ITT: we post things that makes us more tankie

ITT: we post things that makes us more tankie.

The video is NSFW and quite disgusting so view at your own risk.

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I have seen this video and the comment section is more disgusting than the video. People (mainly Holla Forums) are freaking the fuck out over gay sex. Two of the arguments that I hate most they have made are "this is porn" and "think of the children." The video is not porn. I have never seen a porn video that labels what is happening on screen. The children might see it argument is complete horseshit too because the video is age restricted. If you search it without an account or an account that is underage, the video does not appear.

Also, in case anyone is wondering why the video hasn't been removed, it's because the uploader made it age-restricted. If they uploaded it without doing that, it would be gone.

Without a doubt homofags are gay, but:
reminded me of those nostalgic times of 9/11 and Jesus gay porn being used to massively trigger conservatives on the internet, thanks OP.

As much as I hate Tankies, this shit right here makes me want to rev up a gulag:

Holla Forums's obsession with seeking out gay shit never ceases to amaze me.

lol at the wordfilter

I might be mistaken, but there was fisting shown there, which might be considered fun even for non-Holla Forumslacks

what filters to fun? degenerate?

clearly not, me

To be fair the gay community got their comeuppance for that stuff in the '80s, what with AIDS and all

Why is the left -and- the right always obsessed with what people shove up their orifices?

Fisting is a part of the gay culture, as is BDSM. If the average person thinks those actions are degenerate, then they shouldn't be pro-gay, which the average person is.

Because they want more people to be reactionary like them by showcasing videos like in the OP.

Tons of straight guys get fisted and do BDSM with their gf.

Sure, you can argue that they must be sorta bi to enjoy it, i think that's beside the point, i've seen straight guys do it and then say that they're 100% not attracted to dudes in any way and wouldn't fuck, or get fucked by a guy, ever.
It's kinda insane to think they would all be lying.

You assume that inserting a hand into somebody's asshole is the first thing that comes to peoples' minds when they think about homos, and from the petty internet arguments about homosexuality I have witnessed I could assume this is not the case, at least in case of people defending homosexuality.

Americans themselves want to turn me into a tankie.

Some of the gay people i know don't even like penetration that much.
It's mostly frotting.
Preparing for full anal sex is a metaphorical and literal pain in the ass that means you have to plan your day, including what you eat.
Most gay couples do less invasive shit when they want a quick fuck.

The point I'm making is people shouldn't accept just what they want to accept in a group. They should be willing to accept all aspects of them. If not, then what is the point in being pro that group?

This is a promotion of fun, which is a bad thing, because it weakens the individual or organization or society or who ever embraces it.
First of all, gays are walking bio weapons, and biohazard shouldnt be allowed to walk around and compromise public health. AIDS is bad.
Second of all, it promotes mental illness. Faggots typically have around a thousand partners and they are absolutely obsessed with being faggots, they even invented a flag for some reason, why do you need a flag to fuck someone in the privacy of your home, its their ideology, they even parade around half naked which is unsanitary and disrupt the traffic.
Also, there is a strong correlation with child abuse and faggots. They also seem to target children with their propaganda to confuse and exploit them.

tl;dr these faggots should hang for multiple accounts of faggotry.

there should be a gay supremacy


but being a faggot is the opposite of being super, even nature itself wants to stop them from existing

Every form of government already fucks their citizens over, it's kinda redundant.

If groups exist only to enforce internal stupidity, they shouldn't exist at all.

Against what, exactly?

Which is altruistic, if they are part of a society. Are you a liberal who believes in growth as an order from your sky god?

nature is gay as hell dude. also, aids isn't exclusive to gays and you act like it's an airborne disease or some retarded shit. also, promiscuity isn't exclusive to gays. it's quite common in your precious white women (i'm assuming you believe in precious superior aryan women)

Well when 80% of new HIV diagnoses are "men that have sex with men"…

oh yeah well explain eazy E then bitch

I found that aesthetically pleasing in a totally asexual way tbh fam.
The display of aberrant sexual behavior with calming music and technical jargon provides a separation for the audience so that they may views us as what we (and themselves) really are, Apes mostly interested in the guts of other Apes.
This is art.
I wish the video had both genders and some Gore fetishism in it though. That would have greatly enhanced the experience.

