Sargon wants Antifa Declared "Terrorist Group"

I'm tired of this chucklefuck's videos showing up in my newsfeed. I keep clicking 'not interested", but whatever. Sometimes I get curious & click, like today.
His latest "TWIS" shares a link to a petition to declare antifa as a "terrorist group", lmao. The aut right keep clutching their pearls. It's funny, but goddamn ridiculous.

Other urls found in this thread:'s_Army_logistics_and_equipment#Support_by_the_Soviet_bloc_and_China


Some quality posters, he's got there.

I like how they are so against slacktivism and yet these guys are constantly doing petitions and "boycotts." Not to mention the MGTOW's who are deluded enough to honestly think they're going on strike from women's vaginas.

Why exactly should they not be considered a terrorist group?
They fit the dictionary definition of one.
Just because they happen to hold your politics, does not make them any less of a terrorist group.

If antifa is to be declared a terrorist group, then so should the aut right then and neo nazi groups
I don't give a shit about antifa but dumb bootlickers are annoying as hell

This is your brain on liberalism.

And flagging videos for "bullying". This happened when the first vids were going up of Spencer getting punched.

The US government also fits the definition, ya cunt.

Try knocking a person out then proceeding to kick and stomp his unconscious body.

As a Totalitarian, I would consider myself rather removed from liberalism.

Technically it is terrorism, but that doesn't make it bad.

If it wasn't for terrorism, we wouldn't have the workers rights we do today.


Why if it'll make them martyrs even if they were neo nazis
You can make fun of them, beat em up, punch them, kick them, but killing them would make reactionaries screech autistically

They want to make it look like they chose it. :^)


I love ya, Minh.
But I will never understand your support of the bad guys those wars.

You just know


What is this, GulagOS?


I'd surrender willingly if the work camp guards were cute girls

they stil take you prisoner if you surrender

Preventing the spread of an ideology that sees you as an enemy is simply good geopolitics.

If you were a civilian, maybe you have a better chance of survival. But really, once you're anyway affiliated with the United States Armed Forces and you were captured during Vietnam

It's game over.

There's nothing you can do to unfuck that situation.

Do you know how this works lol

Do you think Vietnam was going to convince say, Cambodia?

also something being good politics doesnt make it moral, gassing the kurds was probably good politics

It's not even good politics, Vietnam was heavily protectionist of its borders and independence and obviously after we gave France the finger, and the Indochina Wars, it pissed some people off.

Too bad for them.


lmao.. I have certain functions disabled atm for speed

Petition to send Sargon back in time to the Vietnam War

Didn't you grow up in LA

My parents were more or less vocal. And usually, Vietnamese people don't see it that way even if they immigrated. It's a community thing, since all of us hate the fuck out of France for attempting to Westernize our entire century spanning culture for the sake of colonial power and rule.

I think under the context I'm free to say fuck France.

oh shit


Act as a training base from which communist revolutionaries could be sent into neighboring countries to toggle their governments.

Morality is not a relevant topic.

It would have been a positive thing for the American position in the region if they had won.
As such getting involved was the correct action.

The Vietnamese that rebelled against the french started a series of events that resulted in the Vietnam war.
America did not start it.

It would have been a big win for Americas position in the region if they had won.
As such it was good geopolitics to get involved.

Given the choice between staying French protectorate or becoming a Chinese satellite.
Your nation made the wrong decision.

That literally isn't what happened at all but ok.

Do you think they were actually training an invasion force and villagers weren't taking arms to give everybody the finger to get the fuck out once more?

Vietnamese nationalism is heavy, heavier then, for fucks sakes.

It was entirely protectionist.

We fucking hate China

We did then, we do now. Our entire original culture, a lot of it, was decimated by Han rule. Our entire history is a story of insurrections, and loathing of our occupiers.

Read a book Howard.

You're the one that said 'bad guys'. Dumb shit.

If it's "good politics" for the U.S. to fight the VC and PAVN then why isn't it "good politics" for the Vietnamese to drive the foreign invaders out of their country?

Howard confirmed retard

this is a good reason to avoid using a trip

We can all tell from the technocrat flag anyway



Well the reverse certainly happened:

If things had played out differently in Cambodia.
I think it is quite likely that the red Vietnamese would have returned the favor.

That did not stop you from being reliant upon support from them however:'s_Army_logistics_and_equipment#Support_by_the_Soviet_bloc_and_China

Bad as in doing what was best for their nation.
Adopting Socialism was quite a poor decision.

Well firstly if we are talking about what would have been best for Vietnam.
Then they should have fallen to their knees and begged the French to come back.

But yes.
From the point of view of red Vietnamese.
Fighting the Americans was indeed good politics.

They are terrorists and they deserve time in jail for treason / domestic terrorism.

What we did in response to Cambodia, which is a bordering hostile nation at the time, and fucking America which dipployed their dipshit flunkies all over the place

You really are stupid.

Of course Vietnam would have engaged with Cambodia, they were fucking engaging with us.

Are you stupid?

And? We would have fucked them over if they tried anything. Also, most people in Vietnam fucking hated the idea of our state collaborating with China of all things, our long historical fucking enemy.

What Vietnam does is not the business of fucking Truman Doctrine.

It's not that Sargon's explicitly wrong, it's just it shows how much of a massive liberal class cuck he is who will easily side with the Facsists over anyone else when the time comes.


Oh fuck off, that's not what you meant and you know it. Eat a dick.

lmao, you mad not everyone is onboard with your butthurt lunacy, communist fagets?

We can't even agree on how to do it, calm down spaz nobody is going to kill you.

Besides, really, you've been saying you'll kill us for so fucking long, why don't you just stop bothering us and shut the fuck up?

I am a leftist and I hate that this is how the media portrays us now. They're all over TV and net with their attacks, normies are getting the image that this is leftism

how does it taste, user?

At least they're on TV. I know they're not really helping but fuck.

I wouldn't know, you disgusting degenerate.

It's a very negative image. We are losing "normies" support

Do you think "normies" aren't laughing at fascists getting punched? They are. I suppose, maybe not in the midwest. But on either coast, you'll be hard pressed to find someone who says "We should protect the nazis"

People have been getting into fights since time immemorial

No we aren't.

So you admit that if things had happened differently in Cambodia.
Vietnam would have acted as a base for Cambodian communists you operate out of?

Because that was my original argument.
Thank you for agreeing with me.

Regardless of whether you liked them or not.
You were a Chinese dependency.

