German SPD overtakes Merkel party in polls

In the latest poll the SPD has overtaken Merkel's conservatives for the first time. This means that their new candidate Schulz could really make it.

Right now he's destroying Merkel in the polls. Most germans prefer him and in general he is very popular.

for the first time in 10 years*

The SPD is solely socdem now, but I hope they'll at least preform better than the CDU and make the AFD less popular

The SPD isn't even really SocDem, it's just pure Social Liberalism at this point.

They often end up caucusing with Der Linke tho, and as long as they stay strong it's certainly better than Merkel or AfD. Definitely not ideal, but still not as bad as it could be.

those votes are fake to stop you from voting for third parties.
op is a paid shill.

Is slick entryism viable with SPD?

Die Linke are /ourguys/


I'm not well-versed in German politics, does that term mean anti-establishment?

No, its possible in one of the viable coalition partners of the SPD though. Turning die Linke further to the left is a possibillity.

stasi was the East-German secret police, they were cunts, but tankies will tell you otherwise.

No, Die Linke are some of the last remnants of East Germany/DDR/GDR, and the Stasi was the secret police. The Stasi existed off the books after the fall of the Berlin wall but was mostly former agents trying to destroy documents and derail investigations, they have the commission for investigating them that Linke rused the other parties by scuppering their candidate because he was staunchly anti-Stasi. Every now and then if you poke Die Linke enough they'll go full tankie over this and other issues. Even though they only have 10% support in OP's pic they have 30% in East Germany.

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Unless you mean "slickly enter 10 inches of Stalinist dick into their anus and force them to get serious," no.

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Indeed, the East Germans seem to be remarkably fond of a party which supposedly ran a horrific dystopian dictatorship everyone hated…

The wall just got 10ft higher!

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Ossis have gone full retard since then. Sachsen-Anhalt, the western-most state of the former East Germany which is entirely deep purple in that image, has turned to the right pretty damn hard. Consider these more recent election results.

Oskar Lafontaine

Another problem is, that the guys who vote Linke in the East are pretty much old, and they are dying away.

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what does that map represent?

Die Linke vote percentage

2009 polling for Die Linke, the big purple area is former East Germany, where they held power.

Characteristically Schulz is very similar to Hollande.
He is a Schröderist (German blairists) and should he actually become the chancellor, he could end up PASOKfying the Socdems, just like Hollande did in France.

The percentage of people who voted for Die Linke, which is a renamed version of the former Communist ruling party of East Germany. This is a map of the DDR. As you can see, the former socialist ruling party remained rather popular.

This map is not helpful.
Due to the East-West divide, it's clear that former GDR is deep purple while the former FRG is light.

It's hard to discern strongholds in the West that way, like finding nuances in Hessen, since all of Hessen is around 5-10% with the exception of Kassel.

West-Berlin was never part of the GDR.

Minor detail which is hardly relevant to bringing Amerilards up to speed.

Honest question: will the SPD be at all different from the Merkelites? Because both of them seem to be a micron away from the exact center, one in each direction.

fuck yeah

fuck no

A friend of mine is in the AFD and he told me something that surprised me.
These guys are currently having a big internal debate about economic policy. There is a neoliberal faction but it looks like another one is winning out. The AFD, created by dissatisfied citizens, is seriously considering converting a lot of companies into worker coops if they get into power.
I'm not kidding, the AFD of all parties has a good chance of being more left wing than the SPD on the issues that count.

Are neoliberals in Europe seeing their last decade in power?

What a time to be alive

Sounds based as fuck.

Sorry, but what exactly is surprising about this? Haven't you been following the political development of the past 10 years in Europe?

This is part of the same emergence of 'Welfare Chauvisnism' that has been observed in many European countries.

Most prominently in Denmark, Sweden, France and Austria.

The DPP, the Danish People's Party has been steering the immigrantion policies of Denmark for the last 10 years by combining traditionally social democratic positions and anti-immigrant sentiment and the Sweden Democrats are trying to emulate them.

The French Front National has completely abandoned their old reaganite ways and they have adopted more left wing economic positions likewise.

The recent split of the national conservative and the market liberal wings of the AfD has happened exaclty like this just a few years prior in Austria with the FPÖ (now the most preferred party among Austrian workers) over there and I predict that the AfD will become even less market liberal to prey on former SocDem voters even more to increase their share in the polls.

