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Post it in the Horoscope thread, it's just as cancerous.



Are you an anarchist?

Yes I'm an anarchist

Why do we have to have this thread every three days?

Why not?

We could at least use a different political test for a change. These threads are one of the kind that just repeat themselves endlessly without anything new or even any actual content.



Rate me fam


Shit thread OP

Do I get gulag?


This political compass is such bullshit. All the questions concerning authority are about petty moralizing, so I end up being pegged as an anarchist for not being a nationalist conservative.


Those threads are fucking worthless, there is absolutely nothing of worth to be gained form them.

actions speak louder than any answer given by a pop quiz


I sure do love discussing theory!




disgusting tbqh


true map


This is true. Can I take that test?


Are you Stalin?

I like this system.

Damn this guy is an idiot. That's just asking to be subverted by Porky.


I just want to point out that Sargon of Akkad used the political compass test to justify that he was a "Libertarian Leftist". Which shows how vapid the test is.
So stop using this stupid test and sharing with people; it's meaningless. May as well just type down what ideology you adhere to.


I get told that alot, why ?

god dammit the fascist trap is soo hoot. And I'm dominant so I wouldn't feel bad.


Which test is that?

Damn, all four are shit

t. capitalist libertarian edgelord regressive


I still don't understand the point of the abstract art question. The authoritarian vs libertarian spectrum doesn't have the best questions to plot it tbh. we don't really need it to be aware of where we stand though


Authoritarians object to some forms of art usually. Has nothing to do with policy though unless it were to say it should be banned. What makes less sense is the astrology question. That has nothing to do with left or right or up or down or anything.

Nah this one's shit because it was made by an ancap for ancaps

I thought it might be an okay question, but it could have been worded better. It sounds like a question asking whether someone believes in fate or not, but also retaining a spiritual aspect to it. The question could have been "Does a God exist that has a plan for everyone?" I'd assume a theocratic state of some sort would relish in a kind of astrology.

True about authoritarian states.



Fairly sure the Authoritarian-Libertarian line is actually the tradionalist-progressive scale, not the dictator or statist rating.

why does this fit so well

what site is this

This is Vote 1, an app for Android. Not sure if there's a version for iOS though.


maybe a lot of the people IN the party


can be said for this whole board, bunch of liberal and closet right-winger shitposters shitting up every single thread

Green for gods, red for masochism, blue for scum and purple for oppressor.


Fugg meat green square

Almost there







Posting the edit

i am tankie

tankie pride worldwide

Well fuck, I was a lot further from glorious red then I thought I was gonna be

Then again, I'm all for soft socialism fam, it's a step in the process after all.


get out

I really like this political compass. puts tankies and ayncraps in their place. only possible improvement would be if they found a way to insult top right as well.

how the fuck does this even work?

How do you go up? I keep getting stuck in green.


Why is right libertarian so hot tho

how'd i do Holla Forums?

Why not. Been a while since I've done one of these.

I feel like I there is FAR deeper concern than I anticipated for those who are basically riding the top line of the compass.

Authoritarianism is moralfaggotry in this stupid test.
I ended up in the purple last time.
politicaltest.net/en is best

It's funny how people keep putting 'Trump' in the spot that's actually 'Clinton' according to the testmakers.

Political compasses fucking suck, same with the left right scale.

Honestly, Political ideologies are closer to bubbles than anything.

Now would be a good opportunity again to shill for myself. Posting version 1.

Also posting version 2 and ideologies on version 1.

chomsky, dafuq)

What a load of horseshit.
Hillary and Trump are mostly accurate though.


I should explain that the second version is trying to chart where the systems that are favoured by the respective ideologies end up on the political compass.

i'm pretty sure the test would place Mussolini more to the left because the test is basically intervention in the economy=left wing.
I'm pretty sure Mussolini was for more intervention in the economy then Hillary or Donnie.

I'm not really sure about his economic policies in Italy but I know he wrote about how great FDRs economic plans were, so you're probably right.

And I remember they used to stick a fascist right along the top center, so they've changed what they mean rather a lot.

Oh right Trump is in that spot now.


Don't know how retarded you can be to not realise that socialism is impossible without authoritarian state force. I mean your system is fucked the moment decides they don't want to share, lmao. Also, anarchism is the fullest expression of capitalism.

Thats some nice delution you got there kid, but answer the following:

Without a state, who determines property claims?
Without a state, who decides whose claim over property is valid?
If there is a private state (lol) why should we put this state over the natural supply and demand forces found in a society with no property rights?

This is also one of the most bullshit misconceptions about anarchism. Anarchism isn't inherently individualistic. Anarchism isn't absence of order, it is the absence of a hierarchical state. In the way the way that communism seeks to dissolve class, anarchism wants to dissolve the power structures between the governed and governors

Why are liberals so spooked?

What is that test in the upper right corner?

I broke it


There's also this


the more i look at is the more confused i am

Can one of you out their make a test specifically for people on the left with questions that arnt aimed at a population of mostly liberals?

One of you probably has the skill to do that.

Anarchism is individualistic. Anarcho-capitalism is not.

what does this even mean?

Plebs detected.

I don't like this, because it suggests that national anarchists are in any way leftists. turd positionism is shit