Liberal facism

It's naive that leftists think the new right is just German facism incarnate. At least in Europe, the opposite is true. The argument is to cease immigration and taking in of refugees because they are a threat to our cherished Western liberal values. Not because of some vague shit about race autism.

Ultimately the Holla Forums muh degewacy shit will never appeal to the masses and you are already seeing them shift thier spin to pro homosexuality (fight Muslims because they'll throw cuteboys off rooftops) , strategic anti racism (fuck niggers of every race and not all blacks are nigs) etc.

I think this a good thing though. Liberal facism usually promotes welfare and I believe it's the only way forward

I heard zizek speak about this too but unfortunately I forget where

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The only good fascist is a dead one. Can't wait until we string you up from lampposts again and curb stomp your heads in
Fuck your daddy

no to all fascism

But you aren't doing that at all, are you?


It's SocDems all over again.

Whoa internet tough guy here!

Progressive politics are good, but certain aspects of it mean it'll lead to it's self destruction. I'd rather restructure progressive politics so that it isn't so reckless and is more concerned with preservation of itself

Define "liberal fascism".

I made the term up. Like I said, what I mean is facist politics with the intent of preserving liberal values

What do you mean by fascist politics?

Xenophobia, anti semetism, nationalism, mixed economy(socdem basically), unapologetic imperialism, state violence against certain groups of people

Are you sure you're not conflating fascism with the lack of tolerance towards certain beliefs? Because your idea would imply many left-wingers have been liberal fascists too.

Nice liberal values you're preserving there. I thought the new right was anti-war?

you're retarded

I meant economic imperialism mostly

Wasn't that term invented by some conservative who wrote for National Review ?


Okay Holla Forums.

It's literally from some bullshit neocon book that tries to equate affirmative action with Fascist idolizations or the state.

yeah, some blowhard called Jonah Goldberg iirc.


Churchill chatted inordinate amounts of shit.

He was a faggot but he never actually said that

This is a fake quote, Churchill never said that

What makes antifa fascist? They don't advocate any form of right wing authoritarian government.

Churchill was a fascist himself. So I guess that quote is right.

He means liberals will support Fascism and removing Muslims because third worlders threaten homsexuals, tranny's and free speech and they ultimately like these things more than they like low Autism Level niggers while bombing muslim countries some more because they have become too regressive for liberal sensibilities with all the ISIS beaheaders running around

Social liberalsim just makes you cringe at the end of it while third world niggers are a matter of future survival of Western civilization

Mussolini wouldn't had been a fascist until he became a puppet of Hitler by that definition

So basically it's just going to devolve into civic nationalism.


Nobody sincerely wants to gas the kikes except for a small minority of larpers. Why would extreme right wingers Like Marine Le Pen (well at least she was considered extreme 10 years ago, it's pretty mainstream now) repeat mistakes of the 20th Century german Not Socialists, it's good enough to just put a lot of fear into the liberal jews making them back-peddle which is what a lot of them are now doing.


A bit shitty to be crapping on your people, Holla Forums

No one's going to remove blacks, user. Considering you get right-wing blacks as well as left wing blacks, you're going to look like a retard generalising one race, just like the SJWs.

Churchill never said such thing you subhuman.

Niggers are Muslims and third worlders. American fascism and xenophobia is basically as far right as it can come at this point with Donald Trump with BLM and identity politics doing everything in it's power to push the trend further

You mean the jews who also support Trump?

Sure a lot of jews support Trump, a lot of jews support Marine Le Penn and Vladimir Putin as well dontcha know

Ok, so when you're talking about Niggers, are you talking about Blacks or are you talking about third worlders?

What of black people living in rising second-world countries like Botswana or Rwanda.

If you know someone who is a homosexual, a Jew and likes big black cock you should kill them because they are nazis.

Why do I need to give a fuck what they do in fucking Rwanda?

Liberal fascism=liberal values for us but not for them.

They can have liberal values. Turkey almost became a normal country until their inner nigger awoke in the form of Islamism and silly desire to reclaim parts of their sand empire. So did Lebanon but their silly shia/sunni divisions shut them down. It's more like third world niggers are incapable of being liberal

Racism of low expectations


Great stuff.

