This just in

this just in
Yemen has struck a military base 40km outside of saudi arabia's capitol with what is being reported as
a fucking ballistic missile

The twitter sphere is describing noise/sounds such as an earthqauke or a meteor striking around Riyadh. Some are speculating missile may be scud, trident, or nuclear.

Saudis literally BTFO.


> missile&src=tyah

Other urls found in this thread:^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^authorالحوثيون-يعلنون-استهداف-الرياض-بصاروخ-بالستي


dunno. to early to tell.

I would likeley say it was non nuclear due to it being from Yemen, but its too early to tell


It is indeed happening, user

It's definitely not nuclear don't be a moron

not a nuke. a scud


Here it comes buckos!

Hah! Down with the reactionary Saudi trash!

this is possible, but….
people report sounds of "earthquakes" or "meteor strike" in the Saudi Capitol, 40km away. Scuds wont do that.

How tf are the Houthis capable of this?

Iran and US tensions are gonna skyrocket even more

are they /ourguys/?

Have you considered that perhaps people not used to being hit by missiles are not describing the experience with level heads?

Don't think Iran has given its proxy a tactical nuke lad

article says yemeni army. they're not the houthis. I thought the yemeni army was with saudi.

WTF is going on

Because the Saudis are spoiled retards who fight without conviction

Anyone who kills Saudis is /ourguy/. That state needs to be wiped off the earth, virtually all of this Wahhabi nonsense originates with them.

this could be true, but the base which was hit was 40km away from the city. This is a long way for a convential 'boom' to travel

people are actually wondering about this.
Iran wouldnt want to be destroyed for nuking someone else. better to have a useful idiot do it for you

Metal Gear Yemen WHEN?

I don't see why it would be a nuke but pretty impressive anyhow





You had your chance America. This is the grave that you chose.

happening af

Godspeed you Yemeni bastards!


Burn the city next time?



It's time to democratically confederalise the Saudis.


Jesus Deus fucking vult.

was it conventional warhead tho?

"What is coming is greater" sounds like they just hit it with a conventional warhead

where would yemen get a nuke


Iran doesnt even have nukes yet though

Diamond Dogs


Iran isn't dumb enough to nuke Saudi. They don't have a death wish


All we need is Chyna to come in

==Am I the only one here who thinks Trump is going to fight a war with Yemen now?? Saudis are ((his)) allies==>

Iran isn't dumb enough to nuke Saudi. They don't have a death wish
Hell no they wouldnt. If they were smart, they would use a useful idiot to do it for them yemen

Is the meme all of that unaccountable and missing nuclear material from the former USSR true after all?

God, i fucking hope so.

Kojima was right again

I can't see any confirmation for this outside of random people on Twitter and that one website, are we sure this even happened?

while this may or may not have been a nuclear warhead (possibly conventional warhead for weapons test), ballistic missiles are extremely expensive to manufacture. the only cost-feasible reason for creating them in the first place is to deliver nuclear payload… nobody wants ballistic missiles to deliver conventional explosives because its so damn expensive

The only thing Americans care about right now is the Super bowl. This will take the back page of the next mornings news stories unless military base is now a glass-lined crater

The idea could be to make the soft and weak saudi government freak out and stop its war.

I actually only ever heard of this from playing MGS so yeah, kojima is always right

maybe its a warning shot to tell the Saudis to fuck off unless they want the real deal? could be they only had 1 and no nuclear warhead

Holy shit…



I can only pray it was nuclear

this guy is Hezbollah. That's as much confirmation as you can get at this point.

Soon all of you will see Posadas' genius.

so what might the geopolitical fallout,ha get it, be if this is a nuke?no doubt some US involvement but wider than that? will this topple the Saudi government? will this spread across the region as some kind of anti Saudi rally?


It's not a nuke.

You're breaking my heart user.

If it is nuclear, only the AYYY LMAO's can save us now.
Regardless of nuke or conventional, heres a prediciton:
Yemen Ballistic missile fired at Saudis >> Saudi begins weighing options >> Saudis call on ally, Donald Trump for help >> Donald Trump begins war in Yemen to stop it from ""Developing Nukes"" >> Increased tensions in the middle east (jesus, if thats even possible) >> Iran finally develops nuke technology secretively, gives warhead to Yemen >> Nuke gets launched at Saudi >> Trump nukes Yemen >> America gets nuked

alright,but it was something.and twitter link suggests a larger attack is coming,although I think that's a bluff

I'm sorry, I know.

True. But I agree with you.

Nope just SCUD.

Sounds like a plan.

Why did Yemen not just launch the nuke at the Saudi capitol building or King Abdulaziz's palace or some shit?

you say that like wiping the USA of the map is a bad thing….

The SCUD-Ds are old as fuck

So wait, are there any other sources? I cant seem to find anything else reporting on this.

Granted, the Superb Owl is probably eating up everyone's attention, but I'd appreciate some more links

This isn't news.

Nulear winter sounds favorable to solve climate change, until you realize that nuclear winter is caused by the upheaval of dust into the atmosphere… dust which is now highly radioactive from nuke flashes. Now the radioactive dust will slowly fall over the entire world for a hundred years.

if they have 1 they might have more.if it's a SCUD it's probably old Soviet shit lost in the 90s


You say that now, but see what you think after patrolling the Mojave.

