As part of a talk on gentrification...

As part of a talk on gentrification, white anarchist speaker spends ten minutes talking about why other white people need to shut up

Also general idpol cringe thread I guess.

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(Cringe starts at around 28:03 BTW)

Further proof anarchists are liberals

as for racial idpol, this is pretty cringe


My Gott.

Is it? Haven't seen it on Holla Forums before at least.

it is a repost


An Ed Miliband quote mistakenly attributed to Wolff recently got 6k upboats, all time 7th highest post on /r/socialism:

Not idpol, but cringeworthy.

At-least he was a demsoc, unlike Blair.

Bruh demsoc is just socdems rebranding themselves. Miliband has never vied for more than nationalizing some industry and raising the minimum wage a little (while in practice doing anything but those things). I thought this was commong knowledge…

I can not understand why the white anarchists he keeps bitching about didn't like him.

This is idpol on tankie levels.

Take that strawman of yours and shove it up back your faggot ass.


We're not all like that…

I told you about these (predominately white, upper middle class Western) tankies, they're just treating class as the ultimate intersection and false consciousness as another category of internalized oppression. They're absolutely fucked in the head.

You're all fucking Stalinists, ML is a euphemism. The term Marxist-Leninism exists nowhere in Lenin's writings. He was a Russian nationalist, and wrote highly positively of civic nationalism. Yet you gloss over that in your proselytizing.

Sure, if you take one of the moderators of the largest and proudest self-titled ML boards on le reddit as a "strawman".

Stay mad.

I find it hard to characterize Lenin as a nationalist, but Lenin definitely took national sovereignty very seriously, if not for Russia then for the whole of the world and its nations. Recall that he said that Russia could not be free unless Poland were free, and he argued this on the basis that while countries have workers, workers have no country; that nations blossomed out of their utility for patricians, lords and finally the bourgeoisie, for commerce.

I was referring to Stalin. ML's are Stalinists with a sanitized name.

This is irrelevant. How many audiobooks has he made?

Nothing wrong with audiobooks

Check your non-dyslexic ableism shitIord

Oh, never mind that part of my post then.

I always feel like I'm getting wew'd really hard whenever I observe this, and I know that you use the flag at least a little ironically, but how much of it isn't ironic?

Everyone should hate gentrification, on the basic self-interested level it means you pay more for the same quality of life.

Anarchist and SJWs however, spend all of their time crying over black people as the sole victims of gentrification. They even write articles talking about how gentrification is pushing all the artsy fartsys and black/brown people.

How do you think most of the country responds to this? They say "wow, gentrification is amazing!".

Make better arguments, abandon Idpol.

As someone who requires a fecal bag for defecating I'm appalled by your intestoatypical slur "sh*tlord".

Check yuh privelege.

We losing the capacity to not be ironic anymore, whether we like it or not. NazBol and ironic left-Trumpism just hastens postmodernism eating itself.

This is why I don't talk to other anarchists or go to anarchist groups. They're not anarchists.

Not funny tbh my mom got a fistule and she actually shit herself on a regular basis

This is why you shouldn't take Zizek literally on fistuling, it was only a metaphor.

Pure fucking ideology. This is the most retarded political idea ever made to be.

Top kek fam

whoa mate
calm your tits
we get it
Stalinism is ML kek

Communalism and Internationalism not anarchism and miconationalism, OK? Praise Bookchin

A video that perfectly demonstrates why I'm not an anarchist…

The true anarchist way to prevent gentrification is to burn cars and smash windows.




Here's some leddit cringe:



Holy fuck. The black dude was alright but the cracker in the headscarf was a total moron. Are all anarchists this braindead? Maybe COINTELPRO isn't so bad if they're offing dumbasses like this

Modern western anarchists, yeah. Total cringefest. That's what happens when you abandon the theory civil and social anarchism once had and go full lifestylism. Anarchism is almost unsalvageable.

Every left sect has their own brand of liberal LARPers, stop being a sectarian faggot.


that doesn't make sense even as a shitpost

OK give me the name of the first five people

Cleopatra was white


Kropotkin(Russian), Bakunin(Russian), Proudhon(Frog), don't remember the others

This is one of my pet peeves. I can sort of see how you could try to revise history to make the native Egyptians into black people, but in what world would the descendant of one of Alexander the Great's Greek generals be black? Might as well say Augustus Caesar was black, it's just about as sensible.
Not to mention that it's really pathetic how these people try so hard to appropriate well-known figures from Western history instead of trying to spread awareness of actual African history and the cool shit that happened there. Goes to show much they actually care for history as opposed to trying to one-up American white people.