Middle East got fucked due to Divide and Conquer + installing ideologically aligned puppets by the US, read a fucking book.

It already died out because of germanics like you

wtf I love Muslims now. Those poor things have no agency and just become stupid becuase of things they cannot control. Sad!

Pretty good thread, OP. It's pretty important to recognize that today's welfare chauvinists are different from older iterations of nationalism.

Aryans. I blame beady anglo scum for spreading both liberal fun and Marxism

I'm really sick of Europeans and Americans acting like they even have a culture to defend. It boggles my mind how they think they're at risk of…something.

You'll have some of these respond to this post saying "how dare you, European culture is real"

No it's not.

Implying you even have a culture you dog beating insect eating godless heathen

I do, actually. I thought Americans were finished under estimating the Vietnamese lol.

Implying America wasn't too humanist, tolerant and liberal to unleash the full power of its military to commit mass genocide on you gooks

Just put the flag on already.

That's what they more or less set out to do, but weren't able to.

If you think its as easy as "HURRR WHY DIDNT WE JUST NUKE THE GOOKS DAD"

Then you really need to stop talking about politics altogether and focus on something more productive for your time and capacity, like asking your mother to buy you a coloring book, she can help you learn how to color something without scribbling outside of the lines.

Of course, after all the moderate rebels of Syria wanting "Islamic democracy" certainly aroused naturally and got all those sweet weapons from nowhere.

Didn't know there was a flag. Nice.

For political and moral reasons not the lack of ability

They actually did have moderate liberal rebels in the begging defecting from the Syrian Army. They all died though. The military is really the most liberal and progressive institution in the middle east. All the officers can read, train at West Point, train with americans etc.

When people say "western culture" they basically mean liberalism.

Yes the lack of ability. You can't just nuke random non-nuclear capable nations during an age of deterrence. Everyone itching to push the trigger. Let alone because at the time, the United Nations would probably put sanctions on you. On top of that, the geopolitical consequences of putting Cambodia in a position of power.

You can't just commit war time genocide

besides we already did that to the troops that landed there

I'll repeat it since you seem to also have trouble reading.

If you think its as easy as "HURRR WHY DIDNT WE JUST NUKE THE GOOKS DAD"

Then you really need to stop talking about politics altogether and focus on something more productive for your time and capacity, like asking your mother to buy you a coloring book, she can help you learn how to color something without scribbling outside of the lines.

That's kinda like saying that whenever people say Russian culture they mean communism. Russian culture still did manage to survive after the bolsheviks committed genocide on all the intellectual and productive classes in the USSR leaving a dumb disgenic blob of shit that they wanted to mold into a Soviet Man

No. "Western """culture"""

Is a myth. It does not currently exist, and has not for perhaps over two thousand years, not taking into consideration those that lasted afterwards.

There is no native European culture left, it died a long time ago. There's no need to worry.

What about Turkey, though? Half a dozen coups just to keep the secular "democracy" out of the hands of islamists.

No they mean liberalism, conservatism, christianity, demos and logos etc. It is an amalgamation of great many things that ultimately make westerners, Europeans etc and their way of thinking unique.

Different european cultures do exist.
If you mean Language, cuisine, fashion, art etc.

sure you can. You yourself admit that it's only political factors that prevented it.

Stop speaking English, watching Western shows, music, video games and reading Western literature and using your computer then you fucking insect. Your shithole never produced anything of value.

No. "Asian """culture"""
Is a myth. It does not currently exist, and has not for perhaps over two thousand years, not taking into consideration those that lasted afterwards.
There is no native Asian culture left, it died a long time ago. There's no need to worry.

When I mean culture I mean something native to Europe that doesn't have a trend somewhere else down the line outside of Europe.

There are a few, but its all surface detail.

Europe and America, America especially, as they stand, have no culture.

If Western culture means systematically denying outsiders agency, I'm for its destruction.

Fascism ≠ not going through channels.

Any system in which there are worthy, unworthy, and elect is liberal. The power relation and the muh privileges attached are the core of the ideology. Most everything else about it is drag.

kys liberal. Righteous abstinence is for losers.

You probably couldn't even point to Laos on a map

I'm sorry is this what you think culture is?