Since you put it that way, I agree, the video is truly art.

Eazy-E was on the down low, duh

Fucking hilarious 10/10. The more open sexual deviancy the better I say.

is right

the video is unpleasant, however that very feeling of uncomfortability is the point of the video imo. for a large number of other people, this is sexuality. how that makes you feel is your own experience, however despite your thoughts of "degeneracy" this will continue to happen regardless

How crass and undialectical. You truly have shit taste in art.

I am a male homosexual living in an area where such things are accepted, and despite fairly relaxed sexual mores I haven't heard much about coprophilia, fisting, or analingus. I have a sneaking suspicion that this film was made specifically to provoke visceral disgust with homosexuality.

A guy was drinking piss straight from a dick. I think that's porn.

Lmao this. Why are you cunts so triggered by people having sex?

No, it's because the uploader is calling it art, and part of the reason they get away with it is because faggots get free passes for being faggots, you fucking sodomite. Gore has been taken down despite being age-restricted.

No sense of moral judgment, just like Holla Forums.

I'm gay myself but putting fisting and coprophilia in a music video is too much for me. Damn, even in pornography that shouldn't exist.

It doesn't matter if he calls it art or not. What if the uploader has authentic artistic goals? Are you an art student?
The problem is not that this should be taken; it's that gore shouldn't be taken down.
What's the fucking morality here? It's consenting humans having sex.

Have you been on the internet for like a month? This is nothing. Why should we censor things people want to produce?


General computing is lost on people nowadays. There's an app for everything.

Oh, I saw you post this on 420chan Holla Forums

I wasn't interested then either.

Life sure is degenerate tho, huh, Holla Forums?

Its like the special machine for cracking eggs but a thousand times worse
kill me, comrade. Please.

Worst bait I've seen in months.

d-did a nazbol legitimately form a cohesive, inclusive post defending human decency?

holy shit, am i being shitposted at or am i dreaming>>1344741

Hi Holla Forums


Holla Forums or nsa or gchq who cares, it's a fascist pig either way.

I'm not opening that link but it doesn't surprise me that tankies are into homoerotics. After all, SA and similar groups were also a bunch of fags.

I'm not saying you're necessarily from Holla Forums, just that you're retarded enough to be a stereotypical Holla Forumsack

how is SA related to tankies? you mean something awful?
i only know about the CIA connection of their goonswarm leader that was revealed when he died selling guns to al nusra in benghazi.

In a socialist society pornography is banned.

Pffft I saw way worse shit than that when I was 13ish when I used to browse encyclopedia dramatica.

Same here, except I was 10-11. It's funny how people get pissy at small shit like in the OP's vid when it pales to thing like Offended

Sturmabteilung you dumb burger. Hitler had to disband them because they were into gay shit like OP.


truthfully Something Awful is mentioned here more often than Sturmabteiliung

Idpol drives me up a wall and makes me want to deport to Siberia a lot.
And I'm in one of those groups Idpolers want to "defend". Go figure.

sorry, i'm german, we don't learn that kind of stuff at school.
nazi time at our schools is mostly talk about concentration camps and the rest is just "hitler went to russia in winter and everyone froze to death so america invaded germany, the end".
no mention of any details because things like could make german youth think that hitler and other nazis were dumb as shit.

but luckily german wikipedia is more informative than international one about those topics.
it seems röhm's homosexuality was just used for propaganda so people saw him as degenerate.
the actual issue was that röhm wanted to separate the SA from the party influence and turn SA into an actual army.


How is this worse than any of the othe cheesy music videos full of almost naked women? Because it makes you insecure?

This is absolutely liberal decadence.

What happened to common decency?

What happened to having aesthatic values? And not propagating shit that are completely deviant so as to shock the other?

Liberalism is truly a mental illness. I will agree with Holla Forums on that much.

I'm actually not being able to watch this for some reason. Can anyone tell me what's in it?

if you mean BET simulated sex twerking, okay.
Otherwise, come on now, he's licking a guy's asshole.