Just wanted to let Holla Forums know that Graz, 2nd biggest city in Austria...

Just wanted to let Holla Forums know that Graz, 2nd biggest city in Austria, just had elections where the 'communist' party got 19% of the vote (like they did already in the last election).

how does it matter? Report back when communist party will get 19% in whole country

What are their politics like?

Local strongholds are important for recruiting and creating a movement

Let me guess, the leader of KPOe is from Styria?

"""communist""" movements originating from big cities are good only for sjw movements.

No. The leader (if you could call it like that) is Mirko Messner (born in Slovenia, then lived in Vienna).

Well, on the whole it's not that important but I still thought it's nice to see. Although their policies aren't really communist.

They are basically pro welfare state. But if you listen to the Graz KPÖ's leader (Elke Kahr), you can tell that she doesn't want to reveal her powerlevels and thinks it's pragmatic to go for the policies they propose. She also donates a lot of her income and over the years has helped many people with it.

is he /ourguy/?

Based Slovenia, my favourite Slavic country for a reason

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Except that its a """communist""" party
Went from an actual communist party with rather strong nationalism during WW2 to "muh womyn", "muh fugees" after the soviet union collapsed (soviet influence ending was the worst that happened to austria in quite a while)
Just another liberal party
Nothing to see here

Nothing to see here

Just fuck my shit up
Only real leftist party we have

Its not even a communist party
Its a """liberal""" party
Pirate party is the most left party we have

But is it a """"communist"""" or a communist party?

The fact that people in Austria feel nationalistic towards what is effectively a German state which got left out of the unitary state by historical accident is a great example of what an utterly spooked joke sentiment nationalism really is.

Isn't Pirate politics just lower taxes, some empty attempts to fight copyright law which is International at this point, free internet in public parks and "democracy" which is just really holding referendums on stuff?

M5S is huge but didn't manage to do anything. I'd much rather get someone who walks around with hammers and sickle flags around in power.

Their party here is basically this:
Not communist, but better than the rest of our parties (which are all really terrible)

AKA the dictatorship of the corporate media in the current political climate.

The greatest advantage they have is that they didnt have the chance to fuck up the country yet

"communist" but still better than the other parties and their members hide their powerlevel and actual beliefs a bit (that's me just assuming stuff tho).

Elke Kahr is /ourgirl/ 2bh