Why are literally all ancaps pedos?

Why are literally all ancaps pedos?

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the allure of cunny

They are the true degenerates. Holla Forums should be useful for once and wall them all at once.

Without a doubt, this thread is going to contain an insightful critique of anarcho-capitalist ideology rather than unfunny and repetitive shitposts of opinionated teenagers with too much free time.

hebephilia is normal get over it fucking idiot.

ancaps defend actual pedos under murray rothbard's concept of child ownership.

anarcho capitalism is barely an ideology to begin with tbqh

Why, it's almost as if child rape as a Veblen good were the very foundation of Western civilization.


what is there left to say about anarcho-capitalism? at this point it's flaws and lack of consistency have been pointed out a million times to a million ancaps. the only thing we have left is the memes to combat the ayncrap disease.

You take all the critiques marxists have on capitalism, take all the critique marxists have on anarchists, mash them together and you have the critique against ancapism.

We could have a thread about analyzing some works of ancraps. Perhaps we would get a chuckle or two at Rothbard's half-assed critiques, Mises' praxeology and so on, which would be not only entertaining but also perhaps be of use if one of us ever had to engage an ancap who picked up the book and could defend his position on non-meme level.
Instead we get another lol dey be dum thread

you should still kys for being a pedo tho

I swear in all of these political compass jokes the bottom right is always the funniest.

But we have threads like that all the time when a /liberty/ poster decides to pick a fight with us. i'd say the threads which contain well reasoned critiques are just as played out as ancap = pedo jokes. in the end no matter how many of the standard arguments you throw out there they always declare 'IT WAS CORPORATISM', 'IT WAS CRONY CAPITALISM' 'MUH FREE MARKET' 'MUH ECONOMIC CALCULATION PROBLEM' 'REAL ANARCHISM MEANS SUCKING YOUR BOSS' DICK' etc etc etc…


When was the last time such thread happened?
Perhaps, but they are still not as cancerous as memes+circlejerking

Critique of feudalism, more like. There's nothing anarchist about being ruled by a tiny clique of large scale property holders.

Go on Reddit, specifically r/enoughlibertarianspam and read about Ancaps insane ideas.

This shouldn't be bumplocked.
If some rabid pedofag comes in and starts spamming in here, just ban him.

Please add a top bar's like Holla Forums's with our sister leftist boards and also please add flags.

There is nothing left to say about ancaps.


It's funny when ancaps get this reputation when libertarian socialists are much more pedo. Just check out this guy's channel:

you should prob kys for being a reactionary fag

Oh I didn't notice all his videos are gone. I guess the feds got him.

It's impossible to justify pedophilia as an anarchist without being extremely intellectually dishonest.

But wat if da child consents tho

b-but muh sexual freedom!

please make some kind of Holla Forums so people liking mbti horoscopes and trap threads will have someplace to go

This is the millennial generation, folks. This is the generation that thinks "if I put my opponents' arguments in a meme picture I win". And you wonder why people want to lower the AoC. Millennials are basically cancer.

What exactly constitutes spamming?

I think it's fairly obvious that prepubescents at least shouldn't be available for adult sex, but regardless of that, we don't need feminists' opinions here. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

You and OP can both go to the special gulag where they teach you how to make coherent arguments. Just kidding, you get gassed.

>>>Holla Forums

Okay, how about this.

You get put up against the wall for being reactionary scum.

That better?

Pedos will all hang. Don't touch my fucking kids.

Being a reactionary when it comes to pedos is perfectly fine; ask anyone on this board. You would be the one put up against a wall and shot.

You're not entitled to make decisions about other people's personal lives, you arrogant cunt. Guys have been putting up with your shit long enough. You have no legitimate moral authority and if we want to date your hot teenage daughter, you won't be able to do fuck all.

FYI, you sound like the kind of person that your kids are sick of, too.

This type of astroturfing only works on people dumb enough to fall for it aka Reddit. You know, the place you should go back to.

You know I'm right. You don't have to be mad.

Being a reactionary means they are reacting against progression. Stripping the rights of a child is a return to barbarism so it is not reactionary at all. Also I'm fed up with fucking pedo defener threads, this shit always happens and then Holla Forums gets a nice juicy screencap to prove that commies wanna rape children. Mods pls.

You really think that in a socialist world you'd be able to get away with your bigotry? Most of the world doesn't subscribe to your retardation, so you're going to have one hell of a time making good on these grandiose threats.

This is what you guys look like. You aren't dating anyone, let along cute young girls. This is probably why most pedos are ancaps. You could never get a girl to fuck you without basically bribing her with money or access to vital goods. Sad really.