Well that is simply wrong.
Regardless of how much you may dislike the Truman Doctrine, the internal affairs of Vietnam did fall well within its purview.

Finally, there is no need to be rude, Minh.
You are my favorite trip fag, there is no need to get upset over debate.

I can not be held responsible for your poor reading comprehension, Red.

You can't possibly believe that beating up innocent people for wearing a maga hat being on national news is good PR for us

It doesn't have to be violent. :^)
No, we're laughing at you.

Go scientifically devise the best way to kill yourself.

Right wingers got in power by being as obnoxious, dishonest, unpleasant as possible for the last 8 years, who knows anymore?


I'm saying that it was Cambodia's choice to engage in hostile action against Vietnam.

The consequences were up to them, they were the ones who decided to take up arms against us.

Our government thought it was a good idea, in my mind, it was a mistake. That does not justify invasion, and I'm 100% happy we managed to fuck the American military so hard.

This is my culture you are talking about. You are saying we should have rolled over and accepted French rule, then military rule, Cambodian rule


We will never accept anyone's rule but ourselves. Our culture is far too delicate and precious to be put at risk by a bunch of fucking hopped up American soldiers who didn't know what they got into.


This idea needs to die

Antifa is damaging to our cause.
You have to be either a child or brainwashed to think like this.

What is the objective judgement on who is a nazi?
If I call you a nazi can I proceed to beat the living shit out of you?

It's called slapstick, live a little :v)

I'm pretty sure the mic he is using is the one that you get with the SingStar Games.

As if anyone here would deny the truth in that.

not in the long run. you are basically building up for a backlash

Then we match the backlash.


What the fuck is going on? Did Kissinger find out about imageboards?

Nice persecution complex you got there, nobody cares about your stupid ideology that died in the 20th century, they care when a group of retards beat up women or kick up shit because they got triggered by Milo.

yes, this is how normal people perceive us now.
do you think this is good?


Talk to Howard. He hasn't gotten the memo.

Yeah. I think there is a time and place for intimidation but you need a bigger base to start with.

we still get both though. We're simultaneously limp wrist-ed faggots and terrorists.


I for one do.

You were just groveling to my knees begging me not to hurt anyone.

Grovel harder.

His memes have been appropriated.

Yet here you are. Crying about some antifa punching.


Being seen as a "violent thug and terrorist" is a good thing.

What people don't get is that in this decaying state of capitalism, the conventional wisdom that you need to be moderate to be appealing is flipped on it's head. In the coming years, it will become uncompromising hard-liners that will gain popularity and centrists that fall into irrelevance.

Centrism is on the decline anyways, so who cares?

Holy kek. Source?

that should win us the popular vote next election

Since when do communists win elections, no, aim for that?

Just fuck off

top kek


Bernie Sanders?

I'm glad whenever I browse Holla Forums I just find a bunch of opinionated fedora tipping plebs. You guys don't stand a chance and anyone who isn't an SJW crybaby will be incapable of understanding you.

Yeah by the way if ANTIFA are organising riots, using violence against anyone who disagrees with them and advocating the genocide of the white race then they are fuckin terroists. Any other justification is delluded cuckoldry.


Bernie Sanders was a communist. Absolutely.


There is no genocide of the white race. Learn how to spell properly.

THis is why we always lose.
You have loser mentality

Could you try again but without old memes?

Hey OP install greasemonkey for your browser and then install youtube+

It gives you blacklisting functionality that youtube won't give you.

I never see anything by CNN, Fox News, The Young Turks, Rebel Media, Theguardian, guidofawkes, alexjones, buzzfeed, movie trailers and music videos being shilled hard on the "trending" page.

People here don't really care about winning elections,aside from the socdems.

I won't even mock you for this. I love the guy for introducing me to socialism. But you saw what happened to him. The US won't allow it.

Why did you kill Rosa Luxemburg?


Isn't that what you tards are circlejerking about right now?

You would stub your toe and call it foot genocide.

As far as I'm aware you always support leaders who purposefully lose, and manipulate you

Not an argument and proving my point. ;)

These threads are the best.

By all means, try reform & vote.

Not an argument

The time for arguments is over.


I've been waiting to share this

Yeah, it's rich. With this being "la resistance", I'm quite sure, Trump will win another 4 years.
it's nice to come by everry little once in a while, to see how detached leftists are.

Getting attention from doing stupid things in public doesn't validate your ideology. All anarchists are know for is violence and destroying public and private property, because that's literally all they do, their ideology has no substance behind chimping out and attacking things for no reason. It would hilarious if you actually acted on your intentions for a violent revolution. Lefty fags are great against bins and lone women while the police have been ordered to stand down, but against actual organised groups of conservative gun owners, militias and military vets who have trained their whole lift to defend themselves against commie scum like you, you would be BTFO so hard even Marx would feel it. The Oathkeepers have already infiltrated your anarchist groups. All these antifa fags are doing is turning the average joe working class against the lefties and cementing Trump and the right's power even more. Hilarious how you're all for the working class but your entire base is composed of faggy college educated women and numales who haven't worked a day in their lives.

We will no longer surrender this country except when Saudi Arabia begs me for anal from my fat ass that looks like a bag of tangelos

Can you stop using the term "genocide" please? It loses all meaning every time you say it.

this is rich Holla Forums

It's actually much better because at least we can be the freedom terrorists.

how buttblasted are you?


How butt blasted are you he didn't actually ban Muslims even if he tried

From the states most known for aiding and supporting reactionary terrorists no less.

There wasn't any, you just wrote a word salad: Holla Forums meems edition.



there is no left and right….
there are only patriots and globalists.

it is quite evident what this board is. lackeys to the globalists

These things are synonymous

Globalists making fish men in the UK

I didn't even bother to read the rest of your stupid, pearl clutching rant.


I know, I even come here trying to be open minded and half-expect to get some lefty redpills or whatever, at the very least some form of rational discourse even between themselves. But Holla Forums is a redpill in itself showing how completely imcompetent and delluded the left are. Its good really, all you have to do to stop most people realising that the left are retards is just let them speak to one of the fools. Every time they take some action it just has the opposite effect of sending anyone with a brain over to the other side. Brilliant.

Hey guys do you all wanna start chanting HWNDU?

Imagine going through life making up your own meaning for everything based on how the word sounds and what the capitalist media tells you.

This is a thread laughing at Sargon & autright idpol kids. You didn't come here for conversation.

So according to this first strawman when these "violent africans" come here and attempt to fuck shit up we just leave them to it? If they come and try to kill people, you kill them do you not?

this really. Everything they do just backfires at them and gives us more power. Same with antifa, alienating "working class" insted of getting their simpathy. It's cute to watch.


