Trump has the means to do a completely military dictatorship

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By that standard Obama is a fascist too

every burgeristani president does

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Irrelevant, the size of military-industrial complex is not dependent on that.
Also almost all of the things on your pic has been already a thing under Obongo.

This is how hard you've lost, you've become "the end is near" guys, and you can't do nothing but vanish in time

Trump can do lots of things, but he can't undo the contradictions of capitalism and he won't be able to stop the decline of the global economy. If anything, he's about to speed it up.

I wish he was.

The comrades that made the connection to his anthropology coursework and one of his favorite professors publicly stating support for Marxism were correct. Trump is fulfilling his role as he imagined as a young graduate seeing the impoverished conditions of his fellow working man juxtaposed with his greedy father, now ready to disrupt and dismantle capitalism while finally slaying his father's tainted brand. Accelerationists should be given congratulations and the comrade that gave this unlikely conspiracy needs to come into the forefront and accept his award for most accurate theory of 2016. It was bold, irrational to many, but through Trump's actions it's clear that this comrade was proven correct.

Obama sacked all high ranking military personnel who refused the hypothetical directive on killing US civilians in they were deemed a danger on national democracy.

The military-industrial complex is not partisan. they don't play "good cop-bad cop", routine it's one huge revolving door of neocon, interventionist fascists. Just look at Mattis and his role in Iraq and what he wants to do in Iran.

Even anonymous know he is a fascist

Congrats leftypol, you are the last ones who live in denial next to pee pee man supporters

That sounds like an interesting theory. Do you have the original posts?

all of those can be applied to obama aswell
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Care to point out how 3, 5, 7, 8, 11, and 12 fit Obama in any way compared to Trump? I get it's edgy to say that they're equally fascist because they're both shit, but the word "fascist" doesn't mean "bad".


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Or how about educate yourself, you utter ignorant faggot ?


I would just like to note that 3,5 and 7 are more emblematic of Clinton campaign than they were of Trump at any point. And don't argue that you were talking about Obama specifically, the're both parts of the same, uh… swamp - the only difference being that she couldn't put up a facade of good will and hope the way Obama did.

Either way, the point the other anons were making is that your logic is dumb. Having the means is not the same as putting them into practice. The last 10 or so PotUSes had the means to cause nuclear holocaust, too. Somehow, we're still alive.

The president is the commander-in-chief of the US armed forces, the highest rank. Did you really not know this?