Literally freedom is slavery. Jesus Christ you people are so goddamn stupid it's unbelievable. Rest assured that you will not be allowed to have any sort of authority under socialism. You quite simply lack the numbers and the weaponry to enforce any of your authoritarian, puritanical delusions.

A child has a right to not be sexually exploited by someone. The power disparity between an adult and a child makes any sexual contact between them exploitative in nature. Fucking deal with it.

Not an argument. :^)

What rights do children have? And why should they deserve any? They don't even understand what rights are.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA why are pedos always so delusional? Holy shit just kys.

Teens are not children and the power disparity meme is a myth. The only possible basis for it is the vague idea of "greater life experience", which isn't applied to literally any other situation. You don't need to get a gun license to drive a car, so why should you have to get to a certain age and have a body of other experiences completely unrelated to sex to consent to sex? Anyone who's completed sex ed can consent to sex, period, because consent is based on knowledge and intelligence, not the number of times you've been around the sun. Everyone who isn't completely indoctrinated knows this, so why do you continue to push repeatedly-debunked, obviously unsubstantiated arguments?

Hmmm, it's almost as if you're pushing this power imbalance meme because it's the only possible way you can keep the value of your disgusting, used-up vagina passable enough to get some poor sod to be your wallet while you cuck him, as you project your own unattractiveness onto those who fight for freedom from people like you. Well, guess what? We see through your game and we're not playing anymore.

Fucking deal with it.

The OP's picture is discussing teens, which are not pedo, you stupid fuck. Ephebophobes once again prove that they have shit reading comprehension. And no, the majority of the world does not subscribe to ephebophobia, seeing as the average AoC is 16. It was lower before America started threatening people into raising it.

I dunno human rights? What do you mean by this question? There are various UN declarations plus the laws specific to a country.
That's another odd question. Why should YOU deserve any? Why should anyone deserve any? Do you think people shouldn't have rights at all or children specifically?
Why is that a criteria that someone shouldn't have rights? If anything thats a good argument for why children should have more rights.

you do fucking realize that in ANY communist society, tankie anarchist and in between you're getting the fucking bullet?

But…that's what I said???

The OP literally says pedos. Pedophiles once again prove that they have shit reading comprehension.

The concept of children having rights is fucking dumb. Children should be nothing more than slaves to the parent tbh. Child "abuse" nowadays is light spanking and that is retarded. Though actual abuse, like sexual abuse, should be punished by death. Also those who wish to promote it, like you, should be killed too.

just because the average AoC is 16 doesn't mean it's a good thing, 16 year olds brains still aren't developed. 16 year olds are fucking stupid as hell and don't know what they want.

Where the FUCK did I say I promote sexual abuse? I do not promote sexual abuse to anyone ever. I think age of consent laws are a perfectly acceptable and fairly innocuous way to draw a line in the sand to protect children.

Pedophiles seem a bit too fond of bourgeoisie notions of "consent" and """liberty""" (i.e. my right to rape a child.) I think that they gravitate towards ancapism because of that, rather than becoming pedos after embracing "anarcho"-capitalism.

Way to not address anything that was said to you.


You're fucking stupid as hell and don't know what you want, so I've decided that you should have your voting rights taken away. How about that, faggot?

The picture says post-pubescent. That isn't pedo by any reasonable definition of the word.

We (as in the workers) outnumber pedos. We will get to decide what "rights" you have and that means that you probably won't get any. Shit you will be lucky to have even the right to live.


Then why the fuck are you arguing with me? If you are against sexual abuse of children, yes that includes teenagers you sick fuck, then we are on the same page.

And yet the OP said pedo. Do you judge threads based on the picture or on what the OP wrote out?


also, you're conveniently leaving out the issue of age in your little voting rights strawman


Haha, this is cute. You actually think you have support outside of the United States of Retards.

No, it categorically, empirically does not. Maybe Reddit let you get away with saying things like that, but here, scientific evidence is paramount. Biological fact is more important than your feels.

Teenagers are children and you want to sexually abuse them.

Sorry dude, I can't tell who everyone is in this thread and I think you might have mixed me up with someone else because from my side I'm sure we weren't arguing. For the record I am disgusted with pedos, hebes, AOC-haters or whatever else you wanna call this board's strange obsession with whether some kids have to wait a year or two before they can legally fuck. I think it was Zizek who said something about how he hated the idea of debating basic social morality like whether it was 'Ok to rape women' and didn't want to live in a society where such debates were considered reasonable.

