Gamergate wants to see ANTIFA as terrorist group

Looks like gamergate wants to see ANTIFA as terrorist group

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Why do Americans want to label every group they don't like as terrorists?


It'll shoo out the clowns and Anarkiddies, so as far as I'm concerned I'm all for it

Its about ethics in vidya games.

Leftcoms showing it true nature yet again

Remember when they were all whining about being portrayed as terrorists?

Why do people still talk about gamer gate

Hey, if you think trashcan tipping is going to bring about Communism, be my guest and keep at it. Go on, do revolution. I'll be waiting.

How do you designate an informal group without any leadership as a terrorist organization?

Do you know what else is going to bring about radical change to the way the world works?

Being afraid of violence against cops or the military

source on pic pls

Did you ever notice that they were starting to roll the trash can away at the end of that gif?

They were using it in a barricade, comrade.

Yes, antagonizing other proles who are probably infinitely more class conscious than you are is a sure fire way to cause a revolution. Except, oh wait, all it's going to do is turn those forces against you even more and join up with the capitalists, which is the result of your constant demonization of them.

go fuck yourselve, no actual leftcom would support a capitalist state restricting workers reaction to capitalism

Clearly the answer is to treat everyone nice and with respect except when I deem that idpol.

Just do nothing.

Atrophy into a NEET

truly revolutionary


Wait, Gamergate is still a thing that does things? At this point aren't they really just a slightly more video game centric arm of the alt right?

user, being a violent edgelord does not make you a fascist, don't buy into such memes.

This basically.

Actually, it's the opposite, fascism is basically formed as a defense from wild mobs. How about that, fascists being more dialectical and reasonable than our so called "comrades"…

Druggies with no theory of praxis*

Trying to enforce your minority opinion with violence and threats of violence does.

No it doesn't. Fascism does not mean "everything I don't like".

How can you even muster pissing me off so badly with such a useless post


GamerGate is known for being very powerful and influencing real world change, so we should be scared.

No it doesn't, at least read a fucking wikipedia article you filthy socdem.

They have no theory or praxis, being druggies is just icing on the metaphorical cake.

Dear god, yes.
GG has become the thing they hate

After selling it's soul to Trump, Gamergate has finally reached it's lowest point: A bunch of insecure beta nerds desperate for respect and power.

SJWs were right about them all along.

In Italy it was literally created by butthurt Italian nationalists tired of being cucked. The union busting and street actions can after


Or the only people who stuck around after the campaigns against the game journalists were the Holla Forumsyps who were in it to spread reactionary thought from the beginning. It was never a monolith, and Holla Forums was trying to take over from the start.

Antifa isn't organized terror though, it's just individuals who bash the fash.

There are a few people left who keep acting as watchdogs. A few still keep sending letters, which I'm not sure yields much success at this point. Most, I guess, just went back to gaming.

People who entered the fray for political reasons have long moved on to greener pastures. Media and social media switched their attention to US presidential campaign. Holla Forums went back to Holla Forums. And, well, we're here.

are you retarded?
they loved it

Not entirely though, since it's been taken over by R_TheDonald still.

Yeah and 4chan has invaded as well. I assume everyone noticed the spam threads over the past two weeks which are STILL continuing, wherein some deluded 4chan Holla Forumsyp practices baby's first cointelpro?

I much prefer FBIanons tbh.

I can't wait for Trump to ban vidya and gamergays cheer him on.

gamergate is still a thing?


My most favorite thing as a trump supporter is antifa

when I hear Holla Forums rhetoric repeated wholesale on the most basic bitch talk radio when they're talking about berkeley i feel giddy

These dumbass crust punks and jews are scoring massive own goals and no one can stop them

It looks familiar. It might be that one comic where the members of the CPC all get together to gang-rape this chick

Keep your eyes on the prize boys. Don't pay attention to the boot rapidly approaching your neck.

That's not fascism you fucking dipshit.

Listen to this before you spout more nonsense.

A bunch of user dumbfucks sperg out and this is being portrayed by the media as ISIS so a collection of attention whores can get more money from their dumbfuck followers. It's like gamergate but with people who actually go outside.

"inherently bad" bourgeois moralistic detected

GG is pro-fa so being against all anti first amendment groups is quite normal.

Yeah it was fucking glorious.

How are antifas not terrorists? Dont they use violence in attempt to achieve political goals?
What is a difference between right wing death squad, and antifa anyway?? Except that people on the right generally tend to not riot or use violence and rwds being just a meme, while leftists routinely try to silence the opposition with violence.

Gamergate is the social justice lefts big other now. They are permatriggered by it and see it behind everything bad that happens to any of their causes.

