Dear Whyte People…

Dear Whyte People…


Do we really need a threat every time some idpoler goes full idpol?

Lol this bitch is white as fuck anyway, not like she's some nubian princess.

Lmao at this amerimongrel thinking she's black as fuck. She's probably like 45% euro

Wow I've watched half of it and she's spent 3 minutes saying absolutely nothing. Amazing how so many words can come to nothing.

She probably thinks she's some kind of black revolutionary too.

"We're just gonna stand back and watch."

She basically forces the discussion to be antagonistic at that point – in other words, by her logic, there's nothing you as a white person can do. You can be a leftist, the most far left nut in the bunch, but all the marching and sign waving won't save you from the pending Nazi masturbation fantasy, though, you're still the *enemy* and just as bad as the KKK.

She's really dumb af, though. White supremacists, love people like this since they justify their entire fascist ideology.

It is strange, on the one hand, she's so much more interested in some abstract form of "revenge" that she's catering to her own sense of "black" tribalism, but doesn't realize that this kind of self-segregation will get her entire "people" killed, too.

I mean, really, think about it. She admits whites are a majority and a decent chunk of them DID vote for DT, but then she pretty much throws the 20% or so whites that didn't vote for trump in with the rest of them.

She's deluded into believing that black people have the resources and organization to fight racism all on their own. I disagree with this but I expect stupid arguments like this from someone who said little or nothing about Clinton's implicit upholding of "white supremacy" in the same video.

Why is it always a halfu, like isn't it possible the other side of the coin halfus realise how shit liberals are and go to the Holla Forums side like we saw at Hwndu?

Tribalists are obsessed with revenge like it's some kind of great equaliser. Let me tell you first hand, revenge is shit, what you do to attain it is shit, and you still feel like shit afterwards.

Honestly I'm convinced people like her are a greater enemy of socialism than Trump, any fucking day of the week. It's people like her that, in spite of a mass workers movement, will still seek out divisions and try to flare up petty racial tensions wherever she can.

"You're white there's nothing you can do to help black people" seems to be a strong current in mainstream black political thought. Or at least this BLM stuff. Every time I see an advertisement for a rally or protest or whatever it's couched in terms like "white people welcome if you plan to be quiet and do what you're told."

The cointelpro is strong

Alright, when we've toppled the world governments and the purges come around, tribalists and petty idpolers will be the first against the wall. Deal? :^)

She is half black so she can just dismiss the rest of her heritage right…

lmao yeah basically this is the reason i don't even bother marching. like why would you wanna protest with a bunch of people that expressed outright indignation at your very presence, in spite of your best efforts to express true solidarity with them? It just makes no sense. I would never want to work with people that do that.

And I know not all BLM'ers are that bad, some are more socialist and are aware of cointelpro, but there's definitely more liberals in that movement than socialists, that's for damn sure.

I would offer an opportunity for re-education first but if they truly won't abandon that then they pretty much expose themselves as counter revolutionaries

This is the stuff that drives people to the aut right. Dont shame me for being white.

Except you'd never have watched it normally. This is just op virtue signaling

Why do black people have no blame for the Obama nonsense, they got what they deserved, a fucking corporate whore who expected their vote because Beyonce said so.

Black people y'all fucked up, and white people have stopped playing the white guilt game.

One drop rule. But then again you don't even need to be black to be black apparently, ask Shaun King.

I was telling my friend who I recently converted why I believe it is actually easier to convert people from the right instead of liberals that are drowning in idpol.

This thread is Holla Forums tier. We have better things to do than shitpost about irrelevant retards

lol the right is drowning in idpol too.

They can point to the success of white idpol, no non deluded white person thinks the world will be better when Mexicans are in charge of the US or Germany becomes Islamic zone.

what do you mean?
she is a cunt.

Literally a Holla Forums thread

Don't be such a pansy, we should shit on liberal idpol too.

I should have specified someone who is on the right but isn't racist, like the girl in the OP, odds are she is also sexist too.

Fuck off Holla Forums

Not liking racism against white people is Holla Forums. Are you a moron? Nobody said fuck niggers or anything like that but rather there is no reason to be ashamed of being white. No reason I should be ashamed of my heritage. She is saying that all white people are collectively guilt which is retarded like Hilary Clinton wasn't shit or something.

real spooky in here

Cunts like this made me glad I voted for Trump.


smh fam

But if you're proud of your heritage aren't you acknowledging the supreme achievements of white people compared to niggers? I guess reality is racist

You have to convince white people why the should believe it would be better for them to have a Latin run country, if you can't offer them the reason to leave idpol you will get a defensive strategy as the alternative is going to be the end of the West they identify with.

It's more like the 45% of whites who didn't vote for trump, blacks by and large ignored this election, since there was no black candidate.

Dear black people…

obama is a disgusting imperialist but white repubs are every bit as idpolled as liberals

Nazbols seems like valid position these days…

It is also important to realize the different material conditions and the factors. I don't think people should have this WE WUZ KANGZ mentality and idolize the achievements of their ancestors. Rather we should focus our present condition. Why does it matter what some guy I share a skin color with did?

What open borders and statue of Liberty bs?

They weren't really. There was a small minority in the Tea Party and other small right wing groups, but plenty of white working class voted for Obama in the Rust Belt. Actually, a lot of these same two time Obama voters went Trump this time around.

So much /r/socialism in here


there was small turnover not that much. obviously shillary can't get anyone besides bourgie libs excited for her but petty bourg and aspiring petty bourg voted trump as always and much of the workingclass either didn't vote or was idpolled into voting shillary or pee pee boy



Yeah no fucking shit. I fucking hate black people that only perpetuate the "white devil" trope. If you aren't willing to give white people any credit for fighting racism, then what's the point? You literally give them no other option than to embrace reactionary politics. I fucking hate people like this.

why does every single black person talk like they're the official representatives of blackness

i'm sure you can go on twitter and see a black girl saying the exact opposite with the same "this is what we black people think" vibe

getting outraged by what nobodies post to social media is a sucker's game

it's Holla Forums tier and serves to enforce an "us vs. them" mentality–don't fall for it

Why are african-americans so racist?