Age isn't the issue, though. Chances are you'd say you're more mature and intellectually developed than the overwhelmingly pro-capitalist baby boomers who are much older and should theoretically be more mature than you, according to you. If you used the same standards for AoC you'd have to retract your argument, but you're a hypocritical SJW asshole, so you won't.

Is that a broken record I hear?

You are not the arbiter of morality and you have no idea how morality actually works. You're just repeating what you've been told. You obviously lack the ability to formulate your own opinions and should probably have your sexual consent rights revoked, because you're not mature enough to handle them.

Ah okay then, my bad comrade.

Keep living your dream of wanting to rape children. You will get arrested and raped to death in jail eventually.

This isn't a debate. Your kind will be removed from society once the revolutionary government has been established. Pedophiles are the sexual bourgeoisie.

objectively having a less developed emotionally brain and hormones that affect you differently isn't the same thing as class consciousness you absolute dipshit. thinking you're a creep for wanting to fuck teenagers doesn't make me a SJW

Can you autismal fuckers get over AoC laws? Yes it is bullshit that sometimes a 17 year old gets in trouble for fucking a 17 year old. Yes it is bullshit that it is inconsistent across state lines, maybe it should be standardised countrywide or even globally. But why is it that the prospect of some horny 15 year old having to wait *GASP* a whole year before they can fuck!!!! Literally the worst thing imaginable. If some dumbass kids have to jerk off for an extra 12 months (or *GASP* fuck in secret!!!!) as a compromise to have a law which protects kids from being anally raped than I'm fine with it and so should you. It is extremely suspicious that out of all the injustice in this world this is the one you are all so fixated on, perhaps there's a reason why you think about this topic so often?? Hmm I wonder why you guys care so much???

Fucking this. Hebephiles (pedos) need to get over their fucking retardation when it comes to AoC laws. Of course they won't though because all they want to do is rape children.

I'm pretty glad seeing Holla Forums accepting morality.

im a girl tho

They're not, it's a meme. Pedophiles can be found in every ideology.

Of course it's not, because if it was you know we'd win. This is you posturing because you want to feel powerful and righteous when you're just an insignificant, whiny little shit who's never accomplished anything and never will. People like you aren't open to being reasoned with, and that's why we'll physically remove you.

More hypocrisy. You failed to address the point, which is definitive proof that age and maturity are not the same and in many cases aren't even strongly correlated.

This is highly questionable given how stupid the boomers and generation X are. What isn't questionable is that the average teenager is more intellectually developed than you.

smh tbh fam

it's another episode of reddit showing their inner liberal crybaby unscientific nonsense.


It's a pretty sane fix to said laws to have close-in-age exemptions for teenagers (as my state does AFAIK). It's possible to protect kids from exploitation in relationships (and that's what AoC laws prevent - if you anal rape someone over the AoC it's still a crime) without throwing them in jail for stupid reasons.


what if

just think about it

what if

you stopped interfering in other people's individual lives you regressive bigoted fuck

unironically kill yourself

Really makes you think, doesn't it?

i lost my virginity at 15 to a 14 year old that doesnt mean i think 30 year old pieces heaps of bile should sleep with 16 year olds

not to mention i honestly regret losing my virginity that early

No. Children need to be protected from predators like you. You need to unironically kill yourself for the good of mankind.

Is this the best argument you've got?

Guess we should all follow your lead, huh?

back to /r/socialism please. you tried, and it's not gonna work out

You're so irrationally angry you're tripping over your own words. That should be a clue to you that you're letting your feels get in the way of your judgment. If your intelligence is even one notch above that of the average teenager you'll take the hint and stop being a moron.

smh tbh fam

your argument was LITERALLY "reddit lel"

I hope when you have children they get raped. Maybe then you will realize I was right.

No, they need to be protected from you. People like you ruin lives with your insanity. You've done more damage to the youth than any sexual activity ever could.

My argument was showing how full of shit anti-hebephilia was. You didn't refute it, you just told me your imagined scenario and how you thought it was gross. Back to reddit, kiddo

Also, check my trips.

The irony.

Yeah sure I have. It's not like sexual abuse is the worst thing on planet or anything. It's not like all the research out there tells how fucking awful it is to be raped or anything.

back to reddit, quaker

I'm not even a pedo but I'd still rape your kids just to see you freak out about it


it's more likely because i haven't slept much and i took some sleeping pills which explains why i'm wasting my time trying to debate literal child rape apologists


Man remember when the mods had an announcement saying that pedo-defener threads would be deleted. Those were good times.

it's not an ideology

You people are disgusting. I hope you rot in hell.

back to reddit, kiddo


Michael Gira and The Swans said it best: PUBLIC

Having sex with a teen is not automatically rape and the research does not show it to be harmful. Only pseudoscience pushed by ideologues purports to show such a thing, and those studies have been demolished by Bruce Rind, who you people censored for telling the truth. If people like you are allowed to run a socialist society you'll just create a new USSR. Nobody wants that, so fuck off.