Antifa are the Feds. Sides, fags should read books, not burn trashcans.

They thought it was funny, but they also whined a shitload too. Just like Holla Forums, they think it's hilarious when Muslims commit terror attacks because it works in their favor, but then they go on twitter and cry about how awful it is.

This is literally the dumbest post I've read by someone with that flag on. Nice job lowering the bar.

Dumbest """"""leftcom""""" post of all time.

GG is Dobson now.

sauce? is your friend

ANTIFA is a honeypot.They organize on facebook for fucks sake.

god damn it, it's a single

Read the Fascist manifesto. It is all muh womens rights and muh workers rights. Fascism is just the ugly underbelly of social democracy.

Better yet, make it here FFS.

The end justifies the memes my friend.


9/11. I wish I was joking.

what is this?

GamerGate is fucking dead stop talking about it
every time you mention it they get a hard-on because they feel relevant again

Well they are and I'll keep saying such until they actually go out and righteously beat Wall Street and media executives and pork instead of thug vs thug brawls that accomplish fucking nothing.

Alunya is a ultra QT here

Could you faggots get any more cringe?

Like shit, your name is a fucking oxymoron. Lefty Pol. Leftist politically incorrect. The left is politically correct.

What the fuck are you nigger saying thats so "politically incorrect?"
Thread topics
"Karl marx"
"White working class suck cock"
"Liberal fascism"

Just rename yourself, Leftist Politically Correctness.

Rolls off the cock much better faggots, be what you fucking are. not some shitty ass copycat. be your own user. not some fucking cucks.

Fuck native advertising, though.

Bait. The second one is from a Socdem so I'm not surprised also.

Yeah, I don't think so, lad. Just because 90% of our threads aren't about race realism and paki taxi drivers doesn't mean that nothing we say on here is politically correct.

I'd say there's probably a greater variety of "politically correct" opinions on Holla Forums then any other board bc the others tend to be Nazism and that's it. Pretty much a one trick pony, one that you'd be board of since they've been spewing that shit all over 4chan back in its early days when it was all just "ironic"


You just say it is. It gives you the impetus to wholesale label and suppress any view, action or person that is opposed to your ideology

Normally I'd agree with you but at least here you can say feminism (a movement rooted and started by bourgeois women) sucks. Try that on any other "leftist" forum. But seriously, we're currently being invaded by reddit or something with the shit threads lately like that attack the working class bullshit thread.

so you're really more communist, is what you're getting at.

Why do spergmasters like you always pull out the examples out of their asses?


Fucking reddit. I reported it BTW. Other anons should do the same.

>>>Holla Forums11879189

People seem to be shitting on OP(which is to be expected since he's a socdem).

Don't like arguing with someone who has evidence faggot?

Is this the best you Anons can muster? Where the fuck is your spirit?

Show me you have something left in you

Socdem are literally idpol shit though.

Here, have some theory.

I have a fun way to shitpost on Holla Forums: put on a socdem flag, defend reformism, maybe even shit on communism for being utopian and you'll see what happens.

So it is true.

surprise surprise, people can actually post thread with dissenting views

As I thought, you faggots are communist. Theorized by Karl Marx, along with Marxism.

These are naturally related ideas. Marxism is twisted into political correctness.

Therefore, once again faggots
Your Name is a Oxymoron. You can't be Marxists who are not for political correctness.

Thats like being communists, but against Marxism.

Any nigger that goes back there is no brother of mine.

tl;dr you're idiots and your name proves it.

read the FAQ faggot

cant wait to throw you losers out helicopters

What the fuck is political correctness supposed to mean anymore?

Cultural Marxism is a myth.

I like you, the nukes shall get you last

anuddah shoah

That's a waste of fuel though.

Marche you're a furry even when on this board. There's more furries here though to be your brethren. Be on the lookout for someone posting with an anarcho nihilist flag.

What a retarded non-statement.

If you think Marxist ideas are mainstream you're a delusional retard, if they were we wouldn't be living in a capitalist society.

dude helicopters lmao


I dont even know who Pinocchio is

That's not a very disparaging picture of comrade doge.

Downloading all of your games, like Holla Forums does, is literally communism though.:^)

Disgusted but not surprised.

"If we look at it analytically, if we look at it historically, we quickly find out exactly what it is. Political Correctness is cultural Marxism. It is Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms."

I know I'm autistic, but you faggots are getting shot down left and right. You don't even know your own fucking shit!

did you just reply to a random thread to rant? Take your meds, sperg.


Then you're either a retarded sperg or a liar.

