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Molyneux covers Venezuela ft. Venezuelan


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Man I never understood, why the fuck do Venezuelans themselves betray their own country and people like this. Do they not understand how the CIA and traitors have conspired to ruin their own country? They see the symptoms of the betrayal, food lines, poverty etc but they do not consider the cause?

Is number of times we've had this thread is equal to the number of deaths due to communism at this point

Interesting stuff.


That doesn't for the narrative fam. It's also why you'll never here them talk about the glorious capitalist Colombia. Even with all it's problems Venezuela is doing better than Colombia.

I swear I want to fight Molymemes

That's the worst about this whole thing. They only start giving a shit about these countries when it's a "socialist vs capitalist" issue. They can be dying by the thousands at the hands of gang members and drowning in crime and famine, they'll never use that misery to prove any political points or denounce a system, not even for humanitarian causes, just for cheap brownie points if they acknowledge them at all.

If they cared about the hardships of South American countries equally, I'd have a very different opinion of them, but they clearly want to weaponize cherry-picked ones. It's so sad to watch.



fucking kek

is he just putting on this act or does he actually believe it?

They really don't care about the welfare of the South American people. Their worship of Pinochet is evidence enough of that.

Newsflash: class consciousness trumps nationalism.

I can't tell.

People like this I meant that guy in the video, he was the traitor I described.

what are bolivia and colombia like?

But venezuela is closer to Holla Forums than Holla Forums.

Bolivia is pretty much a typical Scandinavian social democracy whose economy is very strong. It's one of the best places to live in South America. Colombia has the third largest economy in the region but one of the highest in wealth disparity. 30% of the population lives below the poverty line and it's rural areas have massive food insecurity.

Over 10 children die daily out of starvation and there are over 50 homiced daily nationwide
The state sponsors right wing death squands and so all claims for human rights or workers rights get crushed violently
In some parts of the country RWDS builded human size ovens to cook political dissidents alive and historically whole political parties, unions and organizations have been vanished violently

The real poverty ststatistic is much wider, the goverment downplays it and the offical stats only measure income and quality of life, it doesn't take into account the bad quality of infrastructure or public welfare, for example only large cities have asphalt roads and in most towns hopital patients have to sleep in the floors of the hallways

Also, in about 10 years literacy has gone from 83%→94%< (which the UN considers 'a totally literate population).

source: your ass

All so he can say he doesn't like it in a hundred and fifty thousand different ways with awkward dad jokes intermixed.

Can't these assholes learn brevity and succintness?

SocDems get out

Reminder both chavez and maduro sponsored a formula 1 team, which is the most bourgy sport ever

Top kek statists

lol no

lmoa bolivia allowed child labor, thats why they were able to turn it into the new emergina china 2.0

It's an act if he was a delusional tard taking "principal" too far he wouldn't be bending over backwards to suck racist cock for money.

Maduro is a fucking failed socdem too.

I feel bad for him tbh.

RIP in peace

I have no idea why they decided to advertise PDVSA that way.

what's the point of paying attention to the one-dollar man anymore now that he's gone full fashy?


IS this Stefan's equivalent to PewDiPie's "I'm leaving youtube"?


Educate yourself, my man:

Right but what I think Xin means is that bourgeois class consciousness often Trump's their commitment to the """nation"""

this is why centrists will always win.

Satan wants to taste the fucking curb.


Rivetting discussion, I've learned so much.

You forgot the part Where the Venezuelan patriot says he wants a dictatorship to fix it, because Venezuelans are too stupid to decide for themselves, and Stefan agrees with his plan for a "Nationalist Libertarian" dictatorship because "Well, Democracy never meant everyone gets to vote anyway" so dictatorship is the onlyway to defend property rights.
His solution is some rambling improv that never gets anywhere about how leftists are evil and libertarians need to practice logic more. interesting how he thinks of the south american country so ideologically, as an ethical battleground, rather than offer any comments about economy. But now that I think about it, that is exactly what so many people do. for every person I debate about economic calculation, collective ownership, private property, there are 30 who just defend their beliefs with "Failed every time" "name a success" "Lefties are greedy" "leftiest are unattractive" "lefties are emotionally fragile".
we need to par le fait it up, comrades.

They are laundering money and stealing from the workers


Government calling itself socialist + blind hate for the government that destroyed their (fellow countrymen's) future = this

You can't even try to explain the definition of "socialism" to other venezuelans without a few people getting assblasted.

And yet Chile is the richest of the lot.

I wonder why.

That's an ass-pull.

So the liberalization of the USSR caused significant damage to socialist countries?

Found the moron.

Liberalization wasn't optional, it was necessitated by an earlier economic slowdown and a growing awareness of the rift in standard of living between the USSR and the West.

Sorry, from now on I'll switch to the leftypol-approved well-being indicator of "opinion polls asking old people whether they liked life better when they were young".

Nigger they literally invaded the entire continent shut your apologist mouth

Nigger they even said in my blatantly capitalist, neoliberal economics class that GDP is a garbage indicator of actual standard of living.

yeh, you wanna be looking at shit like prevalence of HIV, infant mortality rates, literacy rates etc

For example Cuba has Low GDP but its infant mortality rate and crime rates are lower than the US

None of that matters if certain people are making money. Economic growth is literally everything.


how about these metrics:

number of people fleeing the country on rafts made of junk
number of people risking their lives to make it into the country

you mean the large country that systematically robs and plunders 24/7/12 has more shit than the tiny one which doesn't? No fucking way man please tell me more?

The point is, despite the plundering, Cuba has managed to provide a decent standard of living for its people, despite 600 assassination attempts on its president and multiple coup attempts.

Could you imagine the Holla Forumsack butthurt if somebody so much as spilled a drink on daddy Trump, or for that matter, punched Richard Spencer, but 600 attempts on the life of the leader of a sovereign nation, that you will let slide?

You mean during a period in which Cuba lost it's main trading partner and was isolated from the world market? I wonder why you don't bring up the fact that during the same period almost 100,000 Haitians fled on makeshift rafts to the US. Or why currently about 3,000 Haitians are illegally immigrating to the US a month but Cuban numbers are no where near that level since they've gotten past the economic hardships of the 90's. Isn't Haiti a glorious capitalist paradise?

Context matters.

An intelligent human being could make the conclusion, that the problems of Venezuela are closer related to Mexico than Bolivia and are not of ideological nature.

Right-winger are not intelligent though.

That's impressive, but when Kim Jong-Il visited a golf course for the first time he made 18 holes-in-one, so he kinda has your boy beat there.

ngigers, no rule of law

god himself couldn't fix that shit

What you are supposed to do is say 'they deserved it cos commies' that is what all your dipshit forbears did, that is why they didn't actually feel the need to hide these facts. That is why we know they are true, because they were readily admitted by arrogant retards.

Do about 3 googles of research and open one book you ginormous butt-munch

I just had the idea of selling poisoned ushankas on ebay. Congrats on your first survived assassination attempt.

they key word is attempt, the fact that the CIA are fucking retarded does not negate that they tried

Trying means committing men and resources.

I don't even doubt he's survived more attempts than anyone, but 600 is retardo territory.

Santa's not real mang

you are welcome

Tell me, friend, where would you rather live? Chile or Saudi Arabia?