Would you rather live under full fascism or full right wing libertarian anarcho capitalism

Would you rather live under full fascism or full right wing libertarian anarcho capitalism
Which is better?

It would depend on the nature of the fascism.


Full authoritarian with centrist economics but no persecution based on race/religio

Ancapistan would collapse in a week which would give us the opportunity to fill the gaps it leaves behind.

Really, you just described american two party system.

Ancapism would collapse faster. Also shit thread.

So, like now but I also have to parade before work and go to prison for being degenerate?

What sort of ancapism is it?

No difference, the latter will turn into former sooner or later

there wouldn't be much of a difference other than aesthetics and the fact that ancapistan would have a smaller police force more than likely. so ancapitstan

the questions wasnt which is better. the question was which would you rather live under. the change wont take place in your lifetime.

Ergo which I think is better. Neither.

neither wasnt a choice.


ancapistan, because private property rights have to be enforced by the government

we'll finally be able to seize those damn tootbrushes

Back to the future dystopian gambling fortune timeline.

But ancaps basically want a private state. You have security companies, and arbitration companies, and so on.
Presumably there will be companies that make sure you pay all the necessary service and insurance providers too.

what is wrong with fascism

literally the way we are living now without an economic struggle and fun

you gays are not woke enough to accept the final form of politics


Liberalism > fascism

Fascism sounds better than neoliberalism for sure, and it seems much closer than libertarian soc which has 5 people worldwide.

I'll be the guy who proves his loyalty by shooting his former comrades.

i don't think you retards really understand the full weight of what fascism is

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Fascism your seatbelts

your waifus, GONE

Ancapistan because it stands a better chance of collapsing before going fascist and that provides an opening for leftist revolt. Fascism will morph into liberalsim after a decade or few and we'll be right back where we started. It should be noted that they are both worse and the current liberalism is better suited for revolt.

But they are the same thing.

Easily anarcho-capitalism simply due to the increased personal freedoms. I dont wanna go to prison for smoking weed or jerking off to anime thanks.

Also I'm a white male so none of my employers should er 'exercise their freedoms' and discriminate against me on 'their' property.

In general ancapism, as I could then establish a socialist collective on my private property. As others have said though, it would depend on the particulars of the regime; between Hoppe-style ancapism in which races are separated and you get killed for being a leftist and non-ethnic fascism wih some socdem elements, I'd definitely pick the fascism and shut up about my politics (at least in public).

the first. assuming it's "white" ethno-fascism, i'd have more chances of class mobility since i have a phd and im an academic.

ancapistan would only benefit people who own MoP