Wow, with a source like that Holla Forums btfo forever

What a load of fucking nonsense

I work hard, pay taxes, and buy my video games at full price faggot! :^)

PSA to Holla Forumsirgin visitors:
SJWs/Femenism/"Cultural Marxism"=/=Leftism/Communism/anarchism/marxism
The ideas of the former do not follow from the latter. They're about as similar as Not Socialism and aristocratic


Natsoc/nazism and aristocratic feudalism.


Why do the eternally greasy fingered fat fucks in America come and shit up random threads after school time?
Go learn to ride a bike and sweat off some of those cheeseburgers you mudskinned lardy cunts.

This shit kills me every fucking time.

not clicking that shit faggot

I'm just stocking up on food for when you commies take over and everyone is starving :^)

kill yourself

your food will be taken by emus though

You're the faggot. Keep thinking your views hold any water outside of your aut-right safe space, and please never reproduce.

So you got triggered the moment you heard the M word? If you want to be a cuck, that's fine by me. Even Holla Forums knows it's retarded.

America is the embodiment of the spectacle.

Someone is scared to be wrong.

go back to reddit, retard

Capitalism beat you to that dream

Consumer rights is inherently class collaborationist so it's not surprising they ended up fascist, glad the liberal booj trounced them tbh

this kind of fun is why we need gulags

ebin xd


Now please go back to discussing the races of video games characters, keep to something within your grasp.

.pdfs can have viruses.

Link me to a real site nigger or gtfo

Nah, it's 'true enough' to be relevant.

fuck off lenin

Not everyone is starving in capitalism though
india is a shit hole but not everyone is shitting in the street

It's literally not true at all and can't be, marxism is materialist not idealist

Unsuprising from a windows user.

Not everyone was starving under socialism either, so if you're standard is everyone, your point is moot.

True as in 'Ministry of Truth' I suppose.

Have a read if you care enough:

Not my point because it's irrelevant what a dead guy wanted with his writings, the predominant socialist attitude about "socialism in every country" and the femarchist movement is close enough to "cultural marxism" to be true. I don't approve of the term, but it's close enough to know exactlyu who they're talking about.

but socialism has NEVER EXISTED

Since you seem to be an expert in both marxism and cultural marxism, then kindly tell us something about that sweet "cultural" surplus value, "cultural" mode of production, "cultural" relationships of production, "cultural" base and superstructure and so on.

you can upload pdfs directly, do that


Why are you using a libertarian meme about socialism?

Wew lad

You responded a little late. You're way off from what my intent is.

Why does GG have shit taste on video game waifus?

You literally can't be a Marxist if you think cultural change can shift actual social relations


Even if it wasnt a complete and total crock of shit, all that means is that the nu-left are retards for applying an explicitly and entirely materialist theory about shit like production and labor to ill defined spooks.

I think you posted the wrong picture

Can you only respond to what I actually said instead of what you think I said?

example, did I identify as a follower of Marx? I did not, therefore you're talking to yourself and making a controversy out of nothing.

It really is tbh. It was GG that made Breitbardt big and Breitbardt's owner is pulling Trump's strings.

Sure, but they're the dominant leftists not you or me. So denying the premise of 'cultural marxism' even if the idea is faulty is dishonest and will only provoke people to further believe in it.

20th century as all about state regulation, now it's co-ops. Unlike the far right, we actually change our goals and methodology.

I did and he whined.

Eos is top tier TBF.

We call it idpol/neoliberalism. It cancer either way. Feminism was also started by rich Cristian women so it was bound to be reactionary like all idpol.


To be fair, Breitbart was pretty big for a while already.

Then again, showing people like Yiannopoulos state-of-the-art tools of shitposter trade must have made an impact.

If you want to bitch about people with social liberal worldview trying to censor anime titties, then just call it them social liberals instead of using a terminology that makes you sound like a McCarthy's rotten corpse.

>>>Holla Forums11879254
>>>Holla Forums11879488
Wew lad


there's a nigger here pretending to be me
if he claims to be a furry please ignore him

marche, you're a furry, though

Marx was only about critiquing capitalism thoug, and he was damn accurateh. Hell even Sargon said so. You will fight it best with Cultural Stirnerism. I have a better book for you.

I think reactionaries outside this board must just assume its some kind fo tumblr stronghold because it says "left"
Remember, don't age this thread.

I don't… What I do is accept their use of them term and lay some facts down on them. Simply telling them "there's no such thing" will make them like it more, they get off on simply denying their views such as the holocaust. Forcing them to learn while explaining has a net benefit.

The first post describes /ggrevolt/ and SA goons on reddit more so than this board.