I hope it killed their king.

This is considered a legitimate geoengineering option if the time comes, release a fuckton of SO2 into the air to absorb light so the earth's temperature cools down. Of course the consequence is that we wouldn't be able to get rid of the SO2.

They attacked a military base, so that seems very unlikely.

It's a reddit joke. /r/superbowl got snagged by some joker and is devoted to owls.

Sage for off topic


The SO2 would turn into acid rain.

Not a SCUD-D
SCUD-D range: 700km
Range missile traveled: 850 KM if it was launched from the border

seconding this. Why was Riyadh their target? If it was because of anti-missile defenses, then why doesn't a fucking military base have that???

It'd be a crying shame if the world's leading oil producer's government collapsed :^)

irradiated SO2.
This would be HIGHLY irradiated SO2. Not only would it cause acid rain, but much of it would undergo radioactive decay because it was all kicked up into the atmosphere by a radioactive explosion.

The Saudis never thought they'd be in open conflict with anyone who could fight back.

This is what Im wondering. While a military base is all well and good, they could have taken out politicians and shit if they targeted the actual Saudi capitol

yemen plz


This may be a bit of a stretch but maybe they wanted to avoid civilian casualties if only for PRA

I would support this:

That actually makes a whole lot of sense.

posturing,this could scare the shit out of them to back off with a high profile attack but not hit the city because they know nobody would back down from that


not bad yemen



Their missile defenses are not that good.

they cant reach that far me thinks.

The Yemen-Saudi war hasn't been within Yemen's borders for a while.

If Israel has SLBMs then maybe

Unrelated but looking at his other tweets he shared a post by a journalist about the Lebananese Communist Party. Look at their constituency… all of people. same the majority of communist parties in the world. Last year the communist party in my town only ran two candidates and they were both over 70. This is so fucking sad.


TBF it is going to be uninhabitable within the century, so…

Are there any Saudi commies that will attack from within?

I hope it would force everyone to use alternative energy but they would prefer to kill each other instead.

wrong. the russians fucking love conventional ballistic missiles. they broke the back of the georgian army in 2008 with well placed missile strikes

Possibly the army of slaves, asians and others stripped of VISAS trafficked in for labor

And if I'm not mistaken, the Georgians are still assblasted about it

Thread theme?

It would just turn into a cluster fuck of people scrambling for oil.

This. The slave labour the sauds use are the real proletariat. The natives aren't, nevermind the House of Saud itself.

It's been well over an hour, is there not any social media videos of it? Seems fake.

*all old people

Fuck. Why are commie parties so full of old people?

Social media is too busy memeing and being infatuated with celebrity culture to care.

Wouldn't a truck bomb be more likely given the capabilities of the Houthis?

Because the left got stamped out so bad that the only people who remember a time where the left mattered are old.

There would at least be people near the explosion posting videos, like the with turkey coup

it hit a military base, not a civilian target

It easy for anyone to film a battle on a potato camera (seriously, why are all videos of battles such shit quality?) but this requires that someone have a camera out and be filming in the right place at the right time.

The article says the Saudis are covering it up, so it's possible that any footage of the incident is not being released/ is being censored from the web.

Italys reporting it.

America only cares about the super bowl right now



TBF they probably still would even if it was a nuke.

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Im a simple man.

Sure looks like a legit publication….
Personally waiting for Al Jazeera to report on it, they hate the saudis.

So wait, was it a nuke? Or was it just a regular missile? I'm getting conflicting reports

What are the broader implications of this?
Does this mean ww3?

We don't have enough information yet, but it definitely wasn't a SCUD like some initially though

higher world tension and more funding to the saudis most likely

burger bros going to be more involved,the other day they deployed some missile carriers so maybe boots?

would this be good or bad? Of course it'd suck for America to once again deploy (more) troops in the Middle East, but what about public backlash?

Probably a repeat of "no blood for oil"

Shit, so it could be a nuke?

Whatever the case, this is likely to lead to all out war

Fucking Yemeni nigger scum are going to doom us all with their autism. Especially if more countries become involved in this conflict (assuming it's a nuclear weapon.)

didn't make a difference over Iraq or Afghanistan so I doubt they'll listen to protest now


It probably wasn't a nuke.but it was something and that will still have an impact

t. Holla Forums

Perhaps a FAB or something like it?

WW3 triggering in defense of the Saudi scum would be definitive proof humanity doesn't deserve to live.

This may be the shittiest Nazbol post on this board.

it wont be ww3.The biggest it could get ,and this is some off the deep end shit, is an Iran vs Saudi open war with burgers on the Saudis side

Test of a new, precision scud missile, via bbc

Why does Nazbols have such absurd aesthetics?

I dunno why I said bbc

'cause you got some BBC on the mind user :^)

That's some retarded censorship.

actually, its cuz I just looked at the end and saw and though "The brits get their news from bbc.."

oh man, this is oman


rebel is that you again with the shitposting? did you forget your trip wasn't on?

Disappointed and slightly frustrated doggos


Might be slightly inaccurate, but I think this is the general picture we're gonna see :^)

For all we know it could be the precursor to one

the source did say that a bigger thing would come



The dancing and the music matches up surprisingly well.