My grandparents were happy when spencer got punched. This "it's bad m-muh PR!" stuff is just false. The only people who cry for nazis are already nazis.

read a book nigga

working class isn't the same as being proud of being stupid

Pol has been coming here since the board began saying that leftism and leftypol are shit, are dying, are deluded, stupid, whatever

But leftypol and leftism in general just keeps growing while their board grows more irrelevant by the day, and because they're too stupid to read something longer than 140 characters they have no idea that political movements are measured in decades and centuries and that it doesn't matter who is "winning" at the moment, because ultimately the winner is the last man standing

no lmao, all you need to do is go to any leftist rally. Conservatives are empirically bigger, stronger and more attractive then leftist manlet degenerates and femicunts


Well, that's my contribution to make the world a better place. Going to link all my facebook friends the video, to see how progressive and cool I am

As wise man once said "Сынок, ты такой дебил"

It's funny, because the right got Trump into power because of distrust of the media, but now that the media is reporting that all leftists have a blood feud with trash cans, they believe everything the media says.

Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. We're all working class, btw. I'm a leftist; my entire family is redneck & working class. Also love our guns.

Look how delluded they are. They actually believe this shit.

By the strictest definition of the word Terrorist/Terrorism, how is Sargon wrong??.
As far as anyone with intellectual honesty can see Antifa has meet the literal definition.

kek, can you not afford a television? Everybody thinking nazis = commies gets that nonsense from the mainstream capitalist media. It's exclusively owned by capitalists! Why would they spread propaganda that will only hurt themselves? Think you fucking spaz.

Return to reddit retard.

get back at me, when you put a president into the white house.
invited 9gag yet?
Kek I hear you are shilling your board on reddit.

things are already getting better.

leftists however are on a sure trip to the landfill.
Simply lost relevance.

t. Trudeau

nobody gives a shit about Spencer. But you are delusional if you think beating up some idiots for whearing maga hats will gain you sympathy

You've obviously never seen a Bernie rally.

Shitposting does not cause this sort of thing to happen. Are you a teenager? Only way you could believe that.

no dipshit, anarchists don't give a shit about elections. it can't be that hard to understand yet it continues to escape you

this, I tried to explain to them last friday, but they don't listen.
They think punching spencer is some mega achievement, and gives them simpathy, Kek.

Yes, they are this deluded.

Sympathy? kek, you're the ones begging for sympathy from those anti-fascists who trigger you.
We don't want sympathy puss puss, we want you to react how you are, and the populace, anyone over 30, they remember neo-nazi thugs fucking with random people, only kids these days think beating you up isn't inherently self defense.

Are there any Nazis fighting around the world right now?

I love this meme, you faggots don't even leave your houses.

What is it with the Aut-Right and their petitions?

damn I didn't realize Holla Forums was full of a bunch of middle age mid-western working class men

and here I was thinking they were just some overimportant NEET teens bandwagoning off someone else's movement



Do you honestly believe Trump was elected because oft teenage edgelords spamming 10-year-old amphibian meme rather than an economic frustration of the less affluent people?

woah, edgy!

Stay mad, and yes, Holla Forums did put a president into the white house. You can cry about it and try to deny it for 4 years. I'll be here, watching and laughing


The dems neglecting the working class & basically offing themselves during this election is what allowed Trump to win. You are completely irrelevant. Is this your grasp of politics?

I think it has to do with peaceful negotiation of power and law, A concept lost to violent idiots.

Explain yourself?? Explain your reasoning.

lmao damn that's some good bait, almost had me there

Actually, I'm having fun. Was concern trolling you, got tired of it because you are so gullible, switched to outright laughing at you

I thought it was just a meme that Holla Forums was this retarded


goddamn it, user

i don't really care about that tbh.
you are pretty much harmless because you will never gain any major sympathy among the majority of the population

ok now it's just sad, you were doing so well before

Are you memeing are are you actually this retarded?

english is obviously not my first language


Are you twelve?

Sweetie please

Use a spellchecker

"I-I was just trolling I don't really believe what I said!"

The US also meets the definition. It's your obvious political bias for wanting this specification. Not some arbitrary definition.

Except for all those times and places where we did.

Pol put a president into the white house-

what has your board done?
suck reddit cock for userbase?


imageboards don't buy into moralfaggotry, hun

They start sperging with memes once they have no words left to get out their feelings. It always happens this way.

yeah you put him there :^)

i don't know what your selfies have to do with anything

Well Holla Forums has always been a jewish board.


Maybe when the anarkiddies are behind bars, it will pave the way for real leftism to take center stage

with the exception of spencer when?

Some kids are so attention starved they inject themselves sideway into conversations about something completely different. A form of autism, many cases like it. Sad!

That's not how discourse works fucker, You made a claim, Now you have to argue your point with reason.

Since when did you become such pussies?

It's just not true. No matter how much of a tantrum you throw about it.

*Supported the most kosher president in history

Good job fooling yourself faggot

the other stereotype hasn't gone away. we're wimpy faggots, but we're evil dangerous wimpy faggots


but i didn't say that i think people cared about spencer.

His twitter followers, but I'm not afraid of nor interesting in swaying underage nerds.


Oh, I would love that. Use violence against them too. This shit needs to escalate. Trump, I'm counting on you.

Are you completely retarded?

How do you justify this cognitive dissonance, user?

Cherrypicking shit flinging is one of my least favorite types. You can do it for basically every single ideology. I guess it can be entertaining though.

I do want to suck that leftist trannys willy though

thats not what i said or asked.
with the exception of punching Spencer what have you guys done that actually gives you sympathy among the population?


We will never stop winning, while leftists and their little board slide into obscurity.

Praise Kek

Why wasn't I invited to this Holla Forums meetup

You ignorant on purpose? Just look up the definition already.

Oh. Use a comma for once in your life.
We don't want sympathy anyways. You're the professional victims here.

In the words of Le bald man, Not an argument. Explain your argument! I'm giving you the opportunity to make your case, What is your argument?? Where is your proof?? Does anyone else feel that the "US Government" has committed terrorist acts and if so, do they have any proof??



New Holla Forums memes lack the sophistication, even the new le happy merchant edits are boring as shit. I miss Doom Paul.
t. meme pro


Jesus Christ this man has no life

There are some on the Ukraine.

are you scared faggots? are you worried the double standards you've enjoyed for so long are being broken down?