God I can't wait till we get in power and re-institute bullying, if these faggots had been slapped around a bit more in school they wouldn't have ended up like this


Are they still bitching about problems in the videogame industry, and trying to the change arbitrary characteristics of the problems instead of actually changing the system that creates them?

The main problem isn't that is 'doesn't exist' it's over the naming and terminology. Hell, I'm more of a 'cultural Marxist' in that I want to abolish identity politics by simply not giving a shit about it. Then again, it's eventually a semantics argument, which is what what most arguments are about when class leftists argue with non class leftists.

It's kinda sad what the Holla Forums threads devolved into.

No, I sincerely think anti bullying was one of the worst aspects of Neoliberalism, this kind of freakish child-like behaviour would never have happened in the days of Keynesianism

Cultural Marxism quite literally just lives in the heads of a few schizophrenics and those who haven't looked into it. It's rebranded cultural bolshevism from Nazi Germany.

It's in response to talk about us. I know goons are always telling people to take their meds but some people on this site need to be dosed with diazepam every morning.

No they've gained serious amounts of revolutionary potential and have seen through the McCarthyist neoreactionary worldview. Yes.

STALKER is literally the only thing worth checking into Holla Forums for, at least it was months ago. Even then some of the fucking crazies would worm their way in from time to time.

Thought crying victim was something SJWs do.

gommies are the worst
prove me wrong

Without the sense to reject whats actually wrong with them, they just oppose them by becoming their mirror image.

Holla Forums hasn't been worth visiting for years. It was only worth visiting at night after all the kids had gone to sleep back in 2010 and then even that slipped away.

They seem afraid tbh. They're trying too hard.

America is filled with victim culture TBH.

Pirates, market socialists, nazbols, and anarchists are better.

We are absolutely correct about capitalism.

I rest my case.

I mean, I'm not ideologically opposed to it.

PFFFFFFFFT get on our level kid!


Fucking Italians


The facist state was about as useful to germany too, though. This isn't facists vs socialists, its just italians are fucking useless people.

8/v/ was good for a few months around when the first exodus happened back in September 2014.

Kill yourself OP.


yeah, whatever, i stopped looking or reason in leftist ramblings a long time ago




don't be so naive, all politics is filled with violence, whether that of the state, that of non-state groups, or that of individuals. no political decision can be made without violent enforcement. Politics is simply war by other means.

terrorism, on the other hand, is not merely political violence, but a particular kind of violence meant to inspire fear to achieve its goal.


Don't respond to this nerd, he's just spent about an hour sperging out with race theory dumps. Guy's attention starved.

look at how happy she is
why? because she's a capitalist
the k stands for kama but it also stands for kapitalism

She's happy because you don't exist in the universe she inhabits

She's stuck happy in a deviant art tier drawing?

Fucking capitalists.

why are you using a viet cong flag now?

I thought you were anti-party

why would that be a bad thing? ANTIFA aren't even real communist. they are nothing but statist feminist pretending to be revolutionaries and anarchists. as they use violence and intimidation (for very little gain) it seems like an appropriate tittle.

case in point, ANTIFA would ban op for objectifying women.

>blaming the Allies for Stalin being a massive mong and ignoring overwhelmingly evidence by both Soviet agents in the Nazi government and Soviet commanders on the borders that Nazi Germany was mobilising to invade the USSR

Having been in a Black Bloc for anti-fa and anti-racist actions, this is just wrong.

give me more (You)s


Stalin fucking up the opening of the war doesn't excuse the cowardice of the brits

So you haven't the faintest clue what Marxism is.

Watch these.




I'm being a retard in the GG thread and nobody can stop me (| *|:^)

god, no, dont, you'll invite a bunch of them here and they'll all have no idea what the place actually is

they'll think we're retarded you dumb fuck

And then we'll radicalize them. :^)

I miss when GG was focused on crooked journalism & game industry practices and not anti-SJ liberalism & stupid flamewars.

It's funny when people come on here and try and ruse by talking shit about dems and sjws tbh


maybe you mean the ANTIFA of decades past, but today's versions are so infested with watered down 3rd wave feminists and champagne socialists they have become nothing but weak spineless statist dependent on the local government for tolerance and protection, it's sickening.

I can only speak for what i've encountered in the americas, (not sure what its like in europe).

What was he literally supposed to do? They had gotten bad intel that the Germans were going to attack many times before that. If they had mobilized their forces to early it would've given the Germans the justification to start a war in the eyes of the world. They still spew that shit that Stalin was about to attack Germany to this day, what do you think would actually have happened if they did have a big troop build-up or counter-attacked across the borders against the invasion force?