Communism is a reactionary ideology

the word "hit" is continually enclosed in quotations in the article
Was there even a warhead?..
did it literally just plopp on the ground in the middle of the base?
Was Yemen really all "Allahu Akbar!" because a missile 'hit' a saudi base?


sure… 'slightly'.Russia totally wants to start ww3 by more or less unprovokingly attacking the Americans

I love it


Damn negro you've been putting in work as of late

The time has come! For 70 years, they've been watching, waiting for the right conflict to spark. Now the final war has begun, and the aliens can piece together what's left into a brave new world! Be sure to get out your Ayy Lmao welcome mats!

Cheers fam


Really good tbh fam.

With any luck, our alien saviors will be waifu material. One can only dream.

Hahahahahhahahahaha nice meme neocon cuck

Is there a better sauce for this? I have Never heard of Al Masdar news.

There are other news sites in the thread, but they all seem to take these twitter people's word for it.

Just found this guy who lives in Yemen, says they don't stoop to Saudi levels and only go for military targets. Saudis have flooded the skies with drones trying to find the launch site.

whose side should i be on

It is confirmed in

Houthi's you faggot

and you call yourself a NazBol . . .

How about you try fact checking before spreading nonsense.


sources are all over the place you anarchist retard

How about you read the thread before posting your stale memes.

Stale memes for stale fake ass shit. You got legitimate sources? Post them here, now, or STFU. Cause I ain't seen anything worth a happy god damn in this thread thus far.

You think if Saudi Arabia was hit by Yemen the entire news cycle wouldn't be losing its shit? Think for yourself, damn.


How bout you fact check before telling other people to fact check their facts.

It happened.
Ballistic scud-style missile from Yemen to military base outside Riyadh.

Do you have any proofs it didnt happen? cuz all the news is saying it did happen

Stupid anarkiddy. You have faggots for brains.

holy fuck this is some youtube comment level arguments right here.
when did we get brigaded by 12 year old know-it-alls?

since the plebbit influx

GREAT! Then provide all the URLs saying it happen.

Amusing. You've convinced me the error of my ways with your barbed wit.

Stop being mean to each other. I will kill you all.

Redditfugees really lowered the post quality



Don't encourage him this only rewards stupid behaviour!

Epic evidence, bros

Just a wild game theory: What if they snuck a mobile launcher across the border to compensate for the range limit? IIRC Saudi ground forces were getting BTFO by Houthis really, really bad. Maybe bad enough to put some dents in their border security? Or it could just be a new SCUD like BBC is saying here . Seems unlikely that Russia would farm out its new shiny stuff though, and even more unlikely that the Houthis could make it themselves. The Russians haven't even given Assad any of the really good anti-aircraft systems. The Houthis may just be talking big here to try to seem tougher than they are.


g-gomenasai onii-chan~!

do they have any sort of air patrolling? 'cause how the fuck would you hide that in a desert

really trying hard here, CIA.(USER WAS BANNED FOR BEING MEAN)

Put a tarp over it.

So the best sources provided in this thread so far are…

*slow clapping* great job

These are all ripped from webpages
some more URLs for the very nice and curious folks asking for reliable sources. good day to you all! i love all of you guys! i dont hate jews or black btw!

Nobody is saying it is a nuclear warhead, simply a ballistic missile

I have never once seen anything involving Yemen mention on any mainstream new site. There is some serious under reporting on the situation in Yemen, i bet most americans don't even know there is a war going on overthere

Can confirm. Most do not.
RT covers it some

You lazy fuck, if you had read the thread the Yemeni gov. have confirmed it.
Please go back to reddit.

you do realize this is an attack that can possibly result in WW3, an thus bigger news sources want to verify before reporting anything, right? theres also possibilities of government cover-ups, as seen here:

Can we get a nickname for Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi?

explain how this goes global in anyway? America might get some boots on the ground but nobody is chucking nukes around

more sources:

Rad beddin' Badreddin

im 'murican and the only thing I care about is my 'murican football, especially today, during the SUPERBOWL.
Also, I want dirt cheap labor, but I dont want any immigrants doing it.

you're not funny dude

Iran backed Houthies and Russia and China backed Republican Guard Vs. US and Saudi backed Al-Qaeda

don't do this man,people can clearly see that is a sarcastic post and if anybody didn't get that then they're probably autistic to some degree

*teleports behind you*
*grabs you from behind*
*quietly whispers "please dont do that"*
*flies away*



some proxy war shit isn't ww3. Syria has competing factions backed by Russian and America and that shit hasn't caused ww3




He is the savior who will purge the Reddit scourge

that's just a bluff dude


better pic
more sources

I guess I don't get the implication. They made a new missile and fired it at a base of somebody they were already at war with.

Why are people acting like this is a happening? It seems they just got a longer-range attack option, that's all.

People are bored and there is been a lot of tension lately with little pay off

no way they made this on their own.somebody gave it to them.and due this was just outside of the Saudi capital like that's a fucking big deal if they have more of these

This is the first time that the Houthis have been able to hit the Saudi capital.

Because you're allowed to be bombed by the US and it's allies, but when you hit back it's a BIG fucking deal

Iran almost certainly gave it to them.

Aren't the Saudis helping the Yemeni government fight the Houthis? Why would they bomb their backers?