I know the definition, user. That poster was asking to explain my reasoning when I just had. Their argument is that antifa should be named "terrorist" based on the definition. By definition, the US government is also terrorist. So their wanting this against antifa is just based on political ideology rather than it just fitting some definition.

Fucking read a history book. Then kill yourself.


areyou a memer?
Do you have your licence to meme on you?

I thought you were denying the US government fitting the definition.

I think when you started trying to make it into a process fueled by pure muhfeels you lost your touch.

The standard is actually that you usually have to be a little bit older and more sane to post.

I'm sorry, but after checking I see that your licence to meme has been revoked. You will deported into mexico border to build that wall work camp

Try to say anything, anything at all, without memeing.

Ironic and meta-ironic and self-aware memes are tasteless, it's literally a pseudo-intellectual wankery over the form rather than the content.

Pure "hidden" emotion.

Yeah, I didn't think it was possible for you.

shut up ancom


Yemen harbors know terrorist elements
{While it’s true that the US has launched drone strikes on al-Qaida targets in Yemen for years, sometimes killing civilians and even US citizens, this particular military engagement has the potential to drag the US straight into a protracted and escalating conflict. And, as everyone knows, America has an uncanny ability to enter protracted and escalating military conflicts.}
are you seriously going to use that as point of argument.
Us has it's own oil supplies
What exactly are you trying to argue here, and if the US was so starved for oil why did it just place a ban on Iranian Oil

That is a response violent crimes and heavy armed gangs

Are you referring to the documentary and if so how is it the Us fault that countries fight and killing each other over resources.So, by bringing up Banana land are you now saying it is the job of the US to police the actions of every country on earth? surely not because that would then mean you supported the Iraq invasion because Saddam used chemical weapons on his people.

Not an argument!

You're ignoring the argument, which was made like 5 posts ago.

And again, here you go picking & choosing who you deem as "terrorist", definition be damned.
Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest exporters of wahhabism/aided the 9/11 attackers & the US is their weapons dealers. If you want to apply this name by definition of the word, then both should also be on that list.


al-Qa’ida has been deemed terrorists since 1999, they are from what I have read the main target in US drone and missile strikes in Yemen

Also forgot to mention, if you're now disregarding actual definitions of words/ terms you are clearly just trying to keep a hold onto your misguided beliefs in a bizaare attempt to fool yourself into not seeing the other side of the argument so please either remove your head from your rectum, or stop trying to argue politics because you clearly cannot accept blatant facts therefore should not be taken seriously.

the right wing does realise antifa isn't a group right?

Sargon should do a video about the amphibian of balance.

The Yemen conflict is between the Saudis and Houthis. That's the conflict people are saying we'll get involved in.

Ironically that guy has a job.

The simple fact of the matter is that the US has no real obligation to aid the Saudis in the Yemen conflict even if they did I would say the likely hood of it happening is very low, a more likely nation to get involved would be the UK because they trade arms to the saudis in exchange for oil so they are dependent on the saudis therefore have a vested intrest in helping them

Imagine getting so BTFO, that you repress the memory of it and bend the truth around the fact, that it never happened.
That's Holla Forums and them dealing with the fact, that Trump is an Israeli shill and they helped him to get the presidency.

This has to be the dumbest argument for denying US oil interests in the Middle East. Surely you see the geopolitical advantage of directly or indirectly controlling 60% of the world's known oil reserves.
What is geopolitical strategy? What are short-term and long-term goals or issues?

In America, being called a terrorist is a compliment for anyone with vaguely radical views

Their entire ideology is just a rationalization of extreme fear of foreigners. Trump could literally rape them in the ass and they'd still be happy because they got the Muslim ban.

It isn't terrorism though. Your argument is it was terrorism.

The US is already aiding the Saudis in Yemen. We've been refueling, rearming, and maintaining the jets they bought from us that bomb the Houthis. We also give them intelligence to pick out bombing targets.
And the US does billion dollar arms deals every year with the Saudis.

Lmao, nice deflection. You're the one doing so by completely disregarding what the US & Saudi Arabia does every day, around the world. You have a laughable grasp on world politics. A completely Us-centric, narcissistic political view of the world, which is why so many people hate Americans, btw. The US government is not excused for its heinous acts around the world not being labeled terroristic.

I'm not the person you were replying to in that comment. What is the point of this information, anyway?

No shit! That's the point we're trying to make. The US is unnecessarily supplying weapons in the middle east for its own economic & geopolitical benefit, when it should have nothing to do with the area.

Again, read a fucking book before you try to talk about geopolitics & make yourself look stupid.

This post makes the point as well.

Surprising you didn't say 8 years...

this is the ultimate deflection please just stop.

nice reddit tier acronym

moving on, you're doing a fair bit of projection there, not only are you wrong about where I am from you also claim to know my political view of the world, rather bold statements given you've read two of my posts

I got you fam

No, this is simply stupid, if you had a bakery (us arms production) would you not sell to certain people becuase you disagree with things they do? (saudis)

It's hate.

Holla Forums, if you want to be taken seriously, stop memeing for one minute. You have no counter, so you just meme. Pathetic.

It's ok fam. They were military aged males.

Right well if you actually supplied examples of the US and saudi arabia do these heinous acts I would be able to respond in a proper manner however since you decided to defelct it without any real substance I cannot reply in the a manner you wish me too.

Nevermind the fact that you claim antifa is terrorist because they attack people you identify with ideologically, only. You refuse to hold others to the same standard.

I hope you're being sarcastic.


More proof "terrorist" is becoming an increasingly meaningless term.

You don't have anything to worry about, Sargon is controlled op

Guys, this is a false conflict.

I was in Berkeley and I talked to some of the guys and I have to tell you that most antifa are a bunch of liberal twats who understand socialism on a very superficial level.
Most of them are also rather well off and have a "fuck the working class for backing Trump" mentality. Basically r/socialism incarnated. Granted Berkeley is a university, but come on! We don't tolerate r/socialism bullshitry, why is it OK when they do their stuff irl?

If something we should create our own antifa, but I am very tired of this liberal nonsense.
But what irritates me the most is how half the board is falling for their liberal trappings. Please reconsider where you stand.

Rightwingers crawling from their holes and claiming moral highground over the entire left because of a few liberals is nothing new.

How does it feel to be so cut off from the world? You're admitting ignorance by asking for proof of common knowledge at this point.

trump is killing the working class, how the fuck did he trick them into voting for him? I've been blue collar my whole life but I know better than to trust a rich man.

You know it and I know it. The problem is that most Americans don't know it, and reactionaries either don't know it or pretend not to know it.

