Does anyone have a good critique of Socdem welfare states? they seem bretty comfy?

Does anyone have a good critique of Socdem welfare states? they seem bretty comfy?

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Capitalism is still capitalism.

The fact that they don't exist anymore

Pretty much this, and not only that, but the worker-integration to capitalism makes social democracy the highest and most harmful form of capitalism to legit leftists.


Whats wrong with it tho?

The neoliberals won. Everything's been privatized or cut. Two examples:




maybe lurk

I know there are flaws with capitalism, but those succdem states still look pretty good. Can you offer a good critique? instead of telling me to lurk?

1. Its work or starve

2. When you make something at your job you generate money which your boss then takes a portion of

They still destroy the environment, they still cannot deal with future full automation, they are subject to repeals whenever they lose their majority, they still allow for the profits of the workers' labor to be stolen by capitalists, they still allow for tremendous wealth to be hoarded by some at the expense of others, they still promote production for profits rather than needs, they are still tremendously wasteful and rely on consumerism and advertising to get people to buy shit they don't need, they are still subject to capitalist cycles and instability, they still exploit African countries for profit and prevent them from developing, the countries are still controlled by a wealthy clique with a farcical democracy to veil them, they still often support imperialists wars at the behest of the capitalist class, the very measures they promote undermine the effectiveness of the capitalist system whose profits they need to fund their programs, they still suffer under the effects of the ever decreasing rate of profit, workers remain alienated from their labor, etc, etc. Ensuring decent living standards in a single nation does not in any way fix any of capitalism's countless flaws.

Why would anyone want to live in Sweden or Canada are you some kind of fag?

Social democracy is an exercise is futility.

Gee idk mr.nazi.

Welfare only serves to pacify the working class.

Another question: When does Socdem become Demsoc? I consider myself the latter due to my will to change ownership of the means of production, but in actual policy; gradualism can come-off as Socdem. WHat is the best way to ensure gradualist changes in MoP without the cause being lost?

When SocDems remember they weren't always Social Liberals and reverse their name to reflect this realization.
Also, your ideology is a failure as the bourgeois state will never surrender its power willingly. It's like attempting to use a flamethrower to cool a room.

Best critique IMO, I'm a Finn and can confirm Swedes are the faggiest indeed





as to be expected from your kind

Socdems aren't lying to themselves that they want to abolish Capitalism.


Canada is far from a social democracy. Why do Americans buy into this fucking meme?

I'm Canadian and welfare here only pays $330CAD/month + up to an additional $376CAD/month for shelter. For a max total of $706CAD/month. Good luck finding a room to rent for $376CAD/month in the Greater Toronto Area ffs.

If you qualify for disability it's $649CAD/month for basic needs and $479CAD/month for shelter allowance. Don't ask why the government for whatever reason thinks that non-disabled people on welfare deserve only half of what disabled people get for basic needs and 22% less for shelter.

You know all these nifty gay countries are only that way because they exist in a division of labour within a global liberal capitalist system and the aegis of the NATO alliance so they can spend all their money on welfare faggotry and virtue signalling while Bubba has to labour to provide for the nuclear umbrella and maintain the empire by playing shitskin whack a mole

Better than neoliberal states for sure, but they don't go far enough. Still have capitalism, still have bosses.

There's nothing stopping the US from spending all their money on welfare faggotry and virtue signalling as well.

The desire to not look like a massive faggot is stopping it

t. dumbo

They get repealed. Anything less than the immediate, worldwide abolition of the state, private property, money, and wage labor from below is unacceptable.


Society is incredibly classcucked and won't accept full socialism overnight.

It makes more sense to introduce reform and ease people into socialism. By regulating capitalism (limiting how much surplus value the bourgeoisie can steal from labour. And introducing regulations that benefit the general public like placing limits on how much pharmaceutical companies can charge for prescription drugs and limiting global warming.)


If you don't import them do they win?

I'm not on welfare; nice projection.


Sweden is ranked #14 for HDI 2015, and for inequality adjusted HDI it's ranked 8th. So much for your shitty predictions.

Why are Nazis always such lying kikes?

The only reason the welfare state even existed was fear of the Soviet Union

I don't even like Trudeau but he never said that you moron.

fake news


and a lot of scientific progress.

I hate the USSR but it would've be great for everyone if it stayed alive.

some other cuck with your flag said he's on welfare just now.