He's right though, the "proper" western culture associated with medieval and early modern ages has been largely overridden by "secular" culture.

What? No, islamism IS fascism.

This is you


German language exists. French language exists. Spanish language exists etc.
and they are native to Europe.

I said surface detail. Everything is currently homogeneous.

If whites were to vanish, right now.

Everything would remain the same.

The defense of something that is ultimately neutral to your existence as sacred.

What has that do do with the irrefutable fact that Asian culture does not exist?

No its some gook kikery. Culture is something that evolves and changes over time. Liberalism and bourgeois culture in Western counties is still culture you retards just think that since it's tied to an economic system then it isn't legitimate for dumb reasons, which is funny since most gooks readily assimilate into it. As if the only authentic cultures are luddite Quaker assholes and Amazonian tribes with no contact with outsiders.

All cultures are "surface detail". So what's this bullshit argument? What do you mean by "culture"? Give me an example.

No you're just historically incompetent and should probably stop posting on the board altogether


Is this bad trolling?

European culture resembles a septic tank, you don't know where all the shit came from, but everyone knows its shit.


It would. Do you think capitalism would look much different?

Honestly? It works under the same guide book as it always would have.

Must be why America and Europe are the number one preferred destinations of immigration for everyone.

Third world nations have a higher graduation rate than Holla Forums does, I wouldn't be generous with the term.

Which is called Christian culture by many recent immigrants to the west because they recognize it as such. Many atheists have begun to recognize it as well, calling themselves cultural Christians. Culture isn't static, it is ever evolving and modern western "secular" culture is a part of western thought and philosophy.

Again wrong. There are Southern and Central American nations which important a massive amount of immigrants. Costa Rica and Uruguay come to mind.

And besides, the immigrants coming to America aren't coming for your make believe fit when appropriate ""culshure"". They're coming for labor and economic purposes.



I didn't say that other countries don't have immigrants, but that America and Europe are the number one preferred destinations of immigration.
Learn some western logic, maybe you will then understand the semantic difference.

Look being this butthurt because your people have no history or culture is understandable but there is no reason to attack the ones who tell you the truth.

So it's okay if the western culture completely annihilates traditionalism, social conservatism, nationalism and so on?

Is Hoochie the same person as Asian cunt?


This is true. All Holla Forums posters are neets.

Again not for whatever culture you pretend exists there.

It actually spans far before Han China's occupation a long time ago, but you clearly have a sub standard middle school social studies education.

Is this a bad thing

Yes for its political and economic culture, you numbwit.

This is what happens when you bring in inferior cunts en masse via immigration. They revel in identity politics and justifications for their own inferiority and become really hateful and spiteful little cunts since they assume everyone is out to get them since they look different. Like Asians in university always look autistic don't talk don't participate in groups and stick to their own gook innner circle. Then they go online and become the jew and over analyze and criticize the culture and society they hate.

That's not culture. And people don't come for politics either.

Keep making a fool out of yourself.

I was mocking the idea.

You tell me.

Then what is "culture"? Give me an example.

We end up with posters like you who aren't banned yet

nationalism is certainly making a comeback. Also depends what you mean by social conservatism. Two centuries ago a lot of communities in America followed retarded old testament laws to the letter.

haha you SJW cunt

Something native to a region that has cross contamination, but is not entirely made up of cross contamination to a point it is not all too different an ocean apart.

Once homogeneity sets in it becomes a singular culture.

But this was always the case with Europe.

As far as I'm concerned Europe's native culture has been extinct for centuries or more.

Look that was a long time ago and all connection to that time have been severed since then, just like in Europe as you yourself asserted.


And only populist parties are usually right-wing, since left-wing populists were literally exterminated.

Got an example?

Haven't changed much at all and just as then into the 20th century out culture has only drastically changed with French occupation and now Capital bullshit .

wew lad

Semantics. Liberalism and nationalism can be interchangeable depending on the context. See French Revolution, 1848 etc

China is a good example actually.

hahahaha and this is why Islam will win in the end

That's not what I said. I said Europe is a borrower culture. It has no distinct face that you can't find in greater depth elsewhere.