It's also amazing that you think antifa is somehow on the level of terror of the US & Saudi Arabian military.

Breaking some windows & punching Nazis in the face is nothing on this level, which is why we're laughing at you when claim so.

He told them he was going to do something about trade and jobs, which was more than anything Hillary did.

What the fuck did they think was going to happen after they ignored these people all primary/campaign and spent the previous 8 years shitting on them?

I don't identify with people that antifa attack i.e. milo I think hes an attention seeking faggot

if say the faggots who call themselves "alt-right" started behaving in the same manner I would claim they have become a terrorist group aswell

I do not know why you're trying to make assumptions on whom I identify with because you're not doing a good job of it, the simple fact of the matter is that antifa is damaging public property and assaulting people because they disagree with things the others do/ say or believe this is equivilent to shops denying (or discriminating against) gays and such services because they disagree with what they do or believe it seems to me that the "left" are complete hypocrites when it comes to this

when it comes to freedom of speech and freedom of expresion you have to hear views and opinions that you do not like or agree with, just because you dislike/ disagree with something that has been said or worn or what have you does not make you above the law it does not give you the right to burn cars and assault random passers by because of a political view using violence to forward or suppress a political agenda or viewpoint is terrorism/ terroristic

Because Clinton is a continuation from the Obama administration which is equally bad.
I was in Ohio last summer. All the people were basically asking for jobs and the guy who repaired my car told me, that he likes neither but he is willing to give Trump a chance because Clinton blew hers and that he was actually for Sanders but he was not on the ballot.

This may be anecdotal, but by all the closed down buildings there you could see Ohio saw better times.

right however the US involvment in Yemen is against terrorist elements within Yemen elements that have attacked US forces and soil are you saying attacking terrorist is terrorism? yes I will grant you civilians are caught in the cross fire all too often however this is a fact of conflict and always will be

Milo himself claims to be a troll.
Yet they keep giving him attention.
It works. IDpol are such triggerhappy faggots.

exit polls showed that his supporters were no more likely to be poor than anyone else's. Hillary floundered and yet he somehow won even fewer votes in absolute terms than her. he didn't so much capture the working class vote as he captured the white male vote.

even then, if you look at the numbers of people who voted vs people who didn't vote but voted in years past, he's even unpopular for a Republican. he essentially got in because so few people thought Hillary Clinton was worth voting for, allowing room for the far-right to elect Trump.

in real terms, hardly anybody really wants Clinton or Trump. I don't care either way, I don't believe that Trump is going to shake up the political establishment like Zizek seemed to be hinting at but perhaps at the very least the working class can begin to break away from establishment politics.

Why do you keep ignoring US involvement with the war on the Houthis? It has nothing to do with terrorism.

not sure if you're a pro-imperialist shill or just wilfully ignorant, or a bit of both.

okay, so now you're saying that merely selling arms to a nation is participation in the act of using said arms?

I can easily compare this to say ( a rather vulgar comparison I will admit) a sex shop denying service to a gay man because they dont agree with gays using dildos to fuck themselves because they feel like they are then involved in gay acts.

okay so you say it yourself unintended, as in they did not intend for these people to be targets or die

what about it I havent seen a post about it so Im not sure what you're getting at Houthis are a religious and political group, they're also insurgents if thats what you're getting at Im not sure, please clarify

First of all, I could give a shit less about Milo.

What's been made clear in this thread is that both liberal & conservative have no idea what actual "terrorist" groups do. How delusional & pathetic to claim this is terrorism. To consider antifa this deserves complete mockery.

Because it's usually only Holla Forumstards who meme/deflect at every turn, who blindly defend America & have such a laughable understanding of world politics. So are you just an uneducated liberal, then? Regardless, you're a moron. Where the fuck did you come from?

What is this rant? Please use a fucking period for once, too, so your point is clearer
My point is, if you want to label antifa as terrorist "by definition", then the US government also meet these qualifications. How dense are you?

I should've written unintended targets, aka innocent civilians.

If every time you do something it always has the same side effect (killing civilians) but continue to do it the consequences are no longer unintended. They're just assumed consequences.

I can't believe you actually had to explain that to this fucktard.

You asked for evidence of this happening, I supplied it.
The US is very much involved & working with the Saudis to commit these acts against Yemenis. And I'd say that killing thousands of innocent victims in drone attacks is the US using arms.

You're being purposely obtuse.

wtf? I'm only getting money from soros!

That was a terrible attempt at irony.

I fucking loath america first off, they're two faced scheming rats who should be whiped from gods green earth, however I don't see the point in labeling them as terrorists because if you do that you then have to do it to every nation on the planet, because all countries do things that can be called terorrism i.e. the opium wars but do people label the UK terrorists? no. (unless they're irish). If you start throwing the term around it loses all meaning, like the word faggot on chans, its just become a blank term to refere to people

I agree with you but by god we shouldn't even be entertaining this level of distortion of facts. the mind boggles that to some people, shutting down a gathering of neo-fascists who single out and harass trans students and spout racist trash is somehow comparable to bombing civilians and supporting anti-democratic coups.


Jesus Christ, it's hard to read your comments because of a lack of punctuation.


a friend of mine made this point in person some time ago and it really caught me off guard, mostly because he's actually a smart guy most of the time. terrorism doesn't stop being terrorism just because you don't like the ramifications of classifying it as such.

I said that civilian deaths are an assumed consequence of war its how it has always been and always will be, like please if you can name on conflic that had 0 civilian deaths

This guy is almost as insufferable as Jon Oliver and manages to be a sanctimonious dipshit on basically every issue. Please reconsider using him to bolster your arguments.

Very observant.

You keep going on about how the only thing the US is involved with in Yemen is counter-terrorism operations but that isn't true. They are actively involved with the civil war going on between the Saudi backed Hadi government and the Saleh-Houthi alliance. It has nothing to do with terrorism.

so, you're saying the US being actively inolved with a civil war in this country is terrorism? okay so then so russia are terrorists for trying to spread communism to the middle east? like I can agree that it can be classed as terrorism however I think its just a little more complicated than that if Im honest

But the autright wants to throw around this term. It all started with this post to which I responded
Get to know what argument you're stepping into before you start.

I didn't bother looking at until you said he was more insufferable than John Oliver, and by god you weren't wrong. I watched one video from this guy a while ago and wanted to hang myself with cheese wire. what kind of moronic liberal pest would you have to be to think he's presenting a cogent argument.

Again, read the fucking thread before you jump in.