It was a miracle that the bourgeoisie was divided enough that they were not unanimously in favor of the Nazi invaders and there were collaborationist/pro-axis forces among the capitalists in every capitalist country. Stalin did the best with what they had but in the end they had to go to war with the army they had. Counter-attacking, forming guerrilla units, and drawing the Germans further into the heartland and smashing their supply lines proved to be a successful but destructive strategy. There was no way fighting a war against the most powerful country in Europe with the biggest army in the world which was driven by a genocidal "win-at-all-costs" ideology was going to create a small number of casualties.

This basically. Even if you don't like the way """stalin""" which is really just a by-liner for the Soviets as whole tbh fought the war the Western allies were completely opportunistic in their approach. Not only did they not deliver on the second front but you had people like Harry Truman saying things like "we should just side with whatever side is winning"

US aid wasn't significant until after Stalingrad and even still it wasn't enough to turn the war:

At the same time, they stalled on the Western front, and a large variety of American corporations actually continued to supply the Nazis during the war too.

why don't you have IDs here what the fuck

What happened to the GG general?

then why don't you embrace it instead of bitching about it

k, so was UC berkeley ordinary violence?

tbh this may be true, it was over 10 years ago I was Black Bloc


ackchyually we have been hard at work digging up stuff on the ESA
the anime stuff is just a front to scare away sjws

Look at comrade.

Fine line between alienating the masses and inciting insurrection.

that's a fake one dumbass, there's no () around it

That's exactly what it always was. I remember one of their motto's to do exactly the opposite of what Sjw's would do or something.

Came here from the GG thread and expected a bunch of SJWs, but you guys are actually not bad.
How can this class consciousness thing do for me personally?


That makes me sad. That fag needs it.

So it's literally anti-marxism? half of marx's entire fucking theory is rooting everything in economics.

Make you into an ubermench

>>>Holla Forums11879885
fuck off


What's a good way to organize other than Facebook, then?

>>>Holla Forums

Triggers me.

Isn't that a contraction for "what is"?

Literally almost anything else?
Like anonymous or pseudonymous websites that can be accessed via tor, if you're radicals who wanna go out and break shit?

Don't know. Don't care.

Keep using facebook for your LARP and you are going to get v&.

You can see how the entire capitalist system fucks you over and impress some qts with your knowledge of literature. You can also call both libtards and rightcucks faggots and be completely right.

Terrorism is using violence for political goals right? They attacked people and property, so wouldn't they fit the definition?

Do you recommend any books to read to get started with this stuff?

I wish.

Perhaps a website which doesn't sell your data and isn't run on a for-profit basis by a billionaire?

And honestly, given all we know about the NSA and other spy agencies reading web communications, it's just plain too dangerous to do so online; use the web for radicalization but not actual organizational shit.

holy shit
>>>Holla Forums11879990

theres an official reading list thread stickied.

Guess I've got my work cut out for me

to make it a bit less daunting, start with Zizek. You wont get it all, but should help as a beginning. Then go ahead and grab other stuff, Marx and Stirner being meme favourites for obvious reasons in either case.


Quality post.

Show me a single example to actual communism.

I'll wait…



if someone has no Scottish ancestry and has never visited Scotland before, than they are not a true Scotsman.

Fuck off from the thread commie

Go masterbate to Che or something



They censored all the left posts, poor little snowflakes



There is no argument.

Q. Will it ever work?
A. Never.

Sam isn't terrible, he did stuff like

This bread is full of shit toasting.

You don't get it he's BAD cos of my precious POLITICS.

Look at the is article I found!!!!

Yeah, tim heidecker had nothing to do with the show getting taken down.

He was constantly railing against the show for being offensive to his liberal sensibilities.

Co-ops are breddy gud.

Are you guys still bitching about your dumb cartoon network show getting canceled?
I left to take a piss an hour ago, and you're still here.

It takes my grandfather an hour to piss too.
You should all watch this though seriously
Sam Hyde gores yuppie hipster advertiser scum.

take control of your life from porky and his spooks!

I actually got some tacos on my way back.
Delicious. Goes well with the salt.

Makes sense. You seem to have an ample supply.

this is unrelated to this thread (except in the connection to Holla Forums GG thread), but are you the yugoslav-flag user who happens to have a feminine penis


I don't know what that means.

Why has socialism never been tried before?

Come on, dude.
That was weak bantz.
Very low energy.

wow what a stupid idea.

I've liked sam for years, it's a pity he's becoming more of a pundit and less of a comedian. The show had some great highlights, but his whining it ultimately right-wing SJW idpol.

He totally had no basis for claiming tim is responsible for his shows failure, it's just sad seeing him blame someone who was obviously his hero at one point even though he would never admit that.

