Catgirl drawgirl worship thread

Catgirl drawgirl worship thread.
Is she the best e-celeb?
I think she is.

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Stop it you will creep her out and she will stop coming here.

In before a bunch of buttmad faggots that contribute nothing to Holla Forums but shitposts come in here and vent their spleens because the only tripfag that uses a trip correctly makes things that they can't masturbate to don't like.

Oh my gosh she is so adorable I can't get over it. Keep doing what you're doing, catgirl drawfriend!

Not my cup of tea.

Wow, she is qt. Would give her lot's of love/10

Oh, she looks a lot younger than in her other pictures.

Yes she is one of the best leftycelebs.

i wish i was as cute as she is

Delete this reformism

ITT: /r9k/ witnessing the mysterious female sex.

anybody in this thread watching the super bowl right now

This. Revisionists must die


We can't all be wise enough to realize the superiority of pure 2D.

She would be a lot cuter if she had a penis.

Wait that's what she looks like? but, she's 2cute for this place…

Dont let rebel see this thread or he might go creep mode

I have a morbid need to just hug her tightly. She is so unbelievably cute. She looks exactly like my college crush.

All the anons here are already going full creep mode so that will hardly stand out.

Yea but we do it without a trip.

Not anymore


what? I thought rebel said he was in a relationship with her. Was he lying?


itt: creeps vs white knights

Yes. Rebel is 19. Rachel is like 28. She is married/has a long term boyfriend or something in that direction.

Also, Rebel is a brit, Rachel is american.


doesn't contradict Rebel getting some DL nudes.

More like creeps vs /a/nons.

The only thing rebel is getting is wedgies from his classmates.

This entire thread is a COINTELPRO tactic to sow division and eliminate a key member of this board.

And mixed messages

Hi rebel.

I was about to do some spicy comments about what I would like to do with her on a bed but I'll refrain myself in respect for Jesus teachings.

It's an open relationship. Go ahead.

I got to thinking, maybe I'M cointelpro, and I just dont know it yet

Spooky tbh

is that her tail?


Kind of an insult tbh. She makes good quality oc and doesn't really mess with drama. The shit with Reddit didn't even really involve her that much, mostly just idiots sperging out over her. Literally every other e-celeb we have is more of a "personality" (read: histrionic drama queen).


She is the best eceleb on leftypol.

kinda like this thread

Nah nigga A.W is. At least he makes an effort.

She's a nice person, and rebel is a garbage fire.

helloooo tumblr

Shit taste tbh. AW is a pseud.

If we're talking in terms of effort it's probably muke.


I think "tryhard" may be the stupidest insult ever but boy does it apply to muke.

I see surprisingly few creeps in here for a chan

Pick one.

quit creeping on her.