I'm not the guy you were arguing with about the what is or isn't terrorism. I personally think the word is meaningless at this point. I'm just trying to get you to understand what the US is doing in Yemen.

fair enough, and thank you for your help I guess

if I'm being honest, while I agreed with your POV, you weren't making a terribly good point to begin with, which is why I replied.

This thread went from Holla Forums –→ Holla Forums –→ reddit

I have to say I'm disappointed, reddit. You have zero grasp of world politics & the Yemeni conflict. You're just as bad as Holla Forums, ffs.

There's that passive aggressive posting we've come to expect from reddit. Explain what you mean rather than casually insulting, you cunt.

Pretty much, worst thing is that at least Jon Oliver doesn't present himself as some new revolutionary voice or anything other than an opinionated comedian. This guy thinks that because he recognized that Bernie would have won he has some super unique insight and repeats the same shitty "2real4u" angry storm off style video every time like some autist who just finished watching fight club for the first time and just vaguely liked the aesthetics.

I don't use reddit, you are just fucking thick. your point that the US also fits the definition of a 'terrorist' is shit because it doesn't actually address the main point that the moron you're responding to made, which is that antifa = terrorists. all you did is attempted to make him look like a hypocrite (which he is). stopping fascists from organizing by force isn't even comparable to bombing the shit out of brown people for natural resources, I explained as much already.

yeah it shits me to tears just how sanctimonious he is, unsurprisingly all the virgins on youtube eat it up. must be the same idiots who thought Russell Brand was deep.

Imagine to be her pusy slave… wow.

How would this even be done? Antifa isn't a cohesive whole. You can technically identify as antifa and never smash a window, since antifa can be a general stance.

If you thought I was seriously comparing the US to antifa, on scale, you're useless.

I mean islamic extremists aren't really a unified group either. The best label for your enemies is always something vague.

thanks for clarifying this far down the line after you got butthurt over my reply to your comment, which wasn't even attacking what you said.

Just another day in the neighborhood, faggot.

Yeah because the last petition worked out soooo well


start arguing any time friend

Come on fam

but, what they are actually suggesting is the liberation of all races from the clutches of the jew (capitalism for anyone who isn't a retard))

Wtf are you even talking about? It's not my fault you refused to read comments before you responded, tard.

Fuck Antifa and fuck you folks.

Not becuase they are violent. It's because they are MINDLESSLY violent.

They were punching, beating, and hitting random people on the mere SUSPICION of being a Nazi.

They were smashing random store windows, ironically from corporations who publicly protest against Trump's policies and supported them.

They attacked a man and kept attacking him even though he was defenseless and on a sidewalk. (Fuck those "muh women" people by the way. Though it was bad to hit people with flag poles, it's nothing compared to possibly killing an unconscious person.)

The worst, absolute thing about Antifa, a criticism that I had of them since forever in their European incarnations, is that they're the attack dogs of the capitalist class and aren't even the working class. They're mostly college students, professors, and social workers. Not only this, but they caused this entire ruckus all in the name of not letting some faggot speak at a university. Pure autistic screeching of a magnitude unknown in history.

Yet, I lied. This isn't even the worst part. The worst part is that they do it under the sign of communism and anarchism. Soiling the legacy of Marx and Proudhon like how Rome salted Carthage, permanently scarring it. Just so idiots like you folks and Sargon would actually think of them as revolutionaries in any sense of the word, just because they fly the right flags.

Well, I'm sorry. Flags don't make revolutionaries. Words don't make revolutionaries. Otherwise, Hitler and Mussolini would be protectors of the proletariat.

Antifa's actions speak louder than it's words. They riot against Trump, but not against the even more porky-tier Obama and Bush. They shut down speeches from Milo, but not speeches from the various liberal corporations that visit the university daily. They rather join in arms with the capitalists than work with workers who are nationalist. They don't care about a worker's revolution. They only care for muh black, womens, and LGBTQFUCKYOURSELFABC rights. If anything, they are the squadstri of capital. The lowest of scum.

Ultimately, Antifa is not a movement of the working class against the establishment, but more like the muscadins of the French Revolution. White-collar faggots who beat up working class people for the aristocrats and king, the capitalists and Clinton.

Sargon of Akkad is not alt-right.


Why not do more then? Seems pretty tame, petty, and tantrum tier. When is shit going to get real?

what did you have in mind?

If from antifa breaks the law, they should get arrested. Antifa is just a protest group, labeling it terrorist wouldn't accomplish anything other than jail people who disagree with righties

it's just his newest fad


Nothing new here.

Oh no not the liberals

Brace for punching.
You're just showing you have no idea about this board.

We're not liberals. Lurk more.

he's not saying we're liberals, he's mocking the delusional lib for thinking liberals supporting the fash is anything new or unexpected

lmao, I just read it again & realized that.. thanks

Reminder Sargon is a Pinochet loving faggot, and any pretense he has a about violence is a lie.

yes but also I am a lib who is turning fash because I really do prefer them to communism

that meme…is correct. we will always side with fash over you to protect ourselves.

neat, what else is new?

Nothing, you're right. That old meme is 100% true because for us the thought of not being able to have any freedom/private property is unbearable.

close enough

the fact that you want us to grovel for your approval is hilarious. fuck off

Wait until you realize what a fascist is. Those "rights" you hold dear will be stripped from you much quicker.

meh, not really. he doesn't want an all white state, he just thinks private property and markets are worth defending with violence.

I don't want you to grovel, your opinions don't matter to me. We're past the point of argument now, this will be settled by power irl.



Yeah, so did pinochet.

I don't claim to be personally tough, but I don't need to be. IRL winning with the state works, it doesn't matter if it's "fair" or not.

He has no problem spouting black crime statistics without going into any context, which makes black people as a whole look bad or inherently violent. Looks pretty alt-right to me; fits right in with their Autism Level & "lesser race" narrative.
so does the alt-right.

Well, black people are more violent. That's simply an objective fact that doesn't require you to adopt any political position. We can debate how much of a role genetics plays, but your attack is weak.

He is not even remotely alt-right.
The alt-right calls him a fucking marxist.

t. Holla Forums

Not by nature, but by circumstance. Anything that claims otherwise is pseudo-scientific bullshit. It's not an "attack", it simply a fact about Sargon, since you want to talk facts.


The alt-right also uses the term "cultural Marxism" unironically. You can't rely on their grasp on reality.

I just explained to you how he fits in with them. Counter that if you have an argument.

He has plenty of alt-right followers. Just take a look at any of his fans. Those who comment on both his videos & Twitter.