Culture that never evolves stagnates and dies. Having a zombie culture and history is the same as having no culture and history.

You might as well just use the Gay Nazi flag alone.

This is like a really bad essay from a community college student trying to write about postmodernism

Take a break from the keyboard.

Demos and logos, where can you find that in greater depths than in western thought and philosophy?

You will have to face your spooks eventually or they will consume you.


Eastern thought and philosophy

You also believe that the Greeks came up with philosophy themselves. Greece as foundation to Europe might as well have been part of the Near East.

What about China is culture?

Examples, provide them. I want to all about the eastern love for plurality and the individual.

You can't point Laos on the map and don't know anything about East Asian history, and you're commenting on it

I mean just look at that on the face of it. You don't even know who the Champas were

You DO realize that European countries and their derivatives are currently occupying Australia, both Americas, half of Asia Europe gets to be called a continent because white people say so, and they have territorial claims all over Antarctica, right?

And that the rest has been conquered by Europeans with the sole exception of Thailand?

please read the OP

top kek

Are you asking me to tell you that China has a long standing culture?

A specific example of chinese culture.

What the fuck has the location of a country right in the middle of south east asia surrounded by Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand have to do with anything? Asians have the weirdest obsessive compulsive personalities.

No, I did mean borrower. Want to know what they managed with those cultures too?

Exporting portions of them. European culture was forever in a period of bizarre hyper-orientalism combined with imperialism, you can't separate what you have no from other parts of the world.

Christianity wiped out the native religions of Europe.


The cunt has bought into some Western uncorrupted noble savage type narrative shit regarding himself and his people

Oh yes, this is a clear case of turd worldism evil white oppressor narrative. It is super spooky.

inb4 merely pretending

What the fuck is this dipshittery?

It should be obvious what I meant when I said "You probably can't even point to Laos on a map" when you said Vietnam had no culture of its own.

In fact, nations like Vietnam are far more appropriate to have nationalism because on all sides different cultures entirely were pressing on wiping it out. And all Asian nations with the exception of those of influence feel this way, whether it be West or neighboring country.

There is culture there, and vast history.

I was saying you don't know it because you don't care enough to actually consider the distinct differences between nations. To you, we're basically all the same species apparently.

But there are vast differences, and I was saying you don't know them.

And here I thought turd worldism was already delusional.


That is literally how Vietnamese culture works. We are inseparable from our home even if we're not in it, have a strong sense of community.

We have done this since the fucking Trung Sisters in Han occupied Vietnam

Also traps are your thing Holla Forums not mine

It isn't turd worldism it's you having culture shock.

I'm not a turd worldist.

socialism here

You are making it seem as if all Vietnamese immigrants are retarded

Awww, vietnamese people are the only people in the world who have a strong sense of community. Tribalism is completely unique to vietnam. A unique cultural achievement. I'm impressed!

You're doing a good job defending your culture against a mean vietnamese woman, shart in mart, I just want you to know that


Did not say that.

Did not say that.

Read the post again.

You're deluded as fuck.

No you are right. You are not a turd worldist, you are an Asian supremacist. You are as spooky as the stormfags.

I wasn't saying Vietnam was…holy shit

I was saying the Near East throughout the time, largely made up the backbone of European culture and had for centuries and centuries

The only notable differences were ironed out eventually.

What the fuck does this even mean? So let me get this straight if a foreign culture influences your culture and you adopt aspects of the foreign culture then you no longer have an authentic culture?

Romans and Greeks weren't from Near East tho?

No I'm not. I was once a Vietnamese nationalist. That actually does not mean I hate all white people, though many do.

Vietnamese nationalism is more, about saving the home we have from foriegn occupation, it arose during the chaos of the Indochina Wars, Cambodian pressures, and US invasion. And it has strong cultural links because we celebrate the defeat of the Han Dynasty's occupation of us. We celebrate a lot of insurrection.

It isn't Asian supremacy calm down, I'm not putting every East Asian nation into a single bubble that's retarded

Yes, Norwegian culture is indistinguishable from Iraqi culture.

Greeks and Romans were influenced by Egyptians and Persians. So I guess they didn't have a culture. Only gook culture is pure and untainted.