Typically because the elites fear of a functioning alternative to the point of it triggering them hardcore. The more libertarian socialist projects have been usually crushed by outsidthose forces, especially Catalonia.

does tinfoil itch?

I actually don't mind his comedy.
I just thought his meltdown when his show was canceled was one of his funnier performances.

End your life.

Parenti was talking about conspiracies before they were 'cool'. Alez jones is CIA anyway.

Also, using a lead hat with rubber lining is more logical. T. Gordan ?Freeman's Mind.

Did you guys learn anything?
Oh, the ironing.

Oh, the kekkening.

I used to think his autistic ranting pointed to him being sincere, but now I'm not so sure, I think it might be a tactic.

He may or may not also currently work for Time Warner or Comcast.

I wouldn't go that far. They ran in many of the same circles and people talk.Tim was apparently quite vocal about MDE.


Did you ever see the "digging" that came afterwards?

pretty sure he's talking about how everyone called you lot conspiracy theorists

Neither is thinking about the current system of production critically, but is deemed as such.

this guy gets it.

What's wrong with trying to piece together the reason for the season?

Nothing at all, but it was foilhat tier.

There is a difference between being called a conspiracy theorist and actually being one.

Depending on who you ask; everything is.

no it was wasn't

Yes it was was.

How do you know?
All you did was write us off like one those social justice warriors you guys bitch about all the time.


But it do is!

Who could be behind this?

"The UN is trying to brainwash us through vidya' is pretty foilhat, famalam.

I did, did I?
I don't remember that.

All cultural hibernianism aside, that vid is pretty damn cool.


A theory that had nothing to do with gamergate at it's core, Try again.

I'm not anti-gamergate.
Core gamergate was correct. I implied as much in the first post.

yar, you did


Tis me word, m8y.

Afterwards is so vague, after what?

The 50th death?


I think it's time for you to get some sleep.

post hotaru armpits

That's ok you can tell me afterwards.

Anyone who seriously uses the phrase "conspiracy theorist" after all the conspiracy theories that have turned out to be true is a fucking retard. There's no difference between a conspiracy theory and any other theory. Some of them have supporting evidence and others don't.

I'm waiting for an apology, fam.





Holy fucking shit this so retarded. What's their point with this ban? Don't they know that banning antifa means banning doing pretty much anything against fascist? You can't ban anti-fascism. Are they going to ban the antifa flag? Or any anarchist doing anything?

I've been saving these for a time like this.
If you're looking for evidence of elites trying to destroy communism, a classic example is the Bilderbergs

Are you talking to the right person this time?

I don't know.
Are you the social studies warrior that writes off things you don't like as a conspiracy before you read about them?

The amount of unironic support in this thread for a bunch of violent thugs who *claim* to be anti-facist is ridiculous.

What the fuck is happening to Holla Forums? I was just here a few weeks ago and the collective retardation displayed here was not present. How much fucking glue have you guys consumed?

The truth of the matter is that it IS a terrorist organization of the political variety.
It's loosely organized, yes, but its major funders like George soros ensure it is a cohesive group.

The definition of terrorism is; "the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims."
And that's exactly what's happening. Regardless of the level of puppetry going on in that shitty AnCom group, They are enacting violence against the Alt-right, which, although are pseudo-Natsocs, are completely peaceful, and the Alt-lite, which are pathetic cuckservatives that are entirely peaceful and hold little power past "lel make fun of low-hanging fruit". and that's not even mentioning all the attacks on normies.

Essentially, there is no way to worm out of this one if you call yourself a communist. Refusal of acknowledgement and distancing won't work, the word "Communist" will be attached to AntiFa likely during the entire time the right is in power.

So what if a less shit but still pretty shit system sabotages a shittier sounding system?

I blame reddit.

I'm kinda ambivalent, on the one hand, punching nazis is nice, on the other hand, I think zizek is right to say the left needs to become the standard bearer of civility if it wants to succeed.

You can when they show up in masks destroying thousands of dollars worth of property and beating people with fists and weapons.

Banning antifa is actually the generous solution. All these wannabe tough guys whining about their brand of violence being banned wouldn't pretend to be so tough any more if they chose a less generous solution.

They should label sports fans terrorist, honestly.

Banning antifa means the state tacitly supports fascism. The dialectic is in motion.

I'm just glad you stopped talking about itchy tinfoil.
We're making progress.

This is why its stupid to call them terrorists
If they were out bombing buildings and taking hostages, that'd be the apt label for them.
Violent hooligans is not terrorists, though

You don't need to ban anything if that happens you just arrest them or fine them heavily. Let them have their pouting on facebook, reddit and shithole boards like these.

