So how true/wrong is this Holla Forums? How do you disprove it?

So how true/wrong is this Holla Forums? How do you disprove it?

Because when you talk to people about communism, this is what they have in mind and that's why they react so strongly against it.

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That which can be presented without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

That picture only proves the necessity of internationalism

Not the impossibility of communism

This pretty much. These people don't understand a thing about leftist theory, hence they often believe communism is "let's pay everyone the same wage" or "it's just normal capitalism but once a year we collectively rob the top 20% and redistribute the wealth."

The first task you must accomplish is get this misconceptions out of their heads. Then you can get into some serious and sometimes interesting dialog. That said, it's unlikely that you'll have any luck. Their ideology is deeply entrenched, and even then on a public forum an user is unlikely to bend his opinion in an argument.

I am litterally comrade cletus and though all the money could be gone the factories and farmland aint. You wanna know why america imports general foodstuffs? Its cause capitalism has deemed subpar corn only good for feed or HFCS and cash crops are more profitable than all the food stuffs needed to feed this country but guess what there is enough land to feed the us population it only needs to be seized and utilized to the betterment of all of us society instead of the few in monsanto and the "farmers" that own millions of acres of it.

this is retarded on like a billion levels

>Communism won't work because rich people will take their money
Oh… so he's retarded.

Not a big fan of the eastern bloc, but here

wew lad

I'd hope that it was a strategic move to speak their lingo in order to get them to listen

I didn't remember this picture being so stupid.
It's a subpar opinionated shitpost which is posted everywhere because some user said his dad was KGB, wew lad.
That's literally worse knowledge than a wikipedia page, this guy drank pure ideology his whole life.
Pre-revolutionary Russia was much poorer than Russia under Stalin so claiming that the Communists were redistributing wealth or had that as a goal rather than re-structuring the economy under Marxist principles is complete nonsense.
Yes, according to Marx's definition, yes.
Isn't this just the opposite of the narrative that muh jewish Bolsheviks pillaged the russians?
Which is not at all what happened, the USSR got more and more technocratic as time went on, his claim that muh petit-bourgs will be murdered by true proles™, is not only completely opposite to Holla Forums's usual line, it's simply false, the petit-bourgs that did suffer during revolution weren't educated urbanites but the reactionary aristocracy which was Actively Opposing the Bolsheviks every step of the way and the kulaks.
Persecution of intellectuals was only major under Maoism and even then it targeted those who actively opposed the party line.
I'm amazed that this was ever posted on Holla Forums, lol. This guy would fit here pretty well if we got him to read a book or two.
oohh, scary
they can't take the factories or the soil. we don't need their currency, this is the most basic shit.
short term problem, not really too relevant, also he's implying that all the industry collapsed for reasons and we can't just barter with the countries we used to trade with as long as they aren't actively opposing us like the entente did.
What? No! Red terror is on the part of the revolutionary forces, you'd expect us to commit red terror on the reactionary masses, if they want everything back the way it was before then it isn't fucking red terror.
ok, I guess?
This guy sounds like he's 14. He has no idea about what he's talking about and is using historical terms he heard in class without any context or meaning.

Post-communist countries like Russia and the DDR have far greater support for communist parties in their elections than Americans do, so this is objectively bullshit.

It's meme tier. If you want a good critique of the soviet union then read link related

What factories lol
They all went to China thanks to neoliberals

just reminder that it was CCCP which killed communist idea in Czechoslovakia by destroying Dubček

I believe that the China is maintaining capitalism only to leech all factories from all around the world there.
Imagine the power they would had if they suddenly started mass automatization of production.

they can't export their farms and factories, dingus

the chinese are in fact investing a lot in automatization.