Or was it the Houthis that fired the missile?

why is nobody reporting this

it was the Houthis

They didn't

They hit 30 miles away

So in a Saudi-Iranian war who can we expect the Great Powers to back? America and their lackeys will obviously back the Saudis, but do the Iranians have any close friends who will come to their aid and risk conflict with the West?

Not sure about the status of Iranian relations with Russia or China.

most news sites take at least 2 - 3 hours before reporting something a local news site does. this is yemen we're talking about, an innocent country that's been constantly attacked by a US backed force for oil, of course its going to take a lot longer

Iran doesn't have many friends but I could see the Chinese or Russians backing them to proxy war with the US

goddamit, if the revolution, you use metric or gulag

40 km lmao

The Sunni Hadi government is backed by the Saudis. The real Govt under Ali Saleh (Russian backed) was overthrown in 2012.

I wouldn't be too sure. They've been stockpiling

China will just be wanting to get those sweet sweet Norinco dollars and sell their shit to both sides probably.

conflict news reported on it^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

No. Tell me what happens to all the nuclear power plants in and around target areas. What happens to aging nuclear power plants in the ensuing chaos afterwards. The surface will be unlivable for thousands of years.

im scared guys

How do we know this is real

Who is the original source

it was a massive explosion dumbass, there were multiple sources

this isn't a nuclear attack and it sure as fuck isn't ww3

more sources:


Kill yourself

These sources are all incredibly sus

Not right now, the question is whether or not this will escalate the war enough for the Saudis and Iranians to start fighting directly. If they do then Trump will surely blunder into it since he's itching for a fight with Iran anyway, which could well turn into WW3 depending on how other powers react.

wtf i hate myself now

Apparently the Saudi government has been working to cover it up, so pro-Saudi (like Aljazeera) or Western sources likely won't cover it right away.

It seems to me as if the Western news media just hasnt picked up the story yet.

When the western media hears "Yemen shoots missile at Saudi Arabia" they think "Today was a normal day in the middle east"

it is real. Iran says so


I mean, who am I to doubt the Iraniansالحوثيون-يعلنون-استهداف-الرياض-بصاروخ-بالستي

aljazeera reported

English yet?

no but heres the translation

could you add some more % please?

Holy shit thats a lot of escape characters. I trust it, but thats how malware used to be hidden in url's back in the days that browsers were susceptible to that shit

Someone would send you a like like that, you open it with Internet Explorer, and it overruns the buffer and executes a couple of lines of assembly code.

i deleted it so mods wont think im a spammer. heres the screenshot of the translation. you can get the translation by yourself if you want to

oh fuck

Thats how non-Ascii letters are represented in URL's. anything thats UTF or Unicode need to be escaped. the %'s are called escape characters. the letters and numbers inbetween the % are hex values….

I trust you. Its how URL's are represented when they use non-english letters.

more source

im pursuing this at an autistic level of commitment please just give me (you)s as a compliment


Guys. Lets be straight.

How many people died? 0 or 100000000000?

I don't get how serious this is

it was a military base so not too many probably.still though its the implications they could have hit the city if they wanted

thank (you)

its just a military base, so whoever died signed up for it.

Ein (You)

Well, it seems to have struck a military base.
No official reports are out yet.

It could signal war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, especially if more missiles follow as the Yemenis have promised. If that happens then it would completely engulf the Middle East and could explode into a world war depending on how Russia and China react.

I think it's just a bluff personally.they know more missiles means US involvement

About fucking time.
When Saudis are gone, 95% of Islamism around the world is gone too.

And it's the Yemenites who have actually the balls to remove it!

The U.S. is already involved.

I mean with boots on the ground

We gunna ded?

never underestimate USA

yes because the saudi arabian government which is in bed with the US has been covering this up since the start as stated here
and here

na we're out of the way.and this isn't ww3 but its a big deal that somebody was able to hit back

is this a sign for something?

Merican here, didn't think I'd learn the outcome of the game on leftpol

and remember why ;)

Maybe the middle east and spare them from climate change?

How are things going there m8y?

but… the Falcons had a 91% chance to win the superbowl!

why do you guys have such fucking weird names for you sports teams?The Patriots,come on guys you can do better

Well it's New England, where the American revolution began

"Patriots" was the initial name for independence rebels

And over here, we thought that Patriot was so good we named a legal act after it

Class consciousness isn't going too well right now fam, all the people here are self-absorbed idiots. The only friend I have is Lebanese cus Americans are so fucking hopeless

Nice stealing my work. Im the swedish guy at the half chan thread

whats wrong with the team being named after the place they play and no dumb added bits,you know like the rest of the world?

sorry thought you guys would be used to getting stuff stolen from you by now

You've been research cucked by our Nazbol friend!

kek im just kidding idgaf

because if you didnt you guys wouldnt have been cucks in the first place lmao

November 8th all over again. Look at this shit!


Lol, what the fuck?
the superbowl is racist too now?

Everything is racist. Porky said so.

Stop it, lads.

you have to be FUCKING KIDDING ME, there is a chance of "WW episode III: the return of the desert storm" and people are high on idpol, fuck you USA

Everything that doesn't suck off a minority is racist, haven't you heard? Twitter is on fucking fire for this right now.

comrades run to Canda, they are asking to get nuked

fuck now I want WW3 just to wipe this shit out….

