When Canada has a socialist revolution, how will they make their flag more communist? It's already red

When Canada has a socialist revolution, how will they make their flag more communist? It's already red.

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Red middle, black bars, yellow leaf.

t. Canadian flag enthusiast who is also a commie

Socialist revolution is not coming to our Canada. It's a classcucked country. Not as much as the United States. But more classcucked than Europe. With the exception of the UK maybe.


Hm, I guess it looks ok as an ancom flag.

You're obsessing over the superstructure. Full automation and global warming are going to revolutionize the base. Socialist revolution in our lifetimes.


looks like some kind of nautilus. what does that have to do with canada?

Love it.

it's the flag of the communist party of canada

clearly they were too marginal to hire a good designer.

CPC is a joke tbh.

What an awful flag. Fucking proto-American leafs can't do anything right.

i'm guessing you'd prefer the CPC-ML's logo to be socialist canada's flag?

keep the leaf, i want the canada memes even after the revoltuion

It's also full of SJWs, which will push country further right, along with immigration. Porky must know this is the best strategy to prevent socialism.

That looks better, but IDK what it has to do with Canada, and it's pretty complicated (not easy to draw).

Yeah my sister is a Canadian liberal and voted Liberal (I voted Green because they have a UBI policy). And she has a six figure salary, lives a trendy hipster lifestyle and only really cares about social liberal issues. She gives no fucks for the poor.

1. it sucks
2. it's gay
3. its for fags
4. it's completely irrelevant

Damn that spectacle…

If anything though I have become pro-mass immigration* as of late because I am losing hope for revolution in Canada. Muslims and BBC are the only ones who react violently during times of economic crisis. Poor white people just go OD on Fentanyl and kill themselves.

*I'm only in favor of mass immigration when it furthers a socialist agenda. Violent Muslim and BBC immigration = good. Classcucked Pajeets and Chens = BAD.

In all honesty I like the flag with the swapped colours>>1341104

Maybe replace the leaf with a red army style star like pic related.

Hello Holla Forums

I am not Holla Forums. lol. More like "Hey /r9k/". I'm a NEET autist. It would go against my self-preservation to join the far-right. I don't know why NEET autists go against their own self-interests by joining the far-right tbh. We're better off under social democracy than we are under corporatist nationalism. The problem is that social democracy is effectively impotent in 2017. We don't even have a Bernie Sanders or Jeremy Corbyn here in Canada.

I'm actually going to get organizing where I live with a group of my friends from uni. I've already got connections with the USW, my dad is friends with a high ranking organizer (who also helped smuggle guns to the Sandinistas). I'm going to start a group that will be pushing socialist ideas and dressing them up essentially as being in favour of "self-sufficiency". Basically I'm going to set up Black Panther style community aid programs while pushing the idea that people don't need to rely on the state or corporations for their wellbeing, safety, or prosperity. Eventually I'll be looking into setting up co-ops and linking them together with unions (USW connections will come in handy here) to try to set up the foundations for a rudimentary utility based economy.

Hopefully this could kickstart a real left wing movement here, because right now our choices are between watered down SocDems, tiny fringe tankie groups, and le weedman.

sounds good, but in the meantime, read some books and cure yourself of your anarkiddieism.

I'm not an anarchist, I just use the cat because I'm a syndicalist.

That looks like the Vietnam Flag but without the full gold star.

Canadian forces in WWII used these symbols. they look similar.

The two top ones are great, the top left especially.

I'm all about that black, red and gold nigga

Should be full red with maple leaf yellow outline


Quebec can be independent if they want though. They're pretty based.

The United Socialist States of America.


Care to explain why? I'm curious. leftypol is about the only place that i know of that doesn't shit on us.

Thank me later




Also, Quebec has plenty of left-wing nationalists, a militia tradition, and a different language/culture from the US. (Anglo-Canada is practically American.)

I always thought so too but they like to pride themselves as "not like the Americans". Canadians are obnoxious when it comes to that.


Anglo-Canadian culture is basically defines itself on what its not. First not British than not American.


like everything else nazbol its complete trash

What does that even represent ?

dissidents are sent to the maple plantations

Changing the flag to something "socialist" is an Eastern thing, Cuba didn't do it

the unity of the workers and nature

Canada plus Germany equals this

wew lad

Plenty of ML African countries changed their flags