Feminist Frequency Employee Is our comrade



Please fuck off reddit.

bait bait bait
and who gives a shit about antifa

Pretty sure Holla Forums celebrated Berkeley riot



Don't forget to sage these threads comrade.


don't bump this thread you fucktarded troglodytes

That's only from Milo's sexism a feminist would support it. Most of Holla Forums thought it was stupid and counter-productive.

So just a normal person? Are liberals capable of expressing anything without referencing Harry Potter or some other retarded spectacle bullshit?


What the hell is that thing on the right? Is it some kind of transbeast? Or just a really ugly woman? and why does it represent itself as being hot in cartoon form?

This always makes me laugh with internet avatars. Why does everyone do this?
I wouldn't pick a fight in a chip shop with her.

MtF if I'm not mistaken.

Carolyn Petit is in a special class of transgender, along with the likes of Anna Anthropy, that I like to call "man wearing a wig"

I don't understand where the market for these people is, they should be under a bridge with the value they bring to money making. It's a fucking cult

Antifa is not my Comrade. Idpol is not my Comrade. They are a cancer. You are a Cancer.

idpol pls go


This is Holla Forums, fuck off

Starting to dislike these groups more and more, although I never was a fan of FF.

How about they take the pent up rage and overthrow a bank, or something useful like that.

This is capitalism you retard, the terms are related to the world we live in not how we would like it to be, fucking retard.

Wow that's so embarrassing, I assume all the nazis on twitter are actually cute anime girls?

lul my sides

So it's a trans"woman" right?

And how.