Something that isn't talked about at all in the West is, how many jobs would you need in order to give everyone that "deserves" it a "middle-class" standard of living? The West already can't employ all of its citizens, and nearly all the jobs created since 2008 are minimum wage, part-time bullshit that people have to work two or three at a time to make ends meet, so what about China? They have as many people as the entire Western world put together. That's aside from all the problems inherent in developing the interior and western parts of China. The CCP "does what it can" for the peasants there, but it's severely unlikely that they'll experience the same standards of living their cousins on the coast any time soon, if ever. If I'm not mistaken, much like the US, these poorer regions are the same places they pull alot of their military manpower from. So, in the event of unrest, who is the army going to be more sympathetic towards, the exploited peasants left to scrounge for scraps, or the bourgeois party officials and their obscene wealth extracted from the selective enrichment of the country?

So really, trying to transition to a laborless society is the only realistic option imo.


Again, what factories lol
Neoliberals exported them all to China and places like Bangladesh
And developed countries like the UK and Japan import most of their food

I saw a Czech on 4chan the other day saying it was the 8th richest country in the world during the interwar period. Is that true?

I like how this displays the bourgeois fear of poor people rising up and putting them in their place.

It also betrays the fact that the US economy is built on inequality, theft and imperialism.

Funny, really. I don't have a middle class gated community so I'd be more than happy seeing Commissar Jamal putting richfags up against the wall.

The rest of it is mostly lies.

Third wolrdist pls go

You don't understand. YOU are the richfag. You who can afford internet connections, time to read marxist theory, most likely a college education and time to discuss the nuances of various leftist school of thought.

Do you think Jamal and Cletus will make any distinction between porky and the smug, overeducated college leftists such as you?

Does he own the means of production?




fam, most people here are weebfaggots and would get labeled as degenerates in communist czechoslovakia for indulging in "burgeois decadence"

man, tankies who insist that soviet bloc dindu nuffin and its collapse was Soros' fault entirely and rationalize little sympathies of its former countries with it with muh brainwashing are a work of art

I don't know the exact numbers, btu Czechia was definitely a super industrialized wealthy nation. Much of the German war machine was driven by Czech factories.

and it would be the absolutely correct this to do too

so we aren't talking about a socialist revolution?

what are we talking about exactly then?

I'm a Marxist-Leninist, not a Third Worldist

I wish I was rich.

I'm not smug or overeducated. I'm working class. But even then, Marx and Engels were from pretty well off backgrounds and still created the ideology which will liberate workers. People like Kropotkin and Dzerzhinsky were elite and they still became far left.

Czechoslovakia was indeed wealthy nation. They was scared shitless of the rest of the europe so they invested fuckton into weapon manufacturing, even build a few bunkers to be safe from the germany, but then Mr. Hitler with Mr. Churchill decided that some parts of Czechia (along with prepared defense line) should be part of the Germany (because idpol). So germany took over Czechia, installed puppet government in Slovakia, got access to cheap weapons and the fascism started to expand.

[Citation needed]


But that's wrong. Churchill was always an opponent of appeasement. It was Chamberlain who decided handing over a war factory to Hitler was a good idea.

You are right, my bad.

America has 134 million housing units. The only people who are going to be forced out of their homes will be those people who second or third homes and/or mansions.

Oh also


second homes need to die

I explain to them the Post-Tsar material conditions in the Soviet Union and the subsequent history, as well as those in the rest of the Eastern Bloc.

I also use democracy as an example. Britain is a democracy and they have a king. Switzerland is a democracy and theirs is different too. So if there are different types of democracy, there can be different types of socialism, of which the SU was an ultimately failed attempt.



I got raped at summer camp
Checkmate, pinkos!

Democracy? What's that, other than a signifier of allegiance to bourgeois liberalism?

What do you expect from Stalinism?

This tbh. The only reason why certain Hungarians hate the era after 56' is because muh nationality, muh religion, muh spooks. Sadly after 89' the newly formed communist party basically disappeared from the political landscape after two terms.

t. hunfag

You look great, hun.

This argument is so ahistorical it makes my head hurt.