenomenon by pairing up a 150 Autism Level student and an 80 Autism Level student, and then forcing them to compete in intellectual contest for rewards. I can guarantee you that the lower Autism Level student would get very frustrated and angry at either the higher Autism Level student or the competition itself that they are having. The only way to make this "fair" would be to artificially limit the smarter student with handicaps. Kind of similar to communism in a way. But someone has to put these handicaps into place, and although they are there, there will always be those who are innately better than others at things.

Negroes just can't compete. Excuses, excuses. They need to be amongst their own to be treated fairly.


See, I have Truth on my side. Accept this as a rationale for racial discrimination or be gone!

He's j-just a Jewish-influenced pawn submitting to the diktat of egalitarianism, I won't believe a lick of it!



4. Only 2 results of things discovered. Caffeine and indigo dye. Caffeine was founded by other cultures too.

Indigo dye I guess.

Good accomplishments.


Egyptians were not black. They had some nice Nubian slaves though.

Nice try. Great science there.






You're a nigger. You were not a kang. Rwanda and Botswana do not count, they are not competing against whites, but themselves. So like I said, they are better off amongst their own.

It does, when you keep linking long winded articles with little content related to what were talking about. You can't form your own arguments or give examples. Just posting someone else's shit that is talking about Egypt and claiming some kangz shit.

I'm actually white

It doesn't. You're deliberately ignoring evidence and choosing feels over reals. Though this isn't surprising, considering Holla Forumsyps can't read for shit.

Forgot to mention I'm white.



Whoops, I guess I did mention I was white. Bugger.


doesn't work that way polfags. You iz NEETs and shieeeet

That's not what that means.

So he gives races a new name and refutes a strawman.

He means that Europe was mono-racial.


And yet again





Recent reviews by Nisbett et al. (2012b) and Mackintosh (2011) consider that current data does show an average difference in brain size and head-circumference between American Blacks and Whites, but question whether this has any relevance for the Autism Level gap. Nesbitt et al. argue that crude brain size is unlikely to be a good measure of Autism Level; for example, brain size also differs between men and women, but without well documented differences in Autism Level. At the same time newborn Black children have the same average brain size as Whites, suggesting that the difference in average size could be accounted for by differences in postnatal environment. Several factors that reduce brain size have been demonstrated to disproportionately affect Black children (Nisbett 2012)

Two additional points need to be made. Rushton and Ankney (1995) suggest that cranial capacity estimates for Mongoloid-, Caucasoid-, and Negroid-Americans are 1416, 1380, and 1359 cm3, respectively, indicating larger differences than Rushton's (1992) valu es given above for these groups (1464, 1468, 1449cm3). The former values for the three groups represent cranial capacity estimates which are based on values corrected for body parameters (Rushton, 1992). To perform this correction, Rushton used slopes for the log/log plot of brain against body weight which are not appropriate for within- species comparisons (Harvey, 1988). For comparison of individuals drawn from the same species, a slope which is almost horizontal is appropriate, and should be close to t he .08 determined empirically by Reed and Jensen (1993). This is borne out by other available evidence. Wickett et al. (1994) state that for their sample of white women, it would appear that the size of the brain is largely independent of body size (p. 836). Similarly, Jerison (1979) found no significant association between body weight or height and brain weight for men within the age range of 29 to 41 years of age. A conservative conclusion is that there is no legitimate reason for using steep slopes in comparing brain/body size relations across races. As a result, statements about brain size differences between races should not rely on adjusted values, and it is not appropriate to conclude that higher Autism Level's in Asians are linked to larger brain size.

You should read the last part of the article m8

Ah yes James Watson
Famous for such achievements as stealing Rosalind Franklin's idea

Not relevant.

He corregated the white cranial capacity with body mass, to fit the data into his r/k-slection theory. Whites have larger brains than East-Asians on average.

Not relevant, autism is a disorder which we are not discussing.

Academics and the left rutinely dismiss these studies, so why should I take them seriously now that you are using them as a red herring?

You got some real brainiacs working on those articles.

It's measuring some skulls and putting the data in a spreadsheet, it's pretty easy. Gould lied.

I would take your movement a lot more serious if you implement the diverity recuirements you advocatein your own organizations, and just generally didn't move away from non-whites or even statistically lived nearby them to a significant degree, or attended the samel schools etc.

You do realise that AUTISM LEVELS is a filer for I Q in this board right?


Are you new to muh privilege theory? These articles are fairly old, when they where rubbed in the faces of leftist by right-wingers to induce some cognitive dissonance, the left had a littany of answer as to why they were flawed or incorrect.

I do now
Brain size correlates with Autism Level
Now you can stop speculating on whether brain size correlates to Autism Level or not, it does and complements Nisbett et al. (2012b) and Mackintosh (2011) well.

I have no reason to finish reading a article in which I can spot obvious reasning error within half a minute. Link better material, material that can at the very least make a valid syllogism.