Kill yourself, feminazi.

See what I mean?

Nice one you stupid fuck.

The research you are talking about is false pro-pedophile propaganda and it is censored for good reason. The people shouldn't be swayed by outright laws for sexual predators such as yourself.


I might lies

goddammit this is what happens when i get mad

Censorship is good when it's clearly some trolls from Holla Forums trying to make us seem like a bunch of child rapists.

so…hey mods?

Did you get raped or is sex just naturally triggering to you? :^)

you seem mad you can't legally fuck a 15 year old that doesn't want to fuck you anyways. are you mad, user?

Very funny pedo.

If you must know, I've never had sex and I think the AoC should be raised to 21 or 25.

back to reddit please. if you can't defend your arguments without calling for the rape of other people's kids or asking for bans, you might be in the wrong place. Reddit will suit you better


If your side was publishing sound science, you wouldn't have to censor. The hallmark of good science is the ability to critically examine it. People like you would have us still believing that the Earth is the center of the universe.

pedophilia is a science now? lol

wow that's a dumb post

Your side called for someone else's kids to be raped. If anything, an archive of this thread would convince anyone who read it to support us solely on the grounds of how fucking repulsive that statement is.

Raising it to 21 or 25 is the right thing to do and feminists initially wanted to raise it to 21 in America.

Things do have to be censored like Nazi propaganda for instance. I'm sure you agree race realism shouldn't be taken seriously so why should pro-pedo shit, which is obviously wrong, be taken seriously?


I'm not even on their side though, I'm just memeing because of how angry you get

You have no understanding of how science works. First order of business: You have to provide specific criticism. You can't just say something is obvious. Before Einstein, the idea that time always proceeds at the same rate for everyone was "obvious."

Also, yes, Nazi retards should be allowed to publish "racial realism" or whatever other stupidity they want so we can laugh at it and tell people why it's wrong. Banning it just produces an allure of the forbidden fruit that makes people think there's something to it. You know, kind of like you're doing to us.

at this point i've been involved in so many of these arguments. can we just put an end to this stupid fucking cycle.

This is wrong on many levels but whatever, I'm done arguing with you.


only ledditors seem to care.

Back in 1917 you would have been telling socialists not to advocate for civil rights for black people because it turns so many people off.

TBH there are actually more than a few on Holla Forums who understand that the current US AoC situation is bullshit. If we got rid of the Reddit scum we might be able to convert them.

wow you guys always use that same line, it still really holds up. pedophilia is basically the exact same as civil rights guys!!!! black citizens having the same rights as a white citizen = pedos having the right to rape kids!!! how will i ever recover???

I'm sure people who have actually been raped are really happy to hear this. It's good that we water down the meaning of the word so much.

Go back to reddit, where you belong.

Apparently you didn't see this the first time, so I'll keep posting it until your doublethink goes away.


My point is that the arguments never change, it's always the same recycled debate over and over again. It's fucking annoying and tiresome and only serves to turn normies away (yes I admit it, I care what normal people think about left-wing politics!! what a shock for a leftist to want their cause to succeed with common people!!!!!). At a certain point all that can be said has been said, it's not funny, it's not interesting, it's not entertaining, it's not enlightening, it's just irritating.

Apparently you didn't see this the first time, so I'll keep posting it until your doublethink goes away.


fuck off, you're not scientific. You're pseudo-intellectual.

I'm a hebephile. I like teen girls (but not only teen girls). What's wrong with that? That's a natural desire.

We're well aware, we disagree with what the age of consent should be.

Classic Reddit.


erm wait a sec. I'm a Ephebophilia actually. Ephebophilia is 15-19. Apparently hebephile is 11-14. That's too young for me.

You might want to try Holla Forums. They agree that feels > reals

I did not know that the ancaps are pedophiles so I am afraid that I do not have an answer for your question. How do you know they are pedophiles? I find it disturbing that unproven ideology attracts the pedophiles like an electrified magnet.

Today I will remind them

lmao I think I've finally shown that you aren't a leftist. go back to r/atheism butthurt uncap, stop being completely obsessed with positivist arguments and desperately applying 'hella f*cking epic science' to qualitative arguments

Not an athiest, never been an ancap, not a positivist. Just saying you need to address arguments instead of whining about the fact you hear them more than once.

