He knows what his country did wrong, still does those things, but openly

At this point I'm sure that all Americans are the same. I had my doubts, but no longer. As I see Drumftards bitching about cucks and the so called "Level-headed people" constantly dismissing every single bad thing US did as Russian propaganda, I can't help but feel I was always right.

Americans, every last one of them, are the same.

While the right cries about killing all Muslims, the left constantly boast about how hopeful they are about Muslims starting to drink alcohol, leave all their views behind and become like the "Modern Christians", who boast about their faith but do everything that opposes it.

I don't even know what to think anymore.

On the bright side, I recently read that automatons are finally beginning to take ground.

Communism is the end-game, can't deny it, can't, dare I say, Stump it.

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Maybe he really is a Kremlin agent.

fuck off twitterfaggot


It's pretty damn hypocritical when people like Clinton say that Putin is an evil dictator for taking Ukraine but at the same time say that Boycotting US states is good and Boycotting Israel is bad.

If Americans didn't have a raging boner for Cold War and didn't support Israel, terrorist groups like ISIS wouldn't even exist.


You're either a helicopter pilot, or the guest of honor; make your choice.

Let's not. It's passive-aggressive liberal cringe.

The Jewish Autonomous Oblastian Candidate.

It's so infuriating that you people don't see just how similar you are to the Holla Forumstards.

P.S. Google "Anti US propaganda" And "Anti russian Propaganda". 8 420 000 vs 17 800 000 initial results. Now go ahead and check the images. If you have half the grey matter you think you have, you'll see what I mean.

Sorry fam. Kek is upset with you for some reason.


It is clear that this a bad copy paste b8 " the reddit style lines"



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Helicopter miimus are so last year.

Just because someone isn't as horrible at formatting as a monkey like you and actually understands how to write shit, doesn't mean he's a troll.

Now please fuck off to leddit or Holla Forums. Your fellow circlejerkers miss you.





if no multi line paragraph has been typed or some significant break in subject is involved.

Did we watch the same AIPAC speeches? Clinton is definitely pro-Israel but Trump practically bent over and presented himself for the entire delegation. To say he was "almost" as supportive is to ignore that he will be far and away the most pro-Israel candidate we've seen in the US so far, and that's saying something

We'll purge both.

Liberals and rightists

I know he's gonna have to work extra hard to top Bombama, but how many people's blood does Donald have in his hands already?

Am I delirious or was Holla Forums boasting about how non-interventionist he was going to be? What's their word on this? The one thing I was expecting him to not do as a non-burger, one of the first he throws out the window.


Israel's helping them finish their wall, aren't them?

Link doesn't seem to work, but I assure you that any talk between Bibi and Trump will have trump only asking "how high?" again and again


It was just this tweet.

Is that quote legit? I love it. Maybe Trump isn't as much of a oaf as he first appears.

Pinochet was one of the most egregiously shitty leaders of the 20th century, and not because of his violence. He was wildly incompetent, as was his regime. Why do you autists look up to him so much? He was an abject fucking failure.

Honestly think he's at the top of my hated world leaders list

American foreign policy has been consistent for almost a century now. It's never going to change.

It's funny how people think that Most Trump supporters are anti-semitic. I mean, look at this post :
Now go ahead and look in the comment section.

There was a time when Holla Forums was filled with nazi-memers. But they always openly supported Israel. Even before Paris attack, even before ISIS, the hatred for Muslims always exceeded the hatred for Jews.

I'm just amazed at how the Anti-Russian sentiment never gets old in America.

I remember both Right-wing-nuts and Liberals bitching about Russia. Tbh, it is kinda weird seeing Trumptards not constantly bitching about Putin. But I guess they think "Russians are white too mang. Why fight among ourselves?'

It's a sort of doublethink. They take bits and pieces from diametrically opposed political cliques so they can pretend that their own general worldview is popular and accepted.

Thanks fampai, but I'll stick to tank rides. No room for you though, guess your only other option is to be outside.

White nationalist types seem to split down the middle on whether muslims or jews are worse and you can tell where they are on this based on their opinion of Israel/Palestine

Hence you see David Duke taking a pro-Palestine stance and Bannon taking a pro-Israel stance. But make no mistake, neither want the Jews here, one just thinks they should always be fought openly and the other just want them to have some place to go.

Trump himself is no anti-Semite, he's just a buffoon who really likes money and really likes himself

- 'Murica, y u overthrow democratic governments?
- But they were dirty commies!
- The people voted for a socialist society, y u put a fascist incharge?
- Dirrty commies!
- You always do dis 'Murica. Stop!
- *Autistic Screeching*

I'd like to see a tank shoot down a chopper that's 150ft in the air.



Who said we needed a tank? :^)


I would like to see any time helicopters won a war seems like they are only used as support

He's not wrong. Powerful men (and women) do horrible things. To try to take some kind of moral stand against Putin is ridiculous.

thread reminder Hitler and Stalin did nothing wrong

Literally caused Europe to crash cause he was a fucking idiot.
Literally wasted an opportunity to create the greatest communist state cause he was a corrupt piece of shit and unfit to carry on the legacy of Lenin.

Holla Forumstards, BTFO.

lul wut?