The trade between them was more than just the trade. It shaped what became Greece. Greece took the ideas in their own way, but you can clearly see where they split and what Greece took. Look up the Orientalizing Period of Greek art.

The Near East at the time, also early on, heavily took from Egypt, and even Egypt the Near East.

It is important to remember how different things were at the time.

If she hated white people she'd have said everything would improve.
Which it would. Fuck whitey.

The stormfags go on about how they don't hate other people all the time to. They also claim to just want to protect their home from invaders. We know what you are.

That wasn't me wishing every white person would disappear.

That's me saying that with or without white people, capital and its hooks in whatever culture Europe and America have as conglomerate, would go on in mostly the exact same ways. Capitalism, and so culture, would still look as they do.

Your alphabet uses latin script you dumb cunt

Karl Marx was german. No Karl Marx, no Ho chi Minh.

Stormfaggots are exactly what I'm criticizing here because they only care about their gigantic conglomerate culture that swallows up all others.

Cultures die on a yearly basis, and these pricks think that they're oh so important above them.

It's international difference, there are nations actually fighting to keep their culture safe from extinction.

Great rebuttal


Don't get side tracked, I'm talking West Europe and America.


Those continents would become mostly empty.

The difference is the culture you think is sacrosanct isn't really at risk. It will survive off into the sunset

No they hate it.

Yeah stormfaggots make that argument too.


You're not getting my point. I'm not saying depopulate them. I'm saying a situation where whites no longer exist, Capitalism and the culture it produces would still exist.

Capitalism produces no culture. It erodes it.

Yes but all pretense at democracy and the rule of law would be gone. Capital has been trying to kill those for as long as it has existed.

Chinese culture would also still exist, if all chinese people disappeared: In western china restaruants. :-DDD

They have no other culture to defend

There is a large difference between the need to protect the culture of a small East Asian nation, and the sub cultures within it that have lasted centuries

And rural fucking Mississippi

The nationalism emerges from need to protect culture from legitimate outside intervention.

Not bitching about immigration taking everyone's culture away when nobody in America even has a culture

That's my point, but it produces its erosion nonetheless.

No it wouldn't stop being hysterical.

No it won't. If white people are removed all Western culture including pop culture is finished all those dindu rap acts will not get any money from kike producers anymore since the kikes won't have a host to parasite off of while the dindus starve to death because there will be no welfare left

"If we get rid of white people, the rappers will inherit the Earth and nothing will ever be the same"

t. Holla Forums


Are you saying it does, especially now?

Well, that's true, because stormfaggots are nationalists and nation states are artifical constructs. There are however many regional european cultures that are native, which you probalby don't know anything about.

You sound like a faggot who is too good for popular culture and mainstream tv shows, books and sports because it's too de-classe and plebian for your very refined dog eating tastes.

Popular TV Shows = Culture

Thanks for the info Holla Forums, I thought it looked something like this

culture=old temples

wow just wow, not as if white people got any of those


Wow just wow.

You just said it was TV shows, I was pointing out long varied history by showing the Mỹ Sơn ruins of the former/incorporated Chapa people who also had a civilization within Vietnam.

I was saying how interesting that is culturally, compared to say, the new fucking 24 reboot.

But yes continue massaging your prostate about how cultured you are like every other Holla Forums hobgoblin

UNESCO World Heritage Sites actually aren't important at all.

Should just demolish em tbh

Those were imported from the near east.
t. retarded vietnamese shitposter

America and Europe do not have democracy, or rule of law, "ingrained " in them


No they are not.


No, just that they came from a cosmopolitan hub Holla Forums would probably disprove of.

The people Holla Forums idolizes, the blonde haired Europeans, at the time were mocked for being but savages to the powers that be.

Why not?

I think my old shit looks better than your old shit

looks like shit tbh lad

Holla Forums needs to call out Holla Forums entryists a lot more often. fake quote.

Go back to Vietnam samefaging cunt

It's also historically newer.

At the same time, these parts of Europe's greatest accomplishment was having no written language at all, and so little is known of them. Aside lifting up stone pillars and totems.

