Communist utopia

I do like the basic ideas of communism, but other than social democracy, nothing else seems to work.

Do you have some clear idea of a working communist society? and please don't refer to something from the 20th century, I'm interesting on new and CLEAR. Something that if we had a revolution we will instantly know what to do next. I mean next after putting porky in gulag.

How your realistic communist utopia looks like?

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Utopia is 100% unrealistic.

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I'm really seeking the truth, wanna hear some doable ideas. "Democracy At Work" is somewhat doable… anything else?



I think this is a dangerous word to use. Communism is not a utopia, it's a different path, and depending on who you talk to a historical and material inevitability.

The starting point is the question, who gets the surplus value. Any society above the level of hunter gatherers will generate surpluses, and divide them up in different ways. Communism tells us that it should be equal or linked to labour.

Take a dildo factory. Though a combination of labour, knowledge, and machines, dildos are created, which serve to give people sexual pleasure. This is their value, it accrues to the users. Now, all the people laboring daily creating didoes sure are pleased they are providing sexual pleasure to the masses, but that won't feed them. Neither will it provide for the upkeep of the machines, or the raw materials (mostly petroleum). A price has to be extracted to exchange for these things, either from society at large or from the users. Then of course you could charge a bit more and make a profit, that can go to whomever.

In our current system, a lot of surplus value is extracted from the users, and none of it goes to the laborers. Ideally, no surplus value would be extracted. Only laborers and inputs are paid for, and any excess parasites are eliminated. It all works out fine if you manage to include managerial and intellectual labour into the system.

This, or anything implementing Bookchin's communalism, social ecology and democratic confederalism to engulf surrounding bourgeois state. Read The Next Revolution, OP.

I hope this helps

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It doesn't look like Utopia. Marx specifically differentiated Communism from untopian socialism at the time.

If it never works, doesn't trying to do it again make you insane?

What makes you think that those on the list "never worked"?

Except there have been lots of socialist experiments that showed a lot of promise and made great strides, they were just crushed by external forces.

My question about DLTV (dildo labour theory of value):

Let's take a Dildo Store. Do its workers add their labour value to the dildos? Is the dildos' value any bigger because they work in the store, putting dildos on the shelves and selling them to customers? Or do the dildos only gain value from labour in the process of production?

Because they were all crushed and living in them sucked dick


Well that's simply not true for all of the examples on the list but I'll take Rojava as an example.
Rojava has not been crushed and is in fact the most effective force against Da'esh.
Also life doesn't suck there; no taxes, freedom of expression religion etc. and worker control over the means of production. What's not to like?

I don't follow labour theory. Dildos get their value from the people who use them; their value is expressed in use of them. Labour adds cost, not value. Selling in store adds cost. Using scarce materials adds cost, and so on.