Christ just end it all already I dont want to live on this planet

We live in a spectacle. The west lives in a bubble where nothing bad ever happens, we have never experienced true hell, and all of you "Happening" fags will learn a valuable lesson when shit does hit the fan, if we can even survive seconds after it does.

Shhhh, only salt now.

Burn please

Threadly reminder.

[Posadist Fanaticism Intensifies]

I grew up in a doomsday cult that was very vivid about what it would entail. At this point it actually happening would be catharsis.

OP here, taking requests on leaked FBI files so that you dont have to download it yourself. See attached pdf on thread for entire list of files:

there is an NSA watchlist file with 13,000 IP's in it. feel free to make IP requests and ill cross reference the file

I've noticed this before, alot of people seem to have this desire, whether explicitly stated or not, for things to go badly to shit
and this sentiment of purposelessness and angst at the peace and plenty of rich 1st world nations.
I think this is why SJW's and Holla Forumsacks love to pretend they live in in a high fantasy RPG with the DUDE ORCS VS HUMANS LMAO and making propopganda out of gross misrepresentations of enormous spans of history and pretending it has some deep real meaning and presence here and now. It makes them feel like they're living through something dramatic and purposefull.
And of course its why people get this perverse excitement about HAPPENING.

Anything on IDPOL for redpilling?

tbh the only thing worse than the people you are "calling out" here are people like yourself that think you're "outside" of that same group of people and somehow above the rest of us. pointing out that we live in a "spectacle" doesn't really do much imho if there is no viable political program being put together to bring us out of it …

It mentions 8ch

Dissatisfaction+inability to imagine things really changing in any other way.


Did they get 50 Cent to write this?


It fits the Houthis thing for slogans. Their official motto on their flag is:
"God is Great, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam".

Do they mention COINTELPRO? Occupy?
How big is the IP list? I don't want to ask you directly for obvious reasons.
Does anyone remember what they rebranded COINTELPRO as?

Do they have a jihadi flag?

Oh my, there is no way that the Yemeni rebels who are former Yemen military are using old missiles from captured stockpiles, they are clearly using missiles and nukes given by Iran the world biggest exporter of Terrorism!

Mainstream Neocon media is gonna go ape shit with war propaganda.

i posted the ip list in the thread as pdf. over 13,000 ip's

I cant help but feel its tied to some kind of need for meaning and narrative in a world where they feel purposeless.
I mean, at least one friend has expressed sentiments like this explicitly to me. And others who've done the HAPPENING thing didnt seem to do so soley out of bitterness and dissatisfaction, it was at least a bit of teenage LARPing.

I think so too. Same reason Holla Forumsfags go for muh heroism and muh Evola and so on.

that's not a nasheed, it has instruments

The Shia madmen.

actually, nasheeds can have instruments it really depends on who you ask. The ones who say instruments aren't allowed base it on a weak hadith narrated by a literal who.

t. sunni scum

do you support a reformed muh slim movement in the future? do you think a less fundamental, more (dare i say it) liberal version of islam would be more compatible with socialism?


Depending on the sect it can be halal or haram, shias will say that it is only haram when it is for recreation. War drums are fine.

Shia here, can confirm. For relaxation, religious purposes, background music it's OK. But if you're in a party with alcohol and twerking or something, it's Haram. It's all about context and intention. That's what I was taught at least. Maybe it's different for shia outside of india

Wrong flag

yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Interesting, raised sunni and it's always seemed to vary wildly. With some people outright banning all music and some saying it doesn't really matter as long as you're not grinding on someone while listening to it.

you don't have to sell me on nuclear war im already sold

One reason may be that the Houthis were aiming at the saudi's nuclear missile base, it's right outside Riyadh

Still, hours later, no legitimate source reporting on this. All this shit in the thread we keep seeing is just mealy mouthed bullshit speculating about what Yemen did with no proof … gullible. Fucking shame.

Yemeni government confirmed it. "Legitimate" =\= "reported by CNN/Fox"


Lad, nazbol poster posted a million links. If one wasn't "credible" enough for you than another should be. Like:

Stop being a butthurt faggot.

LOL. Statist.

What a loser.

"Yemen's Houthi rebels have reportedly fired a surface to surface missile that hit a Saudi military camp 40 kilometer west of Riyadh on Sunday night."

"Yemen's SABA News agency quoted a Houthi spokesperson announcing the attack as a 'successful test-fire on a precision long-distance ballistic missile.'"

Cool story.

@AJENews not reporting anything on it, Qatar is not really on good terms with SA so there's no reason they wouldn't be reporting on it.

Also not on the AP twitter stream.

All links to this on twitter are either original sources with no further proof, or they are linking back to the site.

I smell fake.

whats the song called?

Here is the doument

Yes we get it you don't have any friends thank you so much for your opinion

Rugby for pussies

New England Patriots sounds more like a separatist movement to me.

are we allowed to call other people nigga in Communism? mah nigga

I cant read it, that's some awful handwriting

Lol its just fucking scribbles they dont even teach the alphabet in these 3rd world shitholes do they lmao

please someone post the webm

There is a news blackout surrounding Saudi-Arabia and Yemen.
The only sites reporting on it are Russian based fake news.

Don't want to hurt and humiliate our second greatest ally now, do we?

Wait until tomorrow morning, murrica too high on superb owl.

my god just look at the insane articles in the sidebar of this pic

Is that Hoochie's twitter at the bottom of the fourth picture? :^)

this is what happens when fucking normies start getting loosely interested in politics

fucking wokes

And guess who will disproportionately die there if it happens?

