If communists want to take my toothbrush, and capitalists want me to own my own property...

If communists want to take my toothbrush, and capitalists want me to own my own property, why do they refuse to sell me property unconditionally, without DRM and liscencing?
For example, john deere doesn't sell tractors, they let you lisence them. You can get more horsepower out of the engine if you pay them more money, and they sued people for hacking their tractors.
If capitalism is supposedly the system where you own your own things, why is this a thing? Similar developments are happening with cars, and you can ask any FOSS advocate about computers.
How important is individual ownership and control of ones own personal property to socialists?

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No one has a right to your personal property if you attained it rightfully. Without absentee owenership DRM bullshit wouldnt be enforceable anyway.

this, the actual problem is absentee ownership which is the perfect word to describe this problem at the core of capitalism

cappies don't want YOU to own property. They want to keep it in house.
This is they way everything is going, they want us to rent all our software, look at what adobe is doing.
The benefit of socialism is that once the economy transitions to use-based rather than market-based, this can change. Without advertising and the need for porky's profits, this kind of cancer will wither away.

A socialist country like Cuba should just start reverse-engineering everything and distributing it as FOSS.

freeware 3D-printed sexbots when?

Holla Forums has a thread about de-botnetting cars. The only good answer they have is buying one made before 2009 or so and pray you can maintain it for the entire rest of your life, I guess.

That's how you get freedom and democracy airdropped into your head. China gets to ignore copyright because they have an army saying they can.

Cuba seized the means and kicked out the porkies. How could promoting pirate software be more dangerous than that?


Meet Wall-streets newist rapper Pork Daddy “the pimp of pork“.
Some Say “Fuck bitches, Obtain Kapital.“
But, Pork Daddy says “steal everyone's Kapital via an immoral economic system“


Dude educate me on this
Gonna go ruin my hick uncles lives

DRM housing and food will allow us to punish patriarchy, we can also subvert the capitalist push toward depraved sex robots and reprogram them to be sex-negative feminists that will return to the factory if you engage in any miso o gyny.

there u go fam

ruin how? Please report back.

Same is true of phones, you don't actually own them and you agree not to use them freely. That's why the tech industry tried to convince everyone that desktops would be obsolete.

I will never go without my desktop. But who else here phone-less? It's so freeing, like wearing pants but no underwear. The true communist way of dress.

wait…after the glorious revolution, I can't have underwear?
My junk rubbing against the back of a zipper all day?
WTF i hate commies now.

Two words
Anything possible in FALC, fam. Anything possible in FALC.

Yep. And they make it hard not to run spyware operating systems, if not impossible.
I use my phone for texts/calls about purely practical shit and nothing else.


Because it takes money away from porkies living outside their Island.