Hi anons. I am not from US, so please let me know, is #freebleeding a 4chan hoax or true feminist practice? And does picrelated a fake troll account or real feminist?

There are probably some feminists retarded enough for that, but that pic looks like a falseflag.

Maybe noone really knows?

I vaguely remember a thread about this operation on Holla Forums. But then again if retards start using the hashtag unironically… Is it still trolling?

While there probably are some retards that actually do it, it's highly exaggerated by Holla Forums and other alt-right sensationalists.

It's Holla Forums

100% fake account but yeah free bleeding is a thing just extremely rare.

If you want to see what else Holla Forums is up to, check out #agefluid #transage and #clovergender

it's a meme

It's impossible to say whether all of the people posting about it are Holla Forums though. I could easily believe it to be supported by a few feminists.

I do not care if people do this as long as messes are cleaned up or there's no blood everywhere.
If the tampon is oppressive, why not use a diva cup, it's much more eco friendly and saves money in the long run.
Even if it is a Holla Forumsyp shitposting.

Never met a feminist that supports it

feminism in west nowadays is Holla Forums-tier ideology of feels>reals, so it wouldn't be big surprise

It was already real before cuckchan's hoax, I'm afraid, and has only become realer.

It's hard to believe that women would start "freebleeding" instead of using pads if they have problem with tampons.

Then again, it's 'Murica! I'm sure that most of these "Feminists" are actually Holla Forumstards in disguise trying to get some pics they can share and beat off to.

real feminists who do care about it are obviously fringe

Probably mostly a hoax
People really underestimate just how many human beings exist, some small percentage of them are always going to be fucking retarded in wild new ways, the difference being that nowadays they can broadcast their retardation to the entire rest of the world

…still not a good excuse to base your political beliefs on what the latest antisocial Tumblr feminist strawman craze is

Thank you for answers, comrades.

Do you actually do that shit you disgusting unhygienic fuck?

Is something like this really necessary on this board? Doesn't seem conducive to proper discussion IMO

I've never heard of this,

Regardless it sounds rather unsanitary


It was a psyop done by Russian hackers from 4chan.

Holla Forums took something real and pretended it was fake. Pic related is a fake troll account.