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Does anyone have a link to the Russian leftypol board ?

this channel isn't affiliated with Holla Forums, right? It's just some Russian guy who took the name?
can we get away with posting this on r/socialism, or is it still too closely related?

is this it?

Just screenshot if they ban you for posting this.

I love you Russian comrades

It's more like a group effort from some Russian Chan with it's own leftypol


are they 🍀🍀🍀class-reductionist🍀🍀🍀 also?

Do Russian Femenazis accuse them of being Brocialists?

Let's keep up the networking

Are there even any radfems in Russia ?

Femen and Pussyriot are radfems right? seems like they have a fuckload of them for some reason.

Femen and Pussyriot are literally CIA / Soros puppets.

hi Holla Forums

Do you really think femen was an organic movement?

These channel was organised by VK group. Left shitposting is strong there

I still get the flashbacks of biggest Russian ancom organisation being split because of this shit


Is there a strong presence of anarchists in Russia ?

Edit your shit comrade.

What do Russian leftists think of national Bolsheviks?

tell us what happened.

Yes, there still is, there are social and cultural reason for that (for example, no Russian would really trust the state, we actually expect the state to try to fuck people up)

Some like them but any sane person sees them as a joke. Nazbols were founded by provocative and postmodern writer with the help from the best Russian punk artist. It's kind of "I'll always be against everybody" thing

It started with an argument with an anfem member because she was insisting on that she will carry her own anfem flag during the demo despite the fact that it weakens the effect. And escalated to a shit show where everyone who thought that class struggle should be a priority was accused of being "manarchist"

So, we have two Avtonoms now

God fucking damn it.

how do you defend this?


Will checka it out when I get home.


Soros → National Endowment for Democracy → all sorts of neoliberal ne'er-do-wells
Take your positivist court of law shit and shove it back up your ass sideways, please.

so you are Holla Forums.

no u

1 fake article with 1 fake screencap of a facebook page does not prove this

you can have freedom of religion and secular rights
Get back to me when muslims in england somehow elect a muslim fundamentalist prime minister.
If anything christians are a much bigger threat to gay rights in western countries than muslims

1 fake screencap that was never collaborated in any way



No, you can find them only in the internet, and not IRL