Is Veganism idpol?

Is Veganism idpol?

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it definitely can be cultish


factory farms are bad

why can't nature be immoral

Have you ever debated with a smart vegan? They have very good arguments.

- Eating meet is bad for you (in case you don't like spooks, this is a good argument because being a vegetarian is healthy as fuck)

- Poor fucking animals getting killed by millions in horrible ways

- Dogs, dolphins and other cute animals are part of the killing (in case you dislike ugly animals like cows, you still may want animal liberation if you like dolphins)

- If you watch videos of animals getting killed so you can taste them you may feel bad unless you are a psychopath

Anyway, I'm still a meat eater because animals are so fucking tasty that I can't resist but if I followed my ideology I would be a vegan

I agree to an extent, but what I was talking about was mainly vegan lifestylists.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

No it fucking isn't. It's an amazing source of protein and nutrients.

Meat is good if you eat small amounts, bad if you eat large.

The healthiest meal anybody can eat is a small hunk of meat surrounded by an assortment of vegetables, maybe some rice along with it.

Pal. I'm not trying to fucking convince you. I'm telling you I eat meat. I've just done my research.
It's a fact that there's not a single protein or nutrient that can't be replaced with a vegetarian diet.

Now, if you are a VEGAN (not a vegetarian) you WILL have problems with vitamin B12 unless you take vitamin B12 sumplements.

Basically, vegetarianism as alright but veganism is a farse.


If veganism is so healthy why are vegan women always so fucking fat?

Because they eat a lot of oreos and chips ahoy.

Vegetarians do it for health and ethical reasons, they're much thinner and healthier. Vegans do it to be obstinate.

Lifestyle veganism is shit, but we WILL have to ban or severely limit some kinds of food in the effort to stop global warming. Beef is the biggest problem. Luckily, there are some good lab-grown beef substitutes being researched.

daily reminder that everything in this planet was transformed from a corpse or a pile of shit to grow grass and plants
so you're eating a something that grew out of a dead animal, congrats.

I didn't say vegetarians couldn't eat healthy. They can, and I'll go for a good veg meal any day. However, it can be more complicated and require more eating. Animal meat is basically just pure protein.

Idpol doesn't mean "everything I find gay".

Identity politics is arguing from a pure position of personal identity. Anything can be idpol if there's no backing to it other than "it's my peronal identity".

Plain veganism is simply an utilitarian argument. There's no identity in it for me. I don't need to start mentioning I'm a vegan in every conversation I have, wearing flowery skirts, or subscribe to cringy youtube channels.


Have many vegan friends, but in my experience they always become more healthy once they start to consume meat again. The reality is quiet simple: Meat provides a fuckton of nutrients and proteins, and the consumption of vegetables, fungi, and fruit alone will not fill the void.

The best way to get meat is to have your own meat animals, which can double up for selling pelts or clothing. Rabbits, dove, chicken, turkey, and magnitudes of small game animals make for fantastic meat animals, but all have other such as selling feathers and such on Etsy or locally to craft groups.

Ideally, you can also do a bit of hunting with a .22LR or .177 ~ .25 cal air rifle, and do a bit of fishing. Also do it legally, please. Get your licenses sorted out, and donate for muh Game and Fish departments.

Another avenue is running a tilapia, perch, walleye, or trout farm. As those sell for $$$ on the market, and they are relatively easy to take care of. Just be aware of cats and hawks.

you're missing the point
veganism is basically just a boycott on factory farming that some people romanticize into some weird alternative lifestyle

Any pictures of vegans who are actual hamplanets ?


got any stats to back that up

Don't worry daddy trump is going to sell off all that nice public hunting land to logging companies or private hunting reserves (you're going to be paying a pretty penny for that deer boi)
Or mining companies, or just rich porkies to build condos on


dude I thought being a nazi was all about science and shit?

And do you really think that someone who opposes needless harm to animals will start killing animals themselves?

But he's right. Do you have an argument?

lol i thought this shit was supposed to be a left-wing platform, not a Holla Forums remake

Veganism is not idpol, and if you are not a Vegan you can't talk about theft of surplus value being immoral, because you are a moral relativist who does not really care about living in a better world

Except it's not, in almost every instance it's about an almost religious devotion to dietary purity.

I don't know what the vegans in your area are like, but the ones I've met have invariably couched their opposition to meat in ascetic terms, not "Well I'd eat meat if free-range alternatives were cheap enough"

The main argument that could be made for veganism and vegetarianism on our side is that these are industries that notoriously abuse their laborers and the "product". Also, mass deforestation to make land for cattle is catastrophic to the atmosphere and wildlife.

Sure produce farmers are still abused and there are arguments over bourg vegetarian supplements like quinoa because the inhabitants of Chile can no longer afford it because countries in the northern hemisphere jack up the demand. There is no escape from this however. Not to meme on you but, "there is no ethical consumption under capitalism."

There's also the vegan diet, aka whole foods plant-based. It's the healthiest and most sustainable diet for the human species.

These vegan threads are always cancer and filled with all sorts of logical fallacies; use to spend hours refuting all of non-sense it's almost like trying to convince climate change deniers; waste of time. I guess eating food much like idpol can be an emotional for some people. If any one is legitimately concerned about their health, your family's health,

And for you MUH' PROTEEN fgts, this guy has been vegan almost a year now:

>having a flexible diet that includes seeds and meat (omnivorous diet)

Well no fucking shit sherlock

go get heart disease somewhere else

There is literally nothing bad about factory farming.
Prove me wrong.