That would be an actual example of real class supremacy, and it would hit blacks the hardest.

But these dumb niggers are chimping out about a fucking football game.

so it's fake news? :(

Honestly that's my first reaction, that this is some false-flag bullshit to give the US a pretext to intervene.

But on the other hand it's not like the US needs a pretext to intervene because who the fuck cares about Yemen?

wasapu mai nigazu

oh fuck, it's been a while


US destroyer moved into position of Iranian coast yesterday. This will be blamed on Iran. We'll be at war by the end of the week.

FFS Trump, you had ONE FUCKING JOB. Not to be goyed by ZOG Occupied Government. ReeeEee..

Yeah fake news.

Ballistic missile =/= nuke.


Is it wrong to think of Iran as based?
I know they're a theocracy and yada yada yada, but they seem to have plenty of legitimate grievance with the US/West, and their performance in the Iran-Iraq war (where basically the entire world helped 'are Saddam in one way or another.) was admirable. Anyone who can keep their military going on spare parts cannibalized from machines that'll never be sold to them again while obliterating the shiny new toys of their neighbour is pretty cool tbh.

There's something incredibly annoying about how ahistorically we handle Iran. "They hate us, so they're the bad guys." Well yeah, why do they hate us? Could it be because we've never so much as apologized for couping their elected leader and installing a dictator, aiding their security services - on record - to torture people, aided their enemies in the Iran-Iraq war, blown up a civilian airliner (in an incident they still think was a show of force instead of an accident), etc, etc, etc.

Nah, they just hate us because they are MEAN

I think Iran is kinda based too. Their leaders are backwards assholes but their population seems much more moderate, like Syrians before the war. Of course the grudge goes pretty deep. The siege spoiled relations and the neocons have clung to that ever since to justify any and every step they take towards their grand agenda.

Would Iran have any support? Russia could easily turn this into a proxy way

Russia would probably rather not but if it comes to it they likely will. China and Iran are pretty close too.

This is EXACTLY the reason I supported Trump over Clinton. Cause I thought Clinton would be the one to start this war that the deep state has wanted for oh so long.

Oh and my bad. It was a missile destoyer, not a cruiser.


This is their emblem.

Wow they are woke you guys, very leftist…. oh w8
They are just another NatLib movement.. . .

They aren't leftist at all, but I respect them for being good fighters, along with Hezbollah. It doesn't mean I agree with them politically.

I had a dream after Hillary "won" the Primaries.

It was only a dream, but the terror & loneliness I felt was too real. I don't think I'll ever forget that dream. I have no idea why I had that dream. Maybe tbh, it was the helplessness I felt after Sanders was screwed so badly & no one was really paying for it. Seems melodramatic, but I guess that's my brain.

If dream symbols are to be believed then red sky is indicative of imminent danger. Not entirely unrealistic given the situation.

Would make sense.

I also had a very vivid dream just the other night that my in-laws had a "pet" lion. I kept telling them it's not good, lmao, then of course the lion starts to hunt us all around the house. The entire dream I'm trying to save the family. It had us cornered in a room & I was holding the door while it tried to push through. A paw came around the door & scratched me.. So I yelled for my SO to throw me some dog that they had, lmao. Some small pug. I threw the dog to the lion to buy time, then ran out the window, then I woke up before it could get me. Sorry, pug.

Fucking weird dreams. Tbh, I started taking opiates again recently(for a pain condition). Almost immediately I started having these insanely vivid dreams. But it's not every night & they're not always that bad…

The conventional explosive warhead was the decoy. You do not want to know what was the payload of the main warhead.

Sweet dreams, arab scum.

Post yfw Saudi capital gets scorched



not bad



lmao, you're and idiot
trump is constantly talking about fighting saudi-arabia in syria so why the fuck would he support them in yemen where there are already plenty of nations bombing the remaining rebels and civilians.
didn't he recently even attack al-qaida in yemen? or was that lies?

Arabic looks so dumb

They could equally say the same about English. Because let's be fair, the English language makes no fucking sense.

What I never got was right to left, how does that happen?

Why left to right?

Because Arabic people are superstitious as fuck and they think anything to do with the left hand is evil. To the point that they modeled their language after this.

Well, why not in a big clockwise spiral starting from the bottom left corner? I assumed it's logical because I count left to right too. Do Arabs and Japs count right to left?

So every bit of Arabic writing is secretly a ghost story. Any reason the Japanese do it?

Never shake hands with an Indian or Arab. They wash thier asscracks with thier hand every time they take a shit. Fucking barbarians

Just because you do it doesn't make it a universal norm.


That must be why he's registered eight companies in Saudi Arabia, takes Saudi lobbyist money, and kept them off the travel ban.
The US has already been helping the Saudis by refueling, rearming, and maintaining the jets they use in Yemen. We've also been sharing intelligence and picking out targets for kinetic strikes. Saudi Arabia is a US ally.
HE did. And?

Aw yeee, finally happening to those who deserve the most.

I just looked it up because it was bugging me. They're right handed too, being right handed is a universal thing, but they started writing on rolls of bamboo strips, which made it easier to write right to left. The Chinese write vertically because the strips were vertical on theirs.

