We must get rid of the regressive jewish bourgeois class

How many jewish workers are there? That's right. zero

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I'm a jew and a worker.

Fuck off Nazi. Lenin knew all about your bullshit.

There's nothing revolutionary about antisemitism. Get thee to a gulag, nazi

Stalin gassed those kikes


Your pissyness reeks of reddit, kindly fuck off.

I work with a jewish guy.
He's pretty cool.
We talk about videogames and stuff.
I've never understood jewish hate. All the ones I meet are cool af.

I am a chef and I work with a Jew.

Stalin also murdered his own brilliant officers and left his military in shambles with an expansionist hostile power next door, so excuse me if I question his judgement on who should be killed.

He murdered them because they were working with Germany and the UK to overthrow him wow get a load of this counter-revolutionary subversive

I just wish to say I like such threads, they are so simple and shitposty, yet they are so cute at the same time.


Jewish control of the media serves to weaken the class consciousness of the proletariat and their Israeli lobby serves to create imperial aggression against peaceful Middle Eastern countries while expanding the military industrial complex and reactionary tendencies within the working class


and by that you mean, statistically, a vast majority
kys nazi scum

As a Jew do you have connections to more Bourgy Jews? If so, then you still have a materially smaller degree of seperation or should i say priveleged access to jewish elite Bourg circles of power.

As a Jew worker, your birth into a material network (Jewish Identity) in which Jewish Bourgs are especially nepotistic, you have a heightened responisbility to act and infiltrate in the interest of all workers across the world


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reminder, the Jewish bourgeois is your enemy


It's not about fucking owing. Its about the material vantage point of being in a position in society that not many others are in. It's a material fact that the ethnicities and religions of the earth are not symmetrically represented in the bourgeoise class.

Someone who is positioned on a balcony with a clear vantage point of a target vs someone who is positioned living in a sewer, they are two differnet situations and their situations demand and afford different action and responsibilites.


To be fair though, I have seen israeli propagandists claim that fighting usury is anti-semitism.

Wait, is this serious or a parody?



why do you think the jew will join you when when proletariat unite to overthrow the bourgeois? The jew has a vested interest in maintaining his wealth and control of the means of production. The jew will dispatch the police state to target the working class once his own material conditions are threatened. The jew is a counter revolutionary reactionary social strata that must be purged. The jew is your enemy.

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Serious in the sense of retards trying to redpill other retards into confusing correlation with actual source of the problem.

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p35 to 42. They do very well and are more represented in the bourgeoisie than the average but not enough that you can sey jews=bourgeois. Most of them are petit-bourgeois (management jobs, highly educated jobs). Which would makes them more reactionary than progressive, except they aren't for cultural and historical reasons, which is why you are mad against them but usually love the white petit-bourgeoisie.

A lot of the bourgeois are incredibly out of touch and very sensitive, so I never know what sort of especially dense shit they might come up with.

The petite bourgeois are a regressive counter nrevolutionary class that will defend their interest through the police state because they have a vested interest in maintaining their material status over the working class


The jew is a fascist bourgois scum

Why do you have this notion that you nazis won't be walled?

I admire your desire to actually debate rather than memeing, but still, pic related.

Get a fucking grip!

What the fuck is this fucking shit?

This is true. Redditfags are easily triggered by Holla Forumsacks and pretty much anyone who isn't a cock-gobbling social justice anarchist.

Why did you guys murder 5-6 million Jews?

It was only a million and that was a programme of class warfare by the national-socialist German state by removing the most subversive elements from the financial sector, the media and academia

There is no debate to be had. There is deniers and there are historians. Your "debate" comes down to paranoid schizo-babble.

OP, why did you murder Asser and Roehm?

When all the humans starve to death under anarchism climate change is averted

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Fucking, and not impregnating.

Someone needs to screencap this.

It's like going to Haiti when they had their revolution and saying to them:

"Guys, guys, stop with all the correlation issues please, I know the French colonialists are very overrepresented but fighting back wont do anything about the ACTUAL SOURCE of the problem"

so it did happen and you're arguing about the death count?

whenever pol goes elsewhere "the holocaust never happened!"

whenever pol returns to Holla Forums "the holocaust needs to happen again!"

Nope. Here's a breakdown of all the victims. forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=101471

The 4 million number was never taken seriously by Western historians. It was calculated by the Polish and Soviets using the crematorium capacity, but Western historian used estimates ranging from 1.2 -2.5 million in the aftermath of the Holocaust.

But the term "french colonialist" captures all of their rulers, not 41%.

It's more jewish and liberal character assassination. Do you really believe Stalin murdered 60 gorillion as well? You fucking lemming.

this changes everything

I really have never understood this mentality in them.

It would be like Tankies pretending capitalists rigged the october revolution

Where did I say I was only against the Jewish bourg?

My argument was that because the jewish community is so small globally and so connected that non-bourg Jews have an extra burden of responsibilty to take down their own bourg because of their material vantage point, which is not shared by non-jews.

I'm in the camp that it did happen but was justified and then over exaggerated for political purposes.

Why not just be proud of your big ass kill count then?

I STILL don't get it.

I know that you fucing sperglord. Who do you think you are talking to ? You've spend the whole thread claiming they were bourgeois. You're incoherent. Petit-bourgeois are workers, their counsciousness is just on the side of the hegemonic class. In revolutionary times they often side with the progressive class. That's what lenin meant, even more taking into account that in his time their were many more poor jews because of the fucking social segregation you dream of going back to.
Every I just said is coherent seen thru the lenses of class, and meaningless thru the ones of race essentialism. Your positions are useless, you look like you're running after the communist bus, and it's not going to stop to pick you up.

Hey natzi, fuck off, we love jews here at leftypol, they are our natural superiors through merit. I mean, they basicaly wrote all the books on communism. Every communist state has been run by jews and when communism comes to america it'll be run by jews and it'll be you NAZIS who be sent to deathcamps!!