At best you could call em gangs. Or the feds

Difference with violence in conjunction with sports events is that it is not done to affect politics or anything metaphysical. Generally it's just a venting of anger that has no tangible meaning.
What brings upon the "terrorist" title is the political motivation behind the attack.

Man, you can't get over one post can you.

When the political motivation is to fuck shit up, you're on the same mental level as sports fans at that point.

I'm just persistent and I believe in small victories.

So you are petty.

No, that's retarded.

If I start a group called "poor helpless little children" and our group is actually just masked thugs who burn and destroy things and beat the shit out of people when it's 40 on one, people are going to think our group is shit and want to ban us. If we then turn around and say "OMFG, what!? You guys literally hate us POOR HELPLESS LITTLE CHILDREN!? You monsters!" people are going to rightfully call us out of our bullshit, just like I'm calling you out for your bullshit.

Calling yourself "antifa" doesn't give you a free card to be a violent cunt.

Nah, this is sport to me. I'm completely aware there's a bigger picture at play. This just gives me gratification at the moment.

and yet banning antifa, which is not a centralized organization, does give the government license to censor and suppress anti-facism.

so if we all have control over the factories (e.g. means of production) does that mean that even vaccine deniers get full and direct say in what we do?

What do we do if there is a situation in which we are very divided upon (50/50) do we then separate and make an entirely new country?

how do we make certain that people do not make small governing bodies inside of our socialist country?

how do we prevent hierarchy from forming?

how do we keep people engaged and productive?

legit curious.

all while working as a stand-up comedian.

Never excused violent cubs fans. If they burn a care or some shit, they're criminals just like the violent antifa members.

Still works both ways famarooni

But will you ban all cubs fans?

and yet you support calling the antifa terrorists, but not the cubs fans?


Are Cubs fans conspiring to spread their message through violence 24 hours a day?

That the cubs win and your team sucks?

If cubs fans start organizing and raiding sports bars in other cities and talking about how cool it is to fans of a different team then yeah, sure thing.

By the way, the thing that makes cubs fans not terrorists is that they're just drunken stupid fucks. What makes antifa terrorists is that their violence is coordinated and politically motivated. I'm not just making this up, it's literally the definition of terrorism.

Should say to punch fans of a different team.

All politics is about the coordinated use of violence, whether it be by the state or something else. Terrorism is a specific kind of violence meant to enact political change through fear.

I dont think people actually support antifa so much as they like irritating the right and see their reaction to them as over the top. Like trying to get them called a terrorist organization.
They're some violent cunts running around breaking shit with an excuse for violence, but placing that in the context of some perceived political war makes that look much bigger than it is. And seeing an 'other side' inhabited by retards make more of it than it is tends to make one make less of it than it is to disagree with and maybe anger them.
The general sentiment I've seen here is that they're LARPing liberals making us look bad though.

Holy shit, it's amazing just how short a time it took GG to turn into complete and utter dogshit. The KiA threads vastly overstepping their original intent to call out game industry bullshit, and now it's just another reactionary-lite propaganda machine.

I was always somewhat concerned it would turn rotten, but again, I'm surprised just how quickly it happened since I last checked in.

Why contain it?

But terror for non-political means is fine to you?
If I spread terror to get a sandwich, and I go out of my way to bomb the capital, am I still not a terrorist because I was meeting a need that wasn't necessarily political.
You're really not grasping how arbitrary this is yet, are you?

Why should I listen to people who advocate for violence against innocents and play apologia for it?

Power defines what is terrorism and what is not. Always has. Whatever is a threat to that power is considered terror. Has nothing to do with your arbitrary definition.

When did I say I'm ok with it? I'm not defending drunken sports fans who do illegal shit, I'm just explaining the difference between terrorism and not terrorism. Sports fans who burn cars and w/e can be locked up for all I give a shit.

Yes, like the kind of violence where people in masks show up destroying everything and beating people as a future warning to people who dare go and hear someone speak, or to colleges who allow that type of speaker into their institution.

I don't know user, it's a mystery…

First I would check out worker co-ops, as their pretty much the blueprint of how things will work.

Part of the idea is educating the working class. They sort of already have a say in general politics to a small degree, but they are mocked by the the people who study the science.

Possibly, if the case is that extreme.

Sometimes that's actually the point, for anarchists I think, where everyone has their own self sufficient community as part of a larger structure. Hell, even businesses now have small governing bodies of their own. It's called a board of directors.

Not all leadership is hierarchic. Also would recommend checking out direct democracy.

