How do I make irl comrades?

How do I make irl comrades?


Could start by looking into local chapters of groups like Socialist Alternative and DSA, PSL, ect.

You will have to put up with Soc Dems and tons of Trots, but all sorts of comrades go to protests and these meetings.

Can't you join some gommie club?

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Bring up a book you've read in some study group or reading circle.

Real answer? Convert whatever friends you already have. Most people don't have a very comprehensive belief system, so if you come to them with theory and can explain yourself in ways they understand, you're reasonably likely to get them to shift towards your position.

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These both work for me.

One of my prole friends works hard, but he knows he's not going anywhere. He's able to live comfortably because of his parents, but it doesn't fulfill him. It took a little convincing but I would say he's pretty solidly on the left now.

Another was a Berniecrat that I met at an arcade. When we talked about politics and stuff I would bring up some of the problems with Bernie's positions and why his solutions weren't long term fixes.

Talking with friends about things like that is good too because they'll probably ask questions you hadn't considered. I don't pretend Marx has all the answers, but when they ask about things I don't have an answer for, that's motivation to try and read some more theory to find out.

i can't convert my friends if i don't have any user :(

Like everyone else is saying, organize. The system is designed to crush opposition and hope for a better future. Keeping your spirits up is just as important a part of resisting capitalism as is actually fighting against it, and IRL organizations will help you with both. Having people who you can talk, and especially joke with, is important.
That's why making funny memes matters, by the way. It's also why the humorless vampires are so dangerous.

i really don't have any friends right now at all but it's mostly because i've pretty much been NEET for a couple of years with a job here and there (i know it seems autistic as fuck for a neet to be a leftist) it's partly to blame on depression and anxiety but i'm gonna go to college and try to find work and maybe join some kind of socialist party. it's not like i'm incapable of making friends i'm not a virgin and I had friends in highschool i just got hit with mental illness really bad

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What should I do if there are no marxist organizations based anywhere near where I live

I've joined the socdem party in my country. It has a lot of people who pretend they want welfare capitalism in public while being actual socialists

You should split

This has been my experience with my local YDS.

Really, leftypol, just ignore the idpol. It's easier to tune out then you think

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Depression and despair are the best ways to remain willing to potentially die in revolutionary violence.

Start by going outside

Stop working at FBI.

Go to your local union meeting, and hand out badly xeroxed commie propaganda to people in an alley.