Huh, TIL


the muslim travel ban countries were picked by obama, faggot.
well first of all, he didn't:
and second of all, don't pretend you don't understand the saudi-wahhabism-al-qaida-cia-connection.



So Trumps administration has no agency? They just do whatever Obama did?
Stop pretending like the situation isn't more complicated. The Saudi's aren't a hive mind that are all in line with what the royal family wants. The main members of the royal family aren't funding wahhabists that want to take the monarchy down. That would be extremely stupid. There are lowly members of the royal family who do along with wealthy citizens and imams. The salafist groups the government does back are not interested in upending the Saudi monarchy and are used to destabilize enemies of Saudi Arabia.

Are we /houthi/ now?

ded saudi princelings when


cruiser designations no longer exist. post WW2, cruisers and destroyers merged

Not true. Ticonderoga class cruisers are designated as CG's. Destroyers are designated DDG.


ABC reported it less than an hour ago


anything serving COINTELPRO purposes has changed its name by now you fucking dullard.

No. This is an ABC wire story. Meaning they just copy and pasted the same article we have seen four times before.

This is still fake news.

Well it's really just propaganda, but whatever, people here seem emotionally invested in believing it's real. So we should just let them have their spooks.

That's why I asked what they rebranded as you stupid tank.

That's not what spooks are retard.
Go back and do more "preliminary investigation in community language use", alphabet soup.
Or come up with a proper fucking counterargument as to why the cited sources are shit.
Maybe it's real. Maybe it isn't. We'll find out eventually, but in the meantime, there's no use in deciding that one is 100% true or the other.


Wanting to believe in nationalist propaganda to fit one's ideological world view isn't spooky? Hmm…

I want this to be true

fuck you gullible retards for spreading this shit

Did a Yemeni fuck Black Flags' mother or something?

He's actually King Salman.

The CIA, Putin, China, Saudi Arabia themselves so they can just flatten Yemen, which is well within Saudi Arabia's military capabilities and I expect is about to come

This shit is so far removed from reality.

We can use this to meme it into existence.


The spelling/pronunciation is asinine, things need to be spelt phonetically and we need more letters to differentiate the different ways of pronouncing vowels (A as in 'ant' vs 'ape' vs 'aardvark', etc.), also for the two forms of 'th' (as in 'them' vs 'thigh').

Wouldn't that mean they'd smear the ink with their hand like lefthanded people do?

With their left hand, yeah. That's why it's considered an insult to use it to point to, shake hands with, salute or otherwise interact with somebody using one's left hand.

It seems more logical to me too since most people are righthanded, and writing left-to-right with your right hand means you don't smear the ink and can see what you've written.

Ah. Fair enough. TMYK.


Tbh right now we should just wait for more information. I'm still skeptical that it's real since news sites can be prone to bullshit, but I'm not saying it's in any way fake either.

i don't know much about Stirner but what I figure from memeing is shiite muslim propaganda is spook

is that wrong? how?

why is leftypol cheering on a bunch of akbars?

are you so desperate to be proven right about muh capitalism-will-cause-apocalypse that you cheer on any death?

A spook is a fixed idea that people put ahead of their own self interest. Read Stirner.

Because Saudi Arabia is trash and the Houthis just can't stop shitting on them.

why are the houthis any better?

it's one bunch of akbars versus another, it's as pointless as the war of the roses

stirner never said that

Because it's more complex than muh good and evil or various gradations between them. The Saudis have considerably more power on the world stage. Fucking them up will be destabilizing because of the role of their oil in infrastructure.

Well for one Houthis (Zaidi) don't spread wahhabism around the world and they aren't responsible for the destabilization of the Middle East. You don't really sound like you know what you're talking about tbh.

because then more shit will be blown up, more heads will roll, more cities will be ravaged.. and out of the carnage, communism will arise..

this is happening-porn, the promise of release, a fascist jouissance

Kek nobody here thinks the Saudi-Yemen conflict is going to bring about communism.

Actually its about ethics in oil production

No, the worse things get under capitalism, the more ready people will be to get rid of it. It's not an immediate thing, but the faster things get worse, the fewer generations will have to live under capitalism, starving, dying in imperialist wars, and generally suffering.

I wasn't quoting Stirner. Just trying to give the user an idea of what it is. Feel free to elaborate.

there is no "under capitalism", with that i mean that characterizing it as "under" assumes a model of humanity having operating systems, a common illusion science gave ideology, it is similar to the "orcs vs humans" ideology of Holla Forums

there isn't going to be a rush to marx when people have their lives ravaged, in such a situation, people are driven to symbolic, us vs them, warrior sectarianism, like the pictures of assad and saddam that decorate thousands of facebook profiles, accompanied by footage of battle and executions

your definition doesn't take into account spooks that claim to be self-interest, like pretty much all religions.

Yemen, pls

Capitalism is a mode of production. "Under" is just an arbitrary preposition metaphorically indicating that we are subject to rules of capitalism that are beyond our control, in a sense "above" us.