Probably the same way co-ops do, since people will still need to get their means of subsistence from the market. The money incentive doesn't work for everything though. There's an animated thing here on how work that requires cognitive thinking is actually damaged by money incentives:

And antifa poses no threat to power whatsoever, so they're not terrorists, case closed :)

But they're not terrorist? Let's say they bomb the capital because the cubs aren't declared the winner? How much terror does one man have to inflict before they are considered a terrorist, or do you care less about the etymology of the word and more for your arbitrary definition?


They will if Trump declares them terrorist. A terrorist isn't a terrorist till the state deems them one.

nobody gives half a fuck about some retarded gamergate clickbait.

TBH it's counter productive to punch a pleb, but if it's someone in power doing really awful shit, regular people can only be pushed so far.

Intent is a component of terrorism. It's not "my arbitrary definition," it's just the definition of the word. I'm not the one who made it up. And I'm not even defending criminals who aren't terrorists. Not sure why this is something you're so hung up on.

That is the most retarded thing I have ever heard on Holla Forums… congratulations :'^)

Why do all the Holla Forumsfaggots come on here and pretend to be left and try turn us against Antifa?

The day Antifa rounds you fascist fucks up and executes you and kicks your bodies into mass graves is a day I will be happy.


Everyone on the left knows that if you right wingers really had your way, you would kill us without question.

why do you even do this?

Why should I pretend about the lives and rights of Fascists on leftypol?

Antifa is doing gods work shutting down these fucks.

Down with the goober gobblers!

Intent is a component, but the intent of terrorism has always to get ones needs met. They have historically been political, but they don't necessarily have to be, is my point. Even State Terrorism is about fullfilling some kind of desire or need.

I'm being facetious. Terrorism in that narrow context is only state approved. I can't label you a terrorist simply because you knocked my baseball cap off and intimidated me for cheering for the cubs, for instance. There has to be some broader context. There has to be a threat to the established order of things.

Fuck off. They've done no good. They make the public hate us and associate us further with the liberals obsessed with what trump may think about mexicans or women.
They havnt shut anyone down. Milos book spiked in sales after the berkley shit. Noone is afraid, they just hate rioters.

Because examining terrorism thoroughly with someone I can bounce ideas off of is my idea of fun, I guess.

I remember leftypol a year ago

Hopefully everyone here realizes it was always a shitty thinly veiled alt-right movement and manipulated by right figureheads like Milo and CHS to create a new right youth movement.

They beat the fuck out of Fascists. That's good.

Why should I care?

And hopefully one of them stabs Milo in the fucking throat.

something awful pls go and stay go

Eh, it was babbies intro to manufacturing consent, I think. If it brought some people here, I'm not going to knock it.

Fucking lol.

Criticizing Goobergate was literally a bannable offence on this board a year ago.

"SJWS GET OUT OF MY HOBBY REEEEEEEEEEEE" Is not inherently alt-right or right at all.
It leads people to the right because they see their enemy as 'left', whether or not 'left' has to mean that.
But they turn into alt-lite shit because they just go in the oppisite direction to the histrionic assholes they're telling to get out(even as they start acting like their mirror)

I'm not going to punch you if I catch you wearing a Trump hat m8. But I also see no reason to label everyone antifa a terrorist, because I don't believe in letting the state tacitly approve fascism. So we're probably at an impasse.

Seizing the means of dub production



I love these comics, and the only time I ever read them is when someone posts


Oh no, gamergate thinks it's still relevant. What ever shall we do?

Whomp's pretty great. The alt text is usually funny.

cry about your feelings and then glorious uprising because somebody said nigger

It's to block the road you dingus. I thought leftcoms were supposed to at least be smart


Of course there's an easily discernible and comprehensible difference between a conspiracy theory and other theories. The former involves a conspiracy, the latter don't.

What you should be saying is that "conspiracy theorist" shouldn't have a pejorative connotation. Not that it shouldn't be used period, that's silly.

Finally, someone dares say the truth about the Eternal Kraut!

Your Holla Forums is showing…

This is good, we need a radical terrorist organization attacking the ideological right on sight

That is the goal dummy

Who's that in the bottom left?


I can't tell if these antifa people are Stalinists or liberals okay with violence because a girl didn't win.

If you plan on lurking around here some more ignore all nazbol, anfem and socdem posters. 99.999% of the time they are shitposters. You should already know not to trust tripfags.


Then punch state employees not random civvies.

So you accept that this PC SJW nonsense is an opportunistic corruption of Marxism and not in any sense its natural expression?

Really? On leftypol? Communist on my leftypol?

American Antifas are a cheap European knock off I didn't even knew it existed before Spencer got pummelled.

But the Berkeley ones are all liberal twats with superficial understanding of communism, who have a twist in their panties because it isn't HER who is sitting in the oval office.