But Europe was always smart and civilized eh

That's a really confortable position for you to take isn't it. Since Europeans weren't always the hegemonic global culture and power their culture is inferior and now that Europeans are the hegemonic global culture and power their culture is shitty or non existant. Ha! Well I feel much better about myself now so I will now take a break stop posting, have a snack and stir fry some cockroaches

Wait. I thought the powers that be was the evil white blonde blue eyed oppressor? are you saying that Holla Forums is right when they say the powers that be are swarthy near eastern cosmopolitans :^)

You were directly comparing the two as if they occurred at the same time is what I got out of it. "Our old shit is better than your old shit".

Weren't you just saying culture was TV shows I'm not watching

Are you implying pop culture isn't culture? Because why? Because feelings?

Where the fuck did I say that?

No they're not. Because without Greece you would be nowhere and maybe Asia would have enslaved the Gauls and Druids, who knows.

To be fair you did try to reduce culture to old religious ruins, as if the fact that most Westerners are so spiritually exhausted they'd cringe at the site of a new cathedral being constructed is "proof" that capitalism destroys culture (unlike whatever brand of Asiatic despotism the Cham used to get those ruins built)

Egalitarianism and universalism are Western values. People want an accountable democratic government they can influence and demand justice from, rather than being ruled by fiat and in secret by various arch-organs of transnational capital. It's a fear of loss of agency in some respects I think.

The big city hipsters you fraternize with certainly resemble the kind of hyperconsumerist blank slate of ironic appropriation that I would say is cultureless and borrowed. I can't fucking stand them for too long because of this, they're insufferable. So I can definitely see how you'd come to that conclusion tbh. I have absolutely no doubt your home culture is infinitely more rich and alive than what you find in these people. But they are beside the point, or, rather, what I'd want to avoid us all turning into. And you'll find them in every cosmopolis these days across the world.

Are you honestly suggesting the West is unique, no, even perpetuated these things?

It had to take revolution to bring them

Stop being stupid.

Nausea and indigestion, followed by brief bursts of laughter.

Yes Holla Forums America's finest export is television and movies, you finally cracked the code on why American culture is so

utterly banal

In some aspects it is unique. We make all the ideas and systems you copy like say capitalism Marxism etc. Our war machines are unstoppable copied by everyone else. Our technological achievements unmatched.

Yeah they sure were with them calling everyone who wasn't them a filthy barbarian.


*shoved down the world's throat in the 19th and 20th century because of colonial rule fucking everything up

aww poor you

[Mongol hoard approaches]

Transformers 5, Endless Marvel and Superhero movies, Endless Star Wars, probably 10 more Terminators, and sharting in marts

American culture really is settling on its previous working class roots


Would we even know about the ruins without colonialism?

No, and maybe it should be kept that way.

Because these were the values of the people not the rulers. Why didn't the peoples of SE Asia rise up in similar fashion?

They weren't values they were response to material conditions.

Have you tried Bollywood or Chinese cinema you unbearable asshole?

Stop making things nobody likes more like

why didn't the material conditions in SE Asia result in the same?

Haha, get preserved, tiny son

Dou maa

But they did countless times

Read a fucking book

I didn't say that at all actually. Just I would rather have the French fuck off back to their smelly hive then have it be studied.

And the Champa weren't "our culture", in fact they were primarily a Hindu one.

China isn't the best indicator for taste, but glad you're embracing multiculturalism now for convenience Holla Forums

And did they bring about egalitarianism and universalism? Democracy and the rule of law?

Buddhism and other Eastern religions you fuck.

Not even the west brought about that don't be absurd

Asian, Muslim and Afrikan culture groups are inferior to Western culture group.

Are they what you base your systems of governance and justice upon?

wewest of lads

Does the West even base anything good from its system of law lol

Theater, actually, is also, not a wholly Western uniqueness. Sorry.

First thing that popped into my head. Beats being tortured to death without a trial I guess.

It's the best one tho

Wow its a good thing the west doesn't do that

Not really about the past, more about the future. Like in what other major culture are these values held to such high regard, if at all these days?

If anything there's been a wave of anti-modernism, which scares the shit out of people. We all know the major root cause, but look at it this way, the current liberal order is a giant scam. The comfy and continuously self-righteous at home turned a blind eye to the """humanitarian""" adventures abroad. Progressivism took credit for social progress it was barely even responsible for.