B12 comes from the soil. Food processing removes it from the regular veggies we eat but it isn't by any means an animal product.
Chickens (eggs) and Cows (milk) only have it because they spend their days facing the ground, they don't actually produce it.


this is bait.


That's bullshit.

Most Vegans I know, look like they just came out of a concentration camp.

I don't begrudge gay men wanting to fuck like animals (and the healthcare nightmares that entails i.e. antibiotic resistance), so what's your obsession with the amount of meat I eat?

Oh, I don't know, causing the systems that support all life on earth to decline? And contributing to pic related?


Not him, but I think he was referring to meat contributing to global warming, see .

If people want to be vegan for personal health reasons, then that's another story. If anything, I think the government should do more to reduce the amount of meat being produced, for environmental reasons, but also for them to try to reduce the amount of meat being consumed by educating the public of it's danger. Banning meat altogether is a lot less feasible, and a lot more freedom infringing of course.


Exactly, I don't disagree there (reducing meat consumption for health and environmental reasons), I disagree with the assumption that there's no middle ground between "meat consumption now" and "no meat consumption, whatsoever"


Not to mention that any comparison between vegans and non-vegans will work to the benefit of the vegans, since they're so obsessive about their health even taking diet out of the equation.

Veganism is the answer to most of the problems brought by industrialization. Why haven't you changed Holla Forums?

holy fuck did i actually type "increasing autism level" how did that happen

Well it's good thing I'm not consuming things that directly feeds cancer cells:
but suppress it:

Again, not an argument.

Great, not having stress reduces heart disease. A whole foods plant-based diet actually reserves heart disease and prevents it:

My last reply, stay spooked by your porky administered diet.

The general conscious here is that capitalism is to blame and is the core of the issue, so vegan diets are dismissed as "lifestylism." There's literally nothing wrong with taking personally responsibility though. A lot better than waiting for a revolution to happen while ignoring the fact that most people would want to continue consuming animal products in socialism. Slowly becoming a nihilist tbh, not minding a climate catastrophe happening in a first world country so I can feel smug.


Well personally I've been a vegetarian my entire life, so to me no meat consumption whatsoever is completely viable, but I know some people want to eat meat so I suppose we should let them eat some if they want to.

Like I said, it's too restricting to ban people from eating meat all together. If we could do it and everyone would happily accept being vegan, I would say we should do it, but people won't want to.

I never assumed this, I was advocating for reduction of meat consumption with the ideal being removing it, but it may be unrealistic to do so.

I dislike the idea of immorally farming animals, especially factory farming. IMO you can back veganism with communist thinking: the animals are exploited in a very inhumane way, and we shouldn't do that if we can avoid it. In the past we needed to have them to have a balanced diet, but we now have the science and technology to live without relying on them.

We have the science because we now understand how diet works a lot better than we used to. We can reason about what diets are sustainable, and what supplements, etc we need for certain other ones.

We have the technology now because we have more modern farming techniques for non meat farming, and evolved plants to increase crop yield. Both of these things will allow us to feed the population despite not eating as much meat.

Not to mention the impacts on the environment. It's simply irresponsible to not do at least something about it at this point.

Casual reminder that plant based diets consume less resources than your average burger-filled, meat-centric diet.



there is literally nothing unhealthy about being a vegetarian
just eat some eggs

I dunno, even before I was vegetarian I never liked eggs all that much, both because of the taste, and because the idea grossed me out. Also, I'm lactose intolerant anyways, so eating large amounts of dairy isn't good for me. Maybe I would ignore dairy / eggs in products as ingredients (like milk in chocolate) if I knew the dairy / eggs came from humane sources, but especially as an ingredient in a sold food product you can't easily check their sources.

I do still eat honey though.

In most cases veganism is a consumer preference, nothing more, and most vegans are urban bourgeois, which is what vegan food producers know very well, so they sell them the food at higher prices. In those cases it has strong idpol overtones, because it forms a part of identity of the consumer.
There are exceptions though, where people actually try to sabotage meat production and don't care about the whole snowflake "I identity with" bullshit (that I often see here on leftypol as well).

It's the greatest irony, that vegans can bring death to all sorts of sentient life, but cannot find it in their hearts to take the cruelty away from the bourgeois, and act in the interest of not only self-growth but communal growth.

For me, it's a matter of giving some game animals a somewhat wild lifestyle, or letting them suffer in Gulag/Camp conditions until the inevitable shock or breaking of neck.

Maybe try to live your life by your conscience and have the strength of will to stick to your convictions without being driven entirely by the most base sensual desires, instead of just moaning salty platitudes at those who remind you you can't?

But it's not, all the government has to do is stop subsidizing the meat industry and instead put that money towards fruits and vegetables and then meat will skyrocket in price.

its a diet choice

By itself, no. It is a dietary choice and nothing more. Some people for 'good' reasons (muh health!) and some for really piss-poor reasons (muh cows r hurtin!).

It's when the latter (usually petafags and redditards) tries to cult everyone into joining their moralfaggotry that it becomes idpol (or close enough). Especially when they try to leech on to leftist movements and divide them based on what they put on their plate.

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It's not just health or animal rights, meat is a massive waste of taxpayer money, resources, land, and it's unsustainable, it's also a massive contributor to greenhouse gas emissions