Too smart to be a tankie

I feel bad for them really

None of you are smart enough to be achieving communism right now so I'd really appreciate it if all /too smart/ threads were instaban

Not smart enugh to be an anarchist however

Heh, nice try kid


Hey Pierre.


the most intelligent ideology is left communism. At the place of doing activism, you can stay in room and reach nirvana, and transcend this mortal plane into a spiritual communist existence as the working class spontaneously revolts


What did he mean by this?





The biggest tankie (a "maoist") I know is a spoilt rich white girl with some kind of personality disorder, with multi-millionaire parents who pay for everything, so I assume most of them are just LARPers playing radical to give their empty, meaningless, muh privileged existence some kind of meaning or structure. They're fucking batshit and being tankies allows them to act out their various psychological disorders.

No joke. I myself know an ex-nazi libertarian who loves capitalism because "I love materialism"
Sheltered lives really cause some retardation

What are u then trips man


Slaves in greece had it really good compared to trans-atlantic slave trade. They only worked 20-30 hours a day and could have homes and families, I can't even own a home.


Marxist-Leninist meaning "I like State and Revolution and Das Kapital" or meaning Stalinist?

don't laugh, 30 hours a day is how long everyone had to work in the GDR before capitalism :^)

Look at this long list of successful, non-tankie societies:

Oh wait.


Yes, that was a joke. No autistic screeching thank you.

SuccDems are by far the most successful

SFR Yugoslavia had a far better standard of living than the USSR