Sure as hell not one that participated in the cold war

Yeah being free from eastern style autarchies based upon eastern religions does feel good.

I was being sarcastic you fool the west does that

For Muslims

What a great rule of law :)

Whose is better?


ignoring what? That the West stomped on its enemies? Oh boy oh geez oh man if you kill your enemies they win

My government does not do that. In fact it doesn't execute people at all. Weird right? It's like we have a culture of democracy and the rule of law or something.

You seemed to be implying that the west was always a fair trials and rule of law paradise except where foreign enemies were concerned.

You mean Russians? Yeah their 70 year total Marxian socialization program to reform the culture and they still do not have very friendly laws for homosexuals… Looking around the rest of the Union, Turkmenistan isn't so great right now either, Saparmurat Niyazov sure segued nicely from former First Secretary into absolute despot and ruler for life.

I wasn't implying that. It is held to that standard of liberal moral perfection however.

What were you implying?

Western porkies did a bunch of savage bullshit for no other reason than greed and dominance across the world, not only supplanting native cultures, but often exterminating them. I guess King Leopold was a crypto- and the Congolese children his men butchered were just subhumans right? If this is the culture you want to enshrine on its purported higher virtue you might want to think a little harder about that. You think you have opposition now from the third world, if you go full chauvinist ethno-nationalist then keep up with the shit, especially neocon power struggle shenanigans, it'll be probably be a total world conflict in no time

Waht are you implying? Since America tortures Muslim terrorists America is now illiberal and authoritarian torture fest now?

can you kikes get your terminology straight because most of that was done by Western settlers and Aristocratic imperialists during an age of mercantilism and absolute Monarchy

That the west was not always a fair trials and rule of law paradise.
What were you implying?

Ok and that is a bad thing because white people did it? I guess self criticism and reflecting on mistakes made in the past is a white trait.

Take off your persecution glasses. You deserve Hoochie and she deserves you.

Was colonialism good or bad or neutral? Like how can you say the culture is better than oh no that was just economic Darwinism and besides, if it wasn't us it'd have been someone else (literally Soros logic).

I thought that the victim complex is something you specialise in. White people aren't allowed to feel persecuted or victimized.

You don't understand the difference between constructive criticism and fetishizing instances of some historical crime and injustice and projecting it on the entire society or an individual.

How so?

When did I do that? Take off the glasses.

Gee I dunno was the USSR's colonialism and mass deportations of Crimeans, Jews and Chechens a good bad or neutral?

So America was founded by settler colonialist Protestant zealots so now materialist leftists can moralize about how all Americans are guilty because their ancestors were Protestant settler colonial protestant zealots.

You're just kind of doing the same thing though and having a knee jerk reaction to what I posted. I'm not arguing any of that, I'm trying to ascertain a criteria for constructive criticism. Obviously that white guilt, liberal moralism, postcolonial trash is worthless. But how do you even talk about something like that these days without everyone triggering eachother into a histrionic baiting match?

I asked because nationalists say British Empire was a net positive, but I don't know if they're just being edgy. These days it's getting impossible to tell.

You don't. You shout over the leftist and liberal and trigger them with nazi symbology and holocaust Pepe's

Do you really want a society where the biggest troll wins?

You know Fascism is a response to rampant leftist faggotry? Like 10 years ago a lot of the Trump voters were harmless ancaps or liberals. But leftists just have to step on snek and then are surprised when black helicopters start flying

Which leftists are you talking about?
I see only liberals.

But that's what the tankies said.

The shit paraded around as leftism was just another kind of religious justification slapped over the top of neoliberalism. Like how they got Christians to become big fans of capitalism. It's a giant ruse cruise. Hell, a good percentage of you are acting exactly like SJW's now. Can never tell if it's irony though, that's the beauty of postmodernism. Maybe it'll ultimately work out for the best that the memer internet egregore is beta orbiting around world power with a direct line I guess… what could possibly go wrong?

