Mfw i realized that brain-draining the rest of the world is part of America's vampirical postwar order...

mfw i realized that brain-draining the rest of the world is part of America's vampirical postwar order, which serves to strengthen itself at the expense of the Third World.

Why is no one talking about American nativism as a strategy to starve the empire of the foreign resources it employs to perpetuate its global empire and allowing counterhegemonic nations to retain their talent to mount a vigorous nationalist challenge to American hegemony?

It might happen, I read Trump was in favor of professional immigrants but Bannon is full nativist. They are already planning on raising the H1B visa salary treshold.

However, I don't see people from developing countries not just going to Europe, research funding is just vastly superior in the west

Yet another reason why open borders is porky as fuck.
But trotskyscum and anarkiddies will never learn

alright yeah this is how capitalism works

why don't you talk about actually overthrowing capitalism instead of discussing half-baked crypto-racist plots to crash the American economy?

open borders and borders that are selectively open to in-demand skilled labour aren't the same thing.


not an argument

Noice. I don't see North Korea advertising their kinky 4D waifus. Last I heard, they were executing them.

So open that it costs a US citizen $2450 to renounce their citizenship.

dosen't matters if nations and borders are a spook or not.
having open borders dosen't help me at all it actually does quite the opposite.
not taking advantage of upholding the border control out of self interest because some german autist called it a spook in the 19th century would be quite spooked

It's foolish not to be in favor of professional immigrants. The problem are the unskilled ones that illegally come and have children, exploiting the fuck out of our system in order to get a foothold in the country, despite having virtually nothing to offer in exchange.

My bad, I misread. Agree completely. Worse is that US citizen expatriates get screwed coming and going, that it's effectively only open in one direction.

Why would any country want anyone else's petit-bourgs? How does that engender an effective class consciousness?

Because they actually contribute to society in a meaningful way. They promote economic growth.

Fuck outta here with that shit reddit

Yes, let's all remember that the value of a human being should be measured in how much they contribute to porky's profits.

Economic growth has no purpose but to feed usurious parasites. We can work without that spook. You sound liberal. Are you sure you're in the right place?

kek, I roam all over this site. But I'm far from a liberal. I'm actually fairly isolationist with regard to immigrants. But it's stupid to turn away talented people just for the sake of nationalism.

lol someone post the venn diagram of what a liberal is




Even if that were true, welfare is such a minuscule portion of the budget that your 'welfare queen' dog whistle is only a 'problem' if the problem is that brown people are using welfare.