45th place is right next to social democratic utopias like Belarus, Russia and Montenegro

I think a lot of the people here set up a false dichotomy about Market socialism. I consider myself a market socialist only because I live in the now. I feel that market socialism should be a stepping stone to what eventually could be considered full communism. I don't foresee this happening in my lifetime but I'm not saying it's impossible but my argument would be we should take stances in the meantime to head TOWARDS communism.

My worry with this ideological pureism of some on Holla Forums is it it has become an object of desire, to which they are willing to sacrifice "lesser" opportunities. Again this is just my opinion but I feel like communism should be a direction not a goal.. yet.

Lmao can you even read? I just pointed out that the greentexted prediction taken from your website was wrong.

You haven't actually pointed out why it's wrong besides linking to wikipedia

The biggest supporters of mass immigration was the corporate class.

They are probably a hundreds of articles out there about the corporate lobby in Sweden and Germany (capitalists) bemoaning the shortage of (cheap) labor and demanding more immigration.

In Germany they now use asylum seekers to bypass the long-fought over mininum wage.

Realism should be a deciding factor in everyone's political decisions imo, lefties engage in too much larping

why does the corporate class in Hungary, Poland, The Netherlands, Finland etc oppose mass immigration while the corporate class in Sweden supports it?

Wew laddie

Let me spell it out then:

A) Your website predicted Sweden's 2015 HDI would be placed at #25

B) I linked to wikipedia which links to the actual UN HDI report for 2015 which showed Sweden ranked #14

C) I then linked to another wikipedia article which links to inequality adjusted HDI (an even better HDI representation really) which shows Sweden ranked at a strong 8th.

Since the prediction for 2015 from A) is wrong, we can conclude that the prediction for 2030 will be wrong too since it's on the same exaggerated downward trajectory which the most recent report disproves. Do you understand now?

It's called a prediction for the future laddie the mass migrant fuckery only began in 2015

You don't need mass immigration if there is no welfare state to crash.

Nigga, look up some demographics. The Netherlands are less white than Germany.

Why do migrants riot in Sweden all the time? Why is the social democratic state unable to integrate these people and provide them with a decent living? Are Swedes racist?

It's almost like capitalism and not racism makes life miserable for most working class people in Sweden.

ok bud whatever you say

There is a welfare state in Hungary and Poland there is just less welfare than in Sweden and Germany but more in comparison to Russia or Turkey for example.

but not nearly on the same scale as Sweden or Germany so the corporate class must have an iron group on those welfare states.

Spain and Italy have a similar proportion of immigrants as Sweden to the national population. They don't riot there. Is the rate of rioting correlated to the amount of welfare they receive?

You know how many seats the SocDems have in Hungary? Like less than 15%.

You know how many seats the SocDems have in Poland? Zero.

What's your problem kike. My source says it will increase by 2015 at 2015 and then decline. This is a UN prediction done by the UN United Nations Development Programme which measures HDI. The last one was in 2014:

Is that why the capitalist state doesn't import the third worlders over there? Not enough socdems parliament?



LOOK it DECLINES from 0.949 to 0.941
from 2010 to 2015! That's not an increase, that's a decrease!

Meanwhile on the actual HDI report, it has been steadily increasing for the past decade!

the actual human development report is this one you kike and only accounts for 2014

This one here is a prediction also by the UN from the same fucking department that does it.

Note the part that says prediction and hypotehtical


LOOK AT PAGE 12/73 (pg.212 on actual report)

why are you a retard? Plz stop.

Did you skip over the page where it talks about HUMAN DEVELOPMENT INDEX TRENDS (1990-2014)

Since we're talking about TRENDS?

Since your prediction predicted Swedish decline as a TREND?

Since the actual HDI report shows nothing but an upward TREND for Sweden?

Lord in heaven I can't believe you're this stupid.

my decline trend only kicks in right after 2015 it actually predicted that HDI in 2015 will be higher than it is in 2014


Your decline trend kicks in after 2010, as can be seen here as 0.941 in 2015 is an obvious decrease from 0.949 in 2010. It is on this basis that we can declare this prediction junk.

You misunderstood. Nazifag was just posting all the reasons he wants to move there.

gimme back my quads nazi

Are you happy with yourself?

They invariably tend towards destroying themselves.

The Labour party introduced the work capacity assessment that now sees an arbitrary points system and obstructive administration condemn unreasonable numbers of disabled people to death.