That's wrong, genetics probably plays some role. The question is more about how much it attributable to heritability and how much is not. You are just dead wrong about this.

That doesn't mean we have to hate black people though, and if you tie tolerance to full genetic equality you will end up having a bad time.

He's just a dumb ex-libertarian, now liberal, with Pinochet sympathies.
He thrives on the fact that people incorrectly identify what he is.
Quit overthinking it.

This is the part where you post some evidence, user. This argument happens all the time when Holla Forums comes here & they never can supply a reliable source or one that outright proves this, as you claim it to be absolute truth.

death can't come soon enough

True, he is all over the board, retracts/changes statements & stances quite frequently, so it is hard to peg him down. We can at least agree that he's a disingenuous fuck.

Nigger talking about black crime statistics does not make someone alt-right. Thats like calling someone who likes public roads a socialist. Its not enough.
And most everyone thinks private property is worth defending with violence. Thats the dominant opinion.
Hes just a fucking liberal, a libertarian leaning liberal who doesnt like idpol, not everyone further right of you is aut-right or facist, get a grip.

liquidate yourself

I don't remember black people starting two world wars or dropping two atomic bombs on defenseless cities just to intimidate the Soviets.

It's not clear how much of a role genetics plays in the divergence, there just isn't good data. It likely plays some role given what we know about dna and human behavior. see

Except two nukes weren't enough.

Calm yourself. What is even "alt-right" anyway? Define that for me & it would make more sense to say he's not. He agrees with most of their talking points, so the shoe fits.

The most annoying thing about him is that he and his cult of fan boys believe they have a monopoly on "rationalism" and "skepticism". When you call them out because they don't live up to this fabled standard, they screech like you were gouging their eyes out with a rusty spoon.

I don't disagree that other factors matter, as I said it isn't clear how large a role genetics plays. All I said is that it plays some role given what we know about genetics/behavior.

That's some really scientific evidence you got there. That article mentions nothing about race, btw.

Not acting like there is any concerns that one dude got ko'd. As soon as that happened, suddenly the revolution was over.


I know it's an article about the complex genetic factors involved. We don't have a clear understanding of the issue scientifically. When I say that genetics plays some role that comes from the fact that almost all human behaviors are heritable to some degree, and such persistent divergence is unlikely to be totally environmental. I'm not saying all blacks are thugs or whatever

Daily reminder that paleocons are better for converting than liberals.

You should read some books before you come to a conclusion that might put you in an internment camp.

Do you own a factory? You seem to be under the assumption that communism is just le gubbermint, aren't you? We want worker self management and sufficiency, not government goodies.

Just questioning whether or not they're inherently more violent. Get to know how America & its poverty-stricken people actually live before you made wide stroke claims about them. Whether it be race or otherwise. You've insinuated that blacks can be inherently violent, so I suggest you not make that claim again unless you have some actual science to back it up.

Private property is a bad term. Hell, if there was a revolution the use of it would probably lead to people stealing personal property because they thought thats what private property meant.

The problem is when the "other" factors clearly explain most if not all of the disparity quite easily and the focus on race is nothing more than because you "feel" they should be important.

I don't remember black people doing anything remotely useful

A black man invented the super soaker
What have you done?

Like prop up the US economy for centuries?

This is what real cultural Marxism looks like.

That's some Flying Spaghetti Monster-tier cringe.


I want to hug him.

This is a severely retarded comparison. How can you compare the possibility of gay man doing consentually things to himself which he probably enjoys and the possibility of a theocratic regime killing people or arming extremist terrorist groups?

Please do watch the full, short video here, though It's really insightful.

Has anyone thought oh trolling Sargon with this? Or at least Stirnposting.

lol the hypocrisy is real wtf I'm a centrist now.

don't worry, I saved some copies

Plusgood doublethink, brother!

This. I have purged every 'professional' LPer, shopping vlog, spiderman elsa joker for kids word salad, and those bait-and switch movie bootlegs where the woman with the unbearably chirpy voice tells you the bootleg is really on her malware-ridden site. Feels good man.

take your meds.

take your meds.

no it isn't.

Does this bear have a name?

You forgot your shitposting flag, nazbol

And not being able to lift their own continent out of misery? Slavery was eventually going to be abolished since there was no need for a nigger picking up cotton when industrialization started but saying that niggers made the US economy great is an oversimplification

Arent the Turks fighting the lefties ? Does that make them damn roaches our friends now ?

We never had it and likely never will, hence the need for a vanguard movement.


Are you sure you're in the right thread, though?

if you'd agree the KKK should be labeled terrorist, then you shouldnt object to antifa getting the same treatment. infact, antifa openly claims to support violence, while KKK does not openly support violence.
note, the keyword is openly. also, i think neither are terrorist organizations, at best they're "gangs"

im a dweller, im always at the right board

Doesn't surprise me to be honest.
Would be funny if they went after liberals with the helicopter stick, that way they give us the tools to radicalise them.


Optimized masturbation.

Checkmate, atheist.

TLDR: It's basically a co-op, fam.

And/or, I meant.

I've been told he was being sarcastic in the second pic, but I don't even know anymore. By this time next year, I expect him to be retweeting Holla Forums's latest dank memes about the Iron Guard.

the only coops im aware of are like costco where you buy products, the only difference is instead of a membership, you volunteer your time.
now… likely everyone would want to work in a gold mine, how would these workers get to be so lucky while im working in a salt mine?

Antifa is literally a child organization of the Open Society foundation, if the US govt calls Soros he''l just plug 'em. :^)

Also this.

Nobody is surprised and nobody cares. This has happened literally every time a communist movement was formed, you're not one bit special.
Enlightened Centrists are much bigger attention whores than AnFems will ever be.

Not all alt-rightists are racialists, Milo for example.
Sargon is an alt-rightist larping as a liberal and will choose an ethnostate over a world where girls in video games aren't naked if he gets the chance.

leftist organization in a symptom of a Capitalism. You could kill every single person who ever questioned private property and burn every single book a Socialist ever wrote and people would still protest the same things under different labels in 50 years or so.

Sargon was the one who popularized the term because he was an easily duped internet celeb.
There's nothing salvageable about him, even if he meant no harm and was just shitting out his uneducated opinions he's still the first on the list of useful idiots on the internet.

Neither did Europeans, they used Indian and Chinese inventions to conquer others but remained pretty fucking miserable until the late 16th to early 17th centuries, after thousands of years of decadence.
Africa was much richer a thousand years ago than now.
I also don't see why you couldn't use Blacks in sweatshops, the chinese are in the process of doing that right now.
Your social darwnist analysis of history is shit-tier.

