Communism is bad because of famines and food rations


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Welcome to the modern age

mark my words people will be waiting in lines for bread soon

I can't explain or prove why, but this is the governments fault

They already do at the really good bakery near me.

Fully worth the wait

whenever something like this happens righties always spin it as the government's fault somehow. Like how the great depression or 2008 crash aren't considered failures of capitalism because reasons.


Communism is good because it will enable humans to live in a utopian paradise with equality for all.

This is going to happen in more and more countries as the effects of global warming get worse and worse.

capitalism is good because if you're rich enough you can just let all the poor starve and take the food for yourself.

How much money do communists give to the poor starving African children?

Communists just send troops to Africa to liberate its people from capitalist imperialism.

Cool meme.

The argument isn't that 'Bread lines are bad", the argument is that socialist economic policies end up with everyone being in a bread line that doesn't even have bread

Because muh incentives and shit. Funnily enough co-ops are allot more productive.

which is retarded since breadlines happened under Gorbachov.

I'm glad that Africans will finally be able to seize the means of production at the mud hut factory. Fuck, why is communism so based?

Oh the humanity, what will people do without their salad and broccoli?

Iceberg lettuce has no nutritional value anyway.

Haven't you ever heard of food stamps? It fulfills the same function.

Doesn't iceberg lettuce have literally zero nutritional content? Might as well just give them water.

The whole "iceberg lettuce has zero nutritional value" thing is a myth. It has almost the same nutrients as romaine lettuce, it just has a lot more water in it, which leads people to believe that it's drastically less nutritious.

It's also lower in calories than other types of lettuce.

Who the fuck is concerned about the calorie intake of lettuce

People that aren't fatasses that sit on chan websites all day?

Don't you want the workers to be fed in an efficient manner?

Damn, romaine is superior for jizz production, 10x the zinc

The article isn't saying that lettuce and broccoli are in shortage. It's saying that, because there are shortages of every other vegetable, the UK is rationing out broccoli and lettuce since presumably it's the most plentiful.

First world famines are a comin.



Okay I see that now, famines soon fellow stalkers?

ITT edgy Western middle class nu males telling actual oppressed workers to suck it up to satisfy their own ego's


Are we reading the same thread?

Curse capitalism for filling these shelves with goods

They're probably just a troll, friendo. They've named themself "Fascist Infiltrator"


sugar substitute is literally in the isle listing up top kek

Genetic engineering isn't evolution by natural selection.

Woah woah woah that's TOO much food. Better burn it all to maintain scarcity.


"G M O" word filters to "evolved plant"

Then why didn't the workers in socialist republics fill shelves with goods?

Idk Russia was much richer after the Russian Revolution then after it started. It was considered a rich developed country and a super-power post-WWII unlike today's Russia.

The policies of artificial shortages and scarcities of consumer goods were cooked up by the revisionist leadership in the East bloc after Stalin's death as a way of restoring capitalism quietly before proceeding to do it openly.

We also need to consider that much of the USSR's early history was full of bloody conflict that occurred on native soil. Nazis destroying soviet factories and kulaks hoarding grain and burning crops couldn't have helped. Not to mention the USSR was embargoed by virtually every capitalist nation, some of whom, faced no material damages from wars or internal strife.

I have seen the meat coolers at my towns walmart just about as bare as this almost once a week

They would say it's the governments fault for distorting the markets natural supply and demand through subsidies, tariffs, taxes and regulations.

Ignoring that this is more likely to do with the climate, Europe having a lack of oil in which to transport goods to specific places more easily due to them getting the shit end of the stick at the end of 70's oil crisis and the markets own distorting of the division of labor.

People already do, our ideology just stops us from seeing it as bad because we call it charity, community work etc. Because it isn't given out by a government bureaucrat we are supposed to rest easy for some reason. The real sad thing is we see a lack of a safety net as some kind of triumph when having these lines would be better than nothing.

This reminds me, the other day they where talking about a bunch of unmarked red skittles where scattered on some highway in Winconsin on the radio, turns out it was heading for cattle feed. I digged a bit on the Internet and it turns out its a popular among farmers to feed cattle rejected foods, mostly candy, because of the rising cost of corn. Totally not paid off animal nutritionist said it was perfectly safe to feed cattle exclusively with candy. Ain't capitalism grand?
From 2012:

The farmers thought process was prolly 'hell this shit is made from corn syrup so itll be fine'.

I like my choice of sugary water with 7 different brand labels.

This unironically happens here in burgerland, as well as caps on yield, etc.

They would have indoor vegetable garden.

Steers won't be on the hoof long enough to get the beetus, I guess.


Aquaponics for reals yall

Aquaponics require a lot of efforts to remain them.

What do you mean?

Tending the fishes so they don't die, building a aquaponic for the home,repairing them if it is broken and not everyone have the basic building skills. Some people are too poor to afford the crazy unnecessary water bills. There is something that need to be fixed first so people will be able to build to become self sufficent and don't pay the water bills.

I mean yea there are some issues with them but much of the issues are minimized with scale plus I was memeing about community sized aquaponics systems

No. I can buy a a years worth of food for practically nothing.

You omitted an image, faggot.



I can support this.


Am I the only one who doesn't see any problem with food rationing?

I'd rather see everyone well fed than some starving and others being fat pigs

Not at all, especially when the food is scarce. That is why I thought everyone should learn to be self-sufficient so the government can take some of it in exchange for money and share the food with everyone rather than to impose the food rations on the supermarkets and farms, which will cause everyone to fight over the foods.

good, then you won't be missing any of this shit

Wrong pic.


I hope you realize as you go through life that everyone around you pities you for being so fucking stupid.


But there were plenty of shortages in Stalin's time.

I've seen this video a couple of times,but I always tried looking for the source of it and never found it.

The point is that things like these happened under ""communist"" societies,but in the end it got blamed on communism and socialism.

Tbh I'm not sure why we don't bring up some statistics more often. 7.1 million people die every year from starvation alone under capitalism. That doesn't include other poverty related causes like disease, lack of shelter, or lack of clean water. It also doesn't include wars and repression by capitalist regimes. Using just the deaths from starvation capitalism surpasses even the highest estimates of death tolls for 80 years of communism (100 million people) in just 15 years.