I think it's already been pointed out numerous times in the thread but I will reiterate:

Rushton applies the r/k theory backwards. He does not present a combing case for why Europe would be a stabler environment than Africa. The opposite would e true. Of course, the vindication of Rushtons data also relies on two other premises;

- r/k being empirically relevant
- race being biologically relevant

Both these conditions are missed. To start, r/k was criticized by many empirical studies after it was conceived as had been superceded. Some of these studies which were performed by the lab geneticist Joseph Graves - his work has been posted numerous times in the thread. Luckily, his work also addresses additional premise #2 as well. Variance is much higher among groups than between (see my post with reference to Li et al 2008 study which used an essentialist conception of race). Clinging onto single allele's is laughable. I.Q. Is a polygenic trait which has many genes than might shape it (and the more we look into it, the lack of consistent correlation between a set of genes and intelligence I indicates it is heavily dependant on environment). Professor Graves takes a look at the Fst value for several genes linked to intelligence, and finds most of the values to be below the .25 threshold usually used for dividing a species into subspecies.

And then, this presupposes that the datasets used by Rushtons and Lynn are uncontroversial. In reality they are not. Lynn more or less made up the data for 101 of 185 countries in "IQ an the Wealth of Nations" by "approximating" the score based on the countries "race" or unrepresentative sample sizes. Similarily. Rushton only adjusted the data for 3 of all the datasets used in his landmark "Race I.Q. and Behaviour".

Lastly, the accusation that the "left wing academics" are ignoring this data is laughable. The fact the 100's of studies done every year that make use of race in one way or another not making their way into scientific consensus being blamed on "le left wing" is laughable. Even more laughable however, is the fact that the giants of Scientific Racism like Rushton, Lynn and Jenson took 100's of thousands if not millions of dollars from the Pioneer Fund a literal Nazi think tank.


About one tenth away from being a completely insigificant correlation. The study you reference is gone over Graves 2013 paper "Race Genomics and I.Q" - he actually looks at two studies on this scale.

You mean liberal idpol. Yeah nice try, lad.

So again, pretty fucking negligable lad. See

Size is only one aspect of the variation.

This puts brain size on par with poverty as a predictor of Autism Level, and academic performance.

Nothing better than watching polyps getting BTFO over and over

Good job guya

Socioeconomics doesn't really have much of an effect on I Q in the first world, unless you're in America. I don't know the intelligence scores broken down by race of any of those countries, but I Q is mostly heritable there.


Also, the effects of poverty on I Q were only moderate when measured in adolescents.


I vaguely recall reading that political leanings have a higher inheritance factor than Autism Level. Anyone ever heard of this or did I imagine things?

So what if blacks are violent.
Its survival of the fittest pol so get out of the way or die.

A correlation of 0.3-0.4 is not significant enough to establish causation. I can find correlations that go for years between unrelated things like "Nasa Expenditure and Domestic Deaths by Strangling".

Even then, it wouldn't exclude an environmental explanation.

Children of the NLSY and the IHDP compared
children in families with incomes less
than half of the poverty threshold to children
in families with incomes between 1.5
and twice the poverty threshold. The poorer
children scored between 6 and 13 points
lower on various standardized tests of Autism Level,
verbal ability, and achievement.25 These differences
are very large from an educational
perspective and were present even after
controlling for maternal age, marital status,
education, and ethnicity. A 6- to 13-point
difference might mean, for example, the difference
between being placed in a special
education class or not.

That's almost a standard deviation. Do you read your own shit?

I posted those last two studies. Did you mean to respond to me?

Since most people who get rich do so by inheriingt money, and rich tend to support Liberalism, I'd say there should be pretty strong correlation.

I'm not at uni now so I've only read the abstracts but:




inb4 polyps don't read the studies but try to use this to prove cultural genetics anyways

If anything this just shows that the "heritability statistic" doesn't always mean heritable ;).

i love you /leftybro/ half-chan Holla Forums is never this intellectually honest to present both sides of the argument

jesus christ Holla Forums DOES NOT PLAY. You guys break down polyp arguments with ease. I love you guys


Please read the study first.

"We carried out an analysis of molecular variance
(AMOVA) (18, 19) to partition overall
genetic variation into three components: withinpopulation
(WP), among-population-withingroup
(i.e., geographical region) (AP/WG), and
among geographical region (AG). The 51 populations
are assigned to the seven geographical
regions shown in Fig. 1A. The results are similar
among autosomal chromosomes: the WP, AP/WG,
and AG components explain 88.9 ± 0.3%, 2.1 ±
0.05%, and 9.0 ± 0.3% (mean ± SD across 22 chromosomes)
of the variance, respectively (Fig. 3A).
For comparison, the WP, AP/WG, and AG components
for 783 microsatellite markers are 94.0%,
2.3%, and 3.7%, respectively (3, 5). The difference
between the SNP-based estimates (this
study) and the microsatellite-based results can be
partly explained by higher mutation rates of microsatellites,
which are more driven by shorterterm
evolutionary processes. For X chromosome
(ChrX) SNPs, the WP, AP/WG, and AG components
are 84.7%, 2.4%, and 12.9% (Fig. 3A),
consistent with estimates based on ChrX microsatellites"

No, because he's using a qualitatively different approach than studying HBD in terms of race like Rushton.

The NBA is majority black because of racism against white people