Actual pic I just took right now

Actual pic I just took right now.


We've been rumbled. Launch Operation Mitzvah!

Nazbol is spreading, soon it will be the only credible revolutionary movement.

trenchcoat mafia

Not likely, this kid spent like an hour defending the monarchy to me in a Canadian Politics course. He's some kind of neo-traditionalist.

He also wears this giant ushanka with a Tsarist eagle on it.



Sounds like a Holla Forumsfag almost to the point where I could guarantee it.

Why are these reactionaries so retarded ?

Nazbol is the only way forward. Embrace it guys.

If you guys weren't literal nazis, I might.

kek, I never imagined these people to exist outside of Russia.

he's totally not holding it like that for everyone to see. I used to do that.

that Holla Forums webm of spongebob where everyone is FBI on Holla Forums

it should be changed to nazbol

The day after he shilled for the queen I drew a guillotine on the board and wrote "Robespierre did nothing wrong".





The Forest Poopscicle Theology?

still though, nazbols are nazis with a different mask

Please be kind to the autistic.

I had a class with a neotraditionalist russophile to, it was on modern Eastern European history and I learned in that class he was devout eastern orthodox and that was weird as fuck since we were in the ducking deep south. He was the only other guy I met in college who used Holla Forums.

OP, how old is this kid you are talking about ?

pls kick his ass, fuck reactionnaries

We aren't nazis though.

Like 18 or 19.


Let him be man. He'll look back at this stage of his life 3 years from now and cringe as much as you do today.


Except I've talked to him and I know he's a moron. I've read fascist literature too, but only to better understand it, not because I actually buy that nonsense.

Wow you are really wise

Reading books is fine, even if they're meme books. Being stupid isn't.

he looks and sounds like a virgin Holla Forums autist

To paraphrase a disgusting imperialist, if you aren't a fascist when you are young then you have no heart. If you don't become a communist as you get older then you have no brain.

well then you're just picking on how he looks

Go back to reddit.

wew someone needs to get on /lit/ and pronto.

No I'm mocking his idiotic views. It doesn't help that he looks like a bespectacled Nazi skeleton.

I say beat up the nerd.

tbh monarchy is an ok system

Why? Fascists are basically communist who just don't understand economics anyways. Educate him.

I'm pretty sure those fascists are in the minority, just take a look at any Holla Forums facism general, economics is barely discussed and when it is it's usually some centrist drivel.

NazBols are going into the dustbin of history

Can we decapitate you?

Under based monarchy you could

You're smart

is that so wrong? it's the easiest thing to pick on with Holla Forumstards because theyre all hideous

By the way, it's ridiculous how pretentious he holds that book. It's like he wants the class to see what obscure literature he consumes. What a LARPer

that's a nice Columbine Jacket/Haircut. Nazbols shooting up schools could and interesting new twist to the aut right

This. I mean, hell, I read edgy esoteric tomes of eldritch lore in class, but at the very least I dont flaunt them and I generally try to keep the cover hidden.

kek, well deserved (you)


embarrassing titles -→ ebooks
titles that make me look cool and smart and pick up qts -→ first edition leather tome