And again, go back to reddit. The fact you haven't had sex yet doesn't mean everyone else needs to wait to 21(or 25). You still haven't explained either of those arbitrary ages either.

I can be a communist and support an AoC based around sexual development instead of inane "eew i imagined this one scenario and lost my boner" arguments. I also don't use reddit. Sounds like you spend a lot more time on that board than I do, though.

capitalists don't believe in quality

No, actually, we don't. We can pick and choose which arguments we will accept just as you can. What makes you think you're shit to arbitrate anything, bourg?



liberals gtfo please

I think we need to differentiate between pedos and guys that don't discriminate in age if someone has that woman shape. I mean, in my country it's legal to have sex at 13, and while I wouldn't do it with them (because I find them annoying), I'm not going to deny that some young girls look pretty damn good. Personally, I like the shape of big tits and ass and young girls rarely have those.

pedophiles should honestly all be publicly executed jesus christ and the only people opposed would be the most militant SJW's and other pedophiles

clearly the militant SJWs have been calling for the rape of other people's kids

First off I'm not the guy that said we need to raise AoC to 21.

Secondly I have had sex but really my first sexual encounter was when I was molested at the age of 9. I hate to say that this thread is 'triggering' me because someone will just hold that against me but I am indeed disgusted by these threads. Sorry I made you 'lose your boner'.

Finally as it usually happens, these threads (excluding the truly sick people) devolve into a difference in opinion on whether the AoC is a benefit and whether the AoC should be revised to keep up with current knowledge on psychosexual development. Since sexual development is totally subject to individual differences it becomes a near impossible task to determine ahead of time what age each child crosses into adulthood in terms of sexuality. Therefore in my eyes it makes sense to draw a line in the sand as close as possible to the average age of adult development despite it perhaps affecting some people negatively. This is where the arguments end and the subjective opinions come into play and the argument comes to a halt where people shit-fling insults at each other accusing everyone of all sorts of shit in-between actual pedos saying fucked shit. This is why I dislike these threads and think that after we've had enough of them they should be stopped because it never ends.

Jailbait ftw

If you find her attractive at all, you clearly have a mental problem. :^)

she has an extreme butterface so yes

You don't think she's hot? lol Brah

Then why not simply develop a simple legal test like consent? Or is that too difficult?


not an argument

check out this sweet jailbait hentai bro, only sickos could ever like it

That shit doesn't matter in the dark, fam.

Oh, my god, I think I'm going to puke. You reactionary sinner, how could you possibly imagine groping her breasts, or grasping her legs, or plunging your cock into tight pussy. That's disgusting.

That chick admittedly might not be jailbait in Canada though. The age of consent here is 16. She probably is 16-17. Still possible she could be 14-15 if she matures fast I guess.


I think it would be very difficult to implement for each child and I think you would have to choose a minimum age anyway to do the test. For example for most boys over the age of 10 if someone handed them a test like that they would answer 'hell yeah bro i'm ready to get some pussy my friends are gonna be so jealous'. In my opinion the real answer is that judges should have more leeway to determine if a case is legitimately harming anyone or not. Keep the AoC, but if a 15 year old gets pulled up for fucking another 15 year old the judge should be allowed to say 'well that's hella bullshit case dismissed.'

confirmed illiterate

There are pedos in every ideology.

this is not a sustainable solution

What is a sustainable solution then? What is the alternative to AoC?

Sexual development replaces AoC, consent education before, and during puberty.

Unfortunately, no she is not pretty enough to be a wife.

that's pretty vague. under this model what age of sexual contact constitutes abuse? what age divide is considered unlawful sexual contact? how do you determine each kids development and make the right choices? would there still be laws against pedophilia? would the state provide sexual intelligence testing?

I meant a legal test, you dunce, not a fucking written exam. Also, if a 10 yo kid wants to get his dick sucked, as weird as that is, who are we to say that this is inherently harmful? Also, kids are only interested in sex that young because of media. This would not be a problem under socialism.

Any kind of contact that the child doesn't consent to, obviously, and we're not really talking about children, we're talking about teenagers.

Who cares about whether she's pretty enough to be a wife? I'd fuck her tight pussy and cum all over her pretty face

And have your future ugly daughters? You are better than this user! Every child deserves an attractive, healthy and strong physique.

Ancapism (and its siblings) is the only ideology that advocates both personal freedom and socioeconomic hierarchies.

If society disavows personal freedom, pedophilia is invariably demonized and persecuted as immoral. But if it disavows socioeconomic hierarchies, an adult will not be allowed to freely use his superior status to sexually exploit a child. If you're a pedo and actually willing to act on your urges, ancapism is your best bet.


that pic is a man. you are clearly blind