What has marxism-leninism, vanguardism and other totalitarian state backed theories accomplished in the last 25 years?

What has marxism-leninism, vanguardism and other totalitarian state backed theories accomplished in the last 25 years?

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Maoist revolution in Nepal

As much as any other form of leftism! Fucking nothing

The real question is, what has it ever done but ultimately promote capitalism? Though tbh, it's not like anarchism and especially post-left anarchism has done much good either. I suppose if there's anything to be gained from them it's what not to do.

If there's one thing I would support the Soviets on it would have been straight nuclear war. Cut the bullshit, turn the United States into glass and call their bluff, forever war or capitalism is their choice.

But they didn't, so now we have this.

soviets came to the nuke game late and the US outproduced them by a shit ton

No lol

During the Cuba Crisis the USSR had 2000 compared to the US's 20000. After the crisis they would indeed ramp up production, but ultimately a nuclear blitzkrieg by the USSR was never an option.

With nukes

It doesn't matter. Should have at least turned Washington DC into Glass

Reminder that both Rojava and EZLN were originally ML. Although I'm critical of this method of revolution (both for its tactical failings and the subjugation inherent in it), it has produced something. Of course, for it stay working it had to totally change, but that is the idea of ML revolution, isn't it? You take power then create a DotP. This is something that didn't happen in other places previously. Likely because previous revolutions were so enthralled with authoritarianism.

Then you would also have the USSR nuked.

True, and there's something to be said about the organizational foundation that was laid down, but ultimately they abandoned it for the failures inherent to the ideology. The idea of the DotP is a fantasy based on an incorrect historical narrative.

and the rest of the world, for that matter. Didn't realize anfem poster had become a posadist

I agree. But I sometimes worry that in tumultuous times a violent seizure of power is the only thing people will get behind. Idk, though. I guess dual power has about should get as much credit (at least in the mexican indigenous autonomy uprisings) as vanguardism. There was definitely community infrastructure there already. The "vanguard" was more of a way to push out the state from the communities that were already at least somewhat liberated from the idea that the state was necessary. And they now continue to operate on a basis of voluntary association within the federation of communities.

Continue to embarrass the fuck out of the united States government with the continued existence of cuba.

The problem with the vanguard is that in the case of Russia, the vanguard ultimately eliminated dual power and centralized power into the hands of the vanguard. That is the true threat of vanguardism.



Certainly it's authoritarian. Against the bourgeois


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The first post-oil sustainable economy.

Cuba a few things right. That doens't make it the best or most convincing model though.