Yeah I think that's a cute little cop out you do. Let's not associate with our most mainstream and widespread cringe tier factions that aren't as hardcore as we are and larp in our echo chamber. The right wing has the same shit with larpy neo-nazis nrx faggots and Ironmarch tier faggotry. Implying Berniefags Occupy wall street fags, Antifa BLM social democrats and left liberals in the NY times don't use Far leftist rhetoric and hate capitalism or some aspects of capitalism along with all of their identity politics shit which also coincidentally comes from Western critiques.

Leftist critiques*


How is it a cop out?
Implying Bernie was an idpol fag.

The aspects of capitalism they have a problem with are companies not employing brown people. Woah, hard hitting critique, revolution incoming.


Your need for a two-team contest doesn't even rate in the public interest. Why do you think your bourgeois conceptions even matter in this sphere? Climb inside your straw man and play fire poi.

I don't know most of his supporters were however. I have no problem with him personally except for his retarded economic policies but if he won and not Trump I wouldn't be so mad except for the fact that SJW autistic screeching would probably amplify but then they would be your people wouldn't they

Are you implying that we would be in favour of "SJWs" if Bernie had won and they supported Bernie? Lurk more.


Who the fuck is "we" First of all there are one million Marxist subfactions and academics who never agree on anything, some think BLM is the best thing ever and that Stalin was Hitler. What you all agree on is fucking with regular people looking to make a decent living and shitting all over Western history

Read a book.

Who does that? How?

What gives you the idea that Marxism is anti-west?
Here, fap to this.

Basically the glass ceiling equal representation at the top SJW shit. The way you bitch about the Jews is like when people bitch about White people, banter that apparently triggered you so hard you had to form a tumblr-tier online larping reactionary vanguard movement that harnessed weaponized autism and dank maymays. The whole thing's just fucking disgusting and cheapens all involved.

Muh bourgoisie and muh jews are the same level of autistic analysis

Like I know buisness owners, none of them are globalist TPP tier assholes.

I know jews, a lot of them aren't subversive kikes who run the media hate white people and pontificate about the holocaust victimhood.

Until you can acknowledge and understand that other people don't care what teams you need them to be on and aren't going to move around just so your lazy ass can make an appeal to tradition, kys liberal.

Who says individual bourgies are assholes? Besides, implying the guys you know are anything but petty bourgeois.

I don't even know what you're trying to argue here fag. Also trying to dismantle all tradition just because you want to dismantle tradition is kinda fucking dumb you need to come up with something besides muh spooks and muh opium.

Here we go again with the autism. I thought you faggots aren't supposed to be utopian when all of your shit is utopian. So there should be no people with more money, status or power than you in what fucking universe and why is this shit even a good thing and justifiable. I don't even care.

That says it all. Hope u like the taste of boot soles.

which book cunt? I actually read muh Manifesto, The Eighteenth Brumaire, parts of the Kapital Essays by Nicos Poulantzas, Gramsci, Ralph Miliband etc as part of my first year in university where I bothered to take a course on lefty Marx shit just to see what it was about I got an A on that shit and moved on with my life

Sweet fam. Don't listen to those commies. I need someone who appreciates the value of hard work and personal responsibility to work in my salt mine…

Oh, you thought this was liberal debate club? Cute.

Dismantle, hell. All we need to do is ignore it and it goes away. Your tradition has no value to me. Why, exactly, should I support it, even in the third person? Only authoritards need traditions. Adults keep their self-ignorance in the personal sphere. As for cheapening, if you're not for sale, why would it matter?

Utopian, hell. I simply don't value your pathetic need for status and attention, and I'd rather shit down your neck than have to put up with your self-promotion every time you do something useful, as if we owed your counterfactual assertions anything but derision and saliva.


Nah fam. You've read the Communist Manifesto. You're too smart for that commie shit. Come and work for me.

Implying I actually read that retarded pamphlet

Implying I didn't sparknote that shit laughed and forgot everything later

Even Mein Kampf had better prose

Yep. I agree. It's the absolute peak of Marx, and it's beneath you, so you should be doubly sure to avoid wasting your time with the rest of that garbage.



I wish I could be this retarded for just one day. I want to know what goes through the mind of someone this special when they decide to post something that fucking dumb.

Your shit runs through the streets, what the fuck do your people know about septic tanks?