No shit. It's not about the people living on the Arabian peninsula, but the rest of the world dealing with the economic consequences when a major source of oil is disrupted.

no, "under" is what reveals the distinction, there are people, and there is that which rules them, people are pure subjects of an order that is distinct from them, the metaphor is the ideology.

this is why "under" is a praise distinctive of the far-left, you rarely here a right-winger say "under liberalism" or "under conservatism", they do not have this view of people as pure subjects

here this worldview reveals it's ugly core; war, destruction and displacement are welcomed as they are a disturbance of the order, the actual people be damned. this is why the refusing of refugees is seen as fascist-islamophobic terror by the same people who cheer for the destruction from which they flee, they are in the end, purely instrumental.


You basically just summed up the accelerationist meme. It's a form of being intellectually lazy, in thinking people will automatically gravitate to a more left policy just by sheer destruction done by a rightist, when in reality people won't know about jack shit other then they want to live peaceful lives

TBF it only seems to work in strictly first world situations, IE the American and European elections going right, they fuck up, and then it's up to lefties to advocate for the policy that works best for the average Joe. More importantly , explain the reasons why system of production like this has the problems it has, specifically when it hits close to home, like planned obsolescence for example.

Also, I don't support mass immigration, because it undercuts the working class at home via lower wages and will always breed reactionism.

Where did I ever imply people are "pure subjects"?

On the contrary, right-wingers think people are pure subjects in the sense of subject/object, they think that people have full control over their circumstances. Leftists recognize that this is not the case, that circumstance limits people from being pure subjects.

Yeah, it's definitely better to be concerned with a relatively small number of people not having their lives get worse right now, to the point that we don't do anything that might yield better long-term results.

No, you fucking retard. We're not cheering on imperialist violence, we're getting excited that the little guy is fighting back against imperialist violence, specifically an empire that has its tentacles weaving through the global economy.

Accelerationism isn't about turning people to the left. It's about getting capitalism to collapse.

My mistake, although I would say it's more helpful to also point out that capitalism makes shitty products all the time now and is all about quantity over quality. I would also like to add that the Saudis being BTFO is generally a good thing, since they are responsible for funding Islamic reactionism, and creating the new boogeyman for the American empire to bomb countries to bomb in the name of fighting against.

with the "under capitalism", while not directly implying such a view, your post didn't gave me the impression that you fundamentally differ from the rest of the far-left in this aspect

they don't think that, but i can see where the confusion arises from my use of the term "pure subject". right-wingers don't make as much of a distinction between people and their circumstances, they tend to see circumstances as emergent instead of imposed by a system that doesn't exist in a tangible form.

now let's imagine that those relatively small numbers of people aren't anonymous muzzies.

one of the things that brings people to communism are bad experiences with the bourgies, many a communist started with mistreatment or humiliation by them. if you could then arrange the gang-rape of a girl by a bunch of bourgies, this will cause class resentment, as can be seen in the comment sections whenever such a thing happens, should this mean then, that communist organisations should strive to create such gang-rapes to profit from the resulting resentment?

this has the potential to become a great islamic war, a symbolic victory by the smaller akbars that draws this nearer is nothing to be excited about

Accelerationism isn't about turning people to the left. It's about getting capitalism to collapse.>>1343796
If that's how you go about evaluating whether people conform to a standard, you will always conclude that they do conform to the standard unless they specify otherwise.

Relations of production are as tangible as you can possibly get. You clearly don't know the first thing about the left.

Lolbertarians do think that, and in any case, authoritarian rightists tend toward that line of thinking more than leftists do.

Even if they were my loved ones, me feeling a certain way about them wouldn't change the facts of how their country relates to geopolitics.

You pulled this out of your arse. Most people become commies because they see the economic system is fucked. It's not a personal vendetta against the ruling class, but we tend to hate them because they play a major role in perpetuating the system.

Class resentment isn't the goal. We want people to be willing to abandon the capitalist mode of production, not to hate the people who make up the ruling class. There are more paradigms by which to view the world than "hate the other."

There will be no great Islamic war without foreigners getting involved and pushing toward WWIII. The cost of such a war is likely to bring capitalism to its knees, making room for a socialist movement to rise again.

I agree with your analysis isn't quite right.

This "happening" aesthetic is based on an ideology that is so fixed on an anti-imperialist worldview that the adherents delude themselves into believing clearly bogus state propaganda. That phenomena may not be directly "spooky" but it is certainly related to or a symptom of spooktacular ideology.

Video for those saying its fake:

My friend from Lebanon translated it:
Captions - War News: The launch of a Volcano 2 long-range ballistic missile at a Saudi military target in the Saudi capital of Riyadh. 2/5/2017

0:01 In the name of Allah the Merciful, there will be, through the will of God and his strength, a launch of a long-range ballistic missile on a military target in the capital of the Devil, Riyadh, Sunday 5/2/2017. And by god good luck [Quranic verse to bless shots]

0:30 Allahu akbar, death to America. Death to Israel. Curse on Riyadh. Victory to Islam.

0:50 [Quranic verse to bless shots]

1:25 Allhu akbar, death to America, Death to Israel. Curse on the Jews. Victory to Ansarullah (pretty sure that's it)

webm version

Still not actually proof. Not a single source covering it.

Then I wonder why they're covering up the fact that this is a pretty good fake done by Yemen, if it is a fake that is.
The thing is, at this point, it's weird they're not reporting on the fact that they're at least pretending that this happened, because they're pretending pretty fucking hard at this point.

what do you mean?
there is lots of reports about this, including in the OP.

Not a legit source. No source of consequence. Clearly it was a fake.