Not sure how to feel about this.

aka NazBol light

Ahaha what? They are pro-TTIP, pro-Ukraine expansion, anti-Union strikes, pro-privatization. It's not even social liberalism, just neoliberalism with a red symbol.

A single source on how the AfD may turn companies into coops? That sounds insane to me

No. Schulz was a EU-technocrat who supported the chokehold against Greece and lobbied hard for TTIP. Most people just ignore that and think he'll bring social change but even his current statement are nothing concrete, he probably won't even raise that atrocious minimum wage

Why does Die Linke have to be purple this is such bullshit.

To be fair the SPD is the second oldest party in Germany and one of the first socialist/social democratic (these words were synonymous in 1850) parties in the world.

They jerk themselves off with their traditional a lot though

did they apologise for Rosa tho?

Otherwise I'm not fucking interested

What's the oldest?

It more baffles me that Die Linke chose purple. They should have gone with the national colour scheme of the DDR: grey.
Shame CDU hasn't tanked by being irresponsible moralfags, could have opened up more interesting options. Would Die Linke, Green and AfD be able to form a coalition in any circumstances?


All you had to was fucking apologize and the murdering or Rosa is not an isolated incident, it is the praxis of socdems all over the world until today.

Can you please stop stalling reforms to win elections? You aren't even fulfilling your one incredibly specific goal!

It's the Zentrum, a conservative catholic centrist party that faded into oblivion after WWII, they used to be quite popular after Bismark alienated the catholic population with his Kulturkampf against Rome. Today they are at something like 0,01%.

Grey was taken by the Grey Panthers I guess, kek

SocDems should for Die Linke, SPD is just neoliberal

I'm not arguing a point here man, not trying to lever you politically, just saying, decent thing to do an all. I mean at least to her family.

Never forget, never forgive.

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I wouldn't say so. Everbody is fed up as fuck with Merkel but hesitates to vote for the AfD because the situation isn't as horrible as in some other European countries and Germans generally gravitate towards the center.

They are just grabbing the straw that Schulz is and hoping he represents something different but he doesn't and thus his popularity will fade again till summer.

DF and SD are social democrats, they just call themselves social conservatives because they are as xenophobic as a southern evangelical anglo-saxon hick. Fucking two-face capitalist scum, fuck their mothers

Can you please stop applying old definitions for a newly emerging policital phenomenon?

Clearing this up was parly what my post was about in the first place.

Death to those who insult Rosa!

lmao SD literally describes themselves as social conservatives, you non-scandi heathen

how did this happen?

The irony…

Reminder that Merkel's reign is longer than Hitler's was.


So basically, Germany is stuck in the same ugh-next-time-I'm-voting-Democrat-ugh-next-time-I'm-voting-Republican rat trap as America? I gotta hand it to Porky, he elevated non-violent scial control to a science.

If this happens, will the Linke have more of a say in German politics?

Did they used to be more socdem? When?

How are they different now?

1861-1871: Communist
1871-1917: Democratic Socialists
1917-1933: Social Democrats

1945-1990: Marxist-Leninist

West Germany:
1945-1969: Social Democratic
1969-1998: Social liberal
1998-2017: Neoliberal

North Korea calls itself 'Democratic People's Republic'.

What's your point dipshit?

Yup. That increases the chance of a Red-SocDem-Green coalition.

I thought everyone in ex DDR was a fascist now

If there is a leftist majority then the SPD would have a hard time to justify not entering a coaltion government with the Greens and the Left, especially if the CDU is not ready for extensive concessions within a potential coaltion of the major parties.

So yeah, the Left would have more influence. A few ministeries, at least one of the following Ministry of Interior, Foreign affairs, Economical Affairs, maybe even Labor and social Affairs.

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As usual, libturds don't know what they're talking about.

How is this a bad thing? We need disruptive, violent change. Rather it be tankies than brownshirts.

Look you snotty faggot, whenever I see you post here it's reddit tier pedantic bullshit. The Stasi didn't just evaporate into thin air at the collapse of the Berlin wall. They colluded, infiltrated, exfiltrated and sabotaged investigations not just during the immediate chaos but years afterwards.

How can the far-left has 10% of the votes in Germany? Is this common?

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Well they're not far left, they're a big tent party.

They're mostly demsocs.


Do you literally think that secret police is like a police force that nobody knows the existence of?

if it's not in the party platform then it's not happening. stop shilling