Oh no. no one should ever do this…

oh no. no one should ever do this…

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Catholic church got "redpilled" on capitalism during the 70s and 80s.


The Catholic Church already created its own alternative to capitalism in the 19th century; basically some sort of statist mutualism called Distributism.

Religion is only bad if it is reactionary (i.e. pro-capitalist.)

Pope Francis and the Catholic Church are not /ourguys/.

They have their own social teaching, most know as Catholic social teaching: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catholic_social_teaching

What they want is some form of Catholic social democracy.

Distributism is just socialism for social conservatives.

Their critique of communism is hollow as fuck though. It's basically just "spirituality is just as important as material sustenance mm'kay" whereas their critique of capitalism is pretty thorough and savage.

I understand your position. Imo what happens with every single religion is it seeps into the political and economic atmosphere and ultimately leads to discrimination and subjugation between peoples of different faiths.

I am of the position that religion is quite literally something that trancends (or should based on its truthfulness) the cultural-political-economic climate.

No, it advocates everyone getting their own little means of production rather than the means of production being held in common.


Fuck the Catholic Church

It is an enemy of communism

But it could be an ally for socialism.

Christianity is, at its heart, a radical social movement recuperated into serving the elite power it originally railed against. This leaves the Catholic Church in the awkward position of having its holy book filled to the brim with verses railing against the ruling class and the wealthy whilst simultaneously being very wealthy powerful themselves. (Undoubtedly part of the reason they originally disallowed its translation and why the Protestant reformation sparked massive peasant rebellions when the poor realized what Jesus really said.) So the Church kind of has to condemn capitalism because Jesus sure as fuck would have, but they can't be a revolutionary movement because they're part of the current political establishment.

Jesus seems based,he'd be /oneofus/ for sure. Catholicism is shit though

If they could they would go back to feudalism, whey they had real power. If you look closer they're not so distant from ancrappies, both support neo-feudalism, conscientiously or not.

they only critique Communism, not communism.
That is, they are against materialism for very obvious reasons.

The idea of from each according to their ability to each according to their need or the workers ownerzhip of the mop is nothing contrary to christianity.

In fact, socialism is christian as fuck.

History only moves in one direction though. This is a fact. That's why fascism always takes on a new form where ever it is needed. The non-protestant Christian churches are not currently a threat to the left.

*tips fedora*

This would be great if Francis would punish those kiddy diddlers like he should have a long time ago.

The Orthodox Church is.

Jesus was basically an anarkid. Ran into a town, smashed some property, and then got arrested by the police.

don't forget the spooks he rekt
and subsequenly replaced with lesser spooks