I don't think the Federal govt of the US considers the KKK a terrorist org. I can't really think of one right-wing terrorist org in the US.
They might be under the FBI's watch but they're not officially a target.

I'm starting to think it's a bad meme since I don't see much use for gold myself, unless you could power something with it. If I were le Stallin man, I would consider salt mines a litter more useful, or instead build up nuclear reactors.

There are also other co-ops as well, like Mondragon, although they have had to make reforms for the sake of expansion.

You seem like a cool guy, tripfag.

Sargon does it for the shekels, so it's obvious that he'll never say anything controversial, in fear of losing his audience.
>hurr I'm forced, I say forced to defend Donald Trump and the right! It's not like I can ever criticize both sides. Left must be perfect in every way before I can criticize someone else.
This idiot cuck bitches that these atifaggots are weaklings, but will cower in fear as if they were ISIS. I honestly don't like antifa, but it's obvious that socialists are going to need to be armed to defend ourselves from all sides.

I don't even know how can Holla Forums make a meme stale so fast.
The helicopter thing wasn't even particularly offensive or funny to begin with, but they keep spamming it.
At least is good to show how an-caps and lolberts are just fascists/neoliberal cocksuckers

its pretty. and if you get enough, you can leave and be a king somewhere else and not ever have to work again.

Sure. I just figured since Turks weren't being discussed atm maybe you'd had another window open & replied in a different thread.

Actually working in mines is pretty hard work. But there's also ruby, emerald, sapphire, diamond, all sorts of precious metals & stones. There's many different jobs around. I'd say you either chose a profession or maybe your family does it & you were born into it. But even if you were a cobbler, for instance, you'd be making much more money in a socialist or communist society, since people aren't exploiting you & taking your profits/fruits of your labor.

I wanna say, too, that it made me really happy to see someone ask questions. I would've answered this initially but I'm kinda in pain atm & lazy. I always learn something, too, when others ask questions & get answers. It's also always a good topic to discuss, imo.

lmao, I should've chosen a better word. Profit or fruits of their labor. I'm sleepy.

All of class struggle on both sides is nothing but terrorism, but the working class are the one exploited with nothing to loose

You basically submitted my point, the chinks could rise up, the europeans could rise up, even the Russian serfs (who were slaves for more than 700 years and had to pay most of their income to their overlords) could rise up and bring something useful to this world, be it medicine or space travel, the nigger on the other hand, however, hasn't brought anything remotely useful to society, other than whining about muh raycism and crime
No.theyre richer now, but they lack knowledge on how to use their money. When the colonials came, they built them schools, hospitals, airports, decent infrastructure, etc. Basically what the average western man needed to survive. Once the colonials left, in less than 5 years most of Africa looked exactly the same as prior the colonials putting a foot in their continent Because that's their instinct, even with billions of dollars in aid, they can't even compare themselves to 16th century Europe. Zimbabwe (or Rhodesia), once the breadbasket of Africa when whites owned the farms, turned to shit when the white man left, and now imports grain and gets billions of dollars from foreign countries. Has it improved? No, the niggers there are still eating rat because they have nothing left.
Prove it.

Sargon is a fucking retard. Who gives a fuck what he wants?

omfg you tankies are so fucking retarded, calling yourself a marxist and believing in conspiracy theories kek, tell Soros that he's late on the payroll

I don't remember anything about antifa while I watched the stream. Like they didn't use special antifa flags, only some normal ancom flags were used so they can't be called antifa, right? Can someone confirm it? I might be wrong on this.

There's plenty of inventions. Stop obsessing on race, too. Quite ironic when you're calling others out for "whining about muh raycism". This is your brain on idpol, user.

There is literally nothing wrong with declaring violent Anti First Amendment organizations terrorists.

Every leftists (exept liberals and socdem) is in theory and by principle Anti Fa, It's a tactic not a organization, you might have cells dedicated to antifashy action but they all take part in the block and revolutionary activity



I kind of wish Carl cut himself shaving his fatbeard off and bled out.

A loose organization of independent terrorist cells is still a terrorist organization.


It's not a matter if they could rise up or not. Might does not make right.
If the chinks were decimated like french decimated indochina their contributions humanity would still remain.
you wouldn't fucking know because they were conceived as cattle until the 19th century.
Get a fucking book on the Portuguese and Spanish conflicts with the African kingdoms and the birth of the Atlantic Slave trade and stop being a illiterate fucking anglo.
money isn't wealth you retarded Holla Forumsyp.
Those are western "niggers" and thus western creations, they don't have anything in common with the african civilizations that they left hundreds of years ago.
bullshit, you're pulling that out of your ass.
I saw that meme too.
billions of dollars in debt.
when someone uses -tier to describe something it's usually an opinion.

breadbasket of Africa when whites with good connections with european bankers and industrialists used their massive foreign capital to displace the natives.
turned to shit when the UN blocked the flow investment that the previous farmers relied on at the request of the ,oh so generous, British Empire.

reply to

I hate antifa as much as the next guy, but this would be an obviously ridiculous authoritarian overreach.

Are rightists getting complacent and forgetting what pushed people their way in the first place? Them saying stupid shit like that may only work in our favor.

I'd sign the petition if it called for detaining the rioters and slapping them with a few dozens of hours of community work.

You're an astounding breed of retard.

Fascism grows out of accepting the loss of personal freedoms for security. It's literally one of the basic fucking tenents of literally any fascist group. You're dumb as a bag of rocks and don't deserve to have a political opinion.

Its ok they are all X anyway and we all know X aren't human so attacking them isn't a big deal.

No they were to busy in the past 10000 years enslaving and eating each other to achieve anything.

so you care more about larping then actually accomplishing anything? lel

Our goal is to create Socialism and that consists of destroying Capitalism and its institutions.
Compromising with Capitalist sympathisers would mean giving up that goal, that's not an accomplishment.
people who want to be in the spotlight even when it means losing their purpose are intellectual cowards.


of course i understand that and agree.
however if you are going to destroy capitalism you have to first gain sympathy among a large enough part of the population.
by sympathy i don't mean that you should compromise with the capitalists, more like convert the apolitical and/or missguided by making them more interested in checking you out.
i personally believe attacking some porky that has pissed off alot of people would be the best (like for example Shkreli when that AIDS thing was stil relevant and controversial).
Attacking